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Jake was bored, he’d been driving for hours down the interstate. He was tapping his fingers on the dash and driving the car listening to the radio, thinking about home. Jake just graduated from Florida State and was heading back down to St. Pete to be with his family and probably give his education a wheel, he didn’t spend 4 years away from home just to say I he got a degree. He based his whole degree chose on being close to home, close to his parents and family. He was planning on becoming a teacher at his old school. He was remembering all the memories he had there. His first love, his first time, his friends, all of it. Then his mind went to his sister. He hadn’t seen her in 4 years. He tried to come back home but school got in his way. Jake wasn’t necessarily a nerd but the one thing that was important was his education. He tried to remember his sister, all he had was a picture to go on but it was an old one. She would be 18 by now. He remembered that she wasn’t the prettiest girl in school but she was a cute girl. Green eyes, Brown hair, that all he had remembered about her.

He pulled was pulling into the driveway and noticed that no cares were around. It was late morning so his parent’s would be at work and his sister at school. He parked his car, turned off the ignition and stepped out of the car. He stopped and looked at his house, tan paint on the brick walls, a brown roof, Brown garage door and also a brown door. Jake then went to the trunk of his car to get his bags. After gathering everything from his car he went to the door. He knocked a couple of times but there was no answer. Then he tried turning the handle to see if it was unlocked, the door popped open and he walked in.

‘Hello, anybody home?” Jake yelled through the house.

There wasn’t a response so he went to his old room assuming that he was going to stay in his old room.

His room was exactly like it was four years before. His posters were on the walls, his furniture was in the same positions but it had a TV in it and all so an extra chair. He figured it became a guest room. He sat his bags down and looked around again, then walked to the bathroom to empty his tank. It was a hot day, sun was out not a cloud in the sky, and even though he was in an AC filled car all day he felt sweaty and stinky so he decided he would take a shower. After shaking off his penis he pulled his jeans up and walked back to his room to get a fresh change of cloths. While looking through his luggage he heard a noise from his closet. Jake had good hearing, better than a lot of people so he could hear the smallest noise. He turned around and walked to his closet. Opening the door he found his baby sister although she wasn’t that cute 15 year old he remembered, she was an 18 year old goddess. She was sleeping in side the closet on the floor, for what reason Jake didn’t have a clue. He knelt down and admired her wonderful body. She grew at least 3 inches since he’d left her hair was still silky brown, but her body changed drastically. She was skinner and more athletic her legs, being hugged by skin tight jeans, were healthy looking, her ass was firm and round, her hips had more impressive curves then he moved to her upper body. The slightly over weight tummy that used to poke out of her shirts wasn’t there, and her breasts, were a sight, perfectly round and pressing against her shirt. Jake felt his penis grow a little güvenilir bahis bit, refusing to get a boner from his sister’s body he stood up and walked away toward the bathroom.

Stripping down to nothing but his bare skin, Jake walked into the shower. He turned the water and adjusted the temperature so it was nice and warm. While showering he couldn’t get the picture of his sister out of his mind. His cock started to grow again. ‘what the heck, she’s my sister’ he gang to think ‘I mean yeah she’s drop dead gorgeous but I couldn’t…could I’ then he felt his hand pass his fully erect dick. He then began to stroke it, the picture of his sister in his mind the entire time. He beat it so hard it became red. His breathing became quicker and he held his breath once or twice then he finally came. As the sperm fell of his dick down the drain he felt a bit guilty, he was his sister for crying out loud.

“knock, knock” A voice said while opening the bathroom door.

Jake’s eyes widened and he quickly let go of his meat.

“Hey Robin.” He said trying to hide the fact that he just masturbated to her.

“How’s it going big brother?” She said from outside the glass door.

“Oh…not bad sis.” He glanced down to his rod.

“What are you doing in there?” She asked

“Uh…taking a shower.”

“Well I know that but I heard you breath a little funny before I came in…wait, you were jerking off weren’t you?” She said surprised

“No! I was…I was…pulling something out of the drain that was lodged in there.” He said knowing she wasn’t going to believe him.

“Yeah right, you’re full of it. So who were you jerking to?” She asked

“No one in particular.” He said thinking off how he’d just came to her.

“uh huh….no c’mon who was it/” She asked intently

“No one, just a playboy model I had in my head.” Jake wasn’t into those men magazines but he had to think of someone.

“eww…those fake bitches…you man.” She said with a slight giggle

“You man? You’re so stereotypical, like ever man looks at naked girls in magazines.”

“Well you just admitted you have.” She said with a more aggressive tone.

Suddenly the glass door swung open

“Hey!” Jake shouted

“Who was she Jake…I know you better, you’re not a perv that looks online or in magazines to get his jolly off it’s either the real deal or a real person.” She was right, but still he couldn’t let her know about his fantasy for her.

“Why are you interested in who I was masturbating to?”

“Because I am…now who was she?’

“I’m not telling just because you want to know so much.”

Then two hands went for his ass and squeezed hard. Robin’s mouth went to his ear and she spoke in a mean, seductive way.

“It was me wasn’t it…hhhh…I got to admit I thought it was odd when I saw you gawking over my body in the closet but this…this is so taboo.

Jake turned his head around.

“You saw me looking at you?”

“Oh yeah…”She still had her aggressive voice. She then started to squeeze harder. “I even saw your little friend creep up in your jeans.”

Robin let go of his ass. Jake turned around to look at her and she had a smirk on her face. There eyes were starring at each other then Robin’s eyes glanced down at Jake’s erecting member. She then looked back up at him. She smiled then in a second türkçe bahis her shirt was off. She revealed her 26B breasts that jiggled when the shirt popped of her. She wore a dark green bra, just like her beautiful eyes. Then slipped down those skin tight jeans and tossed them on the floor and revealed dark green panties. Her ass was firm and smooth; her undies actually were a little loose at the bottoms.

“You know, I always had a thing for you…ha…I’ve always wanted…I’ve always wanted to fuck my big brother wrong or not. I mean look at you, you are a 6’4″ modern day Hercules. You have muscular arms, flat stomach, pecs to die for. Then let’s not forget about your round tight butt. Then we have your little friend…” Robin glanced down at Jake’s groin, she then smiled “It seams that little friend of yours ain’t so little after all.”

Robin got down on her knees and started to lick the tip of Jake’s penis.

“Robin…you’re gorgeous but this isn’t right, I’m brother. I need to be responsible for you, I have to look out for I have to keep guys from fucking you and most of all NOT fuck you.” Jake said

“Jake, I’m women now, I am capable of looking out for myself and making my own choices. I choose to be with Jake.”

“I…I do want you Robin, more than anything but…I don’t know. It just seems wrong.”

“Maybe…but you were in the wrong when you jacked off to me…I’ve done the same to you…”

“Robin stop.” Jake tried to interrupt her

“I look at your pictures all the time…” She continued

“Robin Stop!” He said a little louder

“Sticking my fingers in me imagining it being your cock…”

“Robin, I’m telling you to stop!” He yelled now

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cum over the thought of you in me.”

“SHUT UP!” Jake picked her off her knees and forced her to the wall.

Fear filled Robin’s eyes. Jake then saw a tear come down her cheek. Realizing what he had done he let go of his sister and backed up to the other end of the shower. He then fell to his knees and covered his face.

“Robin, I didn’t mean to.” Jake said and began to whimper

Robin went towards him and knelt down in front of her brother and took his hands from his face.

“Jake, it was my fault…I never should have told you those things, I just wanted you to know.”

“It’s just…It’s just…” Jake failed to finish

“Maybe I should go.” Robin said

“No…” Jake said then grabbed her ankle. “I just, I want you more than any other woman in the world, you look amazing in your underwear and I bet even better with them off.”

Jake stood up and his little friend became big again. He grabbed her by the arms and pressed her gently against the wall, gazing into her eyes, down to her smirkish smile to her throat then to her bra. He stopped there and took his hands from her arms to undo the dark green bra. Noticing his fixation on that area she grabbed the snap from the back and pulled her brought off. The second she did that Jake’s mouth went strait for her left breast. He began to lick and suck on her breast until her nipple hardened. When that happened he moved over to her right breast and placed his right hand in the position that his mouth was on. He was sucking and rubbing her breasts stroking her erect nipple and having her moan every other minute. He then stopped at gazed into her eyes making güvenilir bahis siteleri sure he was in the right. She smiled at him, grabbed his face and started to kiss him.

Jake backed away from the kiss and knelt down to were her vagina was, he glanced up at her and she nodded in agreement. He pulled her panties down from her thighs and slipped them of her legs and onto the floor next to her bra. Jake then lent in for the kill, he placed his tongue out and licked of all of her sex juices as best he could, then lunged into her. Her hands grabbed his head and pushed him into her further. Licking furiously he felt her climax and slurped up her girl cum. He then stood up face to face with her; she was trying to get her breath back from what she referred to as ‘the most amazing climax ever’. He pulled her head close to his and Eskimo kissed her. She giggled a little then started really kiss him After a 2 minute make-out session Robin went down to his groin and started to suck his member. She didn’t hesitate this time or lick the tip, she just lunged straight on to him. Sucking franctically Jake had to grab onto the wall because she was giving him a blow of a life time. Her mouth moved up and down on his mouth furiously and his dick was becoming bright red he finally gave out this huge grunt and shot his load into her mouth. Load after load after load shot into her mouth, Jake was even surprised that he came that much. After he finished she started to suck the remaining cum of his cock, after ever last drop was clean off him she stood up. She gazed into his eyes and say that he had fallen in love with her. She knew that their relationship wouldn’t be brother and sister but lovers.

Robin bit her lip then asked. “You want to head into my room.”

Jake smiled then turned off the water. After getting out of the shower they both bunched their cloths together and head out through the hallway naked towards there rooms. When Jake head over to his sister’s room his ears picked up another sound.

“Mom and Dad.” He whispered under his breath. He then ran to Robin’s room and said “Change of plans, mom and dad are home. Looks like were gonna have to shake the sheets tomorrow.”

Robin shook her head and started to change. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Jake was still standing there in her door way.

“Jake…your gonna get caught.” She said flattered that he was turned on by her but also nervous that he would get caught.

“I know, I’m going, I just wanted to watch a little but.” Then he ran to his room. Robin smiled and bit her lip again then felt a shiver down her spine.

“Robin, we’re home!” He mom yelled out “Jake here yet?”

“Yeah mom, he’s here.” Robin replied

“Well have you guys been getting along?”

“Uh…” Robin was interrupted by Jake’s voice as he cam out his room.

“Yeah Ma, we’ve been getting along, talking mostly but yeah we had a blast.”

“Well that’s good, come down here and give us a huge Jake, we’ve missed you so much.”

“All right give me a minute.”

Jake opened the door to his sister’s room and caught her slipping into another pair of tight jeans. He raised a brow then went in and pinched her butt.

“Hey!” She jumped them turned and smiled back, giving a exclaimed wink.

Jake walked out closed the door behind him went down and greated the rest of his family. Robin came down a few minutes later and they sat around talking about what’s been happening in their lives.

Jake always gave Robin glances and she returned them, the whole time his parents were talking he was thinking about one thing…Robin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32