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This story is a work of fiction and a figment of my sexual imagination. However if you are under 18 or offended by frank, open, graphic sexuality of all adult types then please do not read it.

If you are not offended please enjoy.


A business trip.

A long journey.

A stressful meeting.

A hotel.

A hotel bar.

I sat there mulling over the drink in my hand and replaying the day in my memory, a rum and coke quelling memories of many, stressful discussions. Sometimes deep in thought, sometimes asking for another drink. Just me and the barman. Only us in the large, empty, quiet hotel bar lounge. Or so I thought.

I hadn’t noticed her previously. Or had she just come in? Standing at the end of the bar, at the corner. Maybe I had been so deep in thought or just deep in drink.

She caught my eye as I glanced at her and she smiled. A small smile but a still a smile. She was tidy. And smart looking. A business type formally dressed. White, 5 foot 8 inches (I guessed), shoulder length dark brown hair, wide eyes, a nose, and a mouth made for kissing; or was it sucking. She wore a dark grey business jacket and a white blouse underneath mostly hidden by the jacket. What the jacket didn’t hide was the two large mounds. A nice hand full, indeed a nice mouthful. What else below the waist? I couldn’t tell as she was standing around the corner of the bar. She ordered her drink, Vodka and orange, a double, and had her first drink: a long one. Then she settled on the barstool.

“It’s quiet in here tonight,” she offered. Bland, very bland but a cool icebreaker starter. I agreed. The barman was busy elsewhere.

Our standard of conversation progressed from there into more meaningful subjects. Being English we talked about the weather, and then moved onto life and the universe. And then onto other things. But still small talk. For 20 minutes or so. Sipping my drink.

And then she said it. “Do you cum here often?” The emphasis was on the ‘cum’ and the way she said it the word was definitely spelt ‘c-u-m’ not ‘c-o-m-e’!! and the glint in her eyes and the smirk on her lips gave the clue that she knew what she was asking.

I flushed and stammered “I cum as often as I can,” Did she know I meant ‘c-u-m’?

I had another drink of the rum and coke in front of me.

She asked me what I usually drink. “Beer or shorts; depending on my mood. Shorts tonight but normally beer. But too many pints keep me up all night pissing,” I replied, smiling.

“MMmmmm,” she mused “I can think of better things to do with your cock all night than holding it whilst pissing,” My prick jumped at the obvious innuendo and the feeling of a hardening prick was unmistakable.

I smiled and noticed she had a glint in her eyes. She smiled as she finished her drink.

“Another?” I asked her.

“Thanks,” she gratefully replied.

The barman returned and I ordered doubles all round. Same again. He served them and I paid.

“So it’s shorts tonight?” she responded. “What does that mean?”

“A heavy, stressful day. Not a winner: not one of my best.”

“And you?” I asked in retaliation. “Your potion of relaxation? Always Vodka and orange?”

“Not always. I love cocktails. However less of the tails and more of the …” she let the sentence tail off but the meaning was clear. My cock reached full strength and hardness and the first seep of pre-cum escaped from the slit. My hard cock was now making me uncomfortable sitting on my bar stool. I slipped my hand down my trousers trying to make my tackle more comfortable, hoping she wouldn’t notice. But she did and smiled.

“A Slow Screw here, a Slow Screw there, maybe even Sex on the Beach,” she took a sip from her glass. “I wonder if they do a Sex in a Hotel Bedroom here?”

I nearly choked on my drink and a stream of pre-cum fluid flowed from my cock end wetting my slips.

I suggested we move from the uncomfortable bar stools to the lounge easy chairs. She agreed and stood up and moved around the bar and set off towards the chairs. My cock hardened even more when I saw she was wearing a grey business skirt to match her jacket but to say it was tight and short would be an understatement. It was a painted-on belt. And she wore stockings or tights. And high heels, black patent shoes. She had style. As she walked over to the chairs the tightness of the skirt accentuated her arse and the wiggle of the walk gave me the feeling that I was about to cum in my briefs!

The armchairs were of the deep cushion type and she placed the drink on the table in front of her, took off her jacket and sat down. I chose a chair opposite and sat down. Now I knew she wore stockings. Mmmm.

A looker she was but I had problems knowing where to look. Nice face (beautiful in fact), nice tits not hidden by any sort of bra, nice legs shown off by the stockings that disappeared into the bare cleft now staring at me. Nice pussy not hidden by any knickers… and not hidden by any hair! Mmmm. I was about to cum. Oh God was I about to cum. Think football canlı bahis şirketleri I thought; think football!!! It was obvious that she knew her pussy was on show and she was watching me squirm. I swallowed hard; three, four, five times and then I realised she was talking to me and asking me a question.

“Is it hard?” she asked. My God was it not and still on the verge of cumming. What was I suppose to say.

“Er em er…y…” I stammered. She saw, and heard, my discomfort at this.

“The question I meant. The other is obvious.” she clarified now looking at my crotch and mentally undressing me so that my cock sprang out. My balls were tingling. If she was mentally undressing me she would see even more pre-cum, leaking from my slit atop the rock hard prick.

So we talked and chatted away and I stared at the moist, glistening pink pussy lips so lovingly on show just for me. But sometimes, being a gentleman, I looked away and stared at her tits. And occasionally at her eyes.

As time developed and more shorts passed our lips, we relaxed into a frame of mind that meant we were going to fuck later, if not sooner. I had to go for a piss and it was difficult getting the flow from my cock with it being so hard. I noticed when I returned that she had loosened her blouse so that her magnificent tits were on show and ready to be devoured. I then realised that I hadn’t asked her what her job was.

“I run my own business,” she replied after the question had been asked. “It’s an aromatherapy business full of nice smells and nice effects. I do the full range: incense sticks, candles, oils and potions. To heal, smooth, relax or harden.”


“Yeah, if needed. I’m busy trying to convince people of my new lotion that hardens a flagging cock and can make a man cum four times in thirty minutes, if he wants to, all with a full, squirting, warm load of cum. Four times in an hour if foreplay and fun come into it.”

I nearly choked upon my short.

“Mmmm. Interesting…very interesting. Does this work on anybody?” I enquired.

“Don’t know about anybody but certainly your body…” She smiled a wicked smile. “Come on, I’ll prove it.”

Two minutes later we had downed our shorts and were in the lift. As it started she ‘accidentally’ bumped into me and her hand found my bulging cock, weeping but not crying.

“Mmmm.” she said “Looks like it’s not only the lift that is going up tonight…”

I gulped.

Into Room 69. “Strip off and get on the bed,” she commanded. I liked that. No messing. She disappeared into the bathroom. Hesitantly, I must admit, I removed all my clothes and lay face down on the bed and relaxed awaiting my fate.

A few minutes later Gwen (I had found out her name earlier) appeared from the bathroom dressed, I assumed, and hoped, in just the bathrobe she wore.

“Mmmm nice view.” she said looking at me. “I hope the front view is as good.”

She moved around the room and lit a few candles; they had to be aromatherapy candles as I could smell the sweet aroma. And then she stood by my side holding a bottle in her hands. “If you are lying comfortably then I’ll begin.”

And with that she opened the bottle and poured some liquid onto the middle of my back. The cold made me jump but then her hands were starting to rub the soothing oil into my back. She then moved on to massage my neck and shoulders, kneading and caressing my torso and shoulder area with such expertise that my cock, pressed between my stomach and the bed, was about to blow its load. Think football, I told myself.

Then she poured some oil onto my calves and rubbed it into my legs from feet to upper thighs. I was in heaven. Neither of us spoke. Then she caught me by surprise by taking the substance and drizzling some all the way down my arse crack letting it seep into the valley. Her hands wandered all over my cheeks and then started separating each, exposing my dark hole while encouraging the liquid to seep onto it. Then I felt her fingers spreading around each mound and moving into the valley, smearing the oil deep. One finger rubbed over my hole and lingered there gently spreading oil around the outer area as if to push it into the centre.

Now I’m no queer but I must confess I am bi-curious and if pushed would do certain things with another man. And having someone finger my arse would be one. Not a cock but a finger or two would be different. And Gwen seemed to know this as she slowly dipped a finger past my sphincter muscle and into the dark recess of the taboo area. Oh God, I wanted to cum. She played with, caressed, rubbed, massaged and deeply fingered my arse for a few moments, finger fucking my hole, and oh it was erotic.

But now she wanted the business side of me so she asked me to turn over.

“I must say Tony, you have such an exquisite cock. Just the right size for a girl to take in her mouth, cunt or arse. Impressive length and width. Mmmm, I can hardly wait to ride it but we have other things to do first.”

With that she poured a good portion of oil all canlı kaçak iddaa over my body and started the massage. For ten minutes she did the business, leaving no part of my body untouched apart from 7 inches worth standing proud and strong!

“Right, that’s the preparation done. The oil should be soaked into your body and give you the power you desire for increased sex drive. So let’s take stage one in hand.” And with that she poured some more on my cock, held my shaft and started the slow up and down movement that men so enjoy. Her hand slid up and down, moving the skin to and fro on the shaft alternatively exposing and covering my gland. It was deep purple and shiny ready to spit out the pearly contents of my balls. She knew what she was doing and she was doing it so well. For a few minutes Gwen gave an exquisite hand job that had my hips bucking and the pre-cum pouring out. She rubbed the natural lube around the cock head each time it seeped out.

I knew I wasn’t going to last too long because since the moment I saw her standing at the bar I had a hard-on which was about to blow. And blow I did. My balls tightened, my hips stopped thrusting into the air and the first shot of cum flew from the slit and landed on my stomach. And she took over the pace knowing when to slow the wanking to allow each rope of semen shoot out to maximum effect. The second hit my shoulder, the third shot ended up between my pecs and below my chin. The next actually hit my chin and the following few ended up around the top of my chest making a natural cum pool. Then the weakening shots sadly became a flow and formed another spunk pool just above my pubic hair. Finally the cream seeped from the cock end and the finishing flow ran over Gwen’s fingers, before my hips collapsed back onto the bed, my balls now empty. All I could do was groan with ecstasy and sexual satisfaction after a truly incredible mind-blowing orgasm.

“Nice?” she asked.

All I could do was smile, nod and sigh letting my breathing return to normal.

“More to cum,” she announced as she rubbed the pools of sticky cum into my body until they all disappeared.

“Now it’s my turn for the massage,” Gwen advised undoing her robe and letting it fall to the floor. Oh what a body. She had the tits I had imagined and the shaved cunt as I had seen. And the rest was so smooth and curvy.

And with that we changed places. She, face down on the bed and me standing beside it with the bottle of oil. My cock was still at full mast which was the first good sign but whether it was the ‘magic’ oil or the sight of her body I didn’t know. But it was still a good sign.

Pouring the oil over her body was the foreplay. Rubbing it into that smooth skin was the action and massaging her arse was almost the climax. But rub I did. All over her neck, shoulders, calves, thighs and each round, tight buttock. And then I drizzled some more into the crack between those rear mounds. Between and into the recess.

Rubbing each arse was a delight. Dipping into the valley was a joy. I caressed each smooth, silky cheek and then sought out the treasure between. As she had done to me, so I did to her. My middle finger at first tickled and gently rubbed the outer puckering of the dark hole and she moaned. A moan of encouragement. So I rubbed deeper and entered the tight sphincter doorway to her anal canal. She rocked and slowly bucked her hips, allowing me to progress further. I inched my way in, slowly rotating my finger as I went, lubricated by the oil running around it. I entered slowly, deeper and deeper, until the full length of my finger was inside. She moaned with pleasure even more so I wiggled the tip deep inside her for a minute or two and started an in and out finger fucking of her ass. She loved it, bucking and rotating her hips to get the full pleasure.

“Oh yes, yes, mmmmmmm, yes,” was her retort.

Two; three minutes passed and she was enjoying every second, lost in her pleasure until she turned over, breaking the anal activity.

“Climb on my stomach. Straddle and tit fuck me. Now.”

And it was an invite I couldn’t turn down. So I did as she asked. Leaning forward hands on the bed headboard I nestled my iron hard cock between those luscious twin globes. I never saw her pick up the bottle but I felt the oil being poured onto my cock and over her mounds. A second later and her hands had pushed those magnificent, yielding, mammaries together, enveloping my cock. “Mmmm the warmth,” I thought.

I started thrusting and, even though I had cum just a few minutes before, my cock was hard, cock-rock hard. I thrust faster, rocking my hips back and forth; fucking her tits, warm, soft and gentle but tight around my shaft. I looked down and she smiled up at me. I could only groan as the sweat dripped down my body and the feeling in my balls that they were getting ready to explode returned.

And explode they did. Spunk travelling from the twin balls up the shaft and blasted out the head slit, covering her neck, hitting her chin and covering her throat. Blast after blast; more than canlı kaçak bahis to be expected after having cum only minutes before. I hung onto the headboard as the passion overwhelmed me. I thrust through those magnificent tits, riding her, rocking my cock back and forward in the hidden fold of those mammary mounds. Sensation after sensation, thrust after thrust, blast after blast until at last the flow from my cock slit ceased. Breathing heavily, I collapsed forward, still holding onto the headboard, allowing this luscious lady below me space to breathe.

Regaining steady control of my breathing and returning back to normal, I sat up, still straddling her stomach, and looked at the beautiful woman who was dispensing sexual magic. My cock was still leaking spunk that dripped cum-cream onto those magnificent tits as I moved around. I couldn’t believe it but my cock was still hard. But, hey, I’m a highly sexed guy at the best of times anyway.

I needed to repay Gwen somehow so I moved down her body, shifted my legs from outside her torso and knelt between her legs. My eyes gazed at her beautiful form, spoilt only by the pools of spunk splattered over her upper breasts and around her neck. Rivulets of cum ran off her neck and onto the bed. She hadn’t said a word since I straddled her tits and she swathed my cock deep within the valley between them.

She smiled, then grinned. I looked further down her form and gazed upon her vagina lips, her pussy, her cunt. Clean, shaved, ready to eat. And I ate. I bent down and gently nuzzled her outer lips with my lips, teasing her. And then I explored deeper, tonguing her labia before dipping into them and seeking out her clit. And for the next few minutes I flicked, licked, rubbed and stroke her tiny bud: her centre of sensitivity. Fast, slow, gentle, hard, inside and out I tongued her cunt, seeking to reward her for my orgasms by bringing her to a shuddering climax of her own. And by the moans, and groans, she was enjoying this and was fast approaching the peak of her pleasure.

I loved the smell and the smoothness of her cunt. I loved taking her fanny lips into my mouth and sucking on them. I loved licking at her clit, her so prominent bud. Wanting to be teased. She squirmed around, hips rotating, bucking, fucking, moaning, groaning. Ready to cum.

And cum she did. Screams of ecstasy pierced the room, shouts of pleasure announcing her delight. Copious emissions ran from her already lubricated, warm cunt. For a minute or so she was lost to me in her own realms, her own world, holding onto my head, keeping me held against her groin, begging me for more. And I gave her all until she passed the pinnacle of passion and flopped back on the bed, tension passed and body now relaxed. I looked up the length of her body, my mouth in her groin, my eyes on her face.

“You’re good at that. Good with your tongue,” she praised.

“I should be. One of my hobbies is to learn to be clever with words. I like being a cunning linguist!!” I smartly replied.

She laughed and her naked body shook. “Any more hobbies?” she enquired.

“Oh, like most men I like to talk with many people. Yep, I like a good mass debate!!” Leave a lady laughing, even during sex.

Once her next bout of body shaking subsided she went serious. “Fuck me now!! I want your cock in my cunt now…”

I moved my head away from her tingling cunt and moved up her body, arms either side of her, my legs still within hers. My hands now either side of her shoulders, I bent down and kissed her, a smooth long lingering kiss. Romantic, slow, sexual with our tongues caressing each other, gradually getting more heated until she broke free. She said it again, but this time in a slow, hoarse, erotic whisper “Fuck me, please, fuck me. I want your cock in me.”

Hovering over her in the missionary position, my cock was already near the entrance to heaven but I felt one of her hands take hold of it and guide it to the portal of desire; her outer lips. I moved my hips downwards to advance the head of my cock through the doorway and slowly into her tunnel: a warm, very wet and inviting tunnel. The feel of my prick head entering through the doorway into her inner being was supreme. So slowly, inch-by-inch, I lowered my hips and entered deeper, savouring every sensitive second of the glide into her inviting channel. As I lay there supporting my weight on hands and knees, I looked down at the beautiful creature below me and again lovingly kissed her, our tongues entwined in passion. As we broke I still hadn’t moved my cock from the depths of her body and looked down to see my pubes crushed up against her shaven mound. I savoured every inch of her body and looking back up, she still had my cum splattered all over her upper tits and neck. She saw me looking, took a hand and trailed her fingers through the cream, transferring what she could into her mouth.

God, that made me hot! So I started fucking the cunt in which my cock was ensconced. It was tight; the best feeling that any cock could experience. Tight, warm, wet and willing. Slowly I fucked her, in and out to full extent, leisurely at first but gradually increasing my pace. I had cum twice in the last twenty minutes or so but my cock was still rock hard and I was sure my balls were still full of spunk. I was about to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32