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Chapter Ten

Several blocks blurred through my vision before I recalled a third address, given in passing by Lt. Rocker. It was a country address that I’d paid little attention to and had no real reason to, up until now. I cursed over not being able to recall the exact address and made a hard turn to double back to the office. After assuring myself on the address I headed south, on the freeway, praying I was wrong and, even more so, that if I wasn’t wrong that I wouldn’t be too late. Nearly forty-five minutes later I found myself on a county road, racing like hell through the turns and small hills, paved over by asphalt.

Only a small mail box gave sign to the turn I needed and I damn near missed it. Slamming on the old Ford’s brakes, I brought her to a screeching, sliding, sideways stop and whirled the steering wheel, hitting the accelerator again to gun the Ford into the private drive. My heart felt like it was in my throat and had I known about Peter’s fate then I think I would have had a heart attack. Another sudden turn caused me to brake hard again and damn near run off the road.

With my heart beat pounding in my ears, I took a deep breath and proceeded a bit slower. Through the thick stand of conifers and scrub brush the house came into view. Inching forward, I found a spot to pull off the road, partially hiding my car, deciding a foot approach would be the best. Tree by tree I closed in on the country retreat and as I feared, the red Ferrari was parked in the circular drive. Silently, I released the safety on my Beretta and moved off towards the house, it was quiet – too quiet and I didn’t like it one bit.

In a running crouch, I moved quickly up behind the Ferrari and took a measured look around the bumper. Nothing was moving. Keeping the cars body between me and the house, I carefully looked over the house and grounds, from the front end of the car, trying to catch anything that said someone was there. A quick dash later and I pulled up, out of breath, against the house. With my Beretta held up, at the ready, I inched along the house daring quick peaks at every window, as I passed. My eyes caught nothing, at least for the first three windows. At the fourth, my heart skipped a beat major beat and felt heavy in my chest. It was obviously a den and my sister was there, tied to a chair. I could make out the top of her head and her bare arms, tied behind the chair back – she wasn’t moving. I fought off the urge to rush the house and worked my way around to the back. It remained deathly quiet, with only the sounds of birds marking my presence.

Barely breathing and scared shitless my hard beating heart would give me away, I slipped through the unlocked patio doors. A quick scan told me the room was clear and I tip toed across the floor, siding up to a doorway. I took a peek. It was clear. No sound or movement anywhere. I looked again, this time more slowly. Making a judgment on approximate distance, I zeroed in on what I felt sure was the door to the den. I slipped from the anterior room and down the hall, keeping my back against the wall, moving slowly – listening.

Reaching the door, I grabbed the lever and pushed down, slowly, quietly and let myself inside. I was dead-on. It was the den but the wrong door. I’d entered at the backside of the room and thanked God, later, that I did. Roxy started to scream out. Her voice was muffled, gagged I was sure. Her head shook side to side violently, as she struggled against her bonds.

“Shhhh, keep it down.” I whispered and she stopped immediately, recognizing my voice.

Keeping my eyes glued to the front entrance, I moved towards Roxy, ready to shoot if need be. Roxy kept nodding towards the door and I realized why as I approached. I saw the elaborate cord assembly. What I didn’t see until I was nearly on top of her was what it was attached to.

Roxy was stark naked. Her legs were spread wide, held that way by a two by four tied between her knees. A twelve-gauge shotgun, mounted to a floor vice, had been angled up with its barrel pushed between her vulva. The cord, attached to its trigger, was taught, ready to pull and release the firing pin. The rigging would have pulled the guns trigger had anyone entered the room. Roxy’s eyes were wide with terror when I walked around the chair. I looked at the rigging and decided that touching it wasn’t wise. I had only one option.

I shoved my gun into my shoulder holster and checked the vise. The shotgun looked secure and I silently prayed that I was right. Roxy started to scream in terror when I walked behind her and started to pull on her chair. Slowly, ever so slowly the barrel of the shotgun inched out from Roxanne’s pussy. I stopped when it tipped slightly after slipping out and rested heavily on her reddened lips. I was shaking, thinking the worst and Roxanne froze, like a statue. Nothing happened. In a final move, I jerked the chair solidly, taking Roxy on a whirling sideways ride, spinning her chair towards the wall and tipping canlı bahis it over. I was wrong about the vise.

Just as Roxanne cleared the guns barrel it tipped down and the cord triggered it. It jumped with an ear busting roar, blasting a hole into the flooring. 00 buck shot, was my guess, judging by the damage. Roxy fainted and I slid to the floor, along side her, exhausted and sweating. After my adrenalin rush died down, I eased Roxy and the chair over and undid her restraints. She was still out, when I’d finished releasing the bonds on her arms. Her legs were next and I cringed looking at the deep impressions made by the wood. When she finally came to, she found me sitting next to her, on the couch. Covering her should have been my first instinct but, it wasn’t. I grinned down at her and commented, “Shit Roxy how much do you weigh? You damn near gave me a hernia getting your naked ass up here!” and then laughed.

Her reaction was to reach out and grab me, as she sobbed her eyes out. When she calmed down, I got her to lie back down even though she fought back. “Hey, I’m sorry I was trying to lighten the moment.” I said, thinking I had hurt her feelings.

For the first time, since waking, her nudity became an issue and she gave me a look that made my cheeks turn red. “A hundred and twenty-five smart ass and thanks for saving me…” She paused briefly, making me even more embarrassed, before going on. “Tell me Frank, have you been enjoying yourself while I was out?” She added, raising an eyebrow in a questioning look.

Near speechless and feeling ashamed I hadn’t had the decency to cover her I started to stammer. “I– I, oh God I’m sorry sis…” I began and swallowed hard, feeling a kid caught with his hand in a cookie jar. “Look, it was nothing like that. I just put a cool cloth on your head and I’ve been rubbing your…”

“Rubbing my what, Frank?” Roxy quickly countered, cutting me off, and grinned. She was thoroughly enjoying my discomfort.

“Your legs – right here where the wood was digging in.” I came back and touched the inside of her thigh, making her wince.

“Okay, okay I get it!” She cried out and in the same breath added, “It wasn’t Peter. Did you get that? It wasn’t Peter! There’s another kid, a daughter Frank! She’s a real fucking whack job, worse than all them put together! She’s going to kill all of them!”

“What? Roxy are you sure?” I asked, registering shock and not truly believing what I was hearing, as I withdrew my hand from her leg.

“God damn it Frank, she’s the one that killed the old lady. She told me. She knows about the old man and Cybil and about Cybil fucking her brother. She knew the old lady liked to watch them and she shoved the 38 in her twat and blew her away. She couldn’t get at the others after that and she’s been waiting. She’s a religious fanatic, claims God wants them all sent to hell.” Roxy blurted out excitedly, rising up on one arm and grabbing my leg.

“What about Peter, didn’t you meet with him?” I asked, still trying to fit pieces together and looking bewildered.

“No, damn it, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. It was her, she met me, dressed up like her brother – I think he’s dead Frank.”


“Jesus Frank, pay attention – Peter/Tony, whatever, I think she’s already killed him!”

Roxy’s words had barely left her mouth when I grabbed my cell phone.

“Morgan, get over to the brother’s house and check it out. Yeah now you dumb shit, I have reason to believe he’s dead! Call me back A-Sap!” I screamed into my phone, turning back to face Roxanne.

God, she was stunning. Her nipples were hard from the excitement and terror of what she’d gone through. I shook my head and realized I hadn’t even asked the obvious question. “Hey, how about you – are you okay Roxy?” I finally asked, in a soft voice and absently placed my hand on her bare hip.

With a demur, little, smile she nodded her head. “Yeah, now I am. My white night is here.” She sighed and slid her hand up my leg, as she eased back down. I hardened instantly at the electric feel of her warm touch. Nothing like death or, a near death, experience to make a person feel alive and horny!

Closing my eyes, I shuddered. I’d come too close to loosing Roxanne and the thought suddenly hit me. Roxanne snapped me out of that thought by stretching out her arm just enough to rest her fingers on my hard cock. I gave up that afternoon. I was ready and willing to cross to the other side.

Placing my hand over hers, I leaned down and kissed her – slowly, warmly and passionately. “I love you Frank.” She said softly, when we parted lips.

“I know Roxy, I love you too.” I answered back and stood up. Roxanne sat up, half way, and watched intently as I began to undress. Playing with her hardened nipples, Roxanne gasped when I exposed my erection. Seconds later, I stood naked before my sister, shaking. Neither of us spoke a word as Roxy eased off the couch onto the Persian rug. She looked back at bahis siteleri me as she offered wide spread legs, her ass and a beautiful smile.

“Take me Frank, take me hard and deep.” She said, dropping down to her elbows.

Resting one hand on her bare ass, I gripped my penis with the other and rubbed my throbbing cock head up and down her wet slit. I felt Roxy’s fingers spread her lips and then I pushed in slowly. “Oooooh Gooodddddd Frank!” She cried out, as my cock sank in to full depth.

Roxanne wiggled her ass, pushing back. She dropped lower, lying with her face sideways against the soft rug and reached back to grab my ball sack, tugging on my balls as I started to thrust inside her. Roxanne got her wish. She got every inch of me and more. I moistened my index finger and shoved it into her ass. I wasn’t sure if her cry out was in surprise or pleasure – I decided pleasure and worked my finger and cock in tandem.

Body heat was building between us when eased my cock out and changed tempo, rapidly pushing my cock head in and out between her pussy lips, enjoying the friction. Roxy mumbled and moaned in pleasure, begging me not to stop. I stopped anyway but, only to push in slowly and deeply. It was a sensation I would never forget, or want to, and it came to me just then how well we fit together. Her vagina was made for my cock, it fit so tight and I knocked on the door to Roxanne’s uterus when I was bottomed out.

“Oh God I’m going out of my mind Frank – let me on top please Frank!” Roxy cried out.

We switched places. With a look of pure love, generously topped with a large dollop of lust, Roxanne lowered her hips, impaling her pussy on my shaft. Squirming briefly, she got my cock exactly where she wanted it and began to move her pelvis slowly, keeping my cock against her uterus. Her eyes were clamped shut, her hands rested on my chest and her lips were parted slightly, as her breathing went to short rapid pants. She was near climax when I grabbed her tits and started to massage them.

Clenching her fingers into my breasts, Roxanne whipped her head back, shuddered hard and pressed her pelvis down against me, rocking rapidly. She came hard, physically and verbally. “OH – MY – FUCKING – GOD!”

When her bucking slowed down, I rolled her over and eased up on my hands and knees, keeping my cock inside her. She opened her eyes, looking climax wild and ready for more. Roxy clamped her legs around my waist and started groaning over my rapid hips thrusts. I really didn’t need more encouragement, as I was nearing climax anyway.

“I’m – Oh God, I’m cumming – again – Frank!” That was it for me. Like a cannon firing, I felt the first hot, heavy, load shoot out. Roxanne clutched me tightly, digging her finger nails in, humping me back as hard as she could. Blood veins stood out in my neck and arms, as I released every drop of cum I had, deep inside my sister. Roxanne gyrated wildly under me, clawing and clutching. She came a second time. It was a near religious experience for both of us. Our first time together was a wild fuck fest, amplified by the emotions of Roxy’s near demise. Finally, I dropped – no collapsed – on top of her. She grunted over my weight but, never complained. Instead, she hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear.

“Now that’s how a fair maiden rewards her white-knight.”

My phone went off just as we rolled over, laughing at her comment. “I’ll get it, relax Frank.” She whispered and moved her hips just enough to extract my wilting penis. Groaning, I watched Roxy move off on hands and knees. Her ass was gorgeous and strangely I felt happy, proud even, watching my cum dripping from her pussy.

“Yeah – this better be good, you’re interrupting a private moment!” Roxy yelled into the phone. “Oh, no shit, so I was right. Fuck yeah I’ll tell Frank – ah,when I see him that is.” She finished up, pausing in an attempt to make up a lie that wouldn’t fly.

“Jim?” I asked, rolling onto my side. “Yup.” “You suck as a liar, you realize that right?” “What?” “That’s my phone you were talking on. When I see him?” I chuckled and Roxy’s eyes went wide.

“Oh shit, you’re right!” Roxy giggled and slid next to me, resting her arm across my stomach and her head on my chest.

“Were you right?” I questioned and sighed, feeling more relaxed than I had in years.

“Found him floating face down in his spa, well cooked and very much dead.” Roxanne replied without any emotion at all.

“Jesus, that poor bast…”

“That ain’t all Frankie. He was mutilated too.” Roxy cut in, just before squeezing my flaccid cock. A brief silence fell between us, as Roxy tenderly rubbed my penis with her fingers. “Live by your cock.” She whispered and gently flipped my cock side to side. “Die by your cock.” She finished after a brief pause. It did nothing for my current thinking and I shuddered.

“Ahh, you wanna go for seconds?” Roxy questioned and rolled on top, pinning me to the rug. There was that ludicrous nature bahis şirketleri of hers again.

“Jesus, are you serious? Did you just hear what you said or not? I mean, yeah but not now for God’s sake! We got work to do girlfriend. Can I take a rain check – say for tonight?”

“You got it. You’re locked into my “fucking to do” list, so don’t even think about getting out of it!” Roxy replied and laughed softly, as she bent to kiss. It was a deep and long kiss, meant to seal the deal.

“Now, what did that bitch do with my clothes anyway?” Roxanne questioned, after inhaling deeply and tossing her to one side. She gained her feet and scoured the room while I dressed. She came up empty handed and added, “Fucking bitch took my clothes!”

“Not true, you still got your birthday suit and it’s a damn nice one!” I commented dryly and then grinned as Roxanne’s eyes lit up.

Thirty minutes later we left, with Roxanne wrapped in a trench coat and wearing a pair of oversized shoes we found. Roxy didn’t find much humor in it but, I did. I told her she gave new meaning to “Gum Shoe Detective” and got hit for my comment. Heading back to town we were more alive than we’d ever been, talking incessantly. Roxanne took every opportunity to flirt and more. Wearing only a trench coat gave her ample reason to play coy, as she allowed it to open up more than once for my pleasure.

Thankfully, I had always insisted we always keep a change of clothes at the office, so I headed there first. I called Morgan when we arrived and watched Roxanne stroll off into the bathroom to clean up. She caught my gaze, in the mirror, and her eyes twinkled, as she began washing. I think she took a little extra time, watching me watch her. I kept my eyes on her until Morgan answered the phone.

“Morgan, Frank here, give me everything you got.” As Morgan began I reluctantly turned my attention to him.

“Well, whoever did him, did him real mean like. Looks as if he had a gun shoved up his ass. Bullet came out his sternum and then there’s that matter of his dick and balls.” He answered back.

“Jesus H. Christ! What about his cock and balls?” I yelled.

“They were missing Frank and, nope, I ain’t got a clue. That enough Frank? Jesus, it damn sure gave me the willies I’ll tell you that much! So, you got any plans Frank?”

Morgan didn’t want to know what I thought, especially of his deductive work. “Holy mother of…Hey, you heard anything from the old man?” I replied back, suddenly remembering Roxanne’s words.

“Not a word Frank. Why?”

“Get your, fat, ass moving Morgan, I think the guys in real danger. And be careful, I got reason to believe the perp is another player in the game, a real nasty game player.” I answered back and hung up.

Roxanne had finally slipped into a pair of panties and was exiting the bathroom, fighting her bra, or so she explained, before asking me to help her. Didn’t take much thinking to figure out she was lying. There is just something about an ass, wrapped tightly in panties, rubbing against you, if you get my drift. She had me hard and knew it, as she walked away with a coy smile. “Almost ready, won’t be but a few minutes.” She called out, heading for the closet.

Chapter Eleven

I eased down in my desk chair and put my feet up. I knew my sister well and, like so many women, her sense of time was skewed by the womanly necessity to primp. Nothing I would have said or done would change that. Nearly an hour later and after two different “I’m nearly ready” promises I decided to recall Morgan.

“Christ, that dumb bastard! ROXY – get a move on!”

“Don’t yell at me, I’m going as fast as I can Frank! What’s going on?”

“It’s Morgan, he ain’t answering his phone.”

The unanswered call left me with a very ill feeling. Roxy came on a dead run, straightening her dress and hopping, trying to get her shoes on proper. “What was that about Morgan?” She asked breathless.

“I called him back and he isn’t answering. You think maybe he’s…”

“Ah no Frank, not him he’s too stupid, besides being lazy. I bet he’s having coffee and a donut somewhere, ignoring your call.”

I considered it for a minute. “Nope, he went and you’re right, he is stupid. Just stupid enough to get his ass killed – I got a gut feeling.”

Thirty minutes later I pulled my Ford to the curb, a block from the Hawthorn mansion. Roxy grabbed the door handle and I grabbed her arm. “NO! You stay here, S-T-A-Y here Roxy! I damn near lost you once today and I won’t chance it again, understand?”

“Ahh Frank, you really care that much? You love me Frank, admit it – go on and admit it.” God, she could be so exasperating at times.

“Fine, I care and yes I love you. Are you happy now?” Roxanne nodded her head and grinned.

“Good, then stay here!”

Ignoring Roxy’s pouting expression, I gave the Ford a break, not slamming the door and moved off down the block. Nearing the mansion entrance, I drew my gun and scanned the street for anything suspicious. Morgan’s car was parked just down the block and it was obvious he didn’t care about surveillance or being inconspicuous. “Dumb ass.” I muttered and looked for a way inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32