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Chapter 1

“It’s a fantastic idea, Beth, they’ll love it!”

My younger sister had just explained her idea of taking our parents away for a holiday in the sun to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, and as usual with her, I thought it was a great suggestion. Although she was only twenty-three, Beth had always been the star child in our family, the one who worked hard and really achieved – she’d got a good job straight from university and could probably afford to treat the folks like this, but the nice thing about her was that she was generous with her money too, she genuinely wanted to treat them. And if I was going to be included as well – even better! I was the polar opposite of Beth, three years older but nowhere near her in terms of a career ladder – whilst she’d always tried and won I’d rarely bothered trying at anything in life, academically, professionally or in terms of relationships. But I was okay with that, and the two of us got along just fine, even if our paths didn’t often cross these days.

“Are you going to invite Ann, too?” Ann was our older sister, three years my senior.

“Well, yes, of course,” Beth replied, “but I don’t know if she’ll be able to come. She’ll have to get someone to look after Jamie and I don’t see John wanting to do that after the past few months.” We both had to feel for Ann – she’d been a cross between Beth and me in that she’d always tried hard in life, but never seemed to get anywhere. Married at twenty to a man the rest of the family instantly disliked, she had recently and finally freed herself in a messy divorce, but was left struggling to juggle an underpaid job with looking after her seven year old son.

“Have you talked to mum and dad about it yet, Beth?”

“No, and I don’t want you talking to them either! Leave it with me because I want it to be a big surprise for them. I’m going to tell them they’re going away, but not that we’re joining them or where we’re going or any of that. I’ll organise everything.”

I knew when to back off gracefully, Beth usually got her way and if I was being honest with myself she’d do a far better job than I would with this sort of thing.

“I’m going to bring Paul along,” she continued, “is there anyone, you know, special, that you’d like to come as your guest?”

Beth and Paul had got engaged a couple of months ago – he was a hot shot doing a job I didn’t understand somewhere in the city, but a decent guy if the couple of brief meetings I’d had with him were anything to go by. I was thinking about Becky. I’d been seeing her for a couple of months now, but I wasn’t really sure if it was going anywhere. The plan was for the family holiday to happen in September, and it was June now – I couldn’t be sure if we’d still be a couple in three months. “No,” I said, “nobody special. It should be a family thing anyway, really, and Paul’s about to become family.”

Over the next couple of months I got regular updates from Beth, who was revelling as ever in her role of chief organiser. We were going to Tenerife, close enough that the flight wouldn’t tire the older members of the party out, but far enough to guarantee plenty of sunshine. The apartment was booked, and our parents knew they were being treated but not how. Ann was trying to arrange her affairs and come, but couldn’t be sure if she could, but Beth had booked a place for her anyway. And my relationship with Becky was as up and down as ever, at times fantastic and at times almost non-existent. I’d told her I was going away with my family, and she was okay about not coming too – I was confident I’d made the right choice not to bring her.

As far as I was concerned, it would be a nice break in the sunshine, no pressures. The week just couldn’t arrive soon enough.

Chapter 2

“Oh, Beth, it’s fabulous!” my mum enthused, and she was right. The apartment was huge, it’s white stone walls contrasting perfectly with the clear blue sky, the wooden floor cool under foot. The kitchen had all the conveniences of modern life, and the bedrooms were bright and airy. Balconies overlooked the town and sea, and an exterior staircase led up to a roof terrace, which featured a small swimming pool and a bubbling hot tub. It must have cost Beth a fortune.

“Glad you managed to come now?” I grinned at Ann as our parents looked around the kitchen. She smiled back at me, although I knew from talking to her on the plane that she was tired and a little worried about Jamie, who she’d left with her ex-mother in law for the week. I’d wondered how Ann would deal with being away from the kid, but thought that if she could relax a little then she’d really enjoy the break, she looked like she needed it. Ann was tall and slim, but looked older than her years, worn down by the world. I’d remembered her as a vivacious woman in her mid twenties, but the last year had hurt her badly by the looks of it. Her eyes were dulled, she could have done with a haircut, and she appeared distracted and unable to concentrate. I decided then that I’d try my best to ensure she had güvenilir bahis a good break, especially as it looked like we were going to have to share a room together.

There were three bedrooms – my parents obviously had the biggest, Beth and Paul the second. Beth had asked me if I minded sharing with Ann or taking the sofa in the lounge, and I’d been quite happy with either option, but on closer inspection the sofa didn’t fold out into a bed after all. There were two big beds in the third bedroom, though, and Ann shrugged her acceptance of the weeks living arrangements. We started to unpack our bags.

“Mum and dad look so happy, don’t they?” Ann observed, sitting on her bed amongst strewn clothes. “I’m really pleased for them.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “they like having us lot around too, probably makes them feel young again!”

She laughed. “Reckon I could do with feeling young again too!”

“Well I think you need to relax, sis. We all know you’ve been having a tough time recently, but hopefully things will be getting better now the divorce is out of the way. I know it’s not going to be easy, but…”

“Not easy!” she interrupted, “I’m not sure you realise quite what it’s like to be a single mother, it’s near on impossible! I can’t just forget all about John, you know, with Jamie too….” her voice trailed off.

“I know, I know, I’m not asking you to forget about it, I just think that this break will be good for you as well as mum and dad. A change is as good as a rest, and all that. Come on, you’re still young, beautiful – enjoy the sunshine, let your hair down a bit, and above all else, relax. It’ll be fun, you’ll see!”

“Bloody hell, I feel like I’m a child again. Holiday with parents, sharing a room with my brother, being bossed around by my baby sister!” but she was smiling whilst she said this. “Of course I’m going to enjoy it, and I’m really grateful to Beth for sorting it all out. The place is great, isn’t it?”

“Not bad at all,” I said, “race you to the swimming pool!” I was hot after the flight and taxi ride from the airport, and the pool looked so inviting. I turned my back on Ann, shrugged my shirt off and sat down on the bed. Kicking my shoes off, I thought for a second that I should go into the bathroom to change into my swimming shorts, but I figured that as I was facing away from my sister she wouldn’t see me naked, and anyway, we were going to have to share for the week so we might as well be relaxed about it. I slipped off my jeans and boxers, and stood up to pull on my shorts. Turning round to face Ann, I gave a cheery smile. “See you upstairs in a minute!”

The pool was lovely and cool. I dived straight in and swum four or five lengths quickly, before stopping to sit on the steps leading down to it, covered in water up to my neck. I could live with this for a week, I thought. Ann was the next person out to the pool, wearing a black one piece swimming suit and carrying a large beach towel. I greeted her with a wave, and she smiled back at me, following my lead by jumping into the pool. “Oh, that’s nice!” she exclaimed, swimming up to me and standing in front of me to shake the water from her hair. She reached round to pull her hair away from her face, and as she looked upwards I couldn’t help but stare at her chest. Her breasts, always covered in sensible motherly sweaters before, were firm and rounded, and the chill of the water had caused her nipples to swell, pressing hard against the fabric of her swim suit. Very nice indeed, I thought to myself, before coming back to reality with a bump as Ann sat beside me. Christ, I shouldn’t be ogling my sister’s tits!

Beth and Paul strolled up to the pool too, and we were shortly joined by our parents to make a very happy gathering. Beth had clearly been in the tanning salon, and her bright yellow bikini contrasted with her brown skin beautifully. Her and Paul made for a good looking couple, he lean and fit, she petite and pretty. Our parents looked on approvingly as they splashed about in the pool, every inch the perfect match. “What are we going to do on our first night, then?” dad asked, and we all got into discussing the available entertainment in the area.

In the end we decided on doing very little that night – we were all tired after the flight, and wanted to save some exploring time for later in the week. Paul and I walked down into the town and bought some food and wine, and we chilled out on the terrace eating and drinking, watching the sunset over the bay. The evening was still warm, and I had a pleasant buzz from the wine. This was going to be a great, relaxing week.

Mum and dad were the first to start yawning, and went off to bed at around nine. Beth wasn’t far behind them, but judging by her smile she wasn’t tired. “Come on, Paul, take me to bed,” she teased as she flounced off down the stairs, glancing over her shoulder and beckoning him to follow. He grinned at Ann and me, shrugged his shoulders as if resigned to his fate, and followed quickly.

Ann broke the silence after a couple of türkçe bahis minutes. “Did you mean what you said earlier?”

“When?” I replied.

“When you said I was still young and beautiful.”

“Oh, yeah, Ann, of course!”

“But I guess that was just my baby brother trying to cheer me up, wasn’t it?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I said. “Christ, Ann, you’re not even thirty yet, you’re nowhere near past it. Just because you’ve had a bad experience doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to have to stick with that…where you are in life at the moment…you know.”

I was rambling a bit, I realised, too much wine. But Ann continued. “I just want to feel desired again, I don’t think anyone’s looked at me as a woman for years, they only see me as a mother now.”

If I hadn’t had as much to drink, or if I hadn’t been so relaxed, I probably wouldn’t have said what I then said. “That’s nonsense, Ann. I think you’re very desirable, couldn’t help but admire your tits earlier and your body’s in great shape. You’ve still got that cute smile sometimes, and I love your eyes, when you don’t hide behind your hair.”

Aware I’d gone over the top, I tailed off. Ann was looking straight at me, and I held eye contact for as long as I could. She was blushing, I could see that even in the half light. “Ann, sorry, I’ve embarrassed you now,” I started, but she interrupted by standing up and coming over to my chair, bending forward and giving me a hug.

“Don’t be sorry, you silly boy. Thank you, that was a lovely thing to say, even if you are a bit drunk. I’m sorry to go on about it, you must be fed up hearing my problems.”

I hugged her back. “Don’t be daft, it does you good to talk about stuff. And I didn’t mean that I was staring at you earlier, it’s just that they were, kind of, in my face!”

She was laughing now. “Well I’m pleased you like them!” She sat down next to me. “So tell me all about your life, haven’t really caught up for ages. I heard you were seeing a girl – why didn’t you bring her along?”

I told her about my up and down relationship with Becky. Ann showed a genuine interest, and I found the discussion getting more and more detailed – I’d never really talked about this kind of thing with anyone before. “Don’t know if I should be telling my sister all about my sex life!” I joked.

“No, go on, it’s interesting,” she came back with. “I don’t have a sex life at the moment, so it’s about as close as I get! And if I’m ever going to have another relationship I guess I need a few dating tips! So, basically, what you’re saying is that the sex is good but when it’s over you can’t be bothered to do more for the relationship, yeah?”

I had to agree. “Does that mean I don’t care about Becky enough?” I wondered.

“Well maybe,” Ann replied. “Do you wonder what she’s doing now?”

“Not really, I guess it’s Thursday night back in England, and she’s probably watching TV with her flatmate, discussing what to do at the weekend. Not too exciting!”

“Whereas you are sitting under a warm, starlit sky, drinking wine with a single woman you’ve already described as beautiful! Do you think she’s wondering about you?”

I was laughing with her now. “No, probably not. Anyway, I thought I was supposed to be the one cheering you up, not the other way around!”

“Come on,” she said, “I’m going to bed. Last one downstairs has to turn the light out!”

She was always going to win that race. By the time I got downstairs she was in the bathroom, so I took my shirt off and sat on my bed, waiting for her to come out so I could go to the toilet. When she walked into the room, she too had taken off her t-shirt, and laughed as she threw it at me. “Still think they’re desirable?” she asked. Her bra was a creamy white colour, obviously built to push up her breasts.

Of course I still thought they were desirable! “Yes, you big tease,” I said, “But I need the loo now, please!” and stood up to walk past her.

As I did, she grabbed hold of my arm and turned me towards her. “Thank, Joe,” she said, “it does mean a lot to me, you know.” She reached out to hug me, and I pulled our bodies closer. It was nice to feel her bare skin on mine, as she rested her head on my chest.

I lowered my head and kissed her gently on the forehead. “Anytime, sis,” I said. “But I really do need to go now!” I broke off the hug, and went through to the bathroom. I was slightly disturbed to realise that I had an erection, and I hoped Ann hadn’t noticed as we’d hugged. She was a desirable woman, but she was also my sister! I pulled myself together and brushed my teeth.

The light was off when I went back into the bedroom, and I heard Ann getting comfortable under the sheets. I sat on the edge of my bed and slid my jeans off. I always sleep naked, but again had that moment of doubt about whether it was appropriate at the moment. But not for long – I slipped my boxers off and quickly threw the sheet over me. It was cool and crisp, the bed comfortably firm. I was tired, too, and closed my eyes as güvenilir bahis siteleri my head hit the pillow. “Hey,” said Ann, gently, “thought you might like this.” Something landed on the pillow next to my head.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“My bra,” she said. “So much nicer to be naked under these crisp cotton sheets, eh?”

“Oh yes,” I agreed, “but how am I supposed to sleep now, I’ll have those fabulous tits on my mind all night!”

Ann’s wicked giggle was the last thing I remember as I drifted off to a deep sleep.

Chapter 3

It was just about light when I woke, but only about six o’clock. Had there been a noise, or was it just a throbbing erection that had woken me? I reached down a grasped my thick cock, feeling a tingle deep in my balls. The sheet was pushed to one side, and I suddenly remembered that Ann was in the room too. I glanced over to her bed, but she was sleeping soundly, lying on her back and breathing evenly. Her sheet had been kicked down in the night, though, and my cock twitched in my hand as I stared at her chest – her tits were fantastic, I hadn’t been kidding myself. I stroked my hard cock up and down a couple of times, slowly, enjoying the sensation. God I was horny, I must have been having a glorious dream. The tip of my penis was wet with the pre-cum, and slippery as I flicked a finger over the top of it. I rolled onto my side so I could look at Ann and rub myself at the same time, and began a slow, rhythmic motion, imagining licking her puffy nipples, edging the sheet further down to reveal her pussy, her legs parting at the touch of my finger tips, her slippery slit, a triangle of fine hairs, desire in her heavy breathing….faster and faster I pumped my cock, and all of a sudden I was coming, spurting a string of creamy spunk onto the sheet and onto my stomach.

I lay back, breathing heavily, still stroking my sensitive penis as the hardness shrunk away. Fucking hell, I was wanking over my sister. Jesus, hope I hadn’t woken her up, she’d be horrified. I pulled the sheet back over my body, closed my eyes and tried to get back to sleep.

I must have managed to, because the next thing I knew there was a light knock at the door and my mum was calling. “Breakfast on the terrace in ten minutes, you two.”

I sat up, yawned and stretched. Ann had just woken up too. “Morning,” she smiled across at me. “Sleep well?”

She made no move to cover her body with the sheet, if anything her stretching out was pulling the sheet further down. “Yeah, think so,” I said, aware that my erection was making a return. “You?”

“Mmm, yes, very comfortable. Lots of nice dreams, too,” she grinned. “Can I have my bra back now?” I’d forgotten about that, it was still on my pillow. I threw it back with a chuckle.

“Cover yourself up, you hussy!” I joked. “I’m not going to be able to get up otherwise!”

Ann simply threw off the sheet, swung her legs over the far side of the bed and stood up, facing away from me. Looking over her shoulder, she winked at me, and walked the couple of steps into the bathroom. I breathed out hard. Her arse was as good as her tits, bloody hell, who would have thought it! I reached down to my hard cock again. No, no, had to get up! Grudgingly I stood up, pulling on my swimming shorts. Ann came back into the room, and stood facing the wardrobe. Making up her mind, she picked a dark blue one-piece swimming costume out, and, still with her back to me, bent down to step into it. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to stare at her arse. It was round and full, smooth curves merging into her hips and down to her thighs. She seemed to take an age to stand upright again, and she wriggled her arms into the straps of the suit before turning round towards me. She picked out a short skirt and a t-shirt to go over the suit, and threw these on too, seeming not to notice the bulge in my shorts. “Breakfast, then!” she said brightly, and turned to go out to the living room.

Shaking my head, I stumbled into the bathroom and doused my face in cold water. My erection had subsided enough for me to go out now, so I found a long t-shirt and, as casually as I could, went to join the rest of the family.

Breakfast was as relaxed as the previous nights dinner. Everyone had very quickly got into the holiday way of life, I thought, as we discussed what to do later. Paul was describing some of the activities available down in the town – we’d had a quick scout around on our way back from the supermarket yesterday afternoon – and there were several boat trips. “I’d like to go up to Teide, the big mountain in the middle of the island,” Ann piped up, and Paul told her about a tour company that was advertising day trips. Mum and dad were more interested in sitting by the pool and catching some sunshine, and Beth claimed that she wouldn’t be able to breathe up there, so I said that I’d go along with Ann if she wanted. “Cool,” she said, and smiled at me. Stretching out her leg, she rubbed her foot against my calf under the table, and then a little higher. God she was such a tease! I looked sternly at her, and pushed her foot further down. She pouted, as if disappointed, and said she was going off for a swim. Of course, I had to wait a couple of minutes for my erection to go down before joining her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32