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Janet got out of bed and pulled up her thong and a T-shirt over her head. She could feel how wet she was as the thong started to soak up the fluid leaking out her pussy. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was as she walked into the kitchen.

Ryan watched as his twin sister, Janet, walked in. Normally, she always wore that long white robe but not this time. A T-shirt that barely went down to her thighs made his cock get rock hard almost instantly. Being five foot seven and barely weighing a hundred seventeen pounds, she was built like a gymnast with long legs and small breasts.

She immediately felt Ryan’s eyes on her as she walked to the stove. Not knowing why he was staring at her, she finally turned and asked, “So, are you going to tell me why you are staring at me?”

“I’m not staring at you.” He replied.

“C’mon Ry, I know when you’re lying. Tell me?” She asked.

“Well, you always wore that long white robe down to your knees and today……..” He left the rest unsaid.

Janet took it in slowly and then realized he was looking at her legs, her own bother was checking her out. The fact that her period was a couple of days away, which always made her horny made the thought of Ryan staring at her even more excited. She could feel her fluid dripping down her thigh which only heightened her excitement.

Normally shy and reserved, she felt safe again being home after finishing her freshmen year of college. There was just that bond between them that twins have that allowed her to open up. She realized while she briefly dated Greg at school and tried having sex together, that she was just too inhibited. Being shy or afraid, she didn’t know but with Ryan she felt safe.

“Ry, do you think my legs are too thin?” She asked.

Ryan could hear in her voice a just a hint of vulnerability and acted on it. The two of them were just too close to conceal anything from the other; it’s as if one could read the others mind at times. He also became aware that her nipples were sticking straight out of the T-shirt like small darts.

“I think you’re legs are so hot and that tight little….” His words stopped.

“Ass.” Janet finished the sentence for him.

Ryan could feel his cock throbbing against his sweat pants. He could hear his heart racing like drums from a rock band; he hoped he hadn’t gone too far. But, the fact that her legs and ass were so hot was just so obvious to him.

Janet turned back to the stove and just took in what she just heard. She could feel her pussy quivering and heart beating furiously. She always wondered if he found her attractive and knowing he did only heightened her state all the more. What to do next, she thought to herself.

Ryan can’t believe what he is seeing as Janet reaches up for a illegal bahis box of cereal. Her shirt rises past her thong, her tight little ass fully exposed for him to see. She can feel the thong tight between her butt rubbing her tiny asshole in the process. For what seems like minutes of pleasure, she keeps the pose for her brother.

Only about thirty seconds went by but for both of them, the message was sent. Janet turned and leaned against the counter, her shirt rising slightly in the front. They both looked at each other in the eyes, no words were being said and yet a conversation was going on between them.

Ryan stood up, his erection clearly evident. Janet looked at the bulge and she knew what she wanted and also knew he wanted the same thing. She could tell he was big and wanted to reach out and touch him but an old memory flashed in front of her and with it, an idea.

“Remember the time you were working out naked and I walked in to do laundry?” She asks.

“Like it was yesterday.” Ryan replies.

“Why don’t you go workout and I have to get some laundry together.” She tells him seductively.

Ryan hears the door open and listens as Janet comes down the stairs. His cock is rock hard as he waits for his sister to walk in with the laundry basket. He can’t ever remember being this excited, looking down at his cock, he imagines what it will feel like sliding into that little pussy of his sister.

Janet can feel chest pounding as she walks into the gym room which also has the washer and dryer. Her eyes just lock onto the image before her, Ryan, naked with his cock sticking straight up. It’s huge; she thinks to herself, she can feel her pussy screaming for relief.

“I just have to do some laundry.” She says. Feigning not noticing him naked.

Ryan has his bench press set up in the incline position so he can sit and lean back while doing flies with his dumb bells. He watches as Janet bends down, her ass pointed right at him and scoops the contents out of the basket. He can feel his cock throb as he takes in the show she is giving him.

She adds the soap to the washer and then turns toward Ryan and says, “Oh, I almost forgot.” Janet slowly slides her thong down her legs and holds them up, as if letting him inspect them. She drops them in the washer and then slowly slides her shirt over her head, putting it in the washer as well.

Ryan finally looks at what he’s been trying to get a glimpse at for years, his sister’s naked body. His eyes take it all in, her small breasts with nipples that look like darts sticking out to her wash board stomach. Her blonde pubic hair trimmed neatly and those long legs just drive him crazy.

Without a word said, Janet walks over to Ryan and lifts herself up and straddles him as he continues illegal bahis siteleri to do his flies. She can smell his sweat, she doesn’t know why but she always thought it was so sexy when she would catch that scent from him in the past. Now, it just made her wild with lust.

Ryan can’t believe it, only inches from his mouth are those long nipples. He can feel his cock rubbing against her thighs and then to his delight, he feels her pussy start to slide down his cock. Her lips open up and take the whole length in side her. Ryan drops the weights and pulls her towards him and takes her nipple into his mouth, sucking slowly while she squirms with delight.

Janet feels herself impaled on her brother’s dick; she feels her nipple ache with delight and then feels his hands on her cheeks, spreading her ass wide open. In her mind, she pictured herself with her pussy riding his cock and her tiny asshole stretched open. Just like in the porno’s Ryan has on his computer, she thought to herself.

Feeling herself totally uninhibited, she whispered in Ryan’s ear, “Talk dirty to me.”

Ryan could hardly believe what she just whispered; he took his mouth off her breast and spread her ass wide apart.

“I love that.” She moaned.

“I can’t believe how tight you’re pussy is, I could fuck you all day.” He said.

“Do it.” She moaned.

Ryan stood up with his cock still in her; Janet wrapped her legs around him as he walked across the room to the futon. They lay down and then Ryan started fucking her long and deep strokes. He didn’t know how long he could last, especially how she was talking dirty to him.

“Mom won’t be home for hours, can you take it all day.”

“I want you to shoot it inside me and then in my mouth. Are you up for it?” She whispers in his ear.

Karen opened the door and walked into the kitchen, she heard something. A sound familiar but she couldn’t quite place it. Listening closely, it hit her all at once. “The futon,” She said softly. The sound it made when she and Jack used to fuck on it, unmistakable. Standing there listening to the rhythm of the sound of two people fucking brought back a flood of memories for her.

Being a widow at thirty-eight and five years later, still not really dating. She knew who was downstairs on the futon. They’re just so close and she always thought one day this might happen. Not wanting to disturb them, she carefully closed the door and drove back to the office.

“I’m goanna cum.” Ryan moaned.

His cock shot deep inside her, he felt five or six strands empty into her. Ryan lay on top of her as lovers would afterwards. Janet could feel his cock start to slide out of her.

“Cream pie.” She whispers in his ear.

“You know about cream pies?” Ryan asks.

“I’ve canlı bahis siteleri seen some of the video’s you have on you’re computer.” She says.

“I never thought you had this side to you.” He says.

“I feel safe with you; you won’t hurt me or make fun of me. And yes, I do like looking at video’s, especially cream pies.” She says seductively.

Ryan could feel his cock starting to get hard again, being nineteen made for fast recovery. He rolled on his back and brought her on top of him. Janet felt his cock right at her lips and to both their surprise, thick white globs of cum started to drain out of her onto his shaft. They both watched as the white cream coated his cock.

“I want you to shoot it in my mouth.” Janet moaned as she rode Ryan’s cock.

Ryan lifted her off of him and stood in front of her, she got on her knees opened her mouth. Having seen how they do it in the porn videos, they both knew how it worked. Ryan started jerking himself off while Janet waited with her mouth open. She wondered what it would taste like as she watched Ryan get closer to his climax.

“Here it cums.” He moans.

Janet closed her lips around his head and felt the hot semen fill her mouth. She couldn’t believe how hot it felt as her mouth filled up with the hot cream. She swallowed twice and thought it tasted like coconut, a taste she liked.

Ryan watched as his sister placed her hand on his shaft and jerked the rest out of him into her mouth. To his delight, she licked his cock like it was an ice cream cone. Her tongue seeking out each drop and sucking it into her mouth.

Janet lay back and started to rub her clit, she was so close. Ryan watched as she rubbed herself faster and faster to her own climax.

“You are going to have to let me make you cum too. ” He said.

“I will, I just had to do it. I can’t believe what we did today.” She says.

“Tomorrow looks good too.” Ryan answers back.

“Ry, we have to be careful, we can’t tell anyone ever, promise me.” She tells him.

“Promise.” He replies.

“We have to careful with Mom too.” Janet whispers.

“Tell me something, what does it taste like?” Ryan asks.

“Like coconut, it’s hot but not too hot and I like it.” She replies.

“Maybe one day I’ll let you eat you’re cream pie inside me. But guys are too afraid of thinking that might make them seem gay.” She teased him.

“OK smart ass, maybe I will eat it and then make you cum as well.” He answered her back.

Karen sat at her desk; the sound of the futon just kept going over and over in her head. She couldn’t figure out why but she was getting turned on just picturing it in her mind. What would she have seen if she had walked downstairs? Of course, they would have stopped but just the image was making her feel that ache between her legs that she has not felt since Jack died. Also, the fact that Ryan looks just like Jack did at nineteen did not make it easy on her.

“I wonder where this is going.” Karen says softly to herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32