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Despite the late hours, I woke at my usual time of 6:30. I lay on the couch for a bit, remembering the events of just a few hours before. There was no sense of unreality to it. The wet stickiness around my crotch left no doubt of what had transpired. Ashley had left sometime in the early hours but the little vixen had left her pajama bottoms wrapped around my cock!

I got up and made coffee and set out a pan of sweet rolls to go in the oven a bit later. I knew that I was in a house of late sleepers and so decided to take a quick shower before anyone else was up. Despite the size of our old Victorian house, it has only one full bath up on the second floor. I quietly went upstairs, avoiding the steps that creaked as I went. I had laid in a supply of fresh clothes and underwear in my office and knew that I wouldn’t be bothered as long as I went straight from the shower to the office.

I went straight to my office and stripped off my shorts and t-shirt from the night before and hurried into the bathroom. The house has settled over the past hundred years or so to the point that the door latches in most of the upstairs don’t latch completely and the bathroom is no exception. However, everyone knew that if the bathroom door was closed, the facilities were in use, so I gave the door an extra tug and then turned the shower on.

In only a few minutes I was luxuriating in the warm spray, feeling every muscle loosen under the beat of the water. As I soaped down, I gave my cock a few tugs, more from habit than any real desire, but as I did so, memories of Ashley leapt into my head and my cock began to harden for the second time in 24 hours. What a pleasure for an old man! As I began to stroke more in earnest, I heard a giggle. I looked through the clear shower curtain and saw Sandra standing there, nude canlı bahis şirketleri and a picture of voluptuous, ripening womanhood.

She grinned at me and said, “Mornin’ Uncle Dave.”

“Mornin, yourself! What gets you up so early, Sandy?”

“Ashley told me about you and her last night, and I thought I would see for myself what she was bragging about.”


“Yep, she said you had a nice thick cock and I wanted to check it out. It’s all that she said it was.”

“I’m glad that you approve,” I grinned.

Is there room in there for two?”

Always room for you Sandy”

She shoved back the shower curtain just enough to get in without making a mess and stepped into the shower. She playfully shoved me out of the stream of water and ducked her head under the water. The tight curls on her head immediately glistened under the water’s torrent.

Turning to face me, she smiled and began to move her hands up and down her body from her pleasantly plump belly up to her firm rounded breasts and back down again. Her nipples were hard brown raisins in pools of dark pink. Her narrow waist accented her full womanly hips, while her belly was crested by a thick thatch of pubic hair that was even curlier than the locks on her head.

After a moment or so, she turned her back to me and bent over at the waist. What a view! She had one of those perfect cunts with full thick lips but a slight gap between her legs. She reached back between her legs and spread her pussy lips wide, showing me the coral pink of her inner lips. I watched mesmerized as she slowly moved her index finger up and down her slit.

I was nearing the limits of my control. I moved forward and pressed my cock against her. That’s when she surprised me by abruptly standing up and turning around. canlı kaçak iddaa She placed her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her and nuzzled her face close to my ear.

“Sorry Uncle Dave, I’m still a virgin . . . and plan to stay that way.”

My heart dropped and a catch developed in my throat. God, what had I been thinking! That’s when she whispered again, “But I love to swallow!”

Immediately, my cock surged against her belly. As the water poured over our heads, I caught her upper lip between my teeth and teased and tugged gently, slowly allowing my tongue to join hers. The trickles of water across our faces mingled with her tears of joy. As our long slow kiss ended, she slipped down the length of my body, sinking slowly to her knees. She gently took hold of my cock, as though it were some priceless toy and began to slowly work the foreskin back and forth in minute increments. I watched with anticipation as she lowered the pink tip of her tongue to the tip of my cock and began teasing by running just the very tip of her tongue over the head of my cock. My cock was jumping involuntarily with each pass. Sandy looked up at me with her pale blue eyes and smiled. “You’re hard to catch, Uncle Dave.”

I mumbled that I was sorry and tried to control the twitching in my groin. She giggled as she grabbed my cock at it’s very base and held it firmly, lowering her open lips to it’s head. I groaned in exquisite pleasure as she roiled her tongue over the head of my cock.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she consumed inch after inch of my cock into her throat until her nose was buried deep in my pubic thatch. When she had my full length in her throat, she began a strange but wonderful cock massage with the back muscles of her throat and tongue. After a minute or more of this wonderful canlı kaçak bahis torture, she began to release my cock from her mouth, again moving away at a tormenting pace.

When the tip of my cock was just at her lips, she swirled her tongue once again, and released me with a small pop. She smiled at me again, gave a throaty laugh and said, “I’m going to make you cum with only three strokes.”

I looked into her eyes and said, “I hope I can last that long.”

Again, she began the slow envelopment of my cock with first her lips, then her mouth, and finally her throat. Again, that strange massaging motion deep in her throat. I groaned like a man tormented. That was when she gently took hold of my balls and began to ever so lightly squeeze them. I ached in the most perverse way. Part pain, part pleasure and all new to me. When she suddenly thrust her finger into my ass, I arched my back and began to shoot a load of cum such as I hadn’t felt in thirty years. As I stared at the ceiling of the shower, shaking uncontrollably, my knees near buckling, I knew that I was in the hands of a true master.

After a few moments, Sandy stood up and hugged me close, nuzzling into my beard. I held her tightly, part passion, part need, feeling a mixture of emotions that were a maelstrom of shards of ideas, thoughts, questions, and a desire to have this moment forever. Sandy found my lips with hers and kissed me deeply, swirling her expert tongue against mine. For the first time in my life, I tasted cum. My cum, still hot, thick, and salty. What should have been repugnant was instead incredibly erotic. In my minds eye, I dreamed of a far away place where I could have this vixen forever.

Sandy, sensing my mood, pushed me playfully away and smiled a gentle but sad smile. “Uh uh, Uncle Dave. This was just for fun. Gotta go now.”

And with that she stepped from the shower, grabbed my towel from across the wash basin, and left. After a long moment, I crumpled to the bottom of the shower, crying bitter tears for paradise lost.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32