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It was no secret that my folks were getting up in years, so after decades of sacrifice and dedication, my siblings and I decided to put together a family reunion to honor our parents. My older brother and sister took it upon themselves to do most of the planning, so all that their 46 year old baby brother had to do was basically just show up. That was fine with me. When it came to parties, I had always been the guy in charge of the paper plates and napkins, and was never looked toward to take care of any of the really important details. So after countless emails were sent bouncing around from one coast to the other, the decision was made to hold the reunion in our childhood town, which was luckily just over a hundred miles from where I was living.

The itinerary was planned to the minute, and it filled an entire three day weekend. With only a 6 week notice, I decided to reserve a couple of hotel rooms now, so we wouldn’t be left out in the cold later. My son was otherwise occupied with his duties in the military, so it was going to be just my wife, Susan, and our daughter, Sara, joining me for the celebration. A couple of hours online led me to a decent, mid-level hotel, and I booked us two adjoining rooms; both non-smoking and equipped with king size beds. I made the reservation to begin two days early, on Wednesday, as I thought it might be nice to cruise around and share some of my childhood memories with my immediate family. Having satisfied my responsibilities for the event, I sat back, relaxed, and ignored the hundreds of pointless messages that continued to be sent to keep me updated on every little detail of the big party.

Out of the blue, and with only a few days left before we were set to leave, my wife told me that she needed to make some last minute changes to our plans.

“Sorry, Bill. I need to go out of town first thing Tuesday to take care of some things at corporate, so I won’t be here on Wednesday to leave with you and Sara. I’ll be back on Friday afternoon, so I’ll just drive up myself and meet you there Friday evening. I know you wanted to show me around where you grew up, but at least you can still take Sara! Besides, ever since college it seems the only reason she calls you is to ask for money, so it might be nice for you two to spend a little quality time together. I hope you understand!”

“Of course I understand. I knew when I decided to marry a powerful, corporate executive that there would be sacrifices!”

Susan had her usual dead-pan expression in response to my unique sense of humor. “I was a cocktail waitress when we got married. And now I’m just the assistant to the Director of Marketing.”

“Exactly” I replied just as straight faced as Susan. My wife rolled her eyes pretending that my humor was lost on her, but the truth is that she is one of the few people who actually got me. “And I’m not nervous at all at the thought of spending two days alone with my teenage daughter, so don’t you worry about me! Does she still like ‘Chuck-E-Cheese’?”

“She’s almost twenty, pops! Just pretend like you’re with me and I’m sure you’ll be fine!”

Susan left Tuesday morning, and I had just over 24 hours before picking up Sara at the airport, and beginning what was shaping up to be a very long five days. It was important to me to take full advantage of an entire day all by myself, so I slept in, hung out in my boxers while watching daytime television, surfed some porn on the internet, jerked off a couple of times, ordered some pizza, and then finished off a six-pack before finally passing out on the couch. It was, to put it simply, the perfect day.

Even though I enjoyed projecting the image of being an irresponsible slacker, I ran my life quite the opposite, and Wednesday morning I was packed and ready to go when I arrived right on schedule to pick up Sara outside of baggage claim. I was still enjoying the last moments of temporary bachelorhood as I pulled up to the curb, so I thought I’d spend some time studying this unbelievable brunette who was standing all by herself while I waited for my daughter to find me. Her straight brown hair spilled down to just below her shoulders, and her tight black slacks fit perfectly as they clung to the curves of her firm, round ass. Luckily, she made a turn in my direction, and my eyes were instantly drawn to her full chest, which was working hard to pop the buttons off of her tight, white top. My ogling came to an abrupt end, however, when I heard a familiar voice coming from a most surprising place.

“Hi, Daddy!”

When my study in perfection started walking toward me and calling me “Daddy”, I had to suddenly reset my brain before I could appropriately greet my daughter.

“Oh, hey, well… Hi, Sara! Wow! Boy do you look great! If you’ve been focusing as much attention to your studies as you have to your appearance, you must be top of your class!” I was proud of my ‘compliment with purpose’.

“Thanks, I think. It’s nice to see you too… Are bahis firmaları we stopping at home first, or are we driving straight there? I kind of wanted to change before we hit the road.” It sounded like I was being given an option, but I knew that I really didn’t have a choice.

“Well, I wasn’t planning on it, but I suppose we could make a quick stop before we leave. Just don’t get mad when you find that your bedroom is now my office!”

“And where is all my stuff?” Less than five minutes, and already she was whining.

“It’s probably cluttering up some other poor guys house. But don’t worry. Your mother and I kept your diary, and I promise we didn’t read one single page.” I looked over and gave Sara a smile while trying to stir up a reaction.

“Still cracking yourself up, I see! I almost forgot how funny you think you are! So how long is it until Mom joins us?”

“Fifty-five long hours, sweetheart! Think you can handle it?” I pulled into the driveway but kept the car running. “Now hurry up and change so we can get out of here!”

“Yes sir!” And just like that Sara was running to the house with her bag in hand, undoubtedly prepared to take her time while she changed into something a little more… well, I wasn’t really sure what.

The sound of the opening car door awoke me from my unscheduled nap, and Sara threw her bag onto the back seat before once again taking her place as my passenger. Her feet were bare, as were her legs, and her smooth skin was glowing with a healthy tan. Her shorts were as form fitting as her slacks, except that they rode a little lower around her waist. Her school letters were silk screened on the front of her half-shirt, but they were distorted from being stretched too tight across her firm, full chest. Her tan midriff was visible below the short hemline of her top, and her toned abs didn’t allow even the slightest roll over the top of her low-riding waistband. If there was an award for having the hottest daughter, I would be a shoe-in.

We shared in comfortable conversation as we started the 150 mile journey, but Sara eventually fell asleep and left me to quietly enjoy some barely audible music from my CD collection. She was still passed out when we arrived at the hotel, so I grabbed and then shook her leg to get her to wake up. Her firm thigh muscles told me that I must be paying for a gym membership, and I was glad to know that at least some of my money was being well spent. We gathered our bags, checked in at the front desk, and made our way up to our rooms. Sara was happy to find that she had her own room, but even so, the first thing she did was prop open the door between them, minimizing our amount of privacy. She tossed her bag onto her bed and then quickly ran into my room to bounce around on mine, messing up the comforter and the tightly tucked in sheets in the process. I had forgotten what an adventure it is to stay in a hotel when you’re a teenager and her enthusiasm and youthful energy was all that I needed to remind me.

“It’s still nice out, Daddy…Is it O.K. if I go to the pool for a little bit? I don’t want to lose my color before the reunion!”

“Sure! And if you don’t mind, I think I’ll join you. I don’t want to lose my color either!”

“Pale is not a color, Dad! Now if you’re gonna go with, you better hurry up and change!”

Hurry up and wait was more like it, but I was used to the routine from my years of marriage with my wife. When Sara went back to her room to change, she left the door between our rooms open, and although I couldn’t see her, I could hear her rustling around while she put on her suit. I was fiddling with the television remote when she excitedly bounced back into my room.

“C’mon! Let’s go!” she pled while pulling at my arm.

“Don’t you have a towel or robe or something to cover yourself up with on the way down?”

“No. I had to pack pretty light, and I could only bring just the bare minimum of stuff. But I’m sure you’ll protect me if I cause too much of a commotion between here and the pool, so I’m not worried!”

Sara rushed in front of me as we hurried down the hall. The motion from her fast pace caused the lower portion of her bikini bottoms to wedge in between her cheeks, and I could now see that her dark tan covered even those areas that were usually left unseen. The waistline of her swimsuit rose high over her hip bones, and the thin triangle of material up front plunged sharply down before disappearing between her legs. It became clear that her breasts had no need for support, since the bikini top was held in place by only a tiny, elastic band which barely kept the two triangles of material in place. Sara was bouncing from one foot to the next as we stood together in the air conditioned elevator, and even the jet black swimsuit couldn’t hide her nipples as they became visibly stiff and started to press out against the thin fabric. While I stood there trying not to admire my 19 year old daughter, I wondered kaçak iddaa if this is what Susan meant by ‘quality time’.

I was happy to see that the pool was deserted, and the privacy allowed Sara and I to splash around and dunk each other like we did when she was still a kid. After a few minutes in the pool, Sara decided to lie out and capture the last of the day’s sun. Her wet bikini clung to her skin as she walked out of the water, and it could no longer conceal the delicate landscape underneath. Sara was unconcerned with her appearance as she walked carefully across the wet pool deck, and I looked up to the windows surrounding the courtyard wondering if anyone else was watching my daughter. She stretched out on a reclining chair, rested her head on a folded up towel she had found, and let the sun dry both her suit and her skin. I spent the next hour nodding in and out, and was relieved when Sara finally decided she was ready to eat.

Once back in our rooms, we agreed that we both wanted to shower before finding a nice restaurant to have dinner at. I grabbed my toiletries and closed myself into the large, nicely appointed bathroom. I shaved my face before stepping into the oversized, 2 person whirlpool bath, and I proudly maintained control over my pending erection while I washed off the day’s activities. The jetted tub wasn’t mentioned in any of the descriptions of the rooms, and I knew my wife would appreciate the surprise. I had to leave the steamy bathroom to dry myself off, so I wrapped a towel around my waist while I unpacked a pair of slacks and a light cotton, button up shirt from my suitcase. I was dressed and ready to go in less than ten minutes, and while sitting in front of the television I began to wonder what Sara’s ETA might be.

I stood up from the bed and walked toward the open privacy door. While standing well within the boundaries of my room, I poked my head through the adjoining doorway to ask my daughter for an approximate ready time. I was left silent when I saw her leaning over her bed, completely naked except for the towel that was wrapped around her head. She was singing to the music that was crackling out from the small, bedside clock radio and was totally focused on the clothes she was pawing through, unaware of the fact that her dad was standing there watching her.

Her breasts were hanging almost motionless as she pulled her clothes from her bag. Her small nipples were still hard, and they helped bring the smooth curves of her boobs up to a focused point. Her sun darkened skin was uninterrupted by tan lines, and her toned stomach led the way down to her smooth, cleanly shaved pussy. For just a split second it felt like I was looking at my wife, way back when we were still young and carefree. I managed to escape from the doorway without being noticed, and in my shameful arousal I decided to sit quietly and wait for as long as it takes. The image of Sara was fixed in my brain, and even though the T.V. was on in front of me, I had no idea what was lighting up the screen.

My trance was broken when Sara finally entered my room. I assumed that she was still not ready to go, since all she was wearing was a sheer, lacey bra and matching thong panties. Unable to find a solution to what seemed like quite a problem, she stood before me to ask for my guidance. I forced myself to look her straight in her eyes while we talked.

“Daddy, would you mind if I wore the same outfit that I had on when you picked me up at the airport? I really wasn’t able to pack a whole lot of nighttime clothes, so basically it’s the only thing I have that I can wear for dinner.”

I thought the outfit she was standing there in was perfect, but decided that even jokingly it would be a pretty inappropriate thing to say. “I wouldn’t mind, honey, as long as it doesn’t stink! I mean it was pretty warm today, and I know how sweaty you can get!”

“Ya, right! Nobody stinks as much as you! How do you think I found you when I was waiting at the airport?” She was initially proud of her quick comeback, but then stopped short with a concerned look on her face. “Dad… you’re not really serious, are you? Do you really think I stink?”

“No, I was only teasing. You know that. Now go get yourself dressed before I decide to order some pizza. I’m starving!” I forgot how sensitive a teenage girl can be, and felt guilty that I let my kidding around go a little too far.

I waited until she turned away before I let my eyes wander, and I immediately focused on her ass as she walked back into her room. The thong of her panties was barely visible between her tight, little butt cheeks, and as I watched her I wondered if she was purposefully teasing me, and maybe even enjoying herself a bit, while she was putting on her little show. I patiently sat on my bed and began thinking about my wife, and it helped me to remember that this goddess I am with is actually my adorable, little daughter, and not some sexual fantasy brought to life. Sara finally kaçak bahis came back into my room dressed and ready to go, and when I looked in her eyes I once again saw the unmistakable sparkle of my beautiful little princess.

We found a nice steakhouse to eat at, and we joked back and forth while we waited in the crowded entryway for a table. I watched as almost guy around us admired the young beauty at my side. Sara took it in stride having gotten used to receiving a lot of attention, but I was a little surprised and put off by the constant stares she had provoked. She could tell I was bothered, and she grabbed my hand to try and reassure me.

“They’re only looking, dad. It’s just what guys do. I don’t think they can even control it! I’m sure you still look at women from time to time.”

I relaxed a little when she made me remember that while picking her up at the airport, I too was checking Sara out before realizing that she was my daughter. Knowing what they were thinking, however, made me tense back up.

“I only look at your mother. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!”

“Too bad, I bet there are a lot of women who would really get off catching you checking them out!” Apparently my daughter aced the class, ‘Stroking Your Father’s Ego – 101’.

“Ya right! Women hate it when guys stare at them!” It was a lesson I learned the hard way many years ago.

“They say they do, but actually it’s quite flattering. Think about it, if a woman is out with a bunch of girlfriends, don’t you think she would prefer that it was her that was getting whistled at?” It seemed that she had aced her Debate class as well.

“I guess you’re right. But it’s just different when it’s my daughter being leered at.”

“Maybe if they think we’re a couple it might stop some of them from looking.” She then grabbed my arm and leaned in close to me, completing her facade with a kiss on my cheek. She then raised her voice a little to make sure she could be heard. “Patience, my dear, I’m sure they’ll have our table ready soon. Just make sure you save room for dessert when we get back to our room!”

She winked at me and I responded with a slap to her butt, wondering if any of her admirers believed the act she had just put on for them. We remained standing close together while arm-in-arm, and I proudly ushered my date into the dining room when we were finally called for our table. We took our time eating, and we talked non-stop up until the restaurant was ready to close. I left a generous tip on the table to apologize for hanging around so long, and we walked all the way to the car without seeing any other customers.

It was very late when we finally got back to the hotel, and we were both exhausted when we each stumbled into our separate rooms. I turned out the light and stripped down to my boxers before crawling in between the cool bed sheets. Sara’s light was still on, and I could hear her moving around as she got ready to go to sleep. Though my eyes were closed I could tell when her room had become dark, and I lied there feeling relieved that we were getting along so well, and that we were still very relaxed and comfortable together.

Not yet completely asleep, I opened my eyes when I felt something disturb my bed, and I was surprised to see Sara leaning over me trying to see if I was still awake. I turned to look at her and she jumped back a little when I moved.

“What’s up, honey? Can’t sleep?”

“I guess not. I just have a lot on my mind.”

My eyes adjusted to the light and I began to see my daughter more clearly. All she was wearing was a loose fitting tank top that ended just below her waist, and she seemed unconcerned as she stood there wearing nothing else. Deciding that she might want to talk for a bit, she took a seat at the corner of my bed with one foot tucked under her and the other foot hanging off the side. Her hairless mound was in full view, and I hoped that the cloak of darkness would hide my uncontrollable staring. Both the neckline and arm holes of her tank top were stretched out and hanging down low, leaving her tits in full view as she moved and stretched while she made herself comfortable.

“Are you gonna share your troubles, Sara, or are you just gonna sit there naked at the end of my bed?” I figured I would be as bold with my words as she was being with her immodesty.

“Naked? I’m wearing a shirt! Is this bothering you? I mean…well I guess I really didn’t even think about it…”

“No, it doesn’t bother me”, I said lying. “I guess I just need to get used to being around my daughter again. It’s been a while since you’ve been home, and to be honest, you have changed quite a bit.”

“Changed how?” Sara leaned over and crawled across the bed, finally lying on her side facing me with her hand propping up her head. Her loose shirt had fallen away, and it left one of her tits completely exposed. She held her legs tightly together, and it caused a slight bulge around the thin, bare slit that extended up from her hidden pussy. Her unconscious exhibitionism was causing my bulge to become a little more than slight, and I was glad that it was concealed under the messiness of the comforter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32