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I relayed this story to a friend recently. He didn’t believe me, but then I didn’t expect him to. No one would. I can’t prove it. I have no photographs or witnesses other than the two ladies involved. Mitch, that’s my friend said with that amount of imagination, I should write for Literotica. I had no idea what Literotica was and I had to Google it and well, hear I am.

I make the two hour flight between London and Madrid every three weeks. I work for a fine glass wear company and Spain is one of our main export areas. I am the Sales Manager for Iberia and regularly visit two of our best customers in Madrid. I tend to leave on a Thursday and spend the afternoon and Friday talking through any special requirements. I normally have dinner with one of my clients on the Thursday evening and then catch the Friday afternoon flight back home for the weekend. So much for my business in Spain. I have been taking these trips now since November 2009. I think, I was delayed once, a few months back and other than that I can’t recall anything remarkable occurring. That was until my last trip before Christmas 2010.

My PA books my flights and she mentioned that an offer was being displayed online, to upgrade to First Class for 20 Euros. I thought ‘why not.’ I had never flown first class with work or for pleasure and I was eager to find out how much better it was. I set off as usual around eight in the morning, taking the tube to Heathrow; a journey of about 20 minutes. I know they always say to check-in two hours before, but with experience, I have found one hour or so is acceptable and I have never been ticked off for being late. Maybe it’s because I go business class, I don’t know.

Now, I can’t speak for all men, but I am sure I can’t be unusual when I say that I find female cabin crew very sexy. I can only assume, that either only a certain ‘type’ go in for the job or the airlines have a rather restricted recruitment policy. Who knows? The girls at check-in are the same, maybe not quite as consistently hot, but almost. In that respect, this flight was no different from any other. It’s the uniform isn’t it. Police women, nurses and air stewardesses. I think out of all of them air stewardesses are the best. I’m not sure why – they just are. In my opinion anyway.

First Class was pretty well next to the door of the plane and I was shown to a large plush seat with an acre of leg room. The seat reclined fully and there were two large, soft arm rests. The door was secured and when we had begun to taxi it was clear I had the whole class to myself.

A particularly attractive stewardess did my safety demonstration. I don’t count myself any more lecherous than the next man, but I have to say I didn’t hear anything she said. I just spent the one or two minutes it took her to explain about the seat belt and emergency exits, surveying her uniform; her gorgeous flowing hair and her beautiful eyes. She had a faint accent, not European judging by her looks I thought, but I couldn’t pin it down. She was stunning. I mean top drawer!

A erzincan escort few minutes into the flight and after breezing through the magazine, I had already read back to front several times, I was asked if I wanted an aperitif by the other stewardess. She had shorter, brown hair, compared with her colleague, but had a charming manner. She wasn’t so classically beautiful, but to be fair she was sexy and like the other girl was blessed with those two assets, which all men love.

“A bottle of red wine please.”

“Red. Certainly.”

She produced the bottle from her trolley as well as the usual bag of peanuts. I thought maybe I would get some tortilla chips or something being in first class, but obviously not. I had had a few sips of the wine after decanting it into my glass when the other one came past and enquired if everything was OK.

“What would you like for lunch Sir? Lamb or Chicken?”

“Lamb please, it’s better suited to the red wine.”

“Of course.”

She smiled such a sultry smile. She had lovely blue eyes, which were a real contrast to her dark hair and light olive complexion I watched her ass in that skirt as she walked away and you can imagine the thoughts, which went through my mind. There is a certain body type, which makes a woman a woman and not a girl. I suppose she was mid twenties, her colleague a bit older but the sultry one had such a voluptuous figure. Hour glass…well not quite, but perfectly proportioned. Some minutes later, the older girl, who might have been 30 took my tray away when I had finished and served me with another drink. She spoke with a soft accent, which again, while clearly not English, was not one I could put a name to. Maybe it was the wine, but I felt relaxed and confident enough to ask.

“Might I ask where you are from?”

“Where am I from?”

“Oh, I just can’t place your accent that’s all.”

“Oh I see, that’s OK, I am Dutch.”

“Ah, Dutch. What about your friend?”

“She is Moroccan.”

“Really! I thought she looked a bit exotic.”

The stewardess laughed.

“I will tell her, it will make her day.”

I lay back in my seat and closed my eyes and thought naughty thoughts. The male imagination is a strange thing. Sex is such a powerful drug, it enhances the clarity of our thoughts. I wondered if they ever kissed each other. They must spend a lot of time alone in their little vestibules, preparing their trolleys, I could not be blamed for fantasising how they might snatch a girlie kiss here and there. They were so sexy, was it too much to ask, that their daily job might not be enlivened by the odd Sapphic moment, away from prying eyes?

As I day-dreamed peacefully I felt a tap on my arm.

“Can I get you anything Sir.”

I opened my eyes to see the younger woman waiting on me. I suppose it must have been my imagination, but she seemed to look at me with extra warmth. Her beautiful eyes twinkled as if she had read my mind and was enjoying my fantasy. She was joined erzurum escort by her colleague and I have to say, seeing them together was suddenly making me feel quite uncomfortable. My earlier fantasies had made more of an impact than I imagined, and I felt the stirrings of an erection. Unwanted erections are one of those things, which if battled early on can be overcome, but in this particular situation, I was struggling to combat it. I placed a hand over my trousers as nonchalantly as possible, but despite this, both girls seemed to notice. I tried to recover my composure with some small talk.

“Excuse me?”

“Can we get you anything?” Something else to drink?”

“I better not, but thank you.”

“Just press the buzzer if you need anything won’t you.” Said the older woman.

“Yes, actually, I was just wondering is it normally this quiet in first class?”

“Not really, but this close to Christmas we are always quiet. There are only twenty passengers on the flight sir.”

“Really? Only twenty? So apart from free food and drink and this lovely seat, is there anything else I get with first class?”

Now, I didn’t mean anything by this, I was just making conversation with the two lovely ladies, well with the Dutch one at least. Her colleague was just stood there looking gorgeous.

“What else were you expecting?”

She looked at her friend and they laughed.

“No, I was just wondering, that’s all.”

“Really?” Said the Moroccan beauty sarcastically.

The other one suddenly looked a little serious and I was concerned I had said something out of turn.

“We just have to check on the other passengers Sir, we won’t be a minute.”

I lay back. I was a little deflated by my apparent faux pas but I had at least managed to get rid of my erection. A few minutes later, I could hear the women talking in hushed tones, out of sight. I could hear the older one mainly with the younger woman interjecting. They went quiet and then there was a series of giggles. They appeared at my seat again and the younger woman drew the curtain shut. They both looked very serious and business-like. Now, you know how your sixth sense tells you something is going on? Well this was one of those times. Something about their behaviour was unusual and it thrilled me.

The older woman was the first to speak again and two my surprise she sat on the seat next to mine.

“Is first class not what you were expecting Sir?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that exactly.”

The impossibly gorgeous Moroccan stood in front of me with her back to the seat in front. My eyes involuntarily followed every contour of her body. I suddenly felt overwhelmed. This was more than I had expected. They certainly seemed to be taking my query about first class service on board! But it didn’t feel right. Their manner had gone from professional, affable charm to one, which was decidedly alluring not to say provocative. To say I was suddenly hot and bothered was an understatement. The exotic one spoke, bursa escort looking at me with a her mesmerising blue eyes.

“Do you have any money with you Sir?”

“Yes…I do, why?”

“Well, we think for one hundred Euros each we could make the rest of your journey very comfortable. That’s if that’s not too much?”

Her voice was dark and infused with a sexual, erotic tone. As she spoke the Dutch girl began to unbutton her jacket. Needless to say, my hard on was coming back with a vengeance.

“Is this a joke?”

Neither woman spoke, but the younger woman sat on my other side and proceeded to unfasten her own tunic. I was totally fought with nervous anticipation with what they were apparently suggesting and becoming seriously aroused. My dick was pressing against my pants painfully. It needed to escape. I reached behind me and took my wallet from the inside pocket of my jacket. I am a single man, so there was no need to pause for thought for betraying a partner. I took out two hundred Euros. It was nearly double the cost of the flight! I split the money and handed half to each woman. They both put the money away in their breast pockets and continued to undress. In a matter of seconds both women were down to their brassieres. The older woman could see how uncomfortable I had become in my nether region and unzipped my pants.

The next thing I knew she had her hand in my boxers and was wanking me off as her friend pushed her cleavage, spilling as it was over bra, into my face. I licked and sucked on her flesh like a baby. It was an amazing feeling. Clearly thinking I needed more stimulation, she stood up and turned round and lifted up her skirt. I swear she has the World’s best ass. I gave it a squeeze. Her red panties had gone right up the crack of her arse and I watched helplessly as she peeled them off. The Dutch girl worked the controls on the chair and dropped me as flat as it would go. The next thing I remember was feeling her mouth round my cock and the Moroccan sitting on my face. Her pussy and ass were heavenly. She had an intensely aromatic scent, which turned me on immeasurably. I concentrated on her ass and licked her little ass hole. The other woman sucked me as perfectly as I can remember being sucked as I began to lick a sweet Moroccan pussy. I guess this all lasted five minutes, six minutes at the most. I began to groan and could feel myself start to come. My beautiful African Aphrodite climbed off and removed her bra. Her breasts were an F cup at least with luscious dark nipples. She squeezed them around my face as I ejaculated into her colleague’s mouth. I must have been worked up, because my orgasm was one of those toe-curlers and I just seemed to come and come, but get this – she swallowed every drop!

I was left to put my things away as they dressed quickly and went back into the plane. The rest of the journey continued without incident, I guessed I had a big smile on my face for the most of it. The two women went about their business as if nothing had happened. I took a bottle of water and a newspaper and we landed thirty minutes later. I know this all sounds fantastic and a month later I am still pinching myself. I guess I got lucky. I still wonder, if in those quiet moments that they have alone they sneak a girlie kiss. I do hope so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32