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Chapter 8: Two Happy Days

A dizzying month passed before graduation. Uncle Ken and Melissa (she didn’t like being called aunt) took our sister back to their home, raising her as their own. They didn’t have any kids yet themselves when they took on the task of parenting, but somewhere along the way, Melissa did get pregnant in only two months. With the money we now had and the house all to ourselves, Rene and I threw ourselves, with what time we had between school and after school activities, our jobs, and hanging out with friends, into redecorating much of the house. We took our parents bedroom, cleaning it out and moving in the water bed. Dad might have gotten it for me, but Rene loved it more than I did. We fixed up the nursery Kaitlyn had occupied, went through the stuff our parents had collected, and generally made it our home. A lot of our parents still filled the house, but interspersed among it all was us, things we got together.

We had to explain to a lot of people the “actual” relationship between Rene and me and the “truth” of Rene’s origins, even having the school records fixed with the oversight. Some of the older teachers still felt we shouldn’t have romantic feelings for one another, but most of the younger ones, seeing how happy we were even with our parents’ passing, did accept it. Word got out around school and suddenly I found myself the envy of every guy. To this day, I’m not sure how it got out, but once word spread I’d managed the feat so many had tried, it only made them more envious. With the school and then most of the town knowing of the truth, we informed the college, telling them about our plans to marry and about the pregnancy. They agreed to let us live outside the dorm on our own, waiving the usual requirement.

As graduation neared, the final arrangements on our parents estate were settled, only waiting for the probate to finish up. Since mom’s car was totaled, and the accident had undeniably been caused by the other driver, we received a substantial check. In the end, most of the money wound up in a bank, knowing we might need it in the future. I still had my car, only a couple years old, which Rene adored, and I started driving dad’s Explorer. But, thankfully, all of the wedding arrangements at the time fell into other hands. The invitations, rings, stuff we’d personally want to at least help with, waited for us until after graduation.

Graduation, it was for us a big day, a day we celebrated with our friends. Even Ben came home on leave to watch Ally’s day. Throughout the ceremony, Rene’s hand held mine as the speakers spoke. The morning sun shone down on all of us, and with the diplomas handed out and the speakers finished, the class gave a big shout, finally finished with high school.

That night, when every graduate was celebrating, Rene insisted on having the biggest party at our house. Somehow in a months time, the news of the impending nuptials spread around town, though a lot of people didn’t exactly approve of it, but they couldn’t stop it. So, we shared our home with our classmates, and sure, there was a lot of frolicking and loud music, but one of the benefits of a house in the country, the neighbors are too far away to hear, or care.

Once the graduation’s excitement died down, it became time for us to set to work on the wedding. Our uncle wanted a weekend wedding, on a Saturday, and after talking to a few ministers and justices of the peace, he set a date two weeks after graduation. Spending more time in Rhode Island at his home than at our house, we didn’t get to see our friends enough but we’d invited them earlier, so they knew about the absence. It took Melissa almost an entire day to convince Rene to go out shopping together, but with a little well-placed encouragement from her future husband, Rene reluctantly went out. My uncle took me out to get a tux, then we went looking for rings. With all the money coming out of what mom and dad left us, the only limit were the ones we wanted to set.

When it came to the rings, we’d thought the idea of using our parents rings felt like a good idea, to honor their memory. Then Rene insisted on buying new rings after seeing the inscriptions on their bands, so we spent a better part of a day looking for the right ones. Once the rings were selected, we spent our last night single curled up together.

The night before the wedding, sleeping in separate rooms in Uncle Ken’s house, it was the first time in a long time we’d slept alone. It proved hard, but she canlı bahis şirketleri called me on my cell phone, helping a little. The night alone didn’t sit well with her, and not seeing each other the next day for hours, almost unbearable. We talked for awhile, losing track of time in the process.

A very loud cracking noise woke me up the next morning with a start. I hurried to get to breakfast while Ken supervised the final arrangements, and once breakfast was done, I got ready for the ceremony. Something in me held the urge to seek out Rene. When my best man, Alec, arrived, he gave me a message straight from my bride, with the same sentiments as my own. The one thing I didn’t feel that day, one everyone said I should’ve had, was fear. Instead, I leapt, not blindly but seeing clearly, into this willingly.

Unlike my parents, the home of my aunt and uncle was an estate, with a spacious view and a large private beach. The seating near the waters on some artificial grass laid over the sand, while the ivy-covered arch we’d be married under was set up on a platform. I stood under the arch, Alec and Chris standing to my left, the justice standing behind me as I watched Rene, all dressed in a simple white gown. The veil covered her face, but she still stood out in it, her hair flowing about. The dress didn’t have the usual frilly, bulging appearance, instead trim and hugging her form with a low cut front and no sleeves, only thin straps draped around her shoulders. She’d managed to find something classy but sexy. I stood under the sun in a black tuxedo, absorbing every ray, but the heat went up another notch. Her knowing smile spread across her lips as she moved slowly towards me, feeling the effect she had on me.

As Ken handed her arm to me and went to sit with his wife, the two of us turned to face the minister. While the ceremony passed in a blur, and much of the day that followed, it was a happy one, with a lot of celebrating involved. Finally being able to call Rene my wife, it felt somehow complete now, the rings on our fingers, holding each other in full view of everyone. Those attending congratulated us both, saying how happy we looked together.

When night came, the party started to die down enough for us to leave. Our family had pitched for a nice honeymoon in the Bahamas which we‘d be leaving for the following day, and we still had our wedding night to ahead of us. With a lot of thanks, we left everyone to head home, two hours away still. The car Rene drove now had already been packed in anticipation and we headed off, wanting our first night as man and wife to be in our own bed. Though long, the trip did give us a chance to talk, both of us fighting the desire to do much more.

Near ten, we pulled up into the driveway to a darkened house. Still dressed in tuxedo and gown, I pulled up close to the house. Crickets chirped in the fields, fireflies danced in the warm night air. Something hung in the air, romantic and sensual. Something about summertime, and we both felt it. Without delaying, we ran to the door, grabbing each other just before either of us reached it, a long kiss giving us pause. Mirth filled our hearts, the rings still feeling so new, such bliss in the night after having to wait so long. We were married and didn’t care to hold back now, though, of course, we held back a little, waiting to get to our room for that.

Once the door stood unlocked and wide open, I lifted up my sister’s body in my arms as she held me by the neck. Laughter filled the air for a few moments as a foot crossed the threshold of our happy home. Even as the rest of me passed through the doorway, our lips again lovingly embraced. With only one more thing waiting to confirm the marriage, more of formality really, I carried my bride up the stairs to our own bedroom, laying her down on the swishing bed. Rene had removed the veil hours ago, leaving it the car when we’d gotten out, and looking at her now, dark hair contrasting the white dress, her angelic features actually glowing even in the darkened room, it all felt so perfect.

She turned on the lamps by the bed as I moved to open the windows in the room. In the nights leading up to this night, during the summer months, we’d enjoyed listening to the summer night sounds while we made love. Sometimes during the previous summer, when all was quiet in the house, Rene would lead me out to the field with quilts draped about us providing our only cover. Lying on one, shielded by another, we’d sleep there canlı kaçak iddaa until dawn came. The barn did have it’s own private backdoor, convenient for us those nights. Out there, making love under the stars before falling asleep in the arms of the other, it only helped our love grow more.

Reminiscing on those days, I felt her come up behind me, even as her hands moved around my waist. As a soft smile borne of love crossed my face, turning my head to her, I placed my own hands on her arms. “Penny for you thoughts, my love?” she asked so sweetly.

She followed my eyes out the window we stood at. “Just thinking about last summer,” came my response. “Thinking about, after we’re finished in here, maybe heading outside to sleep in the field. You know how the night soothes you.”

Her soft moan reverberated against my back. “When did you get so romantic?”

“Isn’t that what you love about me already?” During our entire affair, when I could get away with it, we’d have dinner by candlelight, cuddle next to the fireplace the nights our parents weren’t home, even surprising her with flowers delivered to her at school or work, delivered by a florist under a nickname I’d come up with. Still, thinking about the little things always helped, and being married didn’t give me license to drop the romance.

I turned in her arms, drawing her closer into me. Softly, our lips touched for a long, happy moment. In our bliss, nothing could destroy it at that moment. Outside, everything disappeared while we enjoyed each other. Rene was now my wife, my best friend, my sister, my soulmate. Together at last, we reveled in the actually union of our hearts and souls now.

With our hands now holding on to each other, she pulled me with encouragement to the bed. As she stood there, a mischievous grin appearing, her hands broke free and one finger started to wiggle at me to come hither. No hesitation slowed me, only a playful feeling now, slipping the jacket off, followed by the tie. In her style, she’d strip the shirt off and the pants after. While I stood before her, I shrugged off my shoes, tossing them away, even as she did the same.

The look in her eyes, a desire I’d seen many times, forced her hands to rip open my shirt. Not wasting time, as her fingers kneaded the exposed chest, she licked and kissed my skin, starting low and moving up quickly. Once she’d moved to my lips again, my hands forced her body against mine, grabbing her hips and pulling them against mine. While surprised, she delighted in the aggressiveness I’d displayed in the passion of the moment.

The dress took only a few moments to release. The straps holding it on her shoulders slipped off easily, and from behind, my fingers worked the zipper down. The dress fell off her as she wiggled her supple body against me, only further exciting us both. Even though still engrossed in the fiery tongue play, we both smiled as she moaned softly into my mouth. Her arms encircled my neck, keeping my head close to hers. Pooled now at her feet, she wore only her black silk panties and the sheer black nylons. It didn’t take long for her to remedy the situation, throwing my arms down as she worked the shirt off me, then began unfastening my pants. Working the buckle in her frantic pace proved too much, taking much too long and frustrating her. While I gave a soft chuckle after we released from the kiss, I quickly undid the belt, hearing her giggle in a very girlish manner.

Once she tugged the pants down, pulling my socks off while at it, we left the clothes lying there, laying down on the bed, undulating with our bodies. While we let lay there, facing each other on our sides, love boiling in our hearts and passion in every other part of our bodies, we kissed tenderly. Our hands, controlled more by our hearts at the time, just held on, not moving. We rolled around without breaking our slow lip lock, until, propped up on my elbows, I was over her as she lay on her back.

Her left hand sought out mine, finding the ring she’d put on what seemed years ago then. “I love you, my heart,” she stated in such a soft voice filled with her love. “With all my soul, I love you. Never will I stop loving you.”

Only one response, the only one imaginable, came out, equally filled with every ounce of honesty in me, “Dear, sweet Rene, I love you with all that I am. With this night, we will always be together as we are now.”

Before either of us could say anything more, our bodies finally ready to come together canlı kaçak bahis in glorious union for the first time as husband and wife, our lips fell upon each other, letting all that was between us pass. Her hands pushed away my briefs enough for my legs to finish the rest of the task, then with some effort, her panties joined them on the floor. My hands, in caressing her things, rolled down the stockings in slow strokes, until one, then the other landed on the clothes. Now, fully unclothed as the day we’d come into the world, as we were so many times over a year and a half’s time, our desires, shaped by love, brought a slow penetration, my hardened penis sinking in the vaginal hole.

Without any wild passion to drive us, we made slow, sweet love to each other, occasionally whispering sweet nothings between us. Expressions of our love weren’t limited to mere words, our touch giving other little signs. Then we’d return to kissing or just look at each other, watching our lover’s face during our coupling. Time flew away around us, a forgotten concept, lost to both of us. By the time we lay spent, holding each other with our tongues giving silent praise to each other, the small digital alarm clock showed 12:13. Seeing it, we both just laughed before resuming our kiss.

Listening to the night beyond the windows, I remembered what I’d promised, getting up off the bed. She whimpered in need, so wanting me close to her, but I pulled her up, grabbing a quilt from the bed and lovingly draping it around her shoulders. She held it about her, a soft smile heightening her beauty. As I grabbed another from the closet, just holding it, she stepped out the door, running down the stairs. Before long, I’d caught up with her in the field where she stood in wait, giggling. She dropped the quilt and stepped into me, holding me around the neck again. For the thousandth time, our lips touched, savoring what passed between us.

Giving pause to the moment, I spread out her quilt, finding her body on it in the light of the full moon and twinkling stars above. On my knees now, I crawled over to her. She nudged me down onto my back gently, getting on me, straddling my crotch. Even after I’d cum in her back inside, I’d never gotten soft, just slightly limp, but her nearness again sent blood rushing to my stiff dick pressed against her cunt, right inside the folds of the cleft. She sat there, sliding her hips to tease me, realizing the effect it had on her button as it did on me. In the darkness, only silhouetted in the little light, our eyes found each other.

With a forward motion of her hips, she brought her hole to my tip, then pressed down until the head popped in. Soon, she filled up again with my cock, as she braced herself with her hands on my chest. I reached up, finding her pliant globes of flesh, squeezing them, playing with her hard nipples, and lifting my head to suck on them. While I ravished her tits, she rocked back and forth on my lap, cradling my head in her arms, pressing me into her as she would her own baby suckling for nourishment. Soon, I laid back down, holding onto her hips while she arched her back, now fully in the throes of an orgasm, her ecstatic cries into the night almost seeming to unsettle the crickets. She continued, quickening her pace now, still trembling and not giving herself much time to recover.

As she thrust herself down, I thrust hard up into her, then fell back out while she pulled her hips up. Leaning above me, her hands on either side of my head holding her up, she pounded hard, beginning to glisten with small beads of sweat. Each time her body began to tense in orgasmic fury, I held her tight, never letting up on the incessant drilling. Each cry grew louder, each one a more determined proclamation of her love, amidst the incomprehensible moans and groans. With each one, she grew noticeably more tired but never relented, putting everything into the strokes.

In what could only be described as the culmination of our labors, my fingers gripped her so tight, I thought I’d crush her under my grip. She collapsed on my body, holding my shoulders with her nails clawing at the skin. With her orgasm and mine, our cries became one long song, our expression of love in a moment of extreme ecstasy. So loud was the sound we made together, the night instantly turned silent to listen. Her pussy clenched at my cock with such strength, almost trying to hold it in her forever, it felt like it might actually succeed. Our cum mixed together inside the same womb our baby grew in, draining out only once the plug holding it in started to soften inside. Without moving, I pulled the second quilt over us, still lodged in her sleeping body. The need for sleep claimed me soon enough, holding my wife in the warm night air.

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