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Hello and welcome to my readers. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. Thanks for your votes, comments and feedback on my previous submittals. In this story, Mary receives a special Valentine from her children.


“Bye Mom, we’re goin’ to the mall. See you later.”

Mary Tilley watched from the doorway as her son and daughter climbed into Jimmy’s SUV. Carolyn waved to her as they backed down the drive and drove away. It seems like yesterday they were babies… Mary went in the kitchen to make some tea. The house seemed cold and empty when they were gone. Mary’s husband had walked out ten years ago, leaving her and the children.

It was difficult, but they survived. Mary working double shifts at the plastics factory, while Carolyn and Jimmy did what they could to help. Now, they lived comfortably but Mary was lonely. All of the men she knew were either unreliable or married. Many of them lusted after her, but she kept them at an arms length, especially the married ones.

She flipped idly through the morning paper as she sipped her tea. All the stores were having Valentine’s Day sales. Why, that’s today. I suppose that’s where the kids were going, to get Mom some candy or flowers. They’re so sweet, I love them so much. It’s the three of us against the world.


“So you think Mom’s a hottie?” Carolyn purred, stroking her brother’s cock.

“Oh yeah, she’s a hottie,” Jimmy replied, his fingers twisting in his sisters pussy. “When I see her in her nightgown, I want to rip it off and fuck her.”

Jimmy and Carolyn lay naked on the SUV’s back seat, parked out of sight in the woods. They had been lovers for over a year since Carolyn had discovered him jacking off in the bathroom. Impulsively, she took him in her mouth and they ended up fucking on the floor. They shared a bed that night and many nights afterwards.

“Aren’t I enough for you?” Carolyn laughed, shivering with delight as she impaled herself on her brother’s cock.

“Ohhhh, fuckkk,” Jimmy gasped as their bodies entwined, hips pumping. “It’s different when I see Mom, she’s …mmmmm, you’re so tight, sis.”

“Fuck me little brother…oohhhh, that’s it,” Carolyn moaned. “Mom gets me hot too. When she asks me to brush her hair and I can see her tits and pussy, I want to eat her until she screams.”

“Let’s seduce her,” Jimmy replied, thrusting deep into Carolyn. “Unhhh, I’m close…”

“Cum in me baby,” Carolyn cried, her orgasm overtaking her. Jimmy grabbed her ass, spurting cum in her pussy. Grinding on his throbbing cock, Carolyn climaxed twice, squealing in pleasure.

“I bahis firmaları have an idea,” Carolyn said as they pulled on their clothes. “Let’s have a Valentines Day fashion show starring Mom. Have her model some sexy outfits for us just to get her in the mood. Then we put some moves on her.”

“Great idea, sis,” Jimmy replied. “Mom’s gonna love it.”


Mary stepped from the shower, drying herself with a fluffy towel, wrapping another around her brown hair. Wiping the steam from the mirror, she looked at her rounded body. Not bad for a forty year-old woman with two grown children, not bad at all. Caressing her jutting breast, she leaned against the sink as her fingers slid into her damp slit. Spreading her legs she began masturbating furiously, gasping as she climaxed, cum dripping on her fingers.

That felt wonderful, but I had better get dressed. Carolyn said they’d bring home dinner and they should be here soon. They’re so sweet, always thinking of their mother.


“Why are you two being so mysterious?” Mary asked, spooning more noodles on her plate. Jimmy and Carolyn had brought Chinese food from their favorite restaurant. They also had two shopping bags hidden in the closet. Throughout the meal they had been smiling at each other, peaking Mary’s curiosity.

“You’ll see after dinner,” Carolyn replied, giggling as Jimmy poked her in the ribs.

“You’re gonna like this surprise,” Jimmy added.


Mary stood naked in her bedroom. She couldn’t believe the clothing and lingerie they had bought for her. It was so revealing, so slutty; now they wanted her to model for them. She was embarrassed, but excited. I shouldn’t be shy, these are my children. They just want to do something nice. Maybe the clothes I wear aren’t exactly up-to-date. Oh my, this dress just covers my ass…and these high heels…


“Yay, Mom,” Carolyn hollered as Mary walked into the living room. She wore a tight green dress that revealed much more of her breasts and legs than she would have liked. Teetering in her high heels, she blushed at the attention.

“Wow, Mom, you look great,” Jimmy enthused, “runway strut for us.”

“Woo,” Carolyn catcalled, “work it, mama.”

Mary began to stride back and forth across the living room, throwing her shoulders back and swaying her hips. Jimmy and Carolyn clapped and cheered, their eyes hungry as Mary’s saunter became more provocative.

“Show us another dress,” Jimmy said. Mary noticed the bulge in his pants and the lustful look on Carolyn’s face. She hurried into the bedroom, her pussy wet with arousal.


Mary kaçak iddaa pulled on another skimpy garment as her children laughed and clapped, urging her to show them more. She couldn’t believe the looks they were giving her and her reaction to them. The styles of the dresses made wearing a bra impossible and the thongs were so revealing. She was parading half-naked before her children and it was exciting her. She knew they could see her stiff nipples through the skin-tight fabric and smell her soaked pussy. Adjusting her shoulder straps, she began a slow strut into the living room.


When Mary returned, she saw Carolyn filling three glasses from a bottle. “Sit with us,” Jimmy said, “It’s time to drink a toast to Valentine’s Day.”

Mary sat between them, the dress hem lifting to her crotch, her braless breasts quivering under the silky fabric. “Here’s to the best Mom in the world,” Carolyn said, taking a gulp of her champagne and resting her head on her mother’s shoulder.

“We love you, Mom,” Jimmy added, kissing her cheek. “Now finish your champagne and we’ll give you your last gift.”

“You shouldn’t have done all this,” Mary said, swallowing the last of her drink. “This was so nice. My pretty card, a delicious dinner, these lovely clothes, I…”

Her breath caught in her throat as Carolyn pulled down a shoulder strap, baring her mother’s breast. She began sucking on Mary’s nipple and caressing the tender flesh. Mary moaned as Jimmy did the same, sucking eagerly while kneading her breast in his strong fingers.

Mary sighed as she lay back on the cushions, the mouths on her breasts sending bursts of pleasure through her. She shivered as they pulled off her thong, their hands caressing her thighs, moving up to her wet pussy. Oh God, it feels so good. We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m their Mother. It’s wrong, it’s wrong, but I don’t care. I’m yours my babies, love me.

Carolyn filled her mouth with Mary’s breast, sliding her fingers in her mother’s wet pussy. Jimmy’s fingers joined hers, stroking in the slippery folds as they brought their mother to orgasm. Mary’s back arched as their thumbs rubbed her aching clit.

“Ohhhh, yesssss…” Mary screamed hips surging as she climaxed. She pulled Jimmy to her and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Jimmy and Carolyn rose from the couch, stripped off their clothes and pulled Mary to her feet. Removing her crumpled dress, they went into Mary’s bedroom.

She moaned in delight as they kissed and caressed her. “We’re going to make you so happy tonight,” Carolyn purred, sucking and licking Mary’s breasts. Jimmy knelt kaçak bahis between his mother’s legs, rubbing the head of his stiff cock along her pussy lips.

“Do you want to fuck?” he asked teasingly. In response, Mary slid towards him, impaling herself on his pulsing cock. Jimmy groaned as he thrust into his mother’s pussy, gripping her ass cheeks as he pounded her.

Carolyn embraced her mother; their breasts pressed together, tongues writhing. Mary’s hand slid between her daughter’s legs, burying her fingers in her sopping pussy. Carolyn moaned, hips grinding on her mother’s hand.

Jimmy pumped frantically into Mary’s juicy slit, her vaginal muscles clutching his cock. His balls tightened as he pumped a burst of cum deep in her pussy. Mary’s legs wrapped around Jimmy’s waist, humping his cock as she finger-fucked her daughter. Mary and Carolyn climaxed together, their screams of pleasure filling the room.

Jimmy fell back on the bed, his semi-hard cock pulling out of Mary’s pussy. Carolyn dove between Mary’s legs, sucking Jimmy’s cum from her soaking cunt. Mary’s legs closed on her daughter’s head as Carolyn ate her to a shuddering orgasm.

Jimmy watched excitedly as Carolyn sucked Mary’s pussy. His cock hardened and he knelt behind his sister, shoving it deep in her juicy cunt. Carolyn moaned and thrust back against her brother’s cock. She continued to lick and suck Mary’s pussy until she came on her face again.

“Ahhhh, fuck meee,” Carolyn screamed as her brother pounded her to a massive orgasm, his body jerking as he blasted his cum in her gripping slit. Mary grabbed Carolyn’s hips and pulled her onto her face. Carolyn squealed and climaxed as her mother devoured her pussy, eagerly swallowing the mingled secretions.


“That’s the last of the champagne, Mom,” Jimmy said, pouring the drops in Mary’s glass. “Did you like our surprise?”

“It was wonderful,” Mary replied, her head resting on her son’s chest, “You two are so good to me.” She ran her fingers through Carolyn’s brown hair. “Thank you for including me in your lovemaking; it’s been a long time since I felt so alive.”

Carolyn lifted her head from her mother’s stomach, “How long have you known about Jimmy and me?”

“Oh, for some time now,” Mary chuckled. “You two can be noisy when you’re together. I’d lie awake at night listening, wanting to join in, but I was unsure. Now, I know you want me and I want you.”

“We love you, Mom,” Carolyn purred, nuzzling her mother’s pussy lips. “You’ll never be lonely as long as we’re around.”

“We’ll always be here for you,” Jimmy added, his throbbing cock pressed between Mary’s ass cheeks. “And your surprise isn’t over yet.”

Mary whimpered with joy as Carolyn ate her pussy and Jimmy’s cock pumped in her asshole. She would never forget this Valentine’s Day.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32