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It had been a long time since I’d been alone in the woods…too long. I had a bunch of leave saved that I had to use, and work had been pretty hectic with lots of meetings, paperwork and overseas trips. I decided to do some solo hiking to get away from a world of assholes, bureaucrats and paperwork. I unpacked and checked my gear, replaced what was old and worn out and packed for a week long trip in the woods. I picked a place that was mostly remote, but with good places to bail out if I needed to cut my time on the trail short. I made some calls to friends so they knew when to expect me and how often I would check in with them and took off.

The weather was great. It would have been too hot if I was trying to hump it, but because I was on my own schedule the heat wasn’t much of a problem. If it got too unbearable I could cool myself in the ever present river I was paralleling. The nights were cool and crisp. The first days were uneventful. I spent the days hiking, relaxing, fishing and swimming. and the nights sleeping like a log. On the third day, the trees opened up to a sizable wide spot in the river. I found a good place to make camp and set everything up. It was blazing hot, so I decided to cool off in the water. I peeled of my clothes and jumped in the water. It was calm, flat and cool. After a while, I got out, dried off, caught my dinner, started a fire, ate and slept.

The next day I left my camp set up and set off to find a way to the other side. On my trek, I noticed that the lake was sparsely dotted with cabins. Some set back from the water, some had piers, and most set up on pilings high enough to keep them above flood stage. The first house I came upon was empty. The second cabin was very nice, big, but not too big. It was set close to the water and had a decks off of the first and second stories with stairs that led to a pier. I saw a boat ramp, but no boat, and it had a swim platform. The sun was high and it was hot when I crossed clearings, but the shade from the trees made it OK. I then noticed that the windows were open and the I saw a car parked on the side of the house. I kept my track around the house. When I looked back toward the lake, I noticed a lounge chair, cooler and a pile of clothing on the swim platform. That’s went I saw a body floating near the platform face down.

I dropped my pack and ran to the water, and down the pier. I was in the air and just before my feet hit the water, the body moved and the person’s head rose up with hair over the face. I plunged into the water. I heard a shriek. I then learned that the person was a woman. She started screaming at me and swam away. I stopped and backed away. I finally was able to explain what I saw and that I thought she was unconscious. I made it back to the pier and climbed out. I continued to explain the situation. She calmed down. Thought about it for a second and understood that I wasn’t trying to attack her or anything. Looking down at her from the pier, I noticed she was buck naked. The water was calm and pretty clear. Her boobs were spectacular. They were large and full and floated in the water. Just as I was looking for her bush, she scowled and swam to the other side of the swim platform. She asked if I would turn around so she could get out and get dressed. With out hesitation I turned. That’s when I notice that I was beginning to get hard and it showed through my now wet shorts. Soon, she told me I could turn around. Wow!! She had a fantastic body. And she packed all of it into a sweet bikini. Though everything was modestly covered, hatay escort there was no way to hide her nicely sized boobs that had to a least be D’s if not double D’s. She had a truly womanly shape to her…hourglass. Not some waif that would blow away with the wind.

After answering a couple of more questions about how and why I was there, I said that I should probably find my pack and get back to my campsite to dry out and change. She asked if I would like to stay for a while and have a beer with her. Without hesitation, I accepted. She told me that since I was already wet, I should hang my shirt and sock on the pier and swim over. I stripped to my shorts, laid everything to dry and jumped in. By the time I got to her, she had a bottle open and waiting for me. She was gorgeous. Very pretty face with deep brown eyes and brown hair. She was a tall woman too, around 5’9′ or so. Statuesque would be the proper word I think. Proud prominent breasts that were full and firm. Nicely shaped, her breasts hung slightly and looked full enough to take more than one of my hands to cover. Her waist tapered in slightly before flaring back out to a pair of hips that would be great to get a hold of. Her legs were firm, long and muscular the kind that would look best placed over my shoulders. She handed me my beer and then lay down on the lounge. We faced each other as she lay on the lounge and I sat on the platform chatting. Lisa (I learned) was stunning. She pulled her brown hair away from her dark brown eyes and into a ponytail. She mentioned that this was the first time she was able to really enjoy the summer and didn’t want to get burned by the sun. She began to apply sun screen all over the front of her body. I had to shift around so my hard-on was less visible. We chuckled about how she initially thought I was attacking her when I thought I was being her savior and protector. As I drank a second beer, my hard-on wouldn’t let up. I went for a swim to hopefully let it go down. Watching her in that bikini as beads of sweat formed her her gorgeous body was too much for me. I swam to the other side of the lake and back. By the time I got back, Lisa was on her stomach. She asked if she could make dinner for me. She said it was the least I could do for me. Since I am no idiot, I accepted.

‘Mike, would you be be kind enough to put sunscreen on my back please?’

Not just ‘yes’ but ‘hell yessss!,’ I thought to myself. ‘Of course,’ I answered. I started on her shoulders and worked toward her back. Without really thinking about it, I massaged her at the same time and she let out a contented sigh. Working the lotion under the bikini strap was not problem, but she reached back and untied it at the neck and back and let the straps fall. I used the sunscreen to massage the tension from her back. When I was done, I picked up my beer and sat next to her. She smiled at me very sweetly as her eyes scanned up my body to my semi hard cock and to my face and asked if I would do her the backs of her legs. I damn near jumped and came in my shorts. I used a liberal amount and started at her calves. Working the lotion in and massaging the muscles. I decided to give her a foot massage. From the sighs and moans she was making you would have though she was building up to an orgasm and the effect on my cock was apparent. It was straining against the front of my shorts and trying to peek out of the leg. After I finished both feet, I worked back up her legs to her thighs. With each movement and adjustment she made, her legs spread a little further apart. I reached her hips and squeezed. She clenched her butt cheeks and flexed her hips. I took that as a sign to continue. I figured if she wanted me to stop she would say something. I continued to massage every part of her that was not cover by her bottoms.

I worked my fingers along her ass toward her pussy and she spread her legs more and thrust her ass out. I rubbed her inner thigh higher and higher. I noticed that the higher I went the more she undulated her hips. I knelt at her between her feet. She hooked her feet behind my thighs and pulled. That was the unequivocal sign I was looking for. I began to slowly massage under her bikini bottoms, long slow and deep strokes into the muscle. She let out a long, low and quiet moan. I left her bottoms on, but kept massaging her glorious ass until I brushed the crack of her ass. I gently rubbed my fingers down the crack almost to her pussy before starting at the top again.

She was a heavenly sight. Laid out before me naked except for her bikini bottoms with a sexy sheen of sweat and suntan lotion. The crotch of her bottoms was dark from her wet pussy. I slowly slid a hand from her knee up her thigh, pulled the crotch of her bottoms aside to finally see a beautifully cleanly shaved pussy that was visibly drenched and I could see the wetness spilling out of her. I took a finger and slowly traced her pussy lips. I watched as her pussy twitched and she pushed back slowly.

Lisa readjusted her self and spread her legs wide so I could get better access. In doing so, the outer folds of her pussy opened and a droplet of her wetness slowly spilled out of her gorgeous pussy. I continued to trace her pussy lips and kissed her smooth ass. He pussy began to quiver. She was slowly moving her ass as if we were fucking. I continued to tease her pussy and would occasionally dip a finger to her inner folds, but never touching her clit. As I was fingering around her pussy, I began sucking and kissing her ass cheek getting closer and closer to her pussy. Eventually, I poised my middle finger at her opening as my lips got closer to her pussy. With one slow and smooth motion, I push my finger to the limit and kissed her tain’t at the same time. Lisa gasped and let out low moan as she desperately tried to fuck my finger. I slowly dragged my little finger over her clit and her moan got louder. I used my middle finger to fuck her. I added my forefinger. Each penetration was punctuated by flicking her clit with my little finger. I used my free hand all over her body. The combination of lotion and sweat made it easy to glide my hand from her shoulder to her ass.

When the time was right and she began to get into a good rhythm. I quickly switch positions. I stepped over her to straddle her back while facing toward her feet. I put an arm under each hip and around each thigh, took a deep breath and buried my face in her glistening kitty as I pulled her up to me. At first, I just used my lips on hers and on her clit. Gently I pulled and nibbled all over her pussy until I slowly pushed my tongue in as deeply as I could and swirled it around and slowly manipulated her clit at the same time. Lisa reached back to grab my legs while moaning and saying, ‘Oh sweet Jesus! OH!! OHHH!!!

As she recovered from her orgasm, I continued to kiss all around her pussy and ass as I relaxed my grip and lowered her to the lounge. Watching her pussy drip as it spasmed was getting to me. I needed to fuck this Amazon. I moved to a standing position behind and between her legs and dropped my shorts. My cock was straight and hard and ready for fucking. I pulled her back far enough so she was on her knees bent over the end of the lounge. I took cock in hand and rubbed it against her wet pussy. While not the biggest cock around, I’ve found that many women haven’t seen a cock anywhere near my 8+ inches. Lisa had only seen the outline in my shorts. I had to make sure I went slow enough for her to get used to it, and I had to make sure I didn’t bottom-out in her and cause pain (unless of course she asked for it).

I lined up the head with her opening and slowly split her pussy with my cock. It was a beautiful sight. My dark cock entering her fair skinned body…beautiful. She immediately began to push back against me. It took no time for us to find a rhythm. Short slow strokes as I eased more and more into her. When I had about an inch left to go she gasped, ‘Oh my God. How much more is there?!’

I grabbed her hips and pulled fast and hard until she had it all. She shuttered. ‘About that much,’ I replied. I held still as she found her pace again and moved herself back and for on my cock. Her strokes got longer and faster. Here was this goddess of a woman fucking me like a porn-star. I was in heaven. Watching her ass move back and forth was too much. I raised my right hand and lowered it quickly to her ass…WHACK!! She gasped and fucked back harder. It was just the reaction I was hoping for. WHACK…another gasp and she almost pushed me off balance. I used my left had to grab her hip and pull back against me and hold her there. My right I used to spank her ass. I stroked her with very short and forceful jabs of my cock as she made circles with her ass. Her right ass cheek was bright red from my punishment, but her left was unscathed. I grabbed her ponytail in my right hand and smacked her left cheek over and over as I once again fucked her with my whole cock. I realized then that though I was riding her pussy hard and fast, I was not fucking her; she was fucking me and doing a fantastic job.

Lisa’s moans got louder and her breathing became shallow and fast. I was spanking the hell out of her ass and pulling on her hair as she arched her back and did her best to knock me off my knees. She came with a shutter that lasted forever and a loud moan/cry that echoed in the surrounding trees. My cock swelled and stiffened even more. I held back as long as I could. I shot my load deep into her. Each thrust another shot until there was nothing left to give her. As she was coming down from her climax, I continued to slowly stoke into her as my cock began to soften and I massaged her shoulders, back and ass until her breathing returned to normal.

I pulled out of her sat back and then laid on my back with my eyes closed. In short order, I felt Lisa’s hand on my cock and then the unmistakable cool and wet sensation of her mouth. I propped myself up and opened my eyes to see this beauty on her knees between my legs with the tip of my cock in her mouth. She opened eyes and I looked into the deepest, sexiest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. She kept her eyes open as she open her mouth wide and slid about half of my wet cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked more and more of our cum off of my cock. With a final push she grabbed my hips and forced the rest of my cock into her throat. The sensation was great. She continued to clean me up until all evidence of out fuck was gone except for the semi hard cock. With that part of her job done she crawled up my body dragging her breast on me until we were face to face for the first time. She looked into my eyes and lowered her lips to mine for our first kiss…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32