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This is Chapter 1 of a literary fiction series. Nevertheless, the characters have been based on real people with real feelings, fears, emotions and of course body parts. Therefore if you are searching for the 36DDD dumb blond with a perfect silhouette who wants to screw all of China in a single night, I suggest you look elsewhere as you won’t find it here.

For those looking to partake of a GOOD erotic story with an actual story line that will touch both your heart and your hormones, I hope you truly enjoy my work and please leave feedback. I’m currently working on the additional chapters to complete the story at various levels with more submissions coming soon. Ideas are always welcome and considered.


Chapter 1 – The Storm

Hurricanes have a habit of drastically changing a person’s life in an instant. The awesome fury of nature’s most powerful force can drastically alter a lifetime of work within the blink of an eye, usually for the worse though sometimes it can be for the better. I know this from personal experience as the cat-5 storm of that fateful Labor Day weekend proved to be life-altering in ways that I could never have imagined before.

I’m the middle child of five having an older brother and sister and two younger sisters. Coming from a poor family with so many children, there were no free rides for any of us so through hard work alone I had managed to secure a well-paid computer programming job in south Florida after college and a nice three-bedroom home that was mine. Of course, at the age of 28, there was no one to share my achievements with as I had worked so hard that I never took the time to form a stable relationship but at the time, I didn’t realize just how much I had missed out.

My older siblings had gone north after graduating, obtaining jobs in their respective fields in cities like Chicago and Boston. Mom and Dad sold their house shortly after my brother left, buying an RV and touring the US and Canada. Chassidy and Marissa, the younger two, had not yet left the sunshine state though. Chassidy had got a nursing job on the other side of town and bought a condo overlooking the ocean while Marissa was still finishing up her education at the local university; a degree in teaching, Spanish I think was the subject.

Being the only three left in the area, we tried to keep in touch as best we could; getting together for major holidays and the like. Usually it was at my place being the largest of the three domiciles. That was why we had already planned on getting together for a Labor Day cookout when news of the storm came.

During the months of August and September, Floridians are accustomed to living with the constant threat of a storm striking at any time. We knew this one was out there for over a week ahead of time, the probability cone given out by the weather channel (affectionately referred to as the cone of terror by locals) of the storm’s direction saying it would stay out in the ocean as it moved north. The night before our get-together, however, the intensity blew up from its cat-1 status to a major cat-4 with predictions to get even stronger and it had decided it wanted to visit south Florida instead. Apparently we had all of six hours before the feeder bands would be touching our shores.

The barrier islands where Chassidy lived were immediately called to evacuate as well as the low-lying areas where the university sat so both girls just grabbed a few more days clothing and a few important personal items like documents and the like, then headed over to my house. There was no way they could fight the traffic out of town and I lived further inland so we would be secure.

I was battening down the hatches when both girls arrived, proverbially speaking of course; boarding up my windows with the hurricane shutters I had installed on the house for just such an occasion. After storing the non-perishables and water bottles they had purchased, they helped by covering the pool out back with its own hurricane-proof covering. Just as the last shutter was being put in place, the first feeder band with a touch of rain in it started coming through the area.

“Well, at least we’re all here together,” Chassidy stated flipping on the television to see the storm’s progression. In the last six hours it had grown to a full cat-5 and the waves along the shore were already beating terribly. It looked like the eye would be coming straight for us though with an eye over 80 miles wide, that wasn’t exactly by pure chance.

“Please, Chass,” Marissa pleaded with her. “I don’t want to watch that spiral of clouds on TV all day. It’s depressing.” I indicated that I agreed with her. “How about we watch a movie while there’s still power? If this thing is anything like they’re saying, we’ll be wishing we had power in a few hours, let’s take advantage of it while we can.”

Reluctantly Chassidy agreed. Obviously she was worried about her condo; fifth floor on the water, there wasn’t much chance of its survival bahis firmaları if the storm came like they predicted. Still, she put a smile on and we chose a comedy to enjoy, trying to get our minds off the torrents of rain we were starting to hear pass by with more frequency.

The movie was about half-way through when the power flickered the first time. Everyone knew it wouldn’t be long before it was out. With a last minute check of the flashlights and filling the tub with water just in case that was lost too, we were ready for the inevitable. Unfortunately for me though, the power went out just as the three girls in the movie were about to take off their tops and finally show some skin.

“Oh damn!” I shouted in the darkness realizing I wasn’t going to be able to see those perky tits.

“Poor Jerry,” Chassidy was mocking me, “no boobies for him.” We all shared a laugh in the darkness. With a more solemn note, she added, “It’s going to be a long stormy night.”

For those people who have never been through a hurricane, the storm itself sounds like the winds of hell have been released on Earth. Beside that though, there is the constant discomfort of popping ears with the change in air pressure as well as the stuffy heat inside the house due to the lack of moving or electronically chilled air.

That’s why we had all decided to lie on the tile floor. It was a little cooler and an area of the house where we could all stretch out and just talk about things in our lives. I learned that Chassidy’s no good boyfriend had cheated on her because she refused to have sex with him yet so she dumped him several months back and Marissa had a stalker at school; some nerd-guy adjunct teacher who always seemed to pop up no matter where she was. When I was asked about my love life, I told them things hadn’t really changed.

“What exactly are you waiting for?” Marissa asked. I couldn’t see her face because it was pitch black but it sure sounded like a question of curiosity.

“Yeah, Jerry, tell us. Who is Miss Right for you?” Chassidy added in.

“At this point, I’d settle for a woman with two tits and a pussy,” I joked receiving a playful slap across my ear.

“Jerry!” Chassidy reprimanded me for my vulgar terminology as she put it but I don’t think it really bothered her all that much. It was more just a reason to give me some shit like she always used to do. When Chassidy gets mad, she doesn’t stop with just a slap. Marissa was just laughing about it.

“I guess there are plenty of women out there that fit that description, Jerry.” I shrugged unconsciously, not even taking into account that there was no way they could see me anyway. “So seriously, tell us. I know a lot of single girls at the university who would die for a chance to be with a cute successful guy who’s got his act together like you. Maybe I could help.”

“Well… um,” I was a little uncomfortable talking with them about it. In our house, my father used to tease everyone about their relationships, a trait that was carried on by my older brother as well. It was to such a point that we all had learned to just stay quiet about it, hoping the subject never actually came up. Perhaps that was why I had never actually gotten into a relationship of any kind, the subconscious reason anyway.

“Tim’s not here, Jerry. He used to torture me too, remember?” Chassidy reassured me.

“I’m into smart girls, I guess; educated.” I finally relented figuring there was no harm in sharing. “I can’t really deal with brain-dead celebrity chasers if you know what I mean,” They mumbled that they knew exactly what I was talking about. “Aside of that, I like a bit of innocence or naivety, don’t have to actually be naïve, just… you know, have the feel of innocence about them.”

“You want a girl who’s smart but will depend on you?” Chassidy asked, sounding like she really wasn’t following the math completely. “Wouldn’t those two things be exact opposites?”

“I don’t think so. It’s not completely unheard of,” Marissa responded before I could. “I’m a perfect example…, if I’m following right. I’m educated, going to be a teacher yet…, I want a man who will completely look out for my well-being, a man I know I can trust from the bottom of my heart to see that I’m taken care of. I WANT to be dependent on my man. Is that what you mean, Jerry? That’s sort of what you’re looking for, right?”

I had never really thought of it to that degree. The innocence I was talking about was more the physical look of youth combined with the adorably cute yet incredibly sexy girl-next-door look. Still, now that she said it, it made sense to me. “Yeah. That’s about it.”

“Okay, okay. You want a smart dependent girl. Let’s get to the good stuff now, Jerry. Blonds or brunettes?” Chassidy asked. I could distinctly hear her rubbing her hands together like she was excited about something though what it could be was beyond me. I was starting to sweat though I couldn’t be sure if it was from the confessions of my ideal girl or the slowly kaçak iddaa increasing heat of the house.

“Hey,” Marissa interjected again though. “Us black-haired girls don’t count or what here? We can’t all be prissy perfect brunettes like you, you know.” Marissa had actually been conceived during a brief period of separation between my parents twenty years ago when mom had hooked up with a latin guy on a crazy one-night stand. My parents had reconciled shortly after but Marissa came along all the same. Dad raised her as his own but there were always marked differences; black hair compared to the rest of the brunette family being the most obvious though our skin colors were still nearly identical.

“Marissa’s right,” I added. “Black-haired girls are the best; nothing better than a long flowing pitch black glossy head of hair.” I was sure Marissa was swelling with pride as she was constantly concerned about her ‘different’ look from the rest of us.

“Well…,” Chassidy sounded like she was taken aback by that. “Here I thought I was always your favorite sister but instead it turns out you’ve been crushing on your littlest sister instead.” Chassidy broke into a hearty laugh and Marissa joined her. I forced a laugh too, but it was to cover up my panic. Little did she realize just how truthful her statement was. I’d always found Marissa to be the most beautiful girl I knew; it was my deepest darkest secret that I hoped would never be brought to light. I was sure she’d never speak to me again if she knew. It was getting really warm in that muggy house.

“Well, you mean a girl like her of course,” I corrected her, trying to hide the truth behind my voice. “Obviously, that would be ridiculous… she’s my sister and all.”

Chassidy slapped my arm playfully. “Lighten up. Of course I’m just messing with you. So go on already, keep confessing. Do you like big boobs or small perky ones?”

I dared not say the truth for fear that what she thought was a joke would begin to show some reality. “Huge mammoth hangers,” I responded with a hearty laugh going for the complete opposite. “…the ones that are the size of my head.”

“I guess that puts us both out of the picture, eh Marissa?” Chassidy laughed too. She was the larger of the two in breast size but neither one would really be considered large. Though I’d never seen either one of them even in a bra before, not that I hadn’t tried a hundred times in my youth, the protrusions of their shirts was enough to at least estimate their size as only just moderate.

“Well how about you?” I took the momentary break to spin the tables on Chassidy, trying to get away from my being forced to expose any more truth behind my attraction to my little sister. “What’s your ideal guy like?” I was sweating profusely by this point and decided to take off my shirt. I was a guy after all and we’re allowed to do those things.

“What are you doing?” Marissa asked me, obviously hearing the shuffle on the floor. Feeling the cool tile directly against my skin was an instant relief for me and I let out a sigh.

“It’s so hot and stuffy in here. I was sweating like a pig so I took off my shirt to cool down,” I replied thoroughly enjoying the coolness I felt.

“Lucky,” Marissa replied sounding jealous. Moments later I felt Chassidy’s hand against my bare chest.

“Yep, he sure did. It really is pitch black in here; I couldn’t tell a thing until I touched him.” Chassidy’s hand slowly dragged across my chest but didn’t immediately retreat. “What do you think, Marissa? Should we?”

“Should we what?” Marissa asked. There was that innocent naivety that I was so endeared to. I knew exactly what Chassidy was suggesting and unconsciously, I reached around behind me to locate my flashlight. For years I had tried to catch just a glimpse of Marissa even in a bra; if she agreed, I wasn’t going to pass up my chance now.

“I’m sweating too and Jerry’s blind by the dark. I’m taking mine off too.” Chassidy announced, the shuffle on the floor to my left indicating that she was already in the process. It took a few moments before I heard a similar shuffle on my right as well and I knew Marissa had joined us in our shirtless state.

It’s amazing the power of suggestion on the mind. Even though I couldn’t see either sister, in particular Marissa whom I had always longed to see if she had dark brown nipples like I was crazy about or not, the knowledge that they were both laying only feet from me in their brassieres had a powerful effect on me, causing a stirring in my groin that a sister should not be creating. I was half-tempted to shine the flashlight right then and see what I could catch but I decided to play it cool instead, see if perhaps the power of suggestion that was working so strong on me could also be used to my benefit on them.

Both girls were sighing with relief as they were obviously lying on the tile floor again and enjoying the coolness. “So Chassidy,” I reminded her of my previous question. “What’s your ideal guy like? You asked me, kaçak bahis so now it’s your turn.”

“Well…, let’s see. I’d say he’s tall, real tall, like 6 and a half feet or so, gotta be a slim athletic build. I like the chest muscles but I also like putting my arms around him so I can really hold him close. Gonna be a brunet with just enough facial hair to look sexy but not too much.”

“Okay, Chassidy,” replied Marissa. “Are you talking about your ideal guy or just describing Jerry because he kind of described me?” She had a point. Chassidy’s description was extremely accurate of me; well, withholding the parts about being sexy which I had never considered myself to be.

I figured that Chassidy had to be playing around as her description became all too precise. “And he’s SUPPOSED to like brunettes too, instead of black-haired girls.”

With that we all broke into a good laugh realizing she was, of course, playing around. Marissa even started chanting like a little girl, “Chassidy and Jerry, sitting in a tree….”

Just then, the storm outside sounded like it was getting to its worst, the sound of crinkling metal slamming into trees giving us a fright. We had been having so much fun talking and goofing around after all that we had nearly forgotten why we were laying on the ground in total darkness.

“You think we’re going to be alright?” Marissa sounded even more frightened than I felt.

“This house was designed with the newest standards of hurricane protection. We’ll be alright,” I said, feeling both girls rustle nearby.

“Still, I’m scared,” Marissa replied and Chassidy agreed with her. I felt Chassidy’s hand grab mine and Marissa yelped when a crackle and a solid thump indicated the large tree outside had fallen not far from the house. “Can uh… mind if I lean against you, Jerry? I’m really scared right now.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me,” Chassidy’s voice was also shaken. I had no sooner sat up when I felt both girls snuggling their nearly naked torsos against my body, wrapping my arms around them. Marissa had my hand around her waist, her fingers interlaced with mine while Chassidy had her hand beneath mine, bringing my hand to brush against the bottom of her bra.

Though I was quite nervous myself, I believed in my house and believed we would be safe. As such, I was able to enjoy the feelings of my hands all the more. It didn’t matter if that bra and abdomen belonged to my sisters, my groin was responding all the same. I just had to find a way to move my right hand upward as well.

“This is better than a scary movie,” I commented, trying to lighten the mood with a little humor.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Chassidy whispered, bouncing her left hand up and down so that my hand actually bounced her bra-covered breast. Had she truly meant for that to happen or just shake my hand? She felt solid and heavenly though. As much as I was enjoying it, I dared not say so, though. If I pointed it out, she might stop. “Me too,” she replied without receiving an answer.

“Me three,” Marissa pulled my hand closer to her. It threw me for a loop, my head spinning. We had never really been an affectionate family before and I was starting to wonder why I hadn’t tried that route before. Still, it had to be my imagination. They were my sisters and it was wrong for me to be thinking of them in any other light; that was against nature, right? After all, they only said they enjoyed my company. That’s what they had to mean at least.

Still, my lower head started taking over my upper one and thinking for me. It said I should try that power of suggestion thing again so before I could talk myself out of it, I spoke. “Still, it’s really hot in here and my back is hurting. How about we move to the couch to be more comfortable?”

“How is that going to help you not be so hot though? I’m sure the couch is hotter than the tile.” Marissa asked, pulling my arm even closer to her like she didn’t want to let go.

“My bottom is hurting too on this floor,” Chassidy agreed, pulling away from me. I started to panic thinking I had blown a really good thing there by being stupid. “I agree, let’s move to the couch…, but first, I’m going to put on my swimsuit. That will help with the heat. You guys want to?”

Marissa took a little convincing as she claimed she didn’t want to move at all but in the end, we all agreed. Honestly, I preferred the bra approach but hey, a swimsuit was definitely nice too and besides, they might feel a little less vulnerable while affording me an equally delectable feeling of their skin with my hands. That is, if they actually wanted to cuddle up with me again like I was really hoping they would.

I also decided that was a good moment as any for a quick flashlight peek. After all, they were going to need to see to find their swimsuits in their bags, right? Once they stood up, I immediately grabbed the flashlight and turned it on, adjusting the light quickly upward from Chassidy’s nude tight abdomen to her modest size blue lace bra and then fleeting over to Marissa, stopping directly on her petite white bra. If they could have seen my eyes, they would have known I was staring but the light was on them, not me. I was safe, or so I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32