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This is my very first story and I have no clue if it’s good for ya’ll. All comments good or bad are accepted and please provide something that could make my work better.

No sex in first chapter sorry, ya’ll need to know them first before the fun begins.

All work of fiction and it will showen.

Enjoy reading pretties



“run you fool” yelled Henry, my brother in arms “I told you running a freaking rescue mission to hell was crazy even for a lunatic like you!” as the drums of Hell sounded behind us.

“How was I supposed to know a 3000 year old alarm system still worked?” I shouted to Henry, as we ran through the Hall of Souls

“But we’re still alive aren’t…” I was stopped mid sentence, as a cloud of black smoke and screams past over us.

“You want to rephrase that little one?” Henry said as we stopped mid run, when we saw the souls of Hell forming a great barrier blocking the way out of this God forsaken place.



“Mmmm…drums…” my eyes shot open as the realization sunk in. “What the Hell is going on.” I threw my black silk covers to the floor as I began trying to find something to wear. ” Who is dumb enough to break into my hell?” Just as I found last night clothing and slid it over my body, as my captain David came running into the room.

“Lord Marcus, the 48th prison was attacked and a maximum security level Angel has been freed.” sighing and thinking to myself “interesting, someone smart canlı bahis şirketleri enough to get past my defenses and…” I was snapped out of my thought when my captain and friend broke in “Sir, what are your orders”

“umm… right… summon the ferries and the souls, secure the area before they escape. I want to know who the idiot is that was stupid enough to break in here. I want them surrounded and secured, and tell the ferries not to lay a claw on them, in tell I get there, understood!”

“Sir” David said as he turned and ran down the hall where the ferries cages were. I began to evaporate and thought to myself, as my room turned to shadowy smoke around me “Who is brave enough or truly stupid enough to break into the 8th Ring of Hell, and steal from me… I wonder?”



“well at least it can’t get any worse… right?” I said as a crash of black and green flames encircled as… damn…”really they sent the ferries.” From the shadowy flames the ferries came from the heart of the fire.

Beautiful creatures with bodies of ladies with hands as eagles and black wing coming from their backs and a powerful glow of power surrounding them.

“Kère really, can you shut up before that mouth of yours get us into more trouble and deeper hole?” Henry said as he took his fighting stance, which looks like our last.

I joined him into our fighting stance. “What? they sent the guardians of Hell onto us, what can be worse than that Henry?”

“I canlı kaçak iddaa believe that would be me young one, and you should really lesson to your friend more.” a dark mysterious voice spoke from behind the wall of flames.

“who are you, show yourself, stop hiding in the dark, you coward!” Henry yelled

“Who said I was hiding, and who are you to call me a coward? your the one that smells like delicious fear.”

That voice said as ten ferries of like thirty ferries moved as the wall of fire moved aside for a tall powerful looking man.

“I suggest that you kids put those swords down before you hurt your selves.” At a wave of his hand, mine and Henry’s swords got heavier to where it was impossible to hold anymore. Once the weight got to much and fell to the ground, and burst into flames, vanishing.”Now sense we got those toys out of the way, tell me…”

“We will never tell you anything, you demon scum!” Henry broke in mid sentence.

“I see..” that dark figure spoke.

“Henry!!!!” I shouted but to no avail.

Without a warning a blast of fire striking Henry off balance, lighting up the mysterious man face and amazing form. It felt as if time slowed down and I could see everything more clearly, mostly the gorgeous man in front of me.

His long dark hair that reaches the hips, those piercing silver eyes, and.. God.. those strong dark features of his face. That spoke power and years of knowledge, but keeping the smooth skin of youth. He must have canlı kaçak bahis stood at 6″4, strong shoulders that made him a great image for many men and women wet dreams.

He wore a tight fitting black V-neck shirt that showed off his strong built chest. With nice fitting black denims that showed off his powerful legs.

“Wow… he’s incredible” I thought



“Damn, I hate getting called that.” I thought just as my hands rapped around that Angels throat, Henry he was called if I heard tight.

“If you don’t feel like talking, I could always yank your throat out and watch you bleed out in front of your friend, your choice… Angel trash”

another voice broke in before I really did what I said. “Henry shut up… please don’t hurt him, he’s a little short tempered, saying things out of rage… please.”

“By Lucifer… he’s hot.” once I laid my eyes on that beautiful creature, I knew I never seen anything as pure and amazing as what stands in front of me.

His beautiful sliver hair that barely covered his eyes. Eyes that were blue as the deeps of the sea and a stare that was soft as the clouds. Flawless skin that shinned with his innocent beauty. That was contain in what looked like a 5″10 form, that was slender but showed powerful cut muscles from under that bright gold armor.

Snapping out of that trans and remembering what just went down before I was lost in that wonder body in front of me. I replied as I looked into those deep blue eyes

“To Keep your friend alive… you have to make a deal with a demon to do so. The only way out of this alive, is a deal. What do you say Angel?”

“What kind of deal are we talking about?”

*********To be continued***********

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