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He threw me on the bed and thrust himself against me so hard that I knew my pussy would be bruised and sore the next day. His kisses were savage and demanding. His tongue invaded my warm mouth with such an intense mission that I lost my breath for a brief moment. My hands couldn’t seem to find the right spot to settle on his body and I kept moving them around, pushing and grabbing all at the same time.

He took his time teasing me. His cock was hard against my cunt and I could feel my panties becoming soaked with each grinding motion. His lips found a path to my neck and his teeth sank into my soft flesh causing my body to buck upwards. I cried out as he went deeper leaving his mark on my tender skin and I tilted my head, offering him all of my exposed neck.

He pulled himself up off of me in a swift motion. His eyes bore into me. His words set me on fire, “get those clothes off, slut.” Instantly I was up and tearing at my clothes, watching him watch me and blushing. Fumbling with the buttons on my pants, stumbling as I pushed them down and stepped out of them clumsily. As I stood there before him, my brown hair disheveled, my green eyes blazing with desire and my flesh quivering for his touch, I quickly took my black bra off. I reached for my panties, my eyes never leaving his, and before I could get them down, he pressed me against his closet door and ripped them off. His fingers took hold of the thin lace and tore them with ease from my ass.

My arms were quickly pinned above my head and once again I felt his cock pressing against me, only this time it was my ass that took the blunt of his hardness. I squirmed and wiggled, pressed myself back against him as hard as I could. I was hungry for all of him and it was difficult to just be the sakarya escort innocent girl when I craved his cock so badly.

Stepping back from me, he told me firmly not to move. I felt the air replace him and I shivered against the coolness of it. I listened to him move around. I wondered what he was doing. I silently willed him to come back to me, touch me in some manner or fashion. Taking deep breaths, they became exhaled sighs.

I heard him enter the room and to my delight I realized he was naked as he pressed himself against me yet again. Without thinking I lowered my arm, allowing my hand to graze over his right thigh, drawing him closer in need of him. He laughed a bit to himself mostly and easily put my hand back above my head. I knew then not to move them again. He kissed my back a few times, his lips so soft and light that I giggled.

“Is something funny?” he asked. I shook my head several times.

“Good” he said as he pulled my hair and guided me to the bed. He threw me down on my belly, kicked my legs apart and smacked my ass hard. I sensed him slipping down between my legs and still was surprised when he started biting my ass. He wasn’t gentle. I laughed. It never fails, when his teeth sink into my ass, I laugh. He knows this. My body was shaking from the hard laughter. He stopped and I regained my composure after a few seconds. I lifted my upper body and felt my soft brown curls tickling down my backside. No sooner than I was up he was pushing my face into the bed and two fingers into my pussy.

With my head all but buried in the blankets, breathing was a bit difficult. I loved every second of it. He knew that I was turned on. His fingers were getting soaked with my juice. He worked them in and out with samsun escort such expertise I could feel the orgasm just aching to be free. He pulled his fingers out and told me to flip and I did. Really fast.

He poked his fingers in my mouth and I sucked the pussy juice from them. He moved down my body and bit me everywhere. My nipples felt his teeth engage in a true battle, one that he was going to win. He sucked them and pretended to be nice. Then he bit into my left nipple so hard that I jerked and gasped. Biting my lip, I swallowed and let the pain wash over me. He gave my right nipple just as much attention.

Then he found my thighs. First one then the other, back and forth. His teeth dug deep and hard into my flesh, biting and sucking at the same time. It hurt, but I loved every second of it. It was delicious to be in that wonderful place. I could feel the bedsheets getting soaked and becoming a mess. He didn’t relent for what seemed like an hour. He worked his teeth over my thighs. On occasion his tongue would flicker across my pussy. The entire time I cuddled a pillow and bit the corner of it.

He rose up and came over me, throwing the pillow to the side. Watching me intently he let his cock slide into the the sloppy mess of my cunt. I think we both let out low moans at the same time as his cock slid deep inside. My legs instantly went up and I grabbed my feet with my hands. He pumped fast, sliding out and then quickly back in. I whispered, I tried to talk, but all that came out was “please, please….” and he ignored me. He started moving faster and I could sense his urgency. My “please, please” came out again. He ignored me again. I started to wonder if it was my imagination and I really wasn’t speaking. No, I was urfa escort and my arms threw around him and this time I almost screamed it, “Please, please… pl..ease…” and his “yes” was all I needed to let go. I came all over his cock, squirting a warm mess around him and onto the sheets.

His cock slipped from me and he moved, pulling me across the bed as he stood. Standing, he kept pulling me. I knew from the way he pulled my hair and was standing that he wanted me on my knees before him. So there I went, of course with his helping hand in my hair. He roughly pushed his cock in my mouth. I gagged but refused to let it slip out for even a breath of air. I scooted closer, my hands roaming up around his thighs to his ass. I pulled him closer. I was ravenous for his cock.

My left hand wrapped around his shaft and stroked him. Saliva dripped from my mouth onto his cock and onto my thighs. I was drooling all over him. I sucked and sucked, stroking with a fast desire to taste his sperm. He eased up on my hair and I could hear the change in his breathing. I stroked his balls, tasted them in my mouth and licked around his shaft. My tongue swirled around the head of his beautiful cock and I sucked. I sucked him like the best cocksucker in town. My hand moved up and down his cock with an undeniable desire to have him cum. I wanted his orgasm in my mouth.

He gripped my hair firmly and thrust his hips. I kept on and I heard his low grunts. My thighs were soaked with my spit and the warm spot between my legs left a wet puddle on his carpet. Just then in a quick movement he pressed my head firmly into his crotch, thrust his cock down my throat and gave me the food I hungered for. He shot his load and I gobbled it all.

I kissed his cock, stroked it gently and sucked on the head. After a few times he gave me a little shove and toppled me over. I laughed. He moved to the bed and stretched out. I crawled up beside him and as I slowly slid my hand over his chest, I asked, “Can we do it again, please?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32