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I am at the bank, desperately looking for a loan. I am hoping the loan officer is a man, so I can “persuade” him to lend me some money! I am shown into the office and the door is closed behind me. As I sit there waiting, I see that the name on the desk says “Jane”. I am very disappointed, but I have to stay and ask.

The door opens behind me and perfume comes wafting in. It is a very sensual and arousing scent. A very nice looking woman walks behind the desk and sits down. She introduces herself, and asks what she can do to help me.

As I describe my problem, she stands up, closes the door and walks to the window, to look out. She seems distant and preoccupied. I stand up, walk around the desk, and put my hand on her shoulder. I ask her if everything is alright. She turns, and my hand falls over her shoulder and comes to rest on her right tit. She looks at me, and her eyes start to shine…a slow smile touches her lips…and she doesn’t move. My fingers close over her tit and gently squeeze it.

As we look each other in the eyes, I slide my hand inside her blouse, and her bra, to cup her warm flesh. As I roll the nipple between my fingers, her eyes close and she sighs. With my other hand, I unbutton her blouse and push it down her shoulders. I unclasp her bra and push it up, and take her left tit in my other hand. I gently caress them both, tweaking the nipples into peaks. As I hold her titties, I kiss her lips softly, then harder, parting her lips with my tongue.

She does not resist, and I stick my tongue in and taste her tongue, and it starts to move, playing with mine. Her hands slide up my back, under my shirt, and unhook my bra. She illegal bahis unbuttons my shirt and drops both on the floor behind me. We separate…just looking at each other for a moment. She has a beautiful body… full, nicely shaped breast, nipples that are already standing erect, waiting to be tasted, and a small waist. I cup her tit in my hand as I lower my head for my first taste of her.

She gasps as my tongue touches the nipple…and again when I take it into my mouth….sucking on it and nipping it with my teeth. I give the other tit the same attention, circling the nipple with my tongue and sucking it. Her hands are in my hair, holding my mouth to her tit…letting me suck it harder until she shudders. She pulls away and moves to caress my tits…both hands working, squeezing, and rubbing the nipples between her fingers. When they come to a peak, she takes first one and then the other in her mouth…sucking and biting gently…as I arch toward her. I put my arms around her, my hands cupping her butt, pulling her closer to me.

She straightens up, and our titties rub together as we stand chest to chest. She kisses me, sticking her tongue in my mouth, and I suck on it…My hands move to undo her skirt and I let if fall to the floor. She is wearing a garter belt and hose, with no panties. I break the kiss, and push her down in her chair, and kneel down before her. Her pussy is beautiful…not to much hair…already wet with desire. She leans forward and I take her nipple into my mouth again, as my hand slides up her leg. I don’t touch her pussy yet, just let my hand rest on her leg next to her crotch. I plant warm kisses on her tits and belly as I work my way down illegal bahis siteleri her body…as I reach the triangle of hair, I put my hands under her legs and lift them over the arms of the chair…giving me complete access to her whole pussy.

Looking up at her, our eyes locked…I lower my head and touch her with my tongue…I flick my tongue over her clit and she gasps….I take it in my mouth and suck it as her eyes roll back and close…her hands coming around to hold my head. I use my tongue to lick her slit, from top to bottom before sticking it in her pussy…sliding it in and out…moving it side to side…poking it in as far as I can…She whispers “fuck me…fuck me with your tongue!” I turn my head slightly and ram it in and out…her hands pulling me closer and tighter….until she shudders again. I taste her cum and double my efforts on her pussy! Moving up to suck her clit again, I stick 3 fingers inside her cunt and fuck her. She is writhing in the chair…bucking against my hand and tongue…until she can’t take anymore.

She lets go of my head and stands me up. She unzips my pants and pushes them down my legs. I have nothing on under them, and she goes straight for my pussy. Her hand glides up my leg, and stops at my crotch. Her hand covers my pussy and she rubs my clit with the heel of her hand. I step out of my pants and spread my legs to fit around hers, in the chair. Her fingers find my pussy and she shoves them in all the way. Her whole hand is in my pussy…as she fist fucks me. I bend my knees and ride her hand as she shoves it in and out. I lean my hands on the arms of the chair and she sucks my titties as she fucks me. Her other hand squeezes canlı bahis siteleri my butt cheek and then finds my asshole. She get her fingers wet with the cum oozing out of my pussy and slides her fingers in my ass…first one…then two…then three…I am so full I can’t see straight! I ride her hands as she sucks my nipples until I cum so hard it hurts. My pussy throbs around her hand and my asshole puckers around her fingers. I have to bite my tongue to keep from crying out. She pulls her hand out of my pussy and I reach for it, to suck my cum off her fingers. Her other hand is still fucking my ass and without pulling it out, she lays me down on the desk. I pull my knees up and she buries her face in my pussy, sucking and fucking me with her tongue. I cum again and she slurps up all my juice…I grab her head and pull it to me…kissing her and tasting my cum on her mouth. She pulls her hand out of my ass…and we rub our pussies together…grinding against each other…tongues in each others mouth…we can’t get enough of each other….

I remember I have a dildo in my purse, and I get it before bending her over her chair…I sit on my knees behind her and lick her pussy and asshole. When she is wet again, I stick the very large rubber cock in her pussy…ramming it in and out, while fingering her clit. When she is really hot…I stick the cock in her ass….sliding it all the way in…and them pumping it in and out. I turn around under her and stick my tongue in her pussy again…feeling the cock through the thin layer of skin inside her. I fuck her ass hard until she cums all over my face, as it is buried in her pussy. We both collapse, still turned on, but unable to handle any more.

We get dressed and face each other across her desk. She is smiling, eyes shining. She gives me the loan, with the promise that I make the payments to her, in person every month. I can see that this is going to be a very lucrative loan!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32