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Hi, huge thank you to everyone who has been hanging around reading this story, commenting, sending me messages and rating it. Two more chapters to go! If you’re familiar with my stories I like to throw a monkey wrench into a story just to complicate things for the lovers and this is no different. A lot happens in this chapter, a six month span of their relationship. This one starts our sweet and ends rocky so I would love to get a conversation going in the comments section if you’re up for it. I’m proofreading the last chapter, 7, right behind this one so you won’t wait long for your questions to be answered. But in the meantime…



Chapter 6 – For you, I’d do anything

My lover grazed his fingers along my chin hair as we laid in bed together. “You’re growing it out?” Jo asked.

“Yeaaah….” I said hesitantly. “Why, you don’t like it?”

“It’s different.” He shrugged. “Different look than what I’m used to seeing you with. But it looks good on you. Very masculine.” He rubbed my chin again, tracing his thumb above my top lip on the hairline. “This too?”

Ugh, he hates it. “Ugh, you hate it,” I told him what I was thinking.

“I don’t hate it, I promise.”

“But you’d rather me clean shaven, don’t you? More feminine?”

He lifted his head and looked me in my eyes. “What do I always tell you, Micah? Whatever makes you happy. You want your facial hair to grow in, let it grow it. I’ll still love you.” He shrugged again. “I’ve just never seen you with it, that’s all.”

“Well, you’re gonna. Because I’m going to grow out a goatee, and a mustache, so you’re going to have to get used to my scratchy beard on your balls, like I do.”

He chuckled. “Then I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.” He kissed my chin, then his kisses traveled further down my jaw to my neck.

“Then you’ll really feel like you’re sexing a dude,” I teased.

He kissed my neck, reached down and grabbed my penis. “I already feel like I’m sexing a dude. Because I am.” He squeezed, then rubbed.

“I’m gonna grow a whole fucking beard by Valentine’s Day,” I moaned.

He leaned up and laughed. “Whatever makes you happy, Angel.” He kissed my lips.

“Speaking of Valentine’s Day…” I grinned. He hasn’t said anything and I know he has something planned. He grinned back. “You gonna tell me what we’re doing so I can make plans? Take the day off or something?”

Jo sighed, then rolled off me. “No.”


“No.” He reached over and turned off the light from the nightstand, leaving the room in an eerie glow from the embers in the fireplace. He pulled off his shirt and boxer briefs, rolled back over to me and touched my genitals again.

“It’s only a week away, Jojo.”


“So I need to know what we’re doing.”

He pretended to be thoughtful. “No.” He shook his head and started kissing my collarbone, then made his way down to my nipples. He nibbled, sucked and bit them, then kissed my chest.

“Will it be romantic?” I pushed his head further down and he obliged.

“Will what be romantic?” He put his tongue in my belly button and kissed along the top part of my briefs.

“What you have planned.”

“Planned for what?”

“Valentine’s Day!” I yelled at him.

He nuzzled his face along my cock, then looked up at me. “What if I told you I don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? That it’s starting to be too cliché?”

My eyes narrowed. “Then I would tell you to find yourself another boyfriend.” He laughed loudly. “Plus I know you will because you like romance and nothing is more romantic than Valentine’s Day. You live for the sappy shit.” He smiled a closed mouth smile at me. “I don’t want to ruin the surprise, I just want to know if I should take the day off, since it’s on a Thursday this year.”

He laughed, then hooked his hands to the side of my underwear and slowly pulled them down. He rubbed his hands on the top part of my groin and said, “You going to let this grow out too?”

I grimaced. “Gaaawd no. I need a clean cock.” He put one of my testicles in his mouth. “Oooohhh… don’t change the subject.” I could feel him gently suck and flick his tongue around, then switched to the next ball. He pushed my legs ups and put his tongue along the softness between my balls and my crack and gently licked there. “Jojo…” I moaned.

He lifted his face and said, “You want me to talk or you want me to lick? Your choice, but you only get one tonight.” He waited.

Fuck, he got me. No matter, I’ll find out tomorrow. I narrowed my eyes again at him and slowly lifted up my knees to my chest. He smirked and lowered his head, kissing and nibbling the back of my thighs before he stuck out his tongue and licked the outside of my hole. I squirmed underneath him as he made my pucker wet, then I felt the coolness of the lube inserted inside of me. He leaned up and over me, then pulled the comforter around us.

I wrapped my legs around his back as he slid inside of me, and I sighed with contentment illegal bahis when he bottomed out. He thrusted his cock into me, pulled back halfway, then thrusted again, his body hovering over mine on his palms, as to not put his full weight on me. I held onto him and we made love this way with me desperately clinging to him.

I get lost in our lovemaking, nothing else is happening in the world but us right here in this moment. There is something truly special about being one with someone who loves you. I never thought I would feel this way about someone but more importantly, I never thought I would have someone love me the way that he Joseph does. In bed or out, he thinks of me always, takes care of me and never misses a moment to show me how special I am to him.

“Do you… cum first?” He asked politely but breathlessly, never breaking his steady stride between my thighs.

“Hmmm-hmmm,” I moaned out.

He rolled us over gently until I was on top. I began to move back and forth and he held onto my cock and stroked it while his other hand rubbed one of my butt cheeks. The sensation of his hand around my shaft and his cock sliding against my internal nub left me trembling slightly. I whimpered and my whimper became a long moan as my balls tightened and I released my spunk right on his chest.

He groaned, then let go of my cock to hold onto both cheeks and held me steady to thrust upward. I spurted out more cum and dug my nails into his shoulders as he pushed in a few more times until I felt his head swell and his cum shoot out of him into me. He groaned again as he filled me up, then his exhausted body fell flat against the mattress.

I slid up and pulled him out of me, then stretched my legs between his. He wrapped his arms around me and caressed my back as I put my head on his shoulder, my sticky cum still between us. I closed my eyes and sighed again. I have never been happier in my life.

As I was falling asleep I heard him say, “Take the Friday off.”

I smiled and kissed the closest skin of his near my mouth.


The limo showed up at approximately 1:45pm in front of the Bright Box Cafe that Thursday afternoon. My heart told me automatically it was for me but then I scoffed. He wouldn’t do that. I have to get home and get dressed before we can go out tonight, wherever he wants to take me. But then the driver came out of the car with a sign that said, Micah Angelo.

I shook my head as Shelly squealed. Marisol said, “Now I wish I was the one that busted my ass in front of him. That could have been my limo.”

I giggled but then I called him. He picked up on the first ring and said. “This is your one and only call today. Next time we talk will be face to face.”

“Where are we going?” I asked.

He paused then said, “Get in the car, Micah.”

“Jojo, is this limo going to take me home first? Because my clothes and makeup and everything is at the house and you know I have to get dolled up before our date tonight. Good thing I had the good sense to get my wax on Monday. And what about Pumbaa, nobody has checked on him since I went home for lunch. I had a full bath soak and scrub planned for tonight that you never took into consideration when you planned this whole evening that you told me nothing about and now you just want me to get whisked away when I smell like coffee and burnt bagels and that’s just not fair.”

He was silent for a moment, then said, “Get. In. The. Car.”

I clicked my tongue at him. “Jooooseeeeph…” I whined.

“I’ll see you tonight at eight o’clock for dinner.”

“Eight o’clock!? What the fuuuuuck!?” I yelled at him. What exactly am I supposed to do for the next six hours? This is too much.

“Eight o’clock. See you then. Bye, Angel.” He hung up before I said another word. Then my phone buzzed and he had texted me to say: And don’t text me either. I’m not answering your calls or texts unless you have something nice to say.

“Mother. Fucker!” I said out loud. Shelly looked at me concerned and I told her what happened.

She wagged a finger at me. “Honey. Let him do his thing. I’m with Jo, shut up and enjoy the ride. And tell us all about it when you get back.”

She practically threw my jacket and murse at me and shooed me out the door. She and Marisol waved at me from the glass and I gave them the finger. I looked into my murse thankful that I had been carrying around my bag of lingerie that I planned on wearing tonight, because I didn’t want to leave it in the house and have him find it. Then I walked up to the limo driver, a tall bald headed black man.

“I’m Micah,” I told him.

He nodded, then opened the door for me. I got in and asked, “Where are we going?”

“No questions until we reach our destination, Mr. Bermudez.”

“Of course not,” I sighed. He closed the door and I looked around, and finally noticed the wine, sushi platter and five red roses in a vase across from me. I lifted the note from the flowers and it said, “A rose for every month I’ve been in love with illegal bahis siteleri you. J.”

Be still my beating heart. I decided to stop being a brat and enjoy every moment of what he had in store for me. I opened up the Moscato first and poured myself a glass, then picked at the fusion sushi rolls with my hands. When I finally looked out the window I noticed we were going east on the PA Turnpike. I curiously watched the road and when we got off the exit for the New Jersey Turnpike going northbound, I knew we were headed for New York City. I leaned back and closed my eyes.

Two hours later the limo crossed through the Battery Tunnel and came out in lower Manhattan. Dusk was setting in and the twinkle of the city lights were starting to come on all around me. I love being in New York. There is an excitement here like no other place in the world. A steady heartbeat that keeps pumping all day and all night long. I haven’t been here in years, and that last time was with Janai to celebrate her 21st birthday. We walked until our feet hurt that summer and it was one of the best nights of our lives. I wonder what tonight had in store.

The limo drove through the streets and stopped in front of one of the fanciest buildings I’ve only walked past but wouldn’t dream of going in, with the words The Dominick on the front. I breathed out all the air in my lungs as the driver opened the door. I came out and said, “I can’t go in there, look at me.”

The driver looked me up and down as if he was surveying me, then said, “Go to the front and tell them your name, Micah Angelo. They’ll take care of you.”

I nodded and entered the lobby of this amazing hotel. People walked around me as if I wasn’t noticeable, which I guess was better than being sneered at or treated as if I don’t belong. I walked up to the front desk and practically whispered. “I’m Micah Angelo.”

She smiled warmly at me and said, “Welcome to The Dominick. Denise will be down in one minute to take you up.” She handed me four stemmed roses and a card. The card read, “A rose for every Sunday you got up early and went to the gym, just to be with me, before we hooked up. J.” I giggled. Lord knows I would have never done that if I wasn’t so into him.

The receptionist got on the phone and I waited by the desk, afraid to sit on anything fancy. A minute later a pretty blonde haired woman tapped my shoulder. “Micah? Come with me please.”

I followed her into the elevator and she pressed the 8th floor. As soon as the doors opened there was a sign that said, BABOR Signature Spa. I gasped. “I get to pick a massage?”

She smiled and said, “Mr. Martin has already chosen for you. The Signature Body Ritual, and then the Body Refiner.” She walked over to the counter and handed me the brochure so I could read what each treatment was, a body wrap and scrub and then an aromatherapy massage, all lasting the next two hours. Then she handed me a robe, three roses and a card, similar to the first two.

I opened it up and it said, “A rose for every week I made you wait for me to make you mine. J.” I melted again, then I texted him: Is it possible for me to love you more than ever before? Because if it is, then I do. He responded right away with a heart emoji.

Two hours later Denise took me back in the elevator in my robe and not surprisingly she put a key in and went up to the 42 floor which I knew was the penthouse. She handed me the key and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

I opened the door to my room and let out a gasp. “Noooooooo!”

The floor was littered in red rose petals from the door to the bedroom but I went to the living room first which had one whole corner of glass windows. It was the entire New York skyline on one side and the Hudson River on the other. I went straight to the glass wall and touched it, staring at the breathtaking views. I almost felt dizzy with how far up we were.

I turned around and there were two roses were on the coffee table with a note: “A rose for the two times I had to kiss you before you knew how serious I was. J.” I giggled again. He’s right. I did not think that first kiss was serious at all. I turned back to the night sky. “I love you Joseph,” I said to all of New York.

I followed the petals into the bedroom and I spotted my suitcase next to his by the door and four different outfits on the bed, none of what I originally picked out: Black leather pants with a tight red button down shirt; red leather pants with a black turtleneck; White linen pants with a oversized bright red sweater; and red slim khakis with a black shirt and a red wrap sweater over it. He knows my style so well. I went into the bathroom to take a shower from my massage and there was my makeup all laid out, but three additional palettes from Sephora, new pencils for eyeliner and lips, and a brand new bottle of CK One.

I sent him a heartbeat gif. He responded in a text: Very prophetic. You have 82 minutes, Micah. Be down in the lobby at 8pm sharp. Please. Don’t be late, we have reservations.

I wondered canlı bahis siteleri what he meant by that as I took my shower, trying to keep it brief. I did my best to keep the timeline but my makeup alone took 30 minutes. Since he bought me all these beautiful colors I decided to go shimmering red and black, with the red being the more dominant color all the way up to my eyebrows, which I thinned and shaped perfectly. I drew a small heart at the corners of my eyes and colored it in red.

I mixed up all the clothes and chose the black leather pants, the black tight turtleneck and the red wrap sweater over it, less flashy and more elegant. I looked at the time and it was already 8:09pm so I didn’t get one last look at the mirror. I cursed, threw back on my ankle high leather boots, sprayed myself lightly with the unisex cologne, grabbed my leather jacket and made my way to the lobby.

I saw him as soon as I stepped off the elevator. Black suit, black vest, red shirt, black pencil thin tie and holding a single red rose. Every eye was on him as they passed him by in the main area but he only had eyes for me. I walked right up to him and kissed his mouth before he said or did anything else. “I love you, Joseph,” I said to him this time.

“I love you more,” he replied, then kissed my lips again. “My beautiful Angel. You’re so gorgeous. The red brings out the colors in your brown eyes.” He leaned over and kissed me again, pulling my lip into his.

I moaned and said, “Kiss me like that again and we’re not going anywhere.”

He grinned, and handed me the flower, then pulled the small card out of his pocket and handed me the card too. He took my hand, laced his fingers with mine and asked, “You’re ready?” I nodded. He led me to the limo and waited for me to get in.

Once seated, I opened the card and he wrote, “One rose, for the way my heart will skip a beat when I first see you tonight. My beautiful Angel. J.”

I looked up and he was already watching me reading the card. My eyes welled up and I gently wiped them away without messing up the eyeshadow around my eyes. “This is already the best night of my life. Thank you.” He leaned over and kissed my face. “Sorry I made us late,” I apologized.

“You didn’t. Reservation is at 8:30pm. I know who I’m dealing with.”

He smirked and I hit his arm, then leaned on his shoulder. The limo stopped at a rooftop restaurant and we ended up in the Igloo Bar NYC in midtown Manhattan drinking and had someone take pictures of us until we went inside for dinner. After dinner we went to the limo and I thought we were going back to the hotel but it took us further into lower Manhattan. I got out with Jo and we walked to a pier that had a helicopter on it.

I gasped again. “Noooooo!!”

He chuckled. “Are you afraid to go up?”

I looked up at him and said, “Not with you by my side.” He gently kissed my lips and we got in.

We toured all over the city, from as far north as the George Washington Bridge all the way around the Manhattan island. He had his hand on my thigh for most of the ride but at one point he started caressing my groin through my leather pants. He rubbed me until my cock stretched tight, aching me. The roar of the copter drowned out my moans. He continued to stroke me and right when we began our descent he moved his hand.

“Fuuuuk me,” I moaned in the headset.

He leaned over and whispered, “Don’t worry, I will. Over and over and over again.” He licked my lips and put his tongue in my mouth and brushed his hands against my aching cock again. One more stroke and I was sure to bust a nut all in my leather pants but he pulled away as we landed.

As soon as we got into the limo I threw myself at him. He caught me and pulled me into his lap and kissed me, running his hands up to my neck and down to my ass cheeks. I moved and grinded my cock against his. I slipped my tongue from his mouth and gave him my neck. He took to it like a vampire, biting and sucking my neck making my moan loudly. And way too soon the limo stopped in front of The Dominick.

The driver got out the front, came to the back door and knocked respectfully. Jo leaned up from my neck and kissed my lips softly. “We are going to fuck in this limo at some point, right?” I asked seriously.

He chuckled and kissed me again. “Come on. The night is still young.” He grabbed my hand and opened the limo door.

We walked in hand in hand, excited for the rest of the night. When we got to the elevator there was an older couple waiting and also holding hands. They both turned to us and their faces were set in a frown, almost disgusted at us. I let go of Jo’s hand to no longer draw attention to us and put my hands in my coat pocket. Jo turned to me but his expression was blank. I shrugged as if to say, It’s cool. As much as I love having all the attention on me, negative attention can be concerning at best, dangerous at its worst.

I got on the elevator first and went into the corner. Jo politely let the older couple on, put his key in and pressed PH, then slide behind them to stand in the other corner. They looked at him curiously but he did not look at them, instead he stared at me through the mirrored doors of the box that we were in. I should have known, but it still caught me off guard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32