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Weekends with Mike and Sarah were okay, if a bit dull – visiting old buildings, having a walk in a country park, chatting, watching documentaries on the television. I liked them, enjoyed weekends with them, but a weekend every three months was enough! Sarah was my wife Tina’s sister, Mike her husband. Sarah, even in her mid fifties, was an attractive women. Slim, five foot six inches, long black – but now greying – hair. Always thought she had a cute ass, and her boobs were not large, but nicely round. Sarah was perhaps the stronger character, although she sort of seemed to lack “spark.” Married for thirty years to Mike had probably worn her down. Not that Mike was a bad man – quite the opposite. But he seemed more interested in ancient buildings, in books, rather than people. Somehow the relationship between Mike and Sarah just seemed dull, lifeless. Tina reckoned most of the problem between them was a non-existent sex life! Sisters talk…

Myself and my wife Tina had just spent a weekend with them. It had been fine. Just one minor triumph! We always slept in the guest bedroom. It was also the bedroom where Sarah would dry clothes when it had been raining and she couldn’t hang them out. This weekend there had been a clothes horse in the room when we arrived. On the clothes horse a mixture of clothes – mainly Sarah’s. As Sarah and Tina had chatted away, they asked me to put the clothes horse on the landing. I did, and as I did I noticed a pair of Sarah’s panties on the horse. Not the plain type I thought she would wear, but a pair of black lacy panties, semi see-through. Sarah later said she had bought them because they had been half price! Okay, so we are all kinky a bit! I like playing with a pair of panties! And thought a pair of Sarah’s would be fun – I could imagine her wearing them while I jerked off with them! And in the past she had been part of my fantasies… So I borrowed them, and packed them in my suitcase when we returned home – a hundred miles away.

It took me a couple of days to get around to hatching the idea, and sending the E.mail:

“Hi Sarah, really sorry, but when packing on Sunday I must have picked them up by accident or something, but found a pair of knickers in my case with the rest of my stuff. I’ll get them back to you. Do you need them soon, or is it okay to bring them next time we’re down? Surprised you wear such sexy knickers!! Love, Paul.”

Wondered if the E.mail would get a response, or what sort of response it might get. Taking a risk putting the last comment in, guessing – knowing Sarah – that she would take it as a joke. The response came back really quickly. I was surprised.

“Hi Paul, next time will do. Glad you noticed them – Mike never would. Lots of love, Sarah.”

The response was intriguing. Perhaps there was something here. I could only try.

“Thanks Sarah, perhaps you should show me some more when we’re down next time!! So you know they are appreciated.”

Again the response came within an hour.

“Maybe I could. If you like that sort of thing! L, Sarah.”

Where was this going? Sounded like it might be going in a good direction!

“Hi Sarah, I do like that sort of thing. Like to see panties. And bras. And stockings. But only want to see them if you are wearing them. Next time we’re down. Love, Paul.”

Was I pushing things too far?

“Paul – you are a naughty man! We’ll see… probably won’t get a chance… Love Sarah.”

I was shocked – here was my wife’s sister offering to wear underwear for me – I think! I wasn’t sure how to reply, so simply said – see you next time. Then went and jerked off with her panties. Should I leave them stained when I gave them back to her…?

We were next due to visit a month later, and I’d got a ticket to see my team playing down near where Mike and Sarah lived. I’d only got one ticket – Tina and Sarah would rather go shopping, Mike would rather look at old buildings! We were planning to go down Friday evening, me to see the game on Saturday afternoon, then we would come back on the Sunday evening. That was the plan, but when Tina’s mother got ill midweek before, I thought the weekend would be off. I spent Wednesday evening moaning I would miss the match…

Thursday evening Tina said – why should I miss the match? She had been talking to Sarah, and didn’t see why I shouldn’t go on my own. So that was arranged.

On the Friday evening I got everything in the car, and just as I was leaving, Tina gave me a big smile, a long kiss, then said “…of course, without me you can do anything, or anyone you want…” giving me a big wink. I worked it out – at least a little. Tina and Sarah had been talking… Our relationship had always had an open element to it…

I drove the three hours to the home of Mike and Sarah, pulled into their drive, and was greeted by them both as I arrived about 9pm. That evening we chatted. Had a glass of beer. We chatted about the weekend. Mike explained he would have to be away early the canlı bahis şirketleri Saturday morning – he and a couple of friends were visiting an ancient castle on the coast, and wouldn’t be back until late afternoon. I smiled at Sarah – she suddenly seemed quite nervous. I said I was looking forward to the game – and would probably get the bus into town, then walk – I’d done it in previous seasons when my team was playing down the country. I think we were all tired after a working week, and me after travelling. We ended up in bed around 11pm.

I slept solidly. I didn’t get up till about 8.30am, just as Mike was leaving for his trip to the castle on the coast. After he had gone I sat down for breakfast with Sarah.

Breakfast was pleasant, chatting to Sarah about what the families were doing, how Tina and Sarah’s mother was (getting better). It was as she was getting up to wash the dishes I “remembered.” I reached into my pocket, pulled out the panties and said to her “oh, by the way – these are yours. I said I’d let you have them back.” I paused, and let Sarah get embarrassed. I held them up, smiled and said “these are sexy! Hoping to see a lot more like these this morning.”

Sarah grabbed the panties and turned away to wash the dishes. I put my hand on her shoulder. “Tell you what, I’ll finish the dishes. You go and get ready to show me some more. I’ll come up to your bedroom when I’ve finished.”

Sarah said nothing, but dashed out of the room…

Ten minutes later I climbed the stairs and knocked on Sarah and Mike’s bedroom door. Sarah opened it and stood aside for me to go in. She looked very coy, and really cute, as she wore a simple dark blue summer dress. I pointed inquisitively to the bed, then said “I’ll sit over there!” I sat on the bed.

I looked at Sarah, then said softly, “Okay honey, I’m looking forward to seeing some nice underwear. Then we’ll see what happens. Are you going to start by taking the dress off?”

There was a pause, almost as if Sarah was trying to decide whether she should go ahead, or not, then she simply reached down to the hem of the dressed, and slowly pulled it off over her head and dropped it on a chair beside her.

She looked amazing. White lacy panties. White lacy matching bra. I suppose I hadn’t noticed before she was wearing stockings. But they were white hold ups. With lacy tops. And then there was her naked skin framed by the underwear. I whispered to her “you look sensational.” I looked at her bra, how it covered her amazingly shaped breasts, with just a hint of the nipples pushing out, a hint of brown surrounding the nipples showing through the lacy bra. I looked hard at her panties, seeing a hint of dark pubic hair underneath. I think one of the sexiest bit of a woman is the naked skin between the panties and the top of the stockings. I think she was perfect. She stood there coyly, but kept her hands by her sides.

“Please turn around. I want to see you from the back.” She did, slowly, but again looked amazing. The bra strap, the only thing breaking up the skin of her back. The stockings ending just inches below the curve or her amazing ass. And what an ass. Curved. Slightly full as you would expect of a woman in her fifties, but wonderfully curved and framed by the panties.

“Turn back, babe.” She did, and again I looked her up and down again. “I think you have some more sets. Do you want to change into the next one? Wait…” Just I had spoken I noticed what was clearly her pyjamas on the bed next to me. Very girly – white cloth, with pink trim and teddy bears all over. “Wait – put the next set on, then put on these pyjamas over.” I tossed the pyjamas to her and she disappeared.

Five minutes later Sarah appeared at the door again, wearing the pyjamas. She looked so “girly.” I told her to come in. By now my trousers were beginning to be tight. “Okay honey, just lower the pyjama trousers to your knees. No further.” Sarah was still so nervous, and it took her a moment to lower them. Don’t know what it is, but there is something so sexy about a woman with trousers or panties just lowered to their knees. Under her pyjamas she was wearing a black lacy pair of panties and stockings, this time with a suspender belt. Again there was that fabulous two inches of flesh between panties and stocking tops.

“Okay, lift your top above your bra.” Again she did, and she had matching black bra. “Turn around.” She did, then back to facing me again. “Take off the pyjamas.” She did. She was stunning.

“I bet you bought them just for me to see today?” I smiled at her.

“Please, don’t, please I don’t know what to do.” I couldn’t quite make out what she was trying to say.

“What do you mean babe?”

There was a pause, before Sarah began to speak, with a tear running down her face. “Please I know where this is going but I don’t know what to do. It has been a long time…”

There was a pause, and then she spoke again. “I want it. I want to be ravished. I canlı kaçak iddaa know what you are going to do. But I can’t, I can’t. I won’t make you happy… I don’t know how to make you happy…” The tears came more strongly.

“What do you mean, you haven’t done it for a long time? If you were my wife I would ravish you every day you are so gorgeous and sexy. What’s Mike been doing?”

Sarah let the tears stream down her face before she answered. “He’s gay. He doesn’t want me, and stopped wanting me a long time ago. I love him, but he won’t do it, can’t do it. We just stayed together because it was easier. With, you know, sex. I couldn’t make him happy.”

I let the tears subside before standing and putting my arms around her. After she had calmed, I stepped away slightly. “Babe, we’re going to carry on with this game now. And I’m going to make up for ten years of missing out. You won’t need to make me happy, but I’m sure going to try and make you happy, and use you as the slut I think you are.”

I held her a little longer until I thought she had taken in what I had said, before returning to the bed, leaving her standing at the end of the bed. “Okay honey, lower your panties to your knees.” Sarah was still wonderfully coy, but she did, she pushed her panties to her knees, revealing her neat dark bush, leading to the delights between her legs. And why is it that a woman with her panties around her knees is so sexy?

I looked at her, stared at her, knowing my cock was particularly enjoying what I was seeing. She was looking at me, so as she did I moved my hand to my cock, and gently over my trousers began to rub it. Can someone get more embarrassed? Sarah seemed to as her eyes watched my hand gently rotating on my cock, but her eyes were stuck, staring as I played with myself. I paused, undid my trousers and pushed them and my boxers to my knees, revealing seven inches of cock, hard, moist with pre-cum to this gorgeous half naked woman.

“Come over here and kiss my cock.” I beckoned to her, and slowly she came around the end of the bed, fear now in her eyes.

“Please, I can’t, I’m sorry, I’ve never done that before. Mike didn’t want me to.”

I smiled. “Then you are in for a first time treat! Kiss my cock!” I smiled, then nodded towards my cock. Slowly she plucked up courage, came to the side of the bed, bent over and coyly gave my cock a peck, then stood up straight again.

I smiled. “Now, kiss it, and lick it all over, every millimetre. And my balls. Till I tell you what to do next.” Again, Sarah coyly leant forward and kissed it. Then began to lick, running her tongue up and down. She seemed to like my pre-cum. She ran her tongue over my balls, then up my cock again. As she did I reached out my hand, whispered for her to spread her legs as far as she could, then run my hand up the inside of her thigh until the side of my hand was resting against her pussy. I tickled and caressed the inside of her thigh, then turned my hand so my fingers were caressing her pussy. As I played with her lips, pinching gently, then flicking her clit I felt her tongue jump, heard her moan.

“Take it in your mouth. Suck it.” This time she didn’t pause, she moved straight away. She was so good, her mouth warm and wet, her tongue caressing softly making my cock leap. I pushed a finger as far as I could into her pussy, which was now sopping wet. I rotated my finger around, making her moan. I searched inside her pussy for any particularly sensitive spots, making her moan even more.

Suddenly I removed my fingers, took my hand away. “Okay, remove your panties, lie on the bed, spread your legs so I have full access to your pussy. So I can see it and play with it.”

She stood up straight again and removed the panties. She slowly and embarrassedly lay on her back beside me and spread her legs. I leant over, kissed her pussy, then ran my tongue all over her pussy, resting on her clit. As I did she moaned, so I let my tongue kiss the clit making her squirm and moan out loud. I clamped my mouth on her clit and allowed my tongue to caress all over. Her body was shaking, her moaning non-stop, until suddenly her body exploded, her hips thrusting upwards, the wetness spilling out as her orgasm overwhelmed her. I thought it would go on for ever, but in the end she came down, gasping for breath, lying on the bed with her legs spread wide.

I let her catch her breath for a couple of moments, maybe a couple of minutes, before speaking to her again. “My turn now.”

I climbed on her, aimed my cock at her pussy, let the tip rest between the lips, before thrusting deep into her in one long movement. She felt amazing, warm, tight, wet. She moaned out loud as the full seven inches hit bottom. I steadily pulled almost all the way out, then thrust back in, this time harder. I did the same a couple more times, making her moan each time as I did. Then stopped. “Open your eyes, look at me. Look into the eyes of the man who is fucking you,” I ordered.

Sarah canlı kaçak bahis opened her eyes, looked into mine then closed them again. “Open them!” She did, again, and this time kept them open.

“Do you know babe, I got your story.” I spoke soft and gently. “You married a guy who was gay. You didn’t know and everyone thought he would change. In the early years you had sex once a week, but it was completely vanilla. You had a couple of kids. Then sex stopped, and you guessed and talked about it and stayed together for the kids, and then just stayed together. Both of you dulled to the fun of marriage. And I know your mother told you good girls didn’t do naughty things?” As I said this I pulled out and thrust back into her making her moan.

She whispered very quietly “yes – how did you know?”

I smiled before responding. “Doesn’t matter how I know. Now we are going to take you to the next step of being a whore. You are already hooked on my cock. Now we are going to put naughty words and thoughts into your brain, so you become the slut you should be. Do you want to be a slut?”

“No, it’s not right, okay, don’t know, yesssssssssssss…” She was confused until, mid sentence I had pulled out and thrust deep into her pussy again.

As she calmed I said to her “you’re going to answer some of my questions. What I am I doing to you?”

“Please, you’re making me embarrassed. Please, I don’t know…”

I wasn’t going to let her off the hook. I could simply have unloaded into her, but not for the moment. “No, when I ask what am I doing to you, you say to me – you’re fucking my cunt. What am I doing to you?”

It was clear Sarah was torn, but she said it. Softly. Quietly. “You’re fucking my cunt.” As she said it her body gave her away – her pussy twitched on my cock.

“Oh, I felt that. Squeeze my cock again.” I felt it – she was trying with her pussy muscles to squeeze me.

“You are a whore. I’m going to fuck your cunt like a whore like you wants to be fucked. And I’m going to shoot my spunk deep into your cunt. And then next time I’m going to fuck your mouth and shoot my spunk down your throat. And then I’m going to fuck your asshole and shoot my spunk into your guts…”

With that I began to slide my cock out and in as she said “no please, don’t talk like that…”

I stopped. “Okay I won’t talk like, if you start talking like that.”

Somehow I seemed to have unleashed a volcano, a whore, a slut, as her body started thrusting upwards as I thrust into her over and over. “TALK. NOW.” I ordered, as I fucked her. “Tell me what you are. Tell me what I’m doing!”

There was a pause, her cunt getting more and more slippery. “Please, you’re fucking my cunt. Please I’m a whore…” As she spoke her orgasm took over, her second, and she moaned, her cunt pulsing on my cock, squeezing. It was too much. I groaned, thrust deep in her and started shooting my cum deep into her pussy…

It took a couple of moments for both of us to come down. I lay on top of her breathing heavy, but not as heavy as she was. I rolled off until we were lying side by side. At last I spoke.

“Wow, what an amazing fuck you are. Ten years of frustration. I think you are a whore. A slut.” She turned her head to me, and was smiling. “I think you’ve got a lot more to go this weekend. – and a lot more for the future. Perhaps we should get showered and dressed. I’ve got a match to go to…”

It was a draw! A good result for my team! I was back for an evening meal, shared with Mike and Sarah. Not only was she hot in bed, she was a good cook! A dream wife!! Second only to Tina… After the evening meal Mike and I were in their sitting room chatting, drinking a beer. We chatted about the game, and chatted about a film Mike had seen. But then a pause, with Mike fidgeting nervously.

“Um, Paul, can I ask you something? You will answer honestly?”

I wondered – this could be tricky! “Sure, ask away.” I replied lightly.

“Paul, did you and Sarah, um, do it, um, this morning? When I was out? You know… Only she is, um, glowing like a woman who, you know…”

I spoke quietly. “Yes.”

Mike half smiled. “Paul, I don’t mind. I can’t do it. I’m gay.” We sat there in quiet, before Mike continued haltingly. “I could do it when we were younger and Sarah always wanted it, more than I could do it. And we had the kids. But I couldn’t do it after. We’ve not done it for a long time. We stayed together because it was the right thing. But I’m gay. And I hate it. And…” Mike’s voice faded away. “And it is wonderful to see Sarah glowing again – she hasn’t been like that for years.”

It felt like it was okay, so I decided to ask a question or two. “So do you have a boy friend. Ever done it with a man?”

Mike looked shocked. “No, we’re married, it could never happen. I love her. But until today we were both just numbed about, you know, sex. Do you want her to go to bed with you tonight?”

Mike said it hesitantly, but it sounded like an invitation. However, not sure what part of my twisted morals couldn’t cope with that. “No. I dunno. You are husband and wife, and husband and wife should always sleep together…” I wasn’t ready for that step, at this moment…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32