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Readers are warned that this story contains some incest.


Despite the terms of the invitation to the housewarming (see part 1) by the time it happened Mr Trojan and Mr Wakely were living together in Millbrow Grange and Mrs Trojan and Mrs Wakely were in Lowgill House.

Zena and Frances lay on their bed in the new house. Both wore thigh highs and lacy panties. Neither wore a bra. The two women looked lovingly at each other.

‘Is mummy’s little girl happy?’ asked Zena, kissing her new daughter lightly on the lips.

‘You know I am, mummy. I had no idea sex could be this wonderful.’

‘You mustn’t let your daddy hear you say that, sweety. Men are easily hurt about that sort of thing.’

‘I’ll be careful. I owe daddy so much. Without him I should never have met you. I can’t bear to think of it.’ She hid her face between Zena’s massive pecs. Zena moved slightly to bring Frances’s mouth in contact with her nipple. The girl started to suckle on her.

‘That’s right, darling. And, if mummy’s little girl is very good, mummy will let her suckle on mummy’s big titty cock and drink mummy’s milk.’

Frances moaned her delight, then moved downwards to take her mummy’s erect cock between her lips, at the same time she cupped her great balls in her hands and started to manipulate them.

Zena gasped, and taking her daughter’s head in her hands she started, slowly at first but gaining urgency, to fuck the face turned up towards her in adoration. She saw the total love in Frances’s eyes and knew that all her life so far, joyous as it had been, was but the preparation for this overwhelming love and lust for this girly-man whom she now regarded as her daughter and her wife. Zena came in four long shuddering spurts into her girly’s throat. She withdrew and Frances cleaned her mummy’s rod of her precious juices with her tongue. She revelled in the taste of her mummy’s sperm and in imagining their babies swimming in her stomach.

Within the hour Zena turned her daughter over onto her face. For twenty-five years Zena had received her husband’s cock. Now she felt a desperate need to fuck her daughter, to be the penetrator, not the penetrated. Frances responded with delight and the huge woman entered her daughter’s cunt triumphantly. Before she climaxed she turned Frances on the pivot of her cock, placed her on her back and took Frances’s legs over her shoulders. She shot a stream of cum into her daughter’s womb, whilst kissing her ferociously. Frances was hardly aware that a stream of her own clitie milk had cascaded between the two of them as Zena climaxed.

As they lay together with their legs entwined and Frances’s little cocklet nestling beside her mummy’s big cock draped on her thigh, Zena said, ‘We are so happy, darling. I should like us to help your daddy to become equally happy as Tom’s wife. Would you like that?’

‘You dear mummy-husband. Of course.’

Whilst the two women were making love in Lowgill House, two hundred yards up the road a similar scene was being enacted between Tom and Casper in Millbrow Grange. Casper lay, naked, beside her husband-to-be. She was surprised and delighted by the whole new world which Tom had opened up for her. She had always regarded herself as a stud, an alpha male. As a man he had enjoyed fucking his wife and then his son. He had never questioned his own rampant masculinity and yet, now, ‘he’ had become ‘she’. She found herself adoring the man who lay beside her, who used her as his fuck toy and his girl. Casper desperately wanted to please him and she found herself longing to be Tom’s woman. She needed pretty lingerie and delicate, feminine clothes. She wanted overwhelmingly to be Tom’s wife and, if it were ever possible, to bear Tom’s babies.

Tom knew this and was delighted. He had loved Casper from the moment he appeared at the cottage door the first time he rented it. Tom had seen the situation at a glance; the virile man and his girly son; yet he saw in Casper something of which Casper himself was unaware; his profound femininity. Tom hoped against hope that he would be the fortunate man to awaken the inner girlishness of this wonderful being. And now he had done exactly that. He felt blessed. He stroked the cheek of his beloved and said, ‘You will be my wife, won’t you?’

‘You know I shall. What I don’t understand is how I have gone through all my life up to now not knowing who I really am. How could I not have known that I am a girl?’

‘Because I had not shown you to yourself. Now yalova escort I have and you have discovered the real you at last.’

‘I am so grateful, darling. I can still hardly believe that you love me and want me as your wife. Such a love is still so new to me.’

‘Then I must prove it to you again and again until you know beyond doubt and then I shall continue to prove it to you as long as we live.’ He thought for a moment, then resumed, ‘I think that as a girl you should have a new fem name. Would you like that?’

‘Oh yes. Then I shall really be the new me.’

Tom thought again.

‘How about Cassie, sweetheart?’

She turned the name over in her mind. She let out a contented sigh, snuggled up to her husband’s broad chest and said, ‘Cassie needs her daddy-husband to show her how much he loves her.’ And he did. He opened her legs and her cunt shivered in ecstasy as his great rod penetrated to the centre of her being.

An hour later Cassie knelt before her man, took the ten inches of his cock into her hands and licked the precum from her husband- to-be’s piss-slit before taking his helmet into her mouth. Tom rammed his length into her throat. She no longer gagged when he reached the back of her throat. She was learning fast the arts of being a wife. Tom smiled down at her.

‘Pretty girly wife,’ he murmured to her. ‘Drink all of daddy’s present to his little girl.’

She sucked on him, cradling his massive balls in her eager hands and massaging his cock with her mouth and lips. She grasped his magnificent hairy buttocks, feeling the virility of her man and she started to think about removing her own body hair to become more feminine, more delicately skinned for him. At present she was as hairy as he was but it came into her mind how she could make herself into the woman she now knew herself to be. She would shave her body and try to become the entire girl her man deserved.

She looked up at him; she kissed his cock head. She thought she had better make sure that her man approved her plan.

‘Darling,’ she said, ‘Please can I shave my body, grow my hair, wear pretty, girly clothes, make up my face, my nails, become entirely woman for you?’

Tom laughed at her earnestness and the gabble in which she expressed her need.

‘I should like that above all things. I’ll ask Zena to come tomorrow to help you but now I need to fuck you again, to fill you with my sperm, my darling girl.’

The following day Zena and Frances arrived at the house which had been Zena’s home for twenty-five years, just as the new lady of the house was putting the breakfast crockery into the dish-washer. She greeted them with ‘I have a new name. From now on I’m Cassie.’

Both Zena and Frances smiled. Zena said, ‘Tom phoned and said we might be a help to you in becoming yourself, dear girl. Where is he?’

‘He’s out for the day at a board meeting.’

‘Good. Men only get in the way when girls are being girly together. I think we should start by shaving you all over. It’s difficult to do it yourself satisfactorily at first. Strip, dear and let’s see what we have to work with.’

Cassie seemed bashful; she looked at Zena then, in embarrassment at Frances. Zena saw her problem.

‘You feel awkward about stripping in front of Frances because she was your son-wife and now you will be stripping as a woman yourself. That’s it, isn’t it?’

Cassie nodded.

Frances threw her arms around her. ‘It’s all changed,’ she said. ‘Although you will always be my biological daddy and I love you, Zena is now my mummy -husband and I want to help you to enjoy being all woman, as I enjoy it. Please let me.’

Cassie allowed them to undress her. She felt an erotic charge as the girl who had been her son and her wife took down her panties.

‘Where on earth did you get these from?’ asked Zena.

‘I ordered them on the internet,’ said Cassie.

Zena sniffed. ‘They’ll have to do for now but this afternoon we’ll take you to Mme du Cul, our lingerie maker and she will fit you out properly. Oh, the pleasures you are going to discover in being a woman, you lucky girl,’ she said. ‘First of all I want you to clean yourself out inside.’

Zena took a large bulb-shaped object with a long thin nozzle out of what had been her bathroom cabinet. She instructed Cassie how to fill it with warm water, inject it into her rectum, hold it for a few minutes before evacuating into the lavatory bowl and repeat until she was producing clear zonguldak escort water. Cassie disappeared to the lavatory. When she returned to Zena and Frances they were also naked.

‘If we’re going to bathe and shave you we’ll get wet so we thought it best to join you,’ said Zena but she winked at Frances who tried to hide a smile. Zena had already suggested to Frances that they should have a girly three-some to introduce the new girl to her life in Millbrow.

The three of them squeezed into the large shower in the master bedroom. Soon hands were wandering and cocks were growing. Frances sank to her knees and took Zena’s eight inches into her mouth. Zena ruffled her hair and said, ‘Don’t neglect Cassie, darling.’ Frances took her father’s balls in her hands and transferred her mouth to Cassie’s eight inches. She was fascinated by the difference between two cocks of the same size. Her daddy’s, which she had been used to for several years, still attracted her and its lovely purple head and the deep veins running along the column made her mouth water. She recalled its exact taste as of salt and sweetness, but now she preferred the milkier taste of her mummy- husband and she returned to Zena’s smoother cock but she retained hold of her daddy’s balls. Excited by the sight of her son, her former wife, taking a cock belonging to someone else made Cassie come. Zena now knelt and licked Cassie’s cum from Frances’s face and breasts where it had landed.

The girls continued to lick, suck and handle one another until all three had come; even Frances’s tiny cocklet had sprayed enough milk for her daddy and her new mummy to drink from her, twining their tongues into a kiss whilst they shared Frances’s milk. Zena and Frances set about rubbing soap all over Cassie to begin the business of shaving her. They began on her chest and arms, then proceeded to her legs, then to her groin and her cock and balls. Frances gently held, and pulled this way and that, her daddy’s scrotum, her balls and her cock and Zena applied the razor. They rinsed her off and she stood entirely devoid of hair. Zena separated her buttocks to check that they had done a thorough job. She saw Cassie’s pussy lips, now pink, sweetly-puckered and freed of disfiguring hair. She could not resist flicking her tongue into this pretty place and, seeing what her mummy- husband was doing, Frances joined in and Cassie experienced for the first time two tongues fucking her. She pulled her cheeks as far apart as she could to give them access and suddenly, without any handling, her clitie shot its milk, which Zena gathered up and fed to all three of them.

They dressed. Zena said that Cassie’s dress was rather nice, taking into account she had bought it off the peg, but that she thought, after Mme du Cul’s, they should go to her own dress-maker. They set off for the lingerie shop. Cassie thought they made a very handsome group. Two well-dressed, and one marginally less-well-dressed, large women walking out together in the bright air with the sun shining and the birds singing.

In the shop window was a single set of the most exquisite lingerie, disposed on a series of velvet cushions. They entered and Cassie saw Mme du Cul for the first time. She was massive, as big as Zena and looking rather like her.

Zena smiled at Cassie’s look of surprise. ‘Helene and I were born as brothers but we’ve been sisters for all our adult lives.’ She turned to her sister and said, ‘This, dear, is Cassie. She is going to marry Ted and I’m going to marry this pretty little girl you’ve met before.’ She squeezed Frances’s arm.

‘Congratulations,’ said Mme, ‘I envy you having access to Ted. My husband keeps me satisfied but Ted is special, as I’m sure you have discovered. All we ladies fancy him. Now, let me see what I can do for you.’

The four women crowded into the dressing area in the back of the shop. Mme helped Cassie out of her dress.

‘Oh, my dear, we can do much better for you than this,’ she said. ‘Take off these dreadful pants and bra and let me measure you.’

Cassie found herself standing naked amongst other women for the second time that day. This time the others were clad but Mme’s measurements seemed to be deliciously intimate. She slid her hand along Cassie’s cock and held the length of it down against her balls, pushing all back between her swelling thighs.

‘We’ll make you a lovely smooth clitie in no time,’ she said. ‘Hold this for me, Zena, whilst I measure up her crack.’

Zena’s hand zonguldak escort replaced Mme’s and Mme slid her finger along Cassie’s crack until she met her pucker. She licked her finger and circled the pink rosebud. Cassie instinctively closed her bud and the finger became importunate, circling and stroking until it just the tip entered and Cassie sighed. A drop of precum escaped her cock and Zena scooped it up and fed it to Mme.

‘Oh, yes,’ said Mme, ‘I can tell that Ted will like this and with the undies I can supply you with you’ll drive him wild. Have these for now,’ She produced four sets of silk and lace panties, bras and suspender belts from her stock, one set of which, a pale pink set, Cassie put on, ‘And in no time I’ll have made for you half a dozen of everything.’

Cassie left the shop in a haze of femininity. Her masculine identity was falling away from her with each encounter. It was almost gone when the three entered ‘The Dress Shop’, named as though it was the only one in Millbrow, and for women like them it was. The owner, Gloria Thwaite, a tiny woman, for a change in this town of big women, came forward all smiles and greeted Zena as a friend and Frances as someone who had already been introduced.

‘I want you to show some of your loveliest creations to my dear friend, Cassie,’ said Zena.

‘Of course. I’ve heard so much about you I feel I know you already,’ said Gloria.

She turned to Frances. ‘Was I right about the blue silk taffeta evening frock?’ she asked.

‘You were. It feels so lovely against my skin.’

‘And it looks lovely against her skin,’ added Zena, patting her lover’s bottom and being rewarded with a peck on the cheek.

Again they went into the changing area at the back. Again Cassie divested herself of her dress. Again female hands stroked, held and soothed her. Day dresses, evening dresses, skirts and blouses were displayed, tried on, discarded, retried and finally a selection was made. Some they took with them, the majority were to be sent to the house once various slight adjustments had been made. Cassie was quite relieved when she discovered that Gloria also sold shoes and she was able to purchase several pairs without going to yet another shop to be handled by yet another woman. Although she had to admit, first to herself, then, giggling, to her two companions, that she had enjoyed it all immensely. By the time that Cassie returned home she had all but forgotten she had ever been a man. She was all woman and when Tom returned home it was to find the sexiest, most sensually enjoyable welcome he had ever received.

Afterwards, sated and delighted as he caressed the cunt he had just ravaged, he said, ‘I’ve asked Zena for a divorce so that you and I can marry. She has agreed.’

Now, of the four of them, he was the only man. He leant on one elbow to look down at the lovely face of the woman (so recently a magnificently virile man) he wanted to spend the rest of his life inside. She looked softly back, a trace of tears of joy making her eyes sparkle, entranced that this glorious man with his massively muscled frame and his wonderful cock and balls belonged all to her. He caressed her clitie and she took his growing cock in her hands. He kissed her gently on her eyelids and then his desire for her overwhelmed him and he took her yet again.

Cassie’s cunt was now at the centre of Tom’s life, as his cock was at the centre of Cassie’s. As he entered her it was, for both of them, a homecoming. At ten inches Tom’s cock was big but it was his girth which was spectacular, as wide as a beer can at the base and tapering only slightly until it flared out into the magnificent, purple helmet. At her first sight of it, when she was still a man, Cassie’s reaction had been one of shock and a sense of the inadequacy of his own equipment, of which he had always been proud, compared with this giant piece of manhood. Now, as a woman, she exulted in the fact that she had learnt to take all of her husband’s massive truncheon inside her. Her legs were outstretched beyond anything she would have believed possible, and when she felt Tom’s balls resting against and then striking against her taint she knew a sense of achievement which immediately morphed into totally overwhelming sexual ecstasy. As her husband shot surge after surge of his baby batter into her womb her flaccid cocklet-clitie shot its milk across her thighs. No longer did she need or want her own erection. Her husband’s climax now became hers.

Before another year was out there was a double wedding in Millbrow. Cassie became Mrs Tom Wakely and Frances and Zena became Ms and Ms Collins, Zena’s original surname. The Ladies’ Sunday Coffee Circle had much to say and much to speculate about concerning the relationships involved.

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