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For the readers who had not read the first four chapters:

I, Kamala in 40s, am a beautiful village woman with necessary curves. My boobs are 36DD full with pride, posing straight like two mountains and my abs also in exact shape so as to make all younger or older people to take a look again.

I narrated every thing to my darling husband, what my cousin Kumar did to me. My husband also had nodded now everything. More than that, he had encouraged me to find a young fucker within the family circle to make my sex life spicy.

So, I decided to go to my cousin as well as classmate, Selvi’s house in the next village, in search of a helping hand and to tell her about my experience with my younger brother, Kumar and slowly open the ideas of my husband.

Selvi welcomed with great enthusiasm. She told me what happened in the 2 years before her marriage,

I asked Selvi, “All were in one house. There were three females, you Selvi, your mom and aunt. Three males, your uncle, your younger brother Ram and your younger cousin brother Anand were there. Who fucked who at that night and who were the viewers?”

“Yes, the numbers were equal, but all the three wanted to fuck me. It was accepted unanimously, as my mom and my aunt had got the show already with Ram, Anand and my uncle. It was the great first night for me and was celebrated with exuberance with three husbands – my uncle in 40s, my younger cousin as well as his son Anand and also my younger brother Ram in their teens, that too before marriage. My mom and aunt were the spectators,” Selvi replied.

I, Kamala could not hide my jealousy; I said, “You got three monster cocks in your pussy at the same time gives much envy on you.”

Selvi’s mom intervened, “Ok babes, come on, have the dinner and we will continue after that.”

This was the end of chapter 04.

After dinner, I, Kamala with Selvi and her mom resumed the talk about the great first night of Selvi.

Instead of Selvi, her mom started, “That night was the beginning of the union of both the families. My cousin, his son and my son all selected only Sevli for the great night. To be frank, I and my cousin sister were somewhat disappointed, as even our sons had not selected us. But, in the joyful mood, we didn’t object and let the proceedings as it were.

I saw the proud in Selvi’s actions. I and my cousin sister decorated Selvi with my wedding sari. The three husbands were in the hall and we brought Selvi from room to the hall.

Selvi got blessings from me, my cousin sister and also from my cousin brother as well as her uncle, who was also one of her husband in the show. They selected Ram, my son and younger brother of Selvi, to touch her first. I was able to see the ecstasy in both Ram’s and Selvi’s eyes; I thought both of them might have wanted it secretly in their minds already.”

Selvi then took over and said, “I was in heaven; my legs were not on the ground; I felt, I was floating, when my younger brother Ram touched my face, in front of the audience you readers now know. She lifted my face and looked into my eyes. Even though, I had discarded all my inhibitions, I was blushing when I looked at him and found the world of delight in his eyes. His hands slowly caressed my chins and moved towards my lips.

His hand tenderly ran over my lips. He said with the familiar husky masculine voice, “Sister, I was anticipating this day so long. Think you also.” I simply nodded and his hands went around me to embrace. My whole body came to contact with Ram; he was hot and really hot. But he told me, “Selvi, you are so hot.” Then only, I understood that I was also.

The aroma in the hall was exceedingly erratic, as my other two husbands, my mom and aunt were observing the happenings and encouraging my brother Ram, by clapping their hands. I felt Ram’s hands caressing my butts; his right hand moved smoothly over the curve and parted the lobes to enter in to the valley from behind.

The touch of his finger in the pussy from back over my sari, petticoat and panty nearly created the first orgasm with my own young brother; think, it was longing for that so much. So, I tightly hugged him, so that it was not exposed to the audience; but it went in vain, as his fingers danced there superbly with the in and out actions and I was trembling ferociously. Ram whispered in my ears, “What a start my dear sister!” The laughter of all the viewers was heard by me as if I were in a longer distance; my legs lost their strength. My body was in total control of my Ram.

He slowly turned me and I was facing others with Ram on my back. His left hand was wandering in the vacant area in between my blouse and petticoat; right hand turned my face towards him and my lips were close to his lips. I could feel his warm breath; my lips were slowly encroached by his lips. The hand in the vacant area encircled my navel and one finger went in and out; then the hand drifted towards my left boob after caressing the entire area. While the hand was inching canlı bahis up I could sense the hardness of my nipple which was pressing hard against the blouse and a little bit of pain with ecstasy.”

I Kamala, interfered, “Selvi, what a lucky girl you are. Enjoying with your own brother, in front of your family members, should have been breathtaking and incredible episode.”

Selvi, not at all disturbed by my words, added, “The feel of his broad palm over my boobs even though over my bra and blouse and the attention received by my nipples with his fingers were incredible to say least. Then, Anand came in front of me; his hands slowly took the pallu of my sari and removed the sari.

So, I stood there in petticoat and blouse in front of honourable audience. My own younger brother Ram was duly caressing my boobs and tasting my lips from behind. Anand slowly took charge of my right boob; standing in front of me, he was kneading my right boob with his left hand and the right hand was hovering leisurely towards the centre of pleasure.

With a lot of pride, I can tell all of you even now; I am the most blessed sister in the universe, standing in the living room with only petticoat and blouse with the following happenings in front of ……………….

My younger brother Ram, standing behind, was caressing my left boob with his left hand and my younger cousin Anand, standing in front of me, was squeezing my right boob with his left hand, ofcouse over the bra and blouse; Ram’s right hand was exploring my navel.

His tongue was intruding my upper lips and Anand’s right hand fingers were doing the splendid act in between the lower lips, ofcourse over petticoat and panty.

I was flying high and could not control myself; to say least, my pussy exploded and my whole body was quaking, trembling, etc. I couldn’t open my eyes, my ears lost its sense, my body lost its balance and the only two activities were there – my nose sensing the fragrance of juice and my parts feeling both the brothers. I was virtually held by their strong hands.

Thought, I was hugged eternally and pacified by Ram and Anand. Gradually, I regained my composure and all my senses began to function. I opened my eyes to see the mischievous smile of the three and my ears listened their husky voice saying, “You are too responsive which gives all of us the exotic mood. Selvi stand on your legs.” Still the air was filled with that striking aroma and I stood there exhausted.

Anand took his right hand and smelled it before me; “Selvi, you smell good,” saying that Anand showed Ram and my uncle so that they too smelled and complimented.”

I Kamala, shouted, “Stop! Wait a minute,” as my hand moved fast in its work place, completed the mission and my body was quivering.

Selvi and her mom laughed at me; her mom said, “I and my cousin sister were also doing the same as you are doing now. It was a memorable outburst and could never be forgotten.”

After relaxing, I gave an idea. “Only we three are here, so let us also wear the same dress Selvi was wearing on that day,” saying that I removed my sari quickly; the idea got warm reception and within minutes, we all were with our blouse and petticoat only, sitting on the bed.

Everybody’s eyes were wandering over others; an assessment about the breasts as seen over blouse was done. Out of the three pairs, Selvi’s mounds got the first rank standing erect in full; the protruding nipples were the biggest with small areola around it.

The second rank had to be given to me when compared to the age of Selvi’s mom; ironically, it was not the truth. Even at 60s, the mounds were full and round, standing like two mountains; the rock hard nipples were bigger than mine but smaller than those of Selvi’s.

I, Kamala have to tell you one thing now that I was always bigheaded about my breasts as I told you all early; I was until then in the belief that my mounds were more attractive, as it induced all to look at them again. The pride had received a jolt that day; my breasts were also big, round and full, but lacking the excellence and to make it worse they are comparatively sagging. My nipples are smaller but with more black round in their base.

Selvi’s mom consoled me, “Kamala, don’t worry. Yours can also be brought to this brilliance. I will tell you the secret, but you should trust me as well as obey me.”

I humbly said, “Sure aunt. I will accept whatever suggestions you give. Please guide me.”

Selvi said, “Kamala, you need not bother. You will receive very good advice from her. Ok,” with that she continued, “Then came my master. He slowly removed my blouse with his hands screening the mounds over the bra. Then Ram removed my bra from back; my mounds jumped out like a hare and felt chill air. All eyes were struck on the mounds.

Slowly Anand kneeling before me removed the knots of my petticoat; I looked around. Everyone was eager; but my brother Ram held it tight so that it would not fall down and expose my secret. Then, bahis siteleri he also came in front of me, kneeling adjacent to Anand, released his grip; my uncle was standing and my brothers were kneeling before me.

My aunt and mom were on the chair having gallery view. I felt the chill air on my pussy lips, as the panty was already soaked with my juices fashioned by Ram and Anand and pushed inside by atleast two to three inches with their fingers. “

I, Kamla imagining the scene as if I were there, was speechless.

Then Selvi continued, “I slowly opened my eyes; mom and aunt were not much interested. The three men were looking down there; my uncle’s eyes were analyzing my structure. My younger brother Ram and my younger cousin Anand kneeling down in front of me as sincere disciples, were welcoming the full disclosure without even blinking.

Then, Ram on one side and Anand on the other side, unhurriedly lowered down the panty; as there was absolute silence, the slurp noise of a part of panty released from the lower lips, was easily heard. With their eyes on the pleasure box, Ram and Anand were seemed to be in state of worshipping.

My uncle then took charge and lowered it to my foot. “Selvi, raise your legs so that I can remove it,” I heard my uncle’s voice. Involountarily, my legs helped him to remove, but my eyes were on both my brothers. It seemed as if they were going to jump in there for a swim and I closed my eyes allowing them to have full scrutiny.

Suddenly, I felt two hands separating my thighs; I looked down and saw the left hand of Ram and right hand of Anand doing that. Then, I felt the warm breathe of Ram there; he kept his mouth as if he was going to taste or suck the fleshy part of a fruit. Until then, I hadn’t got the oral pleasure.”

I Kamala, intercepted, “I too don’t have it so far. I am very much eager to know how it would be.”

It seemed Selvi had not heard my voice, as she continued, “I felt my own younger brother’s lips on my lower lips, his tongue encircling around some part which sent waves after waves of electricity throughout my body. I again felt his tongue entering there while his lips were kissing and sucking the vaginal lips; at the same time my right boob felt the mouth of my younger cousin Anand’s mouth and my left boob that of my uncle.

Again, I was stalemate; all the three with their mouth exploring, maneuvering, sucking with occasional small bites and not but least, their tongues make me tingling. I again felt the beginning of another outburst began; unable to control, exploded for the third time at that night without even the main play not yet commenced. Not able to stand that time also, I was virtually held by the three; they consoled me and made me to stand on my legs.”

I Kamala, again interrupted, “I want to reiterate that you are the luckiest one and I envy you. Even without the main play, you exploded; then what happened. I think you might have been soaked by their juices throughout the night. Isn’t it?”

“You are correct. First I flooded them and then they soaked me,” saying in slow voice, Selvi, “I felt I was being carried to the bed at the centre of the living room by the three; their hands were everywhere; they undressed themselves as I could not do at that time; I slowly opened my eyes to see the marvelous view of the three cocks, hanging to their full length in need of my attention. I took that of my uncle’s first; he guided me well as he was and even now is the master for all.

He showed how to handle its full length, first with my hands and then in my mouth. The feel of it in my hands was as if I were caressing my pet and I did everything with utmost care and love. I simply did what I was said to do. Then, happened the most important thing in my life.

As I told you, I hadn’t got the oral pleasure until then and I got it on the day. Similarly, I hadn’t touched the monster and I did it on the day. Again, I hadn’t felt it in my mouth and I was told to do so by my uncle.

I want to say something here; I was an ordinary Indian girl that too from village, so I didn’t know that the thing of men can be placed in mouth also. I hesitated but not retaliated; but the beautiful view of the immaculate monster and glorious view of the mushroom head was inviting.

“Selvi, do what I say. I will teach you also how to do everything and enjoy it to the maximum. Ok, take it in your hand, open your mouth and place the mushroom head there; now, close your mouth, encircle the girth with your lips, slowly move your arms in the base and mouth over it at the top. Good, I think you had bar ice cream when you were young; think like that, allow the mushroom head to go as far it could, while moving your head and hands. Use your tongue to taste the head and the length. Do everything alternatively, carefully and slowly so that it will be an enjoyment for both of us,” I heard the voice of my uncle and followed him scrupulously.

I, Kamala could not hold myself and decided to expose my bahis şirketleri intentions, said, “Selvi, I want to tell you something, now.”

Selvi came out of her wonderworld and said, “What do you want to say dear Kamala? Do you want to express your jealousy again?”

I blushed and said, “No Selvi, I ….,” hesitated a little bit and then, “I got the experience when we were studying in the college, that too within days of hearing from you about your experience with Anand under mango tree. I should have told you already but out of fear I hadn’t.”

Selvi, “Hey, what do you say? You mean, …. You mean you got it before your marriage like me. I can’t believe my ears. Ok, you seemed to be so innocent but got it. Oh, God.”

Selvi and her mom looked deeply into my eyes. I said, “I am not telling lies to you, I swear that I got it that too from my cousin, Kumar.”

Selvi’s mom interrupted, “You mean your uncle’s son in the city. Is it? Your uncle is also a cousin to me, you know, so I know that boy very well. I can say that he was a very good hunter of girls or aunties. So I believe you.”

I Kamala, wondered how my aunt as well as Selvi’s mom knew that, but continued, “Yes, I was seduced by him very intelligently and to be frank I begged him for that, is the truth.”

Selvi, “So you are also a dirty girl or blessed one like me to have it before marriage with young cousin. Tell me fully what happened and I will continue after it.”

So, I narrated everything happened on that day and deliberately reiterated the size of his member and compared it with that of Selvi’s Uncle, Anand and Ram. I didn’t miss to tell and compare the deep husky masculine voice also. I was simply blushing and my face turned absolute red; it seemed I was also in the dreamland and both of them heard with a lot of enthusiasm as showed by me.

Selvi and my aunt hugged me for the first time and said in single voice, “Welcome dear to the world of family secret. Now we will be much more free to talk anything with you.”

My aunt said, “Let Selvi complete her exposures. I will tell you both another family secret even Selvi don’t know until now.”

I Kamala and Selvi were imagining what it would be and were eager to know that immediately. So, Selvi briefed further happenings shortly, “I allowed my uncles’ monster to go as far into my mouth and moved both hands in its base, you know it is more than 9 inches in length and with girth more than that of my forearm; I felt he was thrusting fast.

He said, “Selvi, have you imagined milking your mother; just imagine, now you are milking me ofcourse in some other part. Do it fast and don’t waste a drop of it.” I sensed the urgency in his movement, so I too increased the pressure; my mouth felt his member throbbing inside and filling it fast. So as instructed by my uncle I swallowed as far as I can; the smell and taste could not be compared to anything in the world.

As I told you early, he is still the master of the act. Then came my Ram. I, with the first hand training with my uncle, worked at his member neatly but to my bemusement, he withdrew it in the half way. I asked him, “Why brother, am I not correct and if so forgive me for my mistake.”

Ram with the mischievous smile said in his husky voice, “No sister, you are great, that too trained by our master; but my thing wants to be inside another pair of lips. Part your legs and let me take care there and Anand will look after your upper lips.”

I was made to stand on four legs on the bed; I was in paradise with both the brothers working their well hung monsters, my younger cousin Anand in my mouth and my own younger brother Ram in between my thighs. How long it took I don’t know. I felt my poor pussy ripped open and convulsing endlessly realizing orgasm after orgasm.

My mouth was smoothly handled by master’s son; I felt both are increasing their speed and I was curiously awaiting the flow in both the places at any time. But to my surprise and great pleasure, both came at the same time; both the places were overwhelmed with joy and gush of fluid.

To say simply, I lost all my senses but I felt I was somewhere in the sky, in between lovely clouds, with gentle breeze and tender hug of my three men; they took me to the bathroom and helped me. Then they took me to the bed at the centre of the living room, laid me on the bed, balance with a lot of love and care. I could not even open my eyes to see what was happening; I was wandering like an angel and felt Ram on one side and Anand on the other side of me on the bed, both caressing me to go for sleep.

My uncle was in between my thighs; he was sleeping there as if my pubic mound were his pillow. My brothers were sleeping on the side with each having their pillow in the form of my boobs. As I was flying high, in order to have grip so that I would not fall down, my hands were given support; my right hand was holding Ram’s and my left hand was given support by Anand’s …..”

“When I woke up in the next day, I saw myself neatly dressed over the bed in my room in my house. All the exhaustions had gone and I was brimming with full energy; my eyes turned towards the clock. It was around 4 P.M. in the evening; evening of the next day.

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