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(Crossing the sometimes blurred line separating love and lust)

(A moms efforts to console and provide emotional support for her recently divorced son turns to a night of passion and pleasure).

As far back as I can remember my mom has held tightly to the opinion that sometimes in life things just happen. She argues it’s a waste of ones’ time and energy to try to use logic and reason to rationalize those occurrences. Over the years she has employed her, ‘things just happen’ philosophy to explain such things as: my constant cuts and bruises as a kid, storm damage to our house. fender benders, job losses and financial setbacks, as well as family problems both large and small. Rather than acknowledge the fact that my dad was having an affair, she fell back on this long held view as a way to cope with a painful divorce three years ago, after a seemingly happy marriage of twenty-four years.

When I was young I never questioned her failure to apply logic and reasoning, however, as I grew older I found that I couldn’t accept what I saw as her irrational and unrealistic view. I deal with reality and look for causes, because I know that chance occurrences and coincidences are very rare. But when she expressed her ‘things just happen’ opinion again last night, I conceded that it could be the only way to rationalize and justify what had happened.

Mom was forty-five years old when she and dad split. Two months ago, I filed divorce proceedings against my wife, Cindy, after learning about her affair with an old high school boyfriend. Our marriage had only lasted seven months; thankfully we had agreed to postpone starting a family, and we had not accumulated money or property to fight over.

Reluctantly I gave in to moms insistence that I move back home with her. I worried that my present circumstances could bring back painful memories for her, and tear open wounds that had not come close to healing. I agreed to come home for a few weeks until I got my bearings. Three months later I am still here.

After a long day at work, I stopped off for a few beers and didn’t get home until around ten-thirty. When I walked into the living room I found mom in her robe sitting on the sofa watching Casablanca. I had never watched the entire movie but had seen promos on one of the movie channels. I knew that it was the famed acting duo of bogie and Bacall in a heart wrenching story of lost love. I sat down beside mom and saw that she was crying. When I reached over to give her a hug she laid her head on my lap and tucked her feet up behind her. To show my empathy and compassion I began gently rubbing her upper arm.

She said, “Danny, you know there’s nothing like a good cry to relieve pent up stress and frustrations.”

I replied, “I’ve heard that mom, I should probably give it a try.”

I glanced down and saw that the top of her robe had fallen open, exposing her left breast. She had not noticed, so I didn’t say anything, not wanting to interrupt her crying or interfere with the movie, which was coming to its dramatic and heartbreaking concluding scenes. I tried to fix my gaze on the TV screen but found that I could not stop staring at moms’ firm breast and erect nipple. I continued to massage her arm and shoulder; embarrassed to find that looking at her breast was causing my cock to stiffen. I felt it give a quick jerk against the side of her face.

Mom did not flinch as she said, “Hmm, there may be one thing better than crying to relief stress. This old movie makes me cry; it makes you horny.”

I shifted my position so that her head was resting on my upper leg rather than my crotch. I replied, “No mom, it’s not the movie.”

I gestured toward her exposed breast; she looked down at her open robe and quickly sat up pulling it together. She said, “Oh shit Danny, I’m sorry, I should be more careful.”

I said, “Not you’re fault mom. I shouldn’t have been looking at your breast and certainly shouldn’t have been aroused by it.”

Mom said, “Danny, you’re a young man going through a divorce, you’re not having sex, so why wouldn’t you be turned on by looking at a nice tit.” She added, “even though I’m pushing fifty, I do still have a nice pair of tits, if I do say so myself.”

I responded, “I saw that you have at least one nice tit, mom, but I shouldn’t have been looking; shouldn’t have gotten excited. It might be different if I was drunk out of my mind, but I’m not.”

She said, “Honey you’re making way too much of this. You know my thinking on this sort of thing; ‘sometimes things just happen.”

I said, “Yeah mom, I know you’re thinking very well, but this ‘thing’ should not have happened. Its’ not that you’re robe fell open, its’ that I kept staring bahis firmaları and getting turned on. Nope, it shouldn’t have affected me in that way.”

She smiled at me, patted my leg, and repeated, “Things happen. Let’s just leave it at that, OK.”

I stood up and said, “I’m going to get some milk and cookies, want some?”

Mom responded, “Milk and cookies would be good.”

When I returned with the snack, mom had changed her position on the sofa. She had her arms wrapped around her knees pulling them tightly against her breasts. I had seen her sit like that hundreds of times, but I had never noticed, until now, that when she was sitting like that the bottom of her robe didn’t fully cover her panties. It was only a brief glimpse, but I saw that the crotch of her panties was soaked and there was a wet spot on the sofa between her legs. My cock began to swell again as I tried to position myself to where mom couldn’t see what was happening.

I ate a couple of cookies, gulped down the milk and told mom I was going to bed. I did not want her to see how anxious and uncomfortable I was becoming, so I followed my normal routine by leaning over to give her a quick good-night kiss on the cheek.

As I headed for the stairs I heard mom say, “Good-night Danny! Stop you’re worrying. We’re fine! Everything is fine!”

As soon as I got into my room I stripped naked, pulled the covers down, clicked off the bedside lamp and crawled into bed. I lay there thinking about what mom had said about everything being fine and almost convinced myself that she was right. But if everything was so fine, why was I laying here with a hard cock and continuing to think about her erect nipples and wet pussy?

I was having a tough time falling asleep and had decided that the only way I would get any sleep tonight was to relieve my sexual tension by jerking off. Just as I wrapped my hand around my cock, I heard mom tap on the door. She opened it slightly, stuck her head in and whispered, “Danny, are you asleep?”

I said, “No mom.”

She said, “I haven’t been able to get to sleep either, maybe I could come in and we could chat for a while.”

I said, “Sure, come on in.”

She closed the door behind her and came over to set on the edge of my bed. I moved back to give her room as she crossed her legs in a yoga position. We could not see each other clearly because the only light in the room came from the illuminated numerals of a digital clock on my dresser.

Mom began, “Honey, I have a confession to make.”

When I did not respond to her comment she continued. “I want you to know that you were not alone in having thoughts about sex tonight. When you were getting hard and rubbed against my face, my first thought was to turn over on my stomach, unzip your pants, take out your stiff cock and start sucking on it. It scared the shit out of me having those kinds of thoughts about you.”

I said, “I swear mom, I’ve never thought that way about you before tonight.”

She said, “We’ve had no reason to have those thoughts until now. We both have physical needs that are going unfulfilled. We are depriving ourselves of that pleasure. I really like to fuck Danny, but I haven’t had a hard cock inside of me since your dad moved out. I have my toys, but…”

I said, “I know you haven’t dated since the divorce.”

She responded, “And you haven’t been out with a woman since you filed for your divorce. Zero pussy, am I right?”

I said, “Zero, none, zilch”

She continued, “While you were in the kitchen fixing a snack for us, I was fingering my pussy like mad. When you came back I saw you take a quick look at my wet panties; I saw your cock get hard and the bulge start to grow in your pants.”

I said, “Really, I was doing all I could to keep you from seeing.”

She said, “When you kissed me on the cheek, it took all my will power not to reach out and grab your cock. So, I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I came in here to tell you that I was having the same thoughts and feelings as you. I thought my confession would help you to stop worrying.”

She reached down and took my face between her hands as she had done hundred of times in the past. I smelled the scent of pussy on her hands and knew that she had been masturbating before coming to my room. I took her hands and moved them under my nose, taking in a deep breath and began to lick her fingers.

I moved her hands away from my face and said, “Mom if I don’t stop this right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.”

She said, “Honey, I think I’ve already past the stopping point, but I will go back to my room if that’s what you want me to do.”

I responded, “Mom, what I want is to kaçak iddaa make love to you.”

She said, “That makes me happy, because I want to make love to you Danny.”

I reached over and clicked on the lamp and said, “I want to see your face when we’re making love.”

I saw that mom was wearing one of my T shirts, but did not have on panties.

She smiled and said, “I got it out of the laundry basket, it has your smell on it.”

I pulled the shirt over her head and let it fall onto the floor; we lay there staring at each other until mom rolled onto her back and we began to kiss and explore each others mouths with our tongues. I slid my two middle fingers into her hot wet pussy, withdrew them and placed them in her mouth.

She sucked her juices from my fingers and said, “I do have a sweet tasting pussy.”

She rubbed her hand between her legs and then placed her fingers in my mouth. I sucked the juices off of her fingers and said, “Hot and sweet mom.”

She responded, “And I know your hot cum will taste just as sweet.

I moved my mouth down onto her right nipple and began to suck as I rolled the other one between my thumb and finger. She moaned and wrapped her arms around my head. I moved from one nipple to the other biting, licking and sucking and listening to her moan with pleasure as she stroked my throbbing cock.

She said, “Oh God, you’ve got me so fucking hot! I’ll cum if you get your hard cock or your mouth close to my pussy.”

“I responded, “You’re going to be cumming a lot before I’m through with your hot ass.”

She said, “My pussy is so wet the juices are pouring into the crack of my ass.”

I told her, “Good, I’m going to lick those juices from your pussy and your ass.”

She moaned, “If you put your tongue in my ass, I’ll explode.”

I said, “Then you better prepare for a big blast.”

I slid down and placed my head between her legs and pushed my tongue into her pussy. She arched her back and shoved her hips up toward my face, trying to push my tongue deeper inside her. I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to suck as I flicked my tongue rapidly across the tip of her clit; I reached up and began to squeeze and roll her nipple.

I started rubbing her wet asshole with my thumb and she gave a sudden push taking it into her ass. She moaned, “Oh shit baby that feels so fucking good in my tight asshole.”

I began moving my thumb in and out as she pushed against it and moaned, “You’ve got me filled up baby, keep fucking my ass that way. Shit that’s good.”

She moaned and yelled, “Suck my clit hard baby! Suck it harder! Suck the cum out of my pussy!”

I pushed two fingers into her pussy, massaging the magic spot just a few inches inside. She placed both hands on top of my head and dug her nails into my scalp. I increased the force of my sucking and the flicking of my tongue across her clit.

I felt her legs begin to quiver and shake violently as she yelled, “O shit here it comes baby! Keep sucking, I going to cum hard! Suck, Suck baby! Keep fucking my asshole!”

When mom started to cum, I removed my mouth and began to rub her clit furiously between my thumb and forefinger; hot juices started squirting out of her pussy onto my face and chest. She said, “Oh shit Danny, I’ve never cum that hard in my life.”

I gave her clit a gentle kiss before crawling back on top of mom. I was on my hands and knees with my face just above hers. She pulled my head down and licked her juices from my face and chest.

She asked, “Was my pussy squirting? I’ve never done that before.”

I replied, “Oh yeah it was squirting alright, that’s how your juices got all over my face.”

She said, “That was amazing Danny! Shit, you know how to eat pussy.”

We began kissing again and I licked and sucked on her neck and nipples. Mom reached down between us and grabbed my cock. She moaned, “Now I want that hard cock inside of me.”

I grabbed a pillow, shoved it under her ass and pushed my cock deep inside her tight pussy. She groaned, “Oh God yes, that’s what I need baby. Fuck me!”

My thrusting and pumping grew faster and harder and her hips were pushing up to meet every stroke. Mom groaned, “You’re going to make me cum again baby.”

As she squeezed on her nipples she raised her head off of the pillow so she could look down at my cock moving in and out of her pussy. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head forward, “You want to watch that cock don’t you mom?”

She said, “Oh yeah baby that make me hot. Ram your cock deep in me.”

She moved one hand down and began to frantically rub on her clit as my thrusting action increased in force. “Pound my pussy baby, pound kaçak bahis it!”

Moms’ pussy tightened around my cock and I felt her body shutter and tremble.

She screamed, “Here it is baby! Do you want it! I’m cumming again! Deeper baby, fuck me deep! Faster! Oh, your cock feels so good!”

I slapped mom hard on the cheek of her ass and her pussy juices exploded onto my thighs and ran down the crack of her ass. Her ass was bouncing on the bed as she tried to force my cock deeper into her steaming pussy. We were both breathing heavily as her body went limp and relaxed under me.

She said, “Another great one honey! You amaze me. How long can you keep this up? Not that I’m complaining, that’s for damn sure. If you cock stays hard all night, that’ll be fine with me.”

I said, “I’ve come close to losing my load several times; I keep holding it because I want to shoot my cum into your mouth. You want to swallow my cum, don’t you?”

She responded, “You know I do honey. I’m ready for you to fill my mouth with your hot cum.”

She slid down the bed, wrapped her hand around my swollen cock, and took the head into her mouth. I took in a deep breath as she began stroking and sucking my cock. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long with her sending shock waves of pleasure through my entire body. She was rubbing her clit matching the speed at which she was stroking and sucking on my cock.

She took her mouth off of my cock long enough to say< "You're cock smells and taste so good," She took her hand off my cock and shoved her mouth down around its shaft pushing my cock deep into her throat as she increased the pumping and sucking action. She continued rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. She released my cock and said, “Oh shit baby, I’m getting ready to cum again. Shoot your cum into my throat. Do it now baby!” She put her mouth back down on my cock, pumped harder and faster. My cock jerked violently as squirted her mouth and throat full of cum. She kept sucking to make sure that she swallowed every drop. She moved quickly to mount me, grabbed hold of my cock and shoved it inside her pussy. She said, “Oh shit, let me cum one more time baby! One more big one.” I placed my hands around her throat and squeezed as she bounced up and down on my cock. I held my tight grip until I felt her body shaking and the convulsions deep inside her pussy. I released my grip and she sucked in a deep breath and yelled, “Oh shit that was wonderful! Damn you can fuck! You have worn my ass out. I’ve never cum that many times.” She moved back down and licked the mixture of cum and her juices until my cock was dry and then collapsed onto the bed beside me. We kissed again, this time it was not passionate, but a tender loving kiss She said, “I love you so much Danny!” I replied, “And I love you mom!” We lay there holding each other as I gently rubbed her back. I said, “Mom what we shared tonight was great, but is it going to change us?” She said, “Yes it’ll change us Danny, but only for the better. Let’s go to my room and sleep in my bed; its’ a lot bigger and much more comfortable than yours. If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you play with my toys.” I replied, “Oh, I will be you’re good boy mom.” She responded, “You’re way fucking better than just good Danny.” I said, “You’re the best lover I’ve ever had mom.” She replied, “A moms’ deep love! And lust!” I responded, “I love pretty hard and deep too mom.” She said, “I can’t argue with that; hard and deep for sure.” I said, “I want you to admit something.” She asked, “What is it?” I responded, “Admit that you gave a number of thoughtful and logical reasons for us wanting and needing to make love to each other tonight. You really shot you’re “things just happen” theory all to hell.” She replied, “OK, I will admit that in this instance I was wrong. Yes, there were many reasons and causes for what happened between us. So shoot me! No, don’t shoot me, shoot off in me.” We laughed and hugged and kissed each other. She added, “And since I’m in a confessing and admitting mood, I’ll admit to something else. I divorced your dad because he was fucking a woman who was supposed to be my closest friend. So there, I said it. And that will be enough admitting for tonight. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have more, but right now let’s go to bed.” I said, “I’m really proud of you mom! You know acceptance is the first step on the road to healing and recovery.” She said, “I feel really good about it.” I flipped on the light in the hall and instantly my cock began to stiffen again as I watching my pretty blonde, trim, tight-assed mom walking down the hallway toward her bedroom. She turned to look at me and said, “You’ll have to admit that looking at my ass does as much for you as looking at my tit.” I said, “Mom, I’m thrilled to admit it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32