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Sally Winters sighed as she reached deeper into the oven to clean out the accumulated grease. One thing she hated was cleaning the oven. All that caked on grease and burnt dried particles of meat and cake made it so difficult to scrub. She wished she had invested in a self cleaning oven. But times were hard back then and she knew that it was just a matter of discipline in giving the oven a good wipe down each time she used it.

Her skirt hitched itself higher on her ample ass as she bent forward, trying to reach a particularly difficult spot. The dress she wore was an old one, kept especially for her housecleaning once a month. It was frayed and faded and a bit too small for her, and even had little rips in it. Sally liked to wear it when she tackled the house as she didn’t have to worry about ruining it. Heck, it was already ruined.

There was another reason Sally loved this dress so much. Her late husband loved her in this dress and there were many times when she would be on her hands and knees, deep in cleaning when Ted would sneak up on her. He would lift the dress and pull her panties to one side and then spear his cock deep into her pussy.

She trembled at the memory of how her husband used to thrill her to the tips of her toes. Her mind wandering, she thrust her ass upward and moved a hand between her thighs. Her panties were damp with lust and she moaned softly, thinking of her husband.

“I wish you were here baby. I wish you could shove it in me and take me like you used to.”

Her cunt tingled and twitched at the erotic memory but it would be better to have a hard, throbbing cock fucking into her pussy. How badly she wanted it. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and focused on getting to the particularly stubborn spot, right at the back of the oven.

An eerie feeling made her made her turn to look over her shoulder. She found her son, Tommy, standing in the doorway, his eyes wide and bug eyed as he stared down at her. Sally began to smile and to mouth a greeting to her son until she realised what her son was staring at.

Oh, my God! She thought. He’s looking at my ass

Not only was her ass protruding high up for Tommy’s eyes to take in but he could see her thighs where the slits in her dress fell away. He could see the fleshy, creamy skin as they melded into the lower portion of her panties. Sally’s face flushed as her son continued to stare at her. She tried to pull herself out and up but this only served to raise the skirt higher, exposing her more fully.

She saw the fire in her son’s eyes; saw the lust in his face as he stared at her tawdry display. Her heart skipped a beat as she wondered if Tommy could see the wet spot on her panties, caused by her erotic thoughts of his father. Her own gaze shifted downward, seeing the large bulge in the front of his pants.

She felt a lump catch in her throat as she understood it was her, her ass and thighs that was giving him his hard-on. His cock was large, just like his father’s. A breath escaped her as she wondered how it was possible that Tommy could get a hard-on from his own mother. Was the swollen lump really caused by her or was he maybe thinking of one of his young college girlfriends.

Sally felt a mixture of guilt and humiliation. But yet at the same time she couldn’t deny the feeling of lust and elation that pulsated in her pussy.

I’m being silly. I’m his mother for heavens sake and I’m 42. Just because my ass is in the air, waving in his face doesn’t mean he wants me. And just what do I think I’m doing staring at his cock. You’re a silly assed woman Sally! Yeah! That’s it. Silly Sally.

Tommy didn’t avert his eyes from his mother’s ass. He could see the puffiness of her panty crotch and his eyes didn’t miss the dark spot either. He smiled to himself as he wondered what his mother had been thinking off. He shifted his eyes and stared directly into his mothers eyes.

Sally felt a flood of emotions from Tommy’s searing eyes. She regained her senses and sat back on her heels quickly, not realising that her skirt was now widely splayed out against her hips, her panties clearly visible.

Tommy reached down to cup his crotch as he moved slowly toward his mother.

“Tommy!” she said loudly. “Just what do you think you are doing?”

His eyes were glassy bahis firmaları as they stared at his mother’s damp panties. His hands were still cupping his groin. “I can’t help it, Mom.” He murmured softly.

Sally knew she should be angry but she found it strangely exciting that her son was turned on by her. The fact excited her and although her brain screamed out that it was wrong, she just couldn’t help but enjoy the strange excitement the rippled through her. She felt her nipples tightening and she wished she wasn’t wearing such a thin dress. She could feel Tommy’s eyes burning a hole in her dress, seeking out her hard nipples. He licked his lips as he stared at her. Sally picked herself up, smoothening the dress around her. Her legs were shaking as her son continued staring at her.

“You’re beautiful, Mother,” Tommy said softly. “I’ve always thought you were beautiful but…but seeing you now……”

She couldn’t look at him much less answer him. She felt a hot heat in her seething cunt and her legs felt like unsteady. She leaned back against the kitchen counter, a position that caused her hips to arch forward and her tits to become more taut, her nipples almost poking through her thin bra and dress.

“Y-You — You’ve got nice tits mother. I’ve always liked them.” Tommy said. “Especially in that black dress you have.”

Sally made a strange guttural noise as she realised her son had been admiring her for some time.

“You shouldn’t’ be looking at me Tommy.” she said unconvincingly. “You know it’s not right.” Her breath was coming in quick heaves.

“I’ve spied on you Mother.” Tommy blurted out. “I’ve spied on you and I have dreams about you.”

“Tommy! Stop it! This talk… it isn’t right. ,” she said, almost in a mumble. But her eyes were locked on the swell in the crotch of his pants. ” I. . .I think you better go.”

“Don’t you get horny Mom?” Tommy slurred. “I mean since Daddy died, whose been filling your pussy?”

“Tommy!” Sally gasped. “How dare you speak to your mother like that?”

“I’m just asking Mom” Tommy said brazenly, his eyes still leering at her. “I mean, you must feel the need. You must want some hot cock.”

Sally’s hand flew to her mouth at her son’s brash words. She wanted to act diffident and self-righteous but her son’s words had hit home. It was true. She longed for hard cock and had spent many a night dreaming of hot cock. Yes, Yes, she had even thought of her own son’s cock filling her. Did he know that?

She let out another guttural moan when she saw him pulling at the zipper of his pants.

“No, Tommy, No!” She lifted both hands as if to shield herself.

She couldn’t help but watch as his hands went slowly into his pants, his eyes still fixed on hers. He teased her by moving his hips slowly as if he knew that deep down she wanted to see his cock. Then he pulled his pants down, exposing his penis. Sally gasped audibly.

His cock stood hard and proud. She swallowed hard at the lump in her throat. Her son’s cock was long and thick, much longer than her husbands. She did a quick calculation, realising Tommy was only 20 and his cock still had time to grow. She could see his pre-cum dripping from his cock-eye.

Tommy moved toward her, advancing slowly. Sally’s eyes were fixed upon her son’s turgid cock. She leaned further back against the sink as though trying to get away from her advancing son. He crossed his hands and pulled off his t-shirt if one go, exposing his lean, muscular body. He was standing right in front of her now. She could smell his manly scent. Tommy was easily more than a head taller than Sally and he looked down at her. He reached down and slowly unbuttoned her dress. She felt like a lamb about to be slaughtered.

“No, Tommy, No!” Sally pleaded, but her voice was soft and feeble. Her hands dropped to her side, signalling resignation.

He finished unbuttoning her dress and he pulled it off her. His hands reached up behind her and unclasped her bra. He breathed in sharply as he saw his mother’s large breasts swinging free. His hands cupped her long, hard nipples and she arched her back, pressing more of her breasts into his hands. Her nipples had always been her love buttons and this time was no different. Just the feel of her son’s hands on her nipples sent tremors kaçak iddaa down to her cunt, causing her already damp panties to get even wetter.

It had been just over a year since anyone had touched her breasts. Not just her breasts but anywhere. It felt so good.

“No, Tommy…” she said, almost inaudibly.”Don’t do this. We can’t. We just can’t. I can’t let this happen. We won’t be able to stop.”

“Then don’t stop me, Mother,” he replied, pinching her nipples almost roughly. Sally began to moan. Her thighs pressed together and her hips involuntarily pushed outward. She could feel the pre-cum leaking from her son’s cock coating her thighs. She groaned deeply. “Mother, you want this as bad as I do.”

“I can’t Tommy! I just can’t darling!” Sally cried out as she grabbed his wrists and pulled them from her tits. She pushed him away and ran to her room, down the hall. She heard footsteps behind her and as she reached her bedroom door, Tommy had his arms around her. He held her tightly and she could feel his hard rock stabbing the cheeks of her ass.

“Tommy,” She said thickly, grinding her ass into the hard cock of her son. “You know this is wrong, but you’re right, I do need this. It’s been so long Tommy.”

“I know Mom, I know!” Tommy said excitedly. “I want you too. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you.”

“This stays between us Tommy,” Sally moaned softly into his ear as she turned to face him. Her hand sneaked down to find his thick, pulsing manhood. “No one must ever know.”

“Of course mother… of course!” His eyes were glassy and they were staring at his mother with a mixture of love and lust.

Sally pulled her son by his cock and guided him to her bed. Sally put her hands on her son’s shoulders and slowly ran her hands down his body till she was kneeling in front of him. His cock hung a few tantalising inches away from her face. She stuck out her tongue and licked the pre-cum dripping from its head before she wrapped her mouth lovingly around the purple head.

“Oooohhh Mother!” Tommy cried out as his fingers threaded through his mothers silken brown hair. He pulled her closer to him, causing his cock to slip right into her mouth and almost gagging her.

Sally sucked slowly on his cock, enjoying the rich salty taste of his manhood. A taste that she had gone without for so long. There was a need in her now, a need so strong that it didn’t matter anymore that it was her son’s cock that she was sucking. But her need was greater than just having a cock around. She needed to be fucked and she needed to be fucked now.

She pulled her mouth of his cock and slowly stood up, peeling off her soaking panties as she did so. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Tommy admired his mother’s naked form. Her large breasts with the dark areolas and long nipples were so inviting. Her creamy thighs and well padded hips were so womanly and sexy. Even the light stretch marks and cellulite around her ass turned him on. This was the difference between a woman and a girl! His eyes rested on the thick curls covering her mons and extending down to line her fuck hole. The hairs were matted with her juices and his cock throbbed at the erotic sight.

Tommy moved forward and grabbed hold of his mother’s ankles. He pushed her legs back further, raising her ass and offering up her steaming pussy to him. He started to kneel down to lick his mother’s gash but she stopped him.

“Just fuck me Tommy. Fuck me!” She cried in wanton lust. “I need it so bad, please just fuck me.”

Sally searched for her son’s cock as he placed it between her thighs. She guided the stiff pole to her cunt and moaned softly as she felt him nestle his cock head against her swollen vulva.

“Push, damn it!” she commanded.

Tommy filled her with one long stroke. Her eyes bugged out and her breath emptied out of her with a whooshing sound. Sally felt his hard cock bury itself deep inside her seething cunt. This was what she needed and she started to thrust her hips up at him. She flung her arms above her head and wrapped it around her son’s neck, half lifting her body as she did so. With her body half raised like this, her son’s cock brushed against her throbbing clitoris with each stroke, sending jolts of delight coursing through her entire body.

Her brown hair was kaçak bahis flying about as she tossed her head with lusty moans. He legs wrapped around his back, offering him deeper penetration into her gripping pussy.

The sounds of their love filled the air with a loud slapping sound as her son worked his cock into her pussy. His ass moved rhythmically and with a steady staccato as he rammed his thick poker into his mother’s hot cunt.

Tommy grunted and groaned as he looked at the lust filled face of his mother. His panting excited Sally, letting her know that she was the cause of his pleasure. Her pussy was throbbing and tingling as her body built up to a long awaited climax. She felt her thighs tightening and she wrapped her legs even tighter around her son’s body.

“Oh Yesss… Yesssss!” Sally squealed as her pussy spasmed and started to clench on the cock inside her of its own accord. “I’m cumming… I’m cumming Tommy! Don’t stop! Fuck mother harder….Yessss.. Oh Fuck Mother!!!!!!”

Her eyes bugged out and she let out a low hiss as her body convulsed and shook with pleasure. Her nails dug into her son’s neck and she practically lifted herself tighter to him. She could feel her pussy flexing and unflexing on her sons cock. The spasms began to slow as she felt her orgasm recede. But not for long. The tingling inside her started again as her son started to thrust harder inside her. She looked up at her son’s face and it was a face of pure lust and delight.

“Cum, baby!” Sally urged her son. “Cum in mother’s pussy. Fill me up baby. Fill mother with your juices.”

“Unnnhh… Y — Yes…Gonna cum mother.” Tommy cried out. “Cum with me again Mom… Cum with me!”

Sally began to moan and thrash as an even stronger orgasm rumbled to a head. She could feel the tingling sensation right down to her toes and just when she though it was the best feeling ever, she felt her son’s cock tense and throb within her.

“Cum! Cum baby! Cum in mother’s cunt! Do it!” she urged in a thick voice, thrusting her cunt hard against him. “Do it, do it now. Cum in meeeeee!”

Tommy’s face contorted, as if in pain, then his body started to shudder. “Ohhhh!” he groaned.

Sally felt her son’s cock lurch, then she felt the hot, searing spurts splashing against the walls of her cunt, filling her. She screamed loudly and ground her cunt against his crotch, squeezing her muscles to milk every last drop of cum from his spurting cock.

Tommy slowly lowered her down to the bed and half rested his body on hers. She kissed his heaving chest as she felt his hairs poking and teasing her already sensitive nipples. She held her son tightly, feeling his cock slowly softening within her. Her hands stroked his back lightly as her pussy still spasmed lightly. His cock had softened but not completely like his father’s used to.

“Get off Darling, get off me,” she whispered in his ear.

Tommy pulled his cock out of his mother’s cunt with a soft popping sound. He rolled onto his side and looked at his mother’s heaving chest, her nipples still erect.

Sally sat up and glanced at her son’s cock, glistening from a mixture of both their juices. She cupped a hand between her thighs and getting off the bed, quickly entered the adjoining bathroom. She washed herself out, trembling at the sight of the thick, viscous white fluid seeping out of her. Making sure that her pussy was clean, she wiped up and stood staring at herself in the mirror.

You fucked your son. How could you? How could you fuck your own son?

But somehow she didn’t feel that bad about it. She felt a new connection with her son and a new love for him. There was still some element of guilt but the feeling in her pussy and entire body seemed to make up for it.

She looked at herself in the mirror again. She felt no shame having just fucked her son. With a smile on her face she walked back into the room to see Tommy lying on his back with a hard-on.

“Ready for more Mom?” He teased. “Maybe I can suck your pussy and then fuck you again?”

Sally laughed with giddy delight as she worked her way up his body and placed her freshly washed cunt over his mouth. She sighed deeply as she felt his tongue slide along her gash. Sally knelt forward and just before taking her son’s cock into her mouth she said.

“I have a better idea. Why don’t we 69 and THEN you can fuck mother again.”

The sounds of wet slurping and the strong smell of sex filled the room again. Life was just beginning again for Sally…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32