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Chapter Five

Jason’s Nightmare

Saturday afternoon Mrs Jackson had popped out to do a little shopping. As usual the television had been left on for Jason. There was a cricket match on, but the pace was slow with the batting team holding out for a dull draw.

He reflected on the previous evening, a strange mix of sweet-and-sour. Why had he been so awful to his mother, begrudging her a night out and then coming home late? She had been right, though. He had to admit that much. She did deserve a break, for the unremitting care she had given him since his motorcycle accident.

Was he feeling sorry for himself because of his imprisonment, his uselessness and his utter wretchedness? Or was there another reason at the heart of his outburst? Was it possible that he was jealous that his lover had left him to go and enjoy herself with other men? Was he becoming possessive, and perhaps even obsessive about his mother?

And then there was that incredible blow-job she had given him last night, amazingly his first ever. He began to wonder if it had really happened. Nothing had been said about the previous evening during the morning, and what ever hurtful things Jason had said, his mother appeared to have forgiven him. Her mood had been light and breezy. There even seemed to be an extra spring in her step.

Jason dozed off long before stumps were drawn. Among the many fragmented dreams that accompanied his deep sleep that afternoon, there was one that stood out by way of its completeness and vividness.

He dreamed he was back in hospital. He had been brought in because his abdominal pains were getting worse and giving grave cause for concern. The pretty nurse who had attended him after his accident was at his bedside again. She was the epitome of health and cleanliness in her freshly starched uniform and black pantyhose which were seamed down the backs of her legs. Her hands were sensitive, sanitised and efficient, preparing things in an orderly manner. He watched her move around the bed arranging various items that were to be used on him — thermometer, a kidney bowl, urine bottle, bedpan, a catheter arrangement, and an enema kit.

He tried to catch her eye, but she ignored him, preferring to remain aloof, detached and professional. She started preparing a wash bowl with flannel and towel on a chair. As she bent over to attend to this her skirt lifted showing the backs of her legs just above the knee. Jason’s cock responded in the time-honoured tradition.

“I thought you were going to take off my casts,” he said.

“Oh no… It will be weeks before we can consider that.” She turned around and for the first time looked at him and smiled. Her eyes were big and brown in her petite, pale face. They were the kind that you could easily lose yourself in and looked like they might at any time devour you. Her name tag announced her as “SRN Sandra Wilkins.”

“I have to get you ready for the doctor’s examination,” she said. “I need to get you washed, but first I want you to pee for me.”

“I don’t need to go right now.”

“Everyone can pee a little,” she said, her eyes mocking him. “I need a sample of your urine. And then you will have to try and do a poo for me.”

Jason felt his face colouring. “Oh no, is that really necessary? I mean, what if I can’t?” “No such word as can’t, Mr Jackson.”

It seemed strange a young nurse, no older than him, should refer to him as “Mr”.

“The doctor will need to perform a rectal examination on you. It will therefore be necessary to evacuate your bowels beforehand.”

“What happens if I can’t go… to poo… or even pee?”

“Don’t worry, Mr Jackson. We have ways of persuading you to provide us with what we want. But I’m sure we won’t have to resort to extreme measures to get your kind cooperation. You’re going to be a good boy for me and give me what I want, aren’t you? It will be easier for you if you do.”

She began fiddling with the metal framework that the catheter device was attached to, turning little wheels, knobs and levers to adjust the stand to a convenient angle and height. The sight of the contraption, particularly the invasive looking flexible tube, seemed to threaten him with the idea that it could be used as a form of punishment as well as a medical aid if he didn’t do as he was told. Is that what she meant by ‘persuading’? If only he could provide a sample naturally. But now his body was as tight as a drum skin and would not give an inch.

And a rectal examination..? What was that all about? Were they going to shove a camera up his arse or something..? So that the entire world and his dog could have a look..? The mere thought of this invasion of his most private part, made him clam up completely. There wouldn’t be a laxative in the world that could relieve him.

His abdominal pain was now acute. He couldn’t bear the thought of the pretty nurse seeing all his bits and pieces and then watching him pee and poo. He would be completely humiliated, left without a shred of dignity.

Jason was dressed in a bahis firmaları white cotton gown of the type worn when a person is taken down to the operating theatre. He was lying on the bed, on top of the sheets. The nurse raised the gown to expose his genitals. Jason now sported a burgeoning and painful erection which pulled the skin of his scrotum taut around the balls, so that they were outlined like a pair of walnuts. He closed his eyes, and bit down hard on his lip, shamed by the betrayal of his cock’s desire. Now she would know his true feelings for her. He wanted the floor to open up and devour him. He could feel the nurse’s hands on it now, moving, fingering and manipulating him, attempting to get the wilful blood-filled beast into the bottle neck.

“Oh dear… Mr Percy Penis is being a very naughty boy today. Come on, Mr Percy… you must do better than this.”

She flicked the bulbous purple head with her fingers about half-a-dozen times in an attempt to cool its ardour. But this only had the effect of making him cry out in pain and stiffening his cock even more. But somehow, using a bit of brute force and some KY jelly, Sandra managed to engage the swollen knob-end in the bottle neck. The bottle of course had to be held upside down to accommodate him, causing the young nurse to laugh out loud at the absurdity of the situation.

“Come on, Mr Jackson, be a good, clever boy for me and give me some pee-pee. Do it for Sandra, won’t you… please?”

But Jason was locked solid by his erection. “I can’t nurse, I just can’t!”

“If you don’t, Sister will use the catheter on you.”

“No, please don’t let her! I couldn’t stand it.”

“Then pee for me now. This is your last chance. I’m going to count to ten, and if by then you have still denied me, I’ll have to leave you to Sister. You won’t like it – she can be quite heavy handed sometimes.”

But try as he may, Jason could not start the water flowing.

“You are being extremely obstinate, so we shall see, shan’t we? I know exactly how we will deal with this disobedience. In a moment I will call for Sister and she will not be so lenient with you. She will apply a much firmer hand and make you do as we ask.” Sandra put the urine bottle aside and arranged the bedpan under Jason’s bottom. “Now let’s see how you are at number twos. Please don’t disappoint me this time. I’m beginning to lose patience with you, young man!”

But this proved futile too. Jason could produce nothing other than one loud fart which echoed around the ceiling and did little to relieve his inner tension.

“I’m sorry, nurse, I didn’t mean to…” “Well, if the best you can do is to embarrass us both with a rude noise… dear-oh-dear… it’s an enema for you as well as the catheter, young man…that will sort you out good and proper.

“Now, I have to take your temperature, and for that I will need your feet in the stirrups.”

And for the first time Jason noticed the contraption that was dangling from the ceiling — a pair of shiny metal hoops were attached to thick white cords that ran over pulley wheels. Sandra cranked a handle that winched the stirrups down to bed level, secured Jason’s feet in the hoops and wound them back up again. This had the effect of not only raising his legs, but drawing them apart too. Sandra continued to wind until Jason legs were well spread and his arse was raised off the bed. Then he watched Sandra wind the crank back again to lower him slightly, so that his main body weight was supported on the upper part of his buttocks, but the elevation of his pelvis was such that his arsehole remained accessible and convenient for inspection.

Sandra sterilised the thermometer, shook it a couple of times, and said: “Open wide, Mr Jackson.”

And Jason responded by opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue.

“Not that way, silly!” And she proceeded to open the slitty mouth of Jason’s cock with the thermometer by teasing the little pink slit with the mercury end. “Come on, open up for Sandra.”

“No! You can’t. Ouch! You can’t put it in there for God’s sake!”

“Oh can’t I? Well, let’s see shall we? Now just relax.” And Sandra continued to prod, more insistently now, at the narrow opening to Jason’s cock. She moved the tip in about half a centimetre, and worked it in a circular motion, gently but firmly persuading it to give way.

“Aggh!” Jason’s legs kicked in the stirrups, but his movement was restricted. “That really hurts.”

“Oh don’t be such a cry baby!”

Jason reached out with phantom arms to push the nurse away. But of course, that was impossible, his real arms stayed imprisoned by the casts. He could only watch helplessly at her dibbing his cock with the thermometer end. With each prod, so Jason’s whole body jerked with the lances of pain. He tried to be brave.

As she withdrew the thermometer she noticed a silver thread of something clinging to the tip as she brought it away. She knew exactly what this was.

“In a moment the thermometer will slip in easily. You’re oozing, which kaçak iddaa is just as well for you because I forgot to use the KY.”

Sandra entwined the string of pre-cum around the thermometer, and then dipped the tip into the seeping tiny red slit to scoop some more lubrication before repeating the action. “There we are… all nice and slippery and ready for penetration,” she said, apparently now enjoying the young man’s distress.

She then very carefully inserted the thermometer to about two centimetres and paused, supporting it between her forefinger and thumb for a moment “Breathe deeply, Mr Jackson… just a little bit more to go and it will be all over and done with… before you know it.”

The strange thing was, once initial penetration had been achieved, it barely hurt at all, in fact it was a rather pleasant sensation having his penis penetrated by a foreign body and the nurse was able to slide the thermometer to about halfway in without any more fuss from Jason. At this point she left it sticking out like a flagpole from the tiny mouth of Jason’s cock.

“There, I’ll leave you like that for a moment while I fetch Sister Roberts.”

Jason looked helplessly at his predicament, the thermometer projecting from his cock quite hideously. The nurse seemed to be gone some time. The funny thing was, each time Jason looked afresh at the thermometer, the less of it there seemed to be protruding. Or was he imagining it? Amazingly, he still had one hell of an erection, probably his best ever — an absolute stonker!

The feeling of being penetrated like this was far more pleasant than he would have thought, even stimulating. Now when he looked, it seemed there was only about one centimetre peeping out. Was it working its way into his body like it had a mind and a power of its own? He attempted to call out to the nurse, but no sound came. Fearing the worst, he tried to call out again. But it was as if he’d been struck dumb by some phantom force.

And then suddenly, as if to answer his mute call, Sister Roberts, a big no-frills, muscular middle-aged lady with huge breasts barged through the double swing doors, followed by the sweet little nurse.

“Now what’s all this nonsense about not going to the toilet..?” The Sister stopped suddenly, looking puzzled. Sandra stumbled into the back of her. “I thought you said you were taking the patient’s temperature, nurse?”

“I am. Why..?” and then she too saw the cause of the sister’s consternation.

“Well, either the thermometer has fallen out somewhere, or got lost inside him. You should have stayed with the patient and kept your eye on him, Nurse Wilkins.”

And when Jason also saw the cause of the ladies’ concern, he was mortified. “Where the hell’s it gone?”

“Don’t panic, Mr Jackson. It’s probably just slipped in under its own weight. It sometimes happens when a patient becomes aroused by the insertion and then secretes, thus allowing deeper than normal penetration. You must be very slick for that to happen. I’ll retrieve it right away.” The sister then stepped towards Jason and grasped his throbbing dick with her strong hands. She fumbled around under his shaft and located the slim glass tube nestling in Jason’s urethra. It had slipped down a good way.

“Can you get it out?” said Jason, looking really worried by now.

“I should think so, but you must keep nice and hard for me. Try and relax the rest of your body at the same time.”

Jason tried his best to oblige, and prayed for a favourable outcome.

By pressing her thumbs alternately behind the end of the thermometer, the sister managed to work the instrument back up the urethral duct and out of Jason’s cock in less than thirty seconds. “There we are… all better. I’m bound to say… you have a magnificent prick, young man!”

The thermometer came away with a big loop of pre-cum linking it to Jason’s throbbing dick, glistening like a fine silver thread in the bright overhead arc-light. In fact the sensation of it coming back out nearly caused him to cum for real. He just managed to avert an embarrassing disaster by thinking of something else. It was a close call. He felt very on the edge.

“My word, Mr Jackson. You appear to have rather enjoyed your little adventure.” She broke the thread of secretion and put on her glasses to read the scale. “Just as I thought – this is one hot cock! Nurse Wilkins..? Prepare for catheterization and enema, please.”

Sandra sterilised both catheter and enema tube, and filled the enema bottle with warm soapy water.

“Thank you, nurse. Now stand by to subdue the patient while I insert the catheter. Use the gas and air if it helps.”

Sandra stood by with the Entonox, covering Jason’s mouth every time the catheter tube caused him discomfort during its inward journey. He would become agitated, writhing and squirming until Sandra calmed him with the ‘gas-and-air’. “Breathe, Mr Jackson… Breathe!”

“Now watch for the urine, nurse, said Sister, “as I think we’re almost into the bladder. Just have to pop through kaçak bahis the urethral sphincter and… yes… that’s got it… here it comes, lovely deep yellow… Mmm, a strong concentrate. That will take some analysing. There we are… good! That’s got it all… but I’ll just leave it in place a moment while I perform the enema.”

And continuing her no-nonsense approach she lubricated the enema tube with KY and then greased Jason’s arsehole. The clear plastic tube went smoothly and deeply into his rectum. She then filled him with the warm water and flushed out his bowels into the bedpan.

“There we are, Mr Jackson… all done.”

Just then Jason’s GP, Dr Phillips, appeared through the double doors of the ward.

“Hello Doctor Phillips,” said Sister Roberts. “Mr Jackson is nearly ready for you. “Remove catheter and enema please Nurse Wilkins.”

“How are you, Mr Jackson?” said the doctor.

But Jason could still not speak.

“Very well,” said Dr Phillips. “I will perform rectal examination first. Prepare the gloves for me Nurse Wilkins.”

The nurse opened a new sealed pack of latex gloves, pre-powdered inside, and carefully slid them onto the doctor’s hands.

“Thank you nurse, and will you apply KY to my right hand, and also to the patient’s posterior.”

The doctor pulled up a chair adjacent to Jason’s bottom. “Can you shine a light on the patient’s anus, please nurse?”

Sandra fetched a small mag-light torch from the bedside cabinet and did so.

“Mmm, very good… very good indeed. Nice and clean. Now, Sister if you watch from the other side… and nurse… if you sit next to me on my left, you can both see what’s going on.”

The doctor began by inserting one finger into Jason’s rectum and easing the muscular ring. Then he inserted another, and began making gentle, twisting movements, back and forth, to gradually stretch the sphincter. Then he pushed his two fingers in up to the top knuckle and out… and then in again. He worked his fingers up and down like a slow-moving piston until he felt the tense sphincter relax and become more receptive.

“Now prepare to be amazed, Nurse Wilkins. Watch and learn.” And the doctor proceeded to make his long sensitive fingers into one complete conical shape before inserting them slowly and steadily into the hole until his whole hand was submerged inside Jason’s bottom. Then he twisted it and angled his fingers downward until he could feel the soft walnut shape of Jason’s prostate. There were a lot of rude sounds of air escaping. Sandra’s mouth fell open as she marvelled at the doctor’s skill. How could a whole hand go into a bottom as easily as that?

“Perfect, nothing wrong here. Now I’m going to massage the prostate gland. With a bit of luck, we should all be able to witness the beneficial effect that this has on the patient.”

Jason became aware of a very pleasant sensation indeed. It was as if he was being masturbated from the inside. His eyes began to roll and his body responded agreeably.

“You see how he enjoys this. I am now stimulating him. In fact…” And here the doctor paused to put his left hand on Nurse Wilkins’ knee. He leaned over to whisper in her ear. “I could make him orgasm by anal stimulation alone, if I wanted to.”

“That’s just incredible!” said Sandra, all agog. “Would you like to see the patient ejaculate, Nurse Wilkins… Mmm?”


“Ahem,” interrupted Sister Roberts. “Hadn’t we better get on with what needs to be done? There’s another patient I’m due to see in fifteen minutes”

“Yes, you’re probably right, Sister. Mr Jackson’s back passage is A1 anyway. That was a most enjoyable exploration. But I think we still need a semen sample to be absolutely sure of the patient’s overall condition and health.”

The doctor withdrew his hand from Jason’s back passage with a wet sucking noise. He binned the gloves.

“How are we to get that?” said the sister. “Obviously, Mr Jackson can’t see to himself in his present condition.”

“One of us will have to do it for him,” replied the doctor. “Needs must… needs must! We will draw lots.” He indicated a box of straws on the bedside locker. “We’ll use those… perfect!”

“I’ll make them different lengths,” said Nurse Wilkins, helpfully.

“And the one who draws the shortest straw gets to do it?” said Sister.

“Or the longest,” said the doctor. “That might be more appropriate.”

In the end it was decided that whoever drew the longest straw would be the person to do the deed. By some strange coincidence, the doctor was the one left with the longest.

“Right, let’s not waste any more time. Sister..? Grease Mr Jackson’s penis for me. Nurse Wilkins..? You will stand by with the kidney bowl. I’ll soon have the young chap spurting for us.”

Hearing all this going on about him, Jason could only lie in silence and await his fate. He tried to wriggle free, but without the use of his arms and his legs rendered useless by the stirrups, he was their prisoner and as a consequence – at their complete and utter mercy. He realised now that their intention all along had been to milk him for his sperm. They were not satisfied with thoroughly humiliating him, draining him of piss and shit. They now wanted his semen too!

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