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The air was thick with the smells of perfume and cigarettes. A burst of sunlight illuminated the small bar as a young man walked through the door. Their eyes meet as he looked around before taking a seat at the bar. In the mirror behind the bottles of liquor he saw a vision of heaven. Her dark hair, which could only be described as black as space itself, fell on either side of her face framing it perfectly.

The darkness of the bar made it hard to tell that her eyes were a shade of brown that almost looked black. She sat alone in a booth sipping on some mixed drink. The young man watched as some drunk guy walked up to her and tried to hit on her only to be waved away. It was then that the Bartender asked for his order.

“I’ll have a Johnny Walker on the rocks neat and one of what ever that young lady in the booth is having.” Nodding his head towards the raven haired goddess, the bar back just grinned and poured the drinks then wished the guy good luck. Grabbing a drink in both hands, he strolled confidently the booth she was sitting in. Without asking he sat across from her and placed extra drink in front of her.

“Good evening, I couldn’t help but notice you as I came in. My name’s…. Drew, how are you doing tonight gorgeous?” His confidence was something else.

She took a drink of her glass and looked him over. Rather on the tall side, he had short dark brown hair slicked back, a couple days of stubble on his chin and a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. Using one finger he pushed his rimmed glasses back up to the bridge of his nose. He was handsome in a rugged geeky kind of way.

“Well Drew, was it? I thank you for the drink but I’m actually meeting someone here. My boyfriend is supposed to be here any time now.” She gave him a coy smile as she took another drink.

“Hmm, your boyfriend you say. Well either he has to be the stupidest son of a bitch ever or the bravest. Leaving a Goddess such as yourself in this bar all alone, you might just meet someone better than him. You never gave me your name.” He couldn’t help but grin, he absolutely loved when she would play hard to get.

“Did I now? Well you can just call me Leah. And I don’t think I could meet anyone better than him. Not many people know the kinds of things he does, like how to hijack an elephant. Do you know how to do that?” She removed the jacket she had been wearing which revealed a shoulderless dress and her inked skin, which she knew would drive him crazy. He bit his bottom lip and stifled a growl when he saw her ink. There was something inherently sexy about a woman with tattoos.

“Believe it or not, I do know that maneuver. You run up their face, do a lil flip around move to where you’re straddling their head, then you push on their head till they submit.” They both erupted in laughter and that’s when he felt her foot inching its way up his leg.

“Maybe you were right about my guy. He should have been here by now and yet he leaves me in the company of a handsome dashing stranger that is making me wanna be dirty. How about we go into the bathroom and you can see if that move works on me?” She winked at him and without waiting for a response, she got up and walked to the women’s restroom. The young man gulped down what was left of his scotch and followed the beautiful woman into the bathroom.

The moment he walked through the door he was attacked by her. Their lips touched and sparks flew between them. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her against his body. The feel of her skin was electric to him. She grabbed his shirt and dragged him into a stall and pushed him against the side of it. In a heartbeat she was kissing on his neck, flicking her kıbrıs escort tongue over his earlobe before sucking on it. He couldn’t control it this time and a loud growl escaped him.

Leah pulled back with a mischievous grin on her face and Drew knew exactly why she had. He leaned forward, gently kissed her lips then placed his hand on her head and gently pushed. She slowly dropped to her knees before him and let her hands run up and down his pants legs. Grabbing his belt she unhooked it, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled down the zipper. His erection was straining against the fabric, yearning to be free.

She brushed her fingertips against the mound of hair above his shaft. He could feel her hot breath all over his crotch. Her pink tongue slithered out of her mouth and gingerly caressed his flesh. She heard his moan and knew he wanted to feel her mouth but she was gonna tease him. She wrapped her hand around it and lightly ran her hand up and down the length. While he may not have the longest piece of meat, it amazed her how thick it was. She ran her tongue over the massive purple tip staring her in the face.

Drew put one hand on the back of her head which Leah knew meant he was getting impatient. She opened her soft lips and wrapped them around his member. A sigh of relief could be heard as she painstakingly slowly took his full hardness into her wet waiting mouth. His fingers wove into her hair grabbing a small chunk of it. She expertly worked his tool, sliding him deeper into her mouth and throat. She had just gotten all of his swollen trouser snake in her mouth when they both heard the door to the bathroom open and a woman’s voice move into the stall next to them.

Leah had stopped her movements when Drew started to thrust his hips back and forth. Slowly he began to fuck her mouth, enjoying the feel of her wet lips and tongue envelope him. He knew she was loving this as much as he was, they both got off to playing in public. As he thrust, Leah grabbed onto his ass and dug her fingers into it and pulled him towards her. Her head started to lightly hit the stall wall with his rythmic movement.

The woman in the stall next to them heard the thumping and pushed on their door to investigate. The blonde woman watched as Drew fucked Leah’s mouth. They both knew they were being watched but neither cared. Drew could feel he was about to cum so he thrusted deep into her mouth and released a torrent of hot man cream down her throat.

Leah was used to how much her man could cum and swallowed every drop that he released. She released his johnson with a soft plop. Leah had to stifle a laugh as Drew turned to their audience, grabbed his junk and put it up while asking her if she enjoyed the show. She just nodded and stumbled out the door. He grabbed Leah’s hand and helped her up off the floor. Hand in hand, the pair walked out of the bar together and to their car. He opened her door and closed it after she had gotten in.

“So baby, Drew…really? That’s the best you could come up with Chris?” They both laughed as he started up the car.

“Ok so its not my best work, my mind blanked and all I could think was of the quarterback for the Saints. But what about you huh, Leah??? That’s what you came up with.” Her response was to hit him in his arm as hard as she could. He just laughed and slipped his hands between her legs and under her dress. Running his fingertips over her inner thighs elicited a gasp from her. He squeezed her soft smooth skin, god how he loved to feel her skin.

“You know, I don’t think that bar bathroom was enough action for tonight. How about we stop by the pool and finish what we started back there.” His voice konya escort came out as a growl which made her wet with excitement. It had been a while since they had fun in a pool.

He set the cruise control, left his one hand on the wheel while he inched his hand up her thigh. She spread her legs a little wider so he could feel how wet she was. His fingers ran over the sheer fabric of her panties, and even through the cloth he could feel her wetness.

His fingers moved under the clothing and started to caress her lips. Lightly rubbing her clit as he explored her. She bit her bottom lip, wishing his finger would enter her. No sooner had she thought it than his middle finger began to probe her wet hole. His finger slide into her all the way, he curled his finger and began to rub her gspot as he fingered her.

Leah grabbed the arm rest of her door as he stroked her clit and gspot at the same time. The combined stimulation had made her face flush and her legs began to tremble as the waves of pleasure washed over her. This was one of the reasons she loved him, he could give her some of the most intense orgasms.

Her velvet walls started to clench around his finger telling him she was cumming. Her moans became ragged as she was overcome with ecstasy. Chris slowly pulled his finger out of her and began to lick it cleaning. Tasting her sweet juices just made him want to bury his face between her thighs.

They pulled up to their building, got out of the car and walked the short distance to the pool. The pool was at the center of the complex with several buildings surrounding it and could be seen by anyone on those balconies.

Chris couldn’t help but stop and watch her unzip her dress do a little shake and watch it hit the ground. His goddess stood in front of him in a black thong and black bra before walking down the steps into the hot tub. He hurried out of his jeans and shirt and joined her.

The heat of the water made his ordinarily pale skin turn a bright red. She floated over to him and wrapped her legs around his waist and started to kiss his neck. Chris placed his hands on her hips and began pulling her closer to him when she bit his shoulder.

The rush of pain and pleasure made him grow harder and she could feel it pressing against her. Chris backed her against the wall and put her on the edge of the hot tub. Leah’s legs dangled in the water as he spread her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs.

Dragging his tongue over them in loops, light kisses mixed in with his hands grabbing her flesh. He dipped down in the water so her legs would be over his shoulders. Chris couldn’t control himself anymore, pulling her panties to the side he began to lightly lick up and down her lips.

Flicking his tongue over her button, pushing it inside her. He had never known a woman that tasted as sweet as she did. While Chris could barely hear her because he had her thighs against his ears, Leah was moaning and lightly growling with every movement of his tongue, and she was getting louder. He began to suck on her clit, rubbing his tongue all over it which only made her louder.

She leaned forward which placed her breasts right on his head. Raking her nails was greeted with a muffled growl and and an even fervored attention to her clit. She repeated this action several times, each time leaving little red welt lines up his back.

Chris took one hand off of Leah’s thigh and shoved two fingers into her. Instantly curling them he feverishly rubbed her gspot while suckin on her clit, he wanted her to cum all over his face. Within seconds he got his wish, he could feel her entire body trembling and then got a taste of her sweetness kuşadası escort as it flooded his mouth. Leah pushed his head away from her crotch and hopped down into the water with him.

“Alright you’ve had your fun, now its time to give me what I want. I wanna feel you inside me, throbbing, pulsating till i milk you dry.” Leah kissed him and pulled his face to hers and bit his lower lip. He grabbed her ass with one hand, lifted her up and with his free hand pulled his boxers down enough to get his hard cock out.

Before he could react Leah pushed herself down and had taken all of him in one try. A gasp escaped both of their lips as the pleasure overwhelmed them. Then Chris started to move in and out of her, leaving just the tip in and slamming her down onto it. With every down stroke she dug her nails into his shoulders more.

Leah had thrown her head back and that’s when she noticed that there was a short red headed woman with thick thighs and a nice rack standing on her balcony watching the two of them. As she looked around more she noticed more people watching them from their balconies, some couples but mostly women watching as she was impaled by her man. Chris noticed her looking around and when he noticed their captive audience it fueled him on even more.

He pulled out of Leah, turned her around and pushed her forward causing her nice round ass to jut out. As he stood up out of the water he could hear a couple hoots and hollers directed at him. Taking his meat in hand, he slapped it against each cheek and rubbed it down her ass crack.

The tip brushed against her lips for a moment before he sunk it into her. His fingers sunk into the flesh of her hips as he gripped her. It started as a slow thrusting but kept increasing in speed and power. Every stroke was making Leah moan louder which made Chris growl more.

Releasing one of his hands, he grabbed her leg and propped it on the side of the hot tub to allow deeper access. Then he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back, he wanted her to see all the people watching them fuck like animals. Chris reached back with his other hand and spanked Leah so hard you could make out the fingers on the whelp.

This caused two things to happen, the vibration caused her ample bosom to jiggle and it made Leah start to slam back on his cock. He stopped thrusting and let her impale herself on his thick pole. Chris loved watching her body move, no woman could move the way she could.

Leah loved being taken from behind but right now she wanted to be in control. She pushed back with enough force to unbalance Chris. As he slide out of her she turned around, placed a hand on his shoulder and pushed him to sit down. Putting a foot on either side of his thighs she squatted and took him inside her again.

He reached up unhooked her bra and started to kiss and nuzzle her bare breasts. Licking and sucking on her nipples while she happily bounced away. Leah loved to ride and grind on him because Chris would pay so much attention to her nipples like he was now. He was flicking his tongue over her nipples, lightly biting them and the rings in them. With breast in each hand, he couldn’t help but put his face between them. He had been holding on for a while but couldn’t anymore.

Releasing her breasts Chris grabbed Leah’s hips and pushed her down, he wanted to be as deep as possible. She saw his eyes roll back and knew she was about to be rewarded. Chris erupted inside of her, filling her with the warmth she wanted.

That pushed her over the edge, the orgasm made her tighter and each time he throbbed she tightened even more. Chris came again which caused Leah to cum again. They collapsed against each other exhausted. Leah tried to stand but her knees buckled. Chris laughed, waited till she had her bra back on and picked her up. Stopping to get all their clothes, Chris carried her back to their apt so they could continue their fun in the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32