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After lying in abject sexual frustration for what seemed like hours, Diana felt a light touch next to her sex. She felt someone pulling softly at the bindings that held her so admirably. She said, “Who’s there?”

The only response was to have a ball gag shoved deeply into her mouth. She opened her mouth as widely as she could and felt as it was inserted behind her teeth and buckled tightly behind her head. Then the picking at the material resumed. For the life of her she could not understand what was happening. But, even these small touches were enough to increase her arousal. She began moaning softly through the gag.

The motion she felt started at one thigh and then moved across her pubic shelf to the other side. Then down her thighs below her sex and then across again.

Seemingly finished, the soft picking moved to her breasts and circled each nipple before it stopped. Then she heard the unmistakable sound of scissors as they cut through the material exposing her entire pubic shelf and making her vagina and clitoris somewhat available. The hand wielding the scissors moved to her breasts and neatly cut the material covering her nipples. The breeze from the fan felt cool and gooseflesh formed on her areolas nearly immediately.

But, this feeling of delightful coolness was soon replaced with warm lips sucking her nipples softly — at first. The pressure increased and she began writhing in her bonds straining to find some form of relief.

When the slender finger moved to her sex and gently parted her lips, she tried to scream — there was no sound. The gag was very effective. The only activity that was possible for her was to lie on the bed and try to enjoy the warm mouth on her nipples and endure the sliding fingers seeking her clitoris.

When she heard the buzzing of the vibrator, she was secretly relieved. And though this feeling of relief was strong it was coupled with a bit of fear. What was going to happen to her? She did not know, but she started thrashing with renewed vigor.

A gentle, but firm hand, was placed on her stomach and pushed her down. She heard a, “Shhhh” and ceased moving. When the wand vibrator was gently placed on her clitoris, Diana nearly swooned. It was such an incredibly intense feeling — after a night’s frustration — that she started bucking almost immediately. She felt the moisture between her legs begin to soak the bandages. Still, the vibrator continuing probing and the lips sucked her nipples with more and more vigor. Almost as soon as one orgasm was finished, another was beginning. She could not believe how frustratingly-wonderful it felt. Tears formed and were immediately absorbed the cotton layer under the bandaging material.

“What are you doing, Angela?”

“I was astalavista porno just giving her . . .some relief . . . you know it can be so frustrating.”

“You know that is not allowed, don’t you?”

“Yes, John, I do. But, she is my friend and I was only trying to help.”

“You know what is going to happen now, don’t you?”

“I guess. I am to be punished. Right?”

“Right. Now, I want you to return to your room and find your bracelets and collar. Put them on and join us in the morning. I will decide by then what should happen to you.

Bending down, he removed the ball gag and kissed her lips softly. “I am sorry. She should not have done that. But, she will be punished. Now, get some sleep. You will need all of your strength for tomorrow.”

Taking a blanket, John covered up Diana and left the room. The night seemed to go on forever. Diana, secure in her bondage and soaked from her own juices, never did find sleep again.

It was in her mind to leave this place. She had no wish to get her friend in trouble, and she had plenty of information for her story. But, there was another factor. The two — John and Angela — were opening doorways that she never had dreamed existed. These doors led to a pleasure that she had never even dreamed of. It seemed all of her life she had been frustrated in sex. Now, having experienced the wonders that were possible, she was not that anxious to stop her journey of exploration. Maybe one more day, she thought. What could they do to her in a day, anyway?

When she felt herself being lifted off the bed and placed on the pedestal, she woke. The bandages were removed quickly and efficiently, then discarded. They were soaking wet — especially those near her sex. With a playful slap on the rump she was directed to the shower. The water felt fantastic and by the time she had finished her morning toiletries, she felt much better: stronger and ready to face the day.

On the bed where she had slept last night was placed one of the most outlandish outfits she had ever seen. It appeared to be made completely of soft, flexible rubber. The outfit was in two pieces. There were pants — of a sort — and a bra. The pants featured a large phallus on the inside. The bra had small rubber knobs that would surround her nipples. “That is called a grope suit. We have them made by a particularly demented man in the Netherlands. Put them on and join Angela and me in the exercise room.” John instructed. “There is lubricant on the night stand, if you need it.

An hour ago the phallus would have slipped in easily, but now the lubricant was a welcome addition. As Diana sat on the bed greasing the rubber dildo, she still had a feeling that she should leave. But, asyalı porno as strong as this feeling was, the compulsion to find out a little bit more and experience something a little bit out of the ordinary kept her in place. As she turned the “pants’ right-side-out again, she noticed a valve on the bottom of the phallus. She didn’t think much about it — but she would

With a sigh she sprinkled the baby powder on the pants and slipped into them. When the phallus reached her vagina, she eased it in carefully. Pulling the pants up was easier now and she finished in a matter of seconds. The bra was a different story altogether.

This required her to stretch her arms toward the ceiling and use them to expand the flexible material over her head. This done, she pulled it down carefully. Though the baby powder helped, it was still a struggle to get the odd piece of rubber clothing into place. Once her breasts were thrust into the cups, this too slipped into place. Remembering that John had told her to wear both the wrist cuffs, collar, and belt: she retrieved these from the night stand and clicked them into position. She was ready.

Walking in this contraption was an amazing experience. She could hardly believe that anything could be so stimulating. Each footfall brought a nuance of feeling transmitted by the rubber material. The phallus moved seductively as she moved. The bra caressed her nipples and by the time she reached the next room, they were fully erect.

When she walked into the room she was amazed to see Angela in exactly the same outfit that she now wore. She looked at her and started to speak. Angela stopped her with a look. John, taking her by the hand, said, “Today, because this is a special occasion, we are going to try to perform one of the more difficult exercises we have here. We call it synchronicity. In case you are too nervous to ask, it is simply that you and Angela will become one. Everything you do this day will be done together as if you were a part of each other. Now, go stand by her and we can get started.”

Diana stood next to Angela with a thousand questions longing to be asked. She said nothing. Taking a long length of flexible rubber cord, John started at their ankles. He carefully knotted the material and then wound it around her right leg and Angela’s left leg. The rubber was stretched tightly and this had the effect of drawing their legs together. Diana could not move her leg without Diana moving hers. It was an amazing feeling. When he reached their upper thighs, he tied off the cord.

After retrieving a handful of rubber bands, he said, “Okay, I want you to put your opposite hands together back to back.” They complied and he began twisting rubber bands and duş porno putting one on each joint of their joined fingers, welded their hands together. Taking another length of the flexible rubber cord, he wound their arms together tightly. Now, one arm and one leg were bound together.

But, he was not finished yet. Moving them as closely togther as possible he took one of the special locking hooks for their belts. He put it into the recessed holes and turned it sharply. Now their hips were joined at the waist as well. Taking another combination hook, their collars were joined. Still not satisfied with their bondage, took their remaining free hand and attached it to their belts.

“Do you know what this is, students?” John said as he held up a short leather whip with two sections. “Whoever is first will be the last to feel it . . . . “

Diana stammered, “It is a tawse. A flogger with origins in Scotland used for disciplining children.”

“Or reluctant women . . . Good, this is how it feels.” With a flourish he brought it back and slapped Angela on the buttocks with a great deal of force. She yelped loudly. “Good, that is the reaction I was hoping for. Now, I want you two to start marching in place. If you do not go fast enough, you will feel this tawse again.”

They started moving. Each step caused a corresponding reaction in the phalluses thrust deep inside of them. They moved faster still. It took a few minutes to get the sack-race step down, but they were getting better. This did not cause John to hit them any less.

Diana could feel her buttocks starting to swell and tried to move a little more quickly to prevent the return of the lash. But, to no avail as the blows continued. She felt tears forming in her eyes and dribbling down her face. Still, the flogging continued as did their arousal.

Momentarily satisfied, John said, “Okay, stop. I have one more thing to do before I let you go full-bore. Reaching over to the workbench he returned with two small hoses. Diana could hear the air escaping them in a soft hiss. Bending down in front of them, he attached first one hose and then the other to the valve on the outside of the rubber pants. Returning to the bench, he flipped the switch on the compressor and moved the valve forward a little. The effect was immediate as the phalluses within them suddenly became alive.

There were two motions. A strong vibration and a piston like pumping. Taking the tawse in hand he said, “Okay, now let’s see you really work.”

With that he moved the lever forward another notch and watched as their faces were becoming flushed as they moved toward orgasm. When the sweat was rolling off their bodies, he began the whipping once more. Faster and faster they walked but there was no escaped from either the lash or the pounding phalluses within them. Their fist orgasm caught them almost simultaneously and they stopped oblivious to the whip and everything else. John redoubled his efforts and their legs began to move, in unison, once again. The motion continued . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32