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You are totally naked for me. You are not always naked for spankings, but panties are never allowed. When I really want to torment you, as I do today, then you must be fully nude.

Today, you are also wearing clamps on your nipples. There is a chain dangling between the two clamps, and a series of small weights attached to the chain. The weights are not enough to stretch your tits, but, when they swing, they will tug at your nipples nicely.

I am wearing a button-down shirt and slacks (“Nice Pants!” for no stains). Though I’m not wearing a tie or anything formal, my mode of dress might lead one to wonder if I was going to work, to meet company, or to a business lunch.

You lie across my lap, being careful to avoid having the nipple clamp chain rub too much on my legs, or worse, to catch on anything. I let my left hand wander over your back, caressing the soft skin of your back; so sexy, so beautiful. My right hand cups your ass cheeks, massaging, caressing, testing. Your ass is used to my abuse, my affections, my manipulations, suadiye escort but somehow each time seems like the first time. We try to keep things new and exciting, and have succeeded quite well so far.

I slap your ass lightly two times… more to relieve your anxiety than anything. I reach down with my left hand and take a handful of hair, not pulling hard, but making sure that your head remains high, and to help you feel secure. I squeeze my fingers in your hair and smile as I hear a slight moan escape from your mouth.

I rub small circles over your ass a few times and then *SWAT* *SWAT* *SWAT* three more spanks to your ass cheeks. I take a moment to massage where I swatted and to feel the heat begin to grow on your ass.

*SWAT SWAT SWAT* Alternating ass cheeks as the color really begins to show now, your entire ass now a nice shade of red. I run my fingers lightly along your slit, feeling your excitement beginning to build. I could smell it already, but enjoy the confirmation and the teasing yakacık escort effect that it has on you as well.

*SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT!!!* HARD slaps repeatedly to one ass cheek, in exactly the same spot. You will have a handprint on your ass in this spot where I have chosen to mark you. These spankings are hard enough that my hand stings a bit, but we both love when I mark you as my own. It is also this spot which you will have to try to avoid sitting on tomorrow until your ass recovers a little.

*SLAP SLAP SLAP* Now between your legs, your pussy receiving the brunt of these spankings. You gasp in surprise, as you weren’t expecting to get spanked there, but there is a definite arousal in your breathing now.

I reach under you and rub your juices onto your clit, rubbing it in tiny circles to keep you extremely aroused. As my fingers strum your clit, my thumb enters your pussy. You are now VERY wet, and your pussy tries to suck my thumb in further. I fuck you with my thumb and stroke your clit, bringing şerifali escort you to the brink of orgasm, but then stop before you get all the way there.

I pull my wet thumb from your pussy and tease your asshole with it, at first just rubbing the wetness around the rim of your ass. I lubricate my thumb more fully with your juices this time and then press it inside of your ass, just to the first knuckle as my fingers resume the manipulation of your clit.

I slide my forefinger into your pussy while your asshole clenches on my thumb, and I am now stimulating your clit, pussy, and asshole all at once – my other hand still holding onto your hair. You feel my erection poking your stomach, and you know that you are not the only one who is enjoying the fun.

I whisper to you “Cum for me, slut” and begin fucking my thumb in and out of your asshole quickly now, and my finger in your pussy follows along, the whole time rubbing your clit with my remaining fingers. I press onto your clit as your climax hits, and you explode for me, sopping my hand in your wetness. I wrap my left arm around your body a bit, to make sure that you don’t fall, and let you ride out your orgasm. I gently rub your ass and pussy then, knowing how sensitive they both are and letting you come back to your senses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32