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Master and i are sitting at the counter, eating spinach salads and club crackers with that heavenly smoked shrimp spread He bought from the little gourmet shop down the street. Half finished bottles of soda and water litter the counter top, and i’m playing with His laptop, checking my email. We just finished a couple of hours of part D/s play, part sumptuous lovemaking and are surfeit, replete with satisfaction. Satiated. The glow of fulfillment is still buzzing through my well used body.

He’d mentioned earlier something about inviting His friend over, and i didn’t feel ready for that. Before i even arrived He told me He was going to push me this time, further than ever before, and we were having a mild disagreement over this-not the pushing but the impending company. Torn between selfishly wanting to spend all my time alone with Him and pleasing Him was creating a small dilemma.

Every now and then during a lull in the conversation, we stop and catch each other’s eyes. Time actually seems to stand still for a few moments. It’s wonder on my part. Gratification, among a myriad of other emotions. Every time we see each other things-everything-just gets better and better. But this time, something’s very different. There’s something new in His eyes. Just can’t put my finger on it.

It’s like lightning is shooting out of them straight through my heart. It’s almost like He’s demanding more of me without actually coming out and saying so. How the heck does He DO that? It’s a little unsettling, yet very arousing.

Rising to gather the dishes and rinse them in the sink i His eyes follow my every move. i can smell the leather of the cuffs still on my wrists. i can smell His scent on my body. my movements are slow and lazy and my body performs these small chores as though i’m underwater. His eyes are searing my backside, causing my red butt to burn all over again. He makes me feel pretty and happy. What more could a girl ask for?

“Go stand in the corner.” my stomach lurches at the authoritative tone of His voice. O God. i want Him. Again. More. Always more. But…why the corner? What did i do? Isn’t that punishment? And it’s more than a little embarrassing. Feeling the heat of a blush rise from my shoulders to my face i turn to face Him.

“What? Why? i didn’t do anything.”

“Go stand in the corner, now.” His eyes glitter as they meet mine.

“But that’s punishment. i read it somewhere, and i didn’t…” Walking toward Him seated at the counter, reaching out to put my hand on His shoulder, i start to try to reason with Him. Big mistake.

“kitten, NOW.” My outstretched hand halts in midair.

“But…but…” My hand drops as anger flashes in His eyes. He stands and walks toward me slowly as i back away, hand stretched out behind me feeling for the wall. “i just don’t…i mean, i read in a book that standing in the corner was punishment and i didn’t do anything wrong.” My voice trails off the closer He gets to me. Looking up at Him, i plead with Him with my eyes to quit this. It’s embarrassing, damnit! i don’t want to stand in the corner!

Stopping, trying to hold my ground, my hands unknowingly begin to wring the dishtowel, twisting it in confusion.

“i just want to know what i did! It’s not in the RULES!” Beginning to get angry and a little scared, not wanting to argue yet unable to understand His reasoning, i grope for a way to comprehend this and begin to stutter. “Wh…wh…wha…”

my mouth clamps shut as His face stops inches from mine, as i watch in fascination as His eyes go from cold to colder. The very sight of it makes me shiver in fear and anticipation and i lower my eyes in an effort to counteract the chill.

“We don’t go by rules in some book you read. We go by OUR rules. MY rules.”

Raising my eyes in defiance, along with my voice, i say, “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” Another big mistake.

A strong hand instantly snakes out and grasps me by the throat, pushing me against the wall. The dishtowel falls to the floor unnoticed as icy blue eyes freeze my soul, glaring into mine with an intensity that chills my marrow. my body begins to quake deep inside, but still feeling the need to stand my ground, not wanting to feel the humiliation of standing in the corner, i open my mouth again, “But…” Will i never learn?

Fingers slowly dig into the flesh of my neck as the hand tightens perceptively around it. It’s hard to be strong when you’re naked with only white scrunchy sox, a collar and leather wrist cuffs on.

“When I say to do something, you DO IT! No questions. No arguments.”

“Dammit! That’s punishment and i didn’t..” His eyes immediately frost over, leaving me behind in their arctic wake. i went too far. Butterflies flit around in my stomach.

i feel myself being dragged by the hair as my nose is firmly placed in the corner of the room by the door. “Consider yourself punished. For arguing with Me. Now don’t move.”

Dammit! Ok, now i’m scared. çekmeköy escort What did i do? We were just sitting there, enjoying each other’s company, chatting, eating…and all of a sudden He just went off. Why? As a matter of fact, now that i think about it, why did i have to sit naked as we ate? i was chilly and tried to put on a T-shirt, but He wouldn’t let me. What was that all about? He’s usually so considerate. Little did i know how much leeway He was actually giving me. He’s been so patient and has a way of teaching me without making me feel bad about myself. He is so awesome. A Master at Mastering. But today is very different.

And why was He staring at me like that right before all this happened? His eyes were fairly gleaming. If He’s trying to piss me off, it’s working. i didn’t know it was supposed to go like this, i mean, He never acted this way before. He’s always been strong and demanding, but in a nice way. He never scared me before…but on the other hand, i never defied Him in such a manner either. Every day brings a new lesson, a new outlook to be considered in this relationship.

Trying to escape this sudden onslaught of unfamiliar territory, my eyes slide to the door searching for a distraction, a way to extinguish my uncertainty.

i wonder why they post these little signs on the inside of hotel doors, these little maps. Like someone’s gonna stop to read them before they run screaming from a fire. Ha! Not me! If a fire starts, i’m outta here! And look. Here’s the check out rules. i wonder what time check out is, i forgot to ask, i was so excited to see Him…and i stretch my neck a little in order to read the fine print.

SLAM! OUCH! My head! Dammit! “I SAID don’t move!” His hands grab my wrists and bring them together behind my back. Shocked, my pulse speeds up, and despite my fear, my pussy reacts, betraying me and without looking down, i can feel my nipples harden against the cold wall. i dare not turn around but can hear Him gathering items, He’s moving around the room…i hear…what the hell? What’s He doing in the closet? i feel so STUPID standing here!

my eyes look up at the door. And why is that little thingie sticking out from the door hinge? That’s not supposed to be there. Reaching up to touch it, a smart SLAP! stings my ass. Several curse words spring to mind; not one escapes my mouth, but my chin wobbles a little. WHY is He doing this? Blinking hard a couple of times, i try not to cry. i didn’t DO anything!

He grabs a fistful of my hair and yanks my head back while a deceptively soft voice whispers hotly into my ear, “Do NOT push Me.” O God, that deep sexy voice. He reaches around and pinches my right nipple until my body squirms and i try to lean against Him, to feel closer to Him. Satisfied, He backs up and walks away.

Ok. This is good. This is bad. This is something. This is nothing. Why am i thinking Saturday Night Live at a time like this? Maybe He bumped my head a little too hard against the wall. Nervous laughter bubbles up inside me, but i dare not let it out; instead, i bite my lower lip.

Uncharted territory. He’s just trying to scare me, heighten my senses, increase the anticipation. That’s cool. And as i allow these arrogant little thoughts to enter my mind, it occurs to me that the unknown, the fear factor is still there, in a big way. This is a side of Him that until now has been hidden. Actually, this is a side i didn’t even know existed. i like it. i think…But, on the other hand, how many OTHER sides are there as yet unseen? O God. He’s not gonna hurt me, is He?

i could run. Just leave. No, wait. i’d have to get dressed first. i could slip into the bathroom, grab a towel and scoot to the lobby, right up to the front desk. Right. And i could say…what? “Excuse me, but my Master’s acting a little….off. i could be wrong, but He seems a tad different tonight, a little more demanding than usual. There’s just something different in His eyes this time and i’m not quite sure what it is. It could be something, and it could be nothing. Could you possibly stand outside my door and if you hear what seems to be a scream of genuine fear, not play fear, mind you, but GENUINE fear, could you please knock, ask if your suspicion is correct, and, if upon finding that it is, call 911?”

O, i’m so sure! i can see that right now! They’d probably throw us both…

Hands reach around the front of me and pinch each nipple, rolling them between His fingers, squeezing until i gasp in pain. Slowly sliding down to my belly, He scrapes His short nails from the top of my pubic hair all the way up over my breasts to the tops of my shoulders where He stops and gently squeezes, massaging my tight muscles for a moment. my head falls back against His chest and He leans over and buries His face in my hair, inhaling deeply. There He is. Smiling as i close my eyes in relief, luxuriating in the bittersweet devotion i have for Him, i honestly don’t think He’s cevizli escort aware of the depth of it. Or maybe He’s feeling it now, and that’s what’s going on here. Maybe He’s walking on uncertain ground, too.

He leads me to stand facing the mirrored double closet doors. “Look in the mirror.” Now, my body isn’t the greatest, but i’ve definitely seen worse. And looking at myself standing completely nude in front of that mirror, my pussy twitches at what i see, and the butterflies are free again. He’s standing directly behind me, His head over my shoulder watching me look. This is so embarassing, but sensual at the same time. i try to turn my head away and His hands tighten on my arms. “LOOK.”

Opening my eyes just a bit, squinting in humiliation, His fingers dig deeper. i look. And let my eyes travel the length of my body, starting to like what i see. i like the ivory pink color of my skin, the smattering of freckles here and there. i even like my breasts despite the fact that they’re a little more saggy than i’d prefer. i like the way my belly is a little rounded and the curve of my hips. i feel beautiful when i’m with Him. i feel sexy. But the embarassment is still there.

my sexual experiences have been extremely limited all my life and He knows this. He’s pushing me. my breath quickens and i have to escape again. i lean my head back against His shoulder and stare at Him in the mirror, my breath deep, eyes blinking slowly at Him, lips parted slightly. Something is going on in my bloodstream. my hands feel heavy. my eyelids feel heavy. But my heart is racing. The butterflies are on a roller coaster now, screaming in delight.

i can’t fight it anymore and drop my head to my chin.

He reaches around me and slides one of the closet doors open, pushing me forward gently.

What is He doing? He can’t be serious, He can’t think i’m going in that closet. He KNOWS my fear of confined spaces. i made it a point to tell Him about that, about the time i was little and we lived next to a cemetery. About the time my brothers pushed me into an underground vault with an outside access door and slammed the door, leaving me screaming in terror for what seemed like hours. i TOLD Him that!

my feet are frozen, unmovable. So i stumble forward rather than lose my balance because it’s evident that that’s exactly what He wants. i can’t believe i’m doing this but my desire to please Him overrides any hesitation.

Looking up i see the spreader bar across the top shelf with a thick black lead tied to it. Ahhh…so that’s what He was doing when He put me in the corner; He was setting this up and didn’t want me to see. Why didn’t He just SAY so? At the same time this realization hits me, He turns me to face Him, and raises both my wrists to attach them to the hook on the lead, leaving my arms bound together suspended high above my head. His breath is hot on my neck as He moves closer to clamp His teeth upon it, like a stallion conquering His mare. i love it when He does that. It’s a confirmation of sorts.

“Turn around.” O, i can turn, i didn’t know this. my mind is spinning. Feeling awkward and clumsy i turn slowly to face the wall. i feel silly, yet scared; excited, yet terrified. And a little angry that He’s put me in this predicament. Ok, more than a little angry. It’s so hard to put into words. Sometimes i wonder if i’m crazy, so many conflicting emotions race through my mind. i even wonder sometimes if He’s just using me to get His kicks. Then i think of all the phone calls, the many calls every day. The laughter, the fun, the many other aspects of this relationship, the many other topics of conversation, the way we get along so well and i know. i just know. He’s not using me, and if He is, i’m using Him, too. In a very, very good way. But we’re not. It’s becoming much more. i couldn’t stop it if I wanted to. i belong to Him and He absorbs this more and more each time.

A cold sweat breaks out over my fevered flesh, causing goose bumps to pop up all over my body as a silk scarf is tied over my eyes, blinding me, sharpening all my other senses.

“Open your legs.” O God. Drip, says my electrified pussy.

Opening my legs for Him causes my arms to stretch further, pulling harder, adding to the raw feeling of actually being a prisoner, a captive. His captive. But a prisoner who is floating up near the ceiling, watching closely as He admires what He sees. i can sense His satisfaction, His approval. It’s tangible.

It’s a total power exchange, and if i’m reading what He’s feeling correctly, it just makes me want to please Him more and more.

A hot hand slides between my legs from behind, fingering my clit until my ass is sticking out so far behind me that my body is almost bent in half. my breathing becomes erratic, i go up on my toes to afford Him better access and lose my balance a bit, pulling on my wrist restraints. The butterflies are fluttering around madly inside my stomach, constructing erenköy escort something, it seems. Maybe a theme park, a D/s theme park, scattered with St. Andrews crosses, chains, whips, ok, here i go again. Shut up, girl.

The closet door abruptly slides shut. Damn! Master! Come back please! Don’t leave me here in the dark.

This is silly. i’m a grown woman. i can do this. Well, at least He didn’t invite His friend over. i’d die if anyone else saw me like this. Master… come back, please…

i lean my forehead against the cool wall, panting, trying to come down. Turning my head to the side so i can cool my cheek the door slides open quickly, and His presence invades my senses.

“Good girl. You’ve left your legs open.” Shamelessly, i open them wider. i want Him. i NEED Him. He chuckles quietly, pleased, i hope. “Turn around, kitten. Face Me.” i turn.

Cold metal makes contact with my nipples, one at a time as He attaches a clamp on each pink nub. He KNOWS i don’t like that, but the more He does it, i’m thinking that the sensation might just be a little too much for me at this point, i’m not quite sure yet. The little stings cause me to arch my back a bit and as this happens, i feel a pull on my clit. Oooo, Hon! He’s used the Y shaped chain clamps, and hooked the bottom of the Y to my clit without my even realising it. God, it feels so…erotic. Who wouldn’t love this? Who wouldn’t love the exquisiteness of the things He does with this body He owns? Free trip to Venus everytime we’re together. i am an astronaut of The Pleasure Zone, and He is the Pilot. He frees my mind until i’m not ashamed.

Whenever He touches me, i instinctively move in some way, unless i’m in an altered state, then i don’t know my name, much less if i move or not. This causes little pulls and tugs on three of my most sensitive areas. i can feel myself start to shiver with desire. My flesh is rippling with want.

Lightly He scrapes His well-manicured nails across my belly, causing me to arch again, sending little jolts of pleasure throughout my body with just a touch. He’s the Houdini of lovemaking, the Master Magician. And i am His toy, here for His pleasure, or, as He puts it, which is much more accurate, for OUR pleasure. What an indescribable feeling, to have the ability to help inspire such unparalleled imaginative…i hesitate to use the word “play”, it’s so much deeper than that.

He traces a path between my breasts with a single finger, over the chain and straight down to my pussy where He grasps my clit between His fingers and slides His fingers up and down, jacking it off like a little cock on top of the clamp. It’s almost too slippery for Him to hold onto, but He manages, squeezing harder and harder. The pain and deliberate application of pleasure is more than i can bear and i can’t not throw my head back as His fingers mingle with the clamp, delivering an urgent need to cum throughout my senses as my nipples and clit are tugging concurrently with each other. my arms stretch above my head as my legs get weaker; it’s hard to stand, i’m so close to cumming. i feel like the finest wine inside a crystal goblet He is slowly sampling, savoring a sip at a time, swirling me around inside His mouth to prolong the flavor of His pleasure.

And…abruptly the magic Hand is removed, and i almost fall forward as my body begs Him not to go, to let me finish. To let me cum. “Face the wall.”

Shaking from head to toe, my head drops to my chin. If i could, i’d reach down and relieve myself, but the restraints on my wrists above my head don’t allow me that pleasure and by the time i calm down a bit and can even think of arching my back in order to pull on the clamps, it isn’t enough to bring me off unless i want to bang my head against the door, which by this time becomes a serious consideration. Instead, i weakly turn around like He told me to, keeping my legs wide open. Unable think straight enough to even pretend to know what’s going on, i just know something is running down the inside of my thigh.

O God! i need to cum!! PLEASE!

After about five long minutes, the door slides open yet another time and just as the butterflies begin their dance, something hard is inserted into my vagina, something that slides right in and hits the top, sending me instantly into shuddering swells of bliss. O my God! i have no time to even try to comprehend what it is, it’s sending continual waves of pleasure through me at warp speed. O God! i’m gonna cum, i’m gonna cum! Ooo, just a little more, O God! That’s so good! In and out it slides and everytime it hits the top, i get closer and closer to release. i’m pulling hard on my wrists, straining to cum. O God! Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop! My legs start to quiver hard and i’m grateful for the wrist cuffs that are holding me up, for surely I’d be on the floor without them. And.. Poof! It’s gone!

“GODDAMMIT!! FUCK!! O shit! I’m sorry, Master! Don’t go! Please…” i’m panting hard, breathless as i beg Him not to leave again.

“Watch your mouth, kitten. No more foul language.” The door slides shut again. i have to just stand there, balancing on wobbly legs. Holding my breath for a second, i realise that silence is all I can hear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32