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* I write articles about my sexual adventures with my Master, and this is my second attempt!

I love documenting parts of our filthy, naughty, depraved sessions because it allows me to replay every sordid detail in my mind.

What turns me on the most is knowing that people reading it might get turned on…

Master told me that I was in for a treat tonight. He calmly told me that he was going to use me, to treat me like the filthy little whore that I am, all night long. My clit starting throbbing as soon as those words left his lips.

I had to wait patiently until Master was ready to start the fun. Whilst we lay watching TV, my pussy started to twitch and I could feel my panties getting wetter and wetter.

Master has such control over me that just by looking at me in a certain way he can send my body into overdrive.

“Be Still,” he ordered, but I couldn’t. My mind was full of nasty thoughts of what he was going to do to me, whether I wanted to or not.

Master could see that my body was already responding to His words., so He ordered me to start rubbing my pussy onto His leg as he ignored me. My cum started to build up immediately. Just the touch of His leg, through my soaking wet panties, right onto my swollen wet clit, made me desperate for His big hard dick.

“Harder, faster,” He ordered, so I began to rub my pussy properly onto His leg, such a desperate little skank. I moved up and down as fast as I could and within seconds I started to cum. Only after asking His permission, of course.

I am so addicted to Him, so desperate for His touch. He has the power of making me cum without even touching me, or even looking at me!

“You’re so fucking desperate for me, aren’t you slut?”

Just hearing those words made my soaking wet pussy start to drip even more. I wanted to feel His big hard dick in my tight, wet hole, right away!

“Rub your owned dirty little pussy on my leg again and make yourself cum, now!”

I do not argue. His words were enough for me. I frantically rubbed my clit up and down His leg, creaming all over my filthy panties. I came so hard, so quickly, totally losing control of my body. I was a shivering wreck.

The night hadn’t even begun, Master hadn’t even put one finger on me, yet and I had already came twice. I was definitely ready to be used in whatever way He saw fit.

My Owner ordered me to stand up, take my panties off and follow Him to the bedroom. There, I lay on my back with my legs open. I could feel my pussy dripping onto my thighs.

I wanted Master to do whatever He desired. Take me, use me, hurt me. Master is such a filthy fucker.

My nipples were so fucking hard I could feel my skin almost burst. My legs were stretched wide open presenting my smooth, bald cunt towards Master, showing Him what He owns and what an obedient little slut I am.

I lay still as He started to bound my wrists tightly. He rested them just below my erect nipples, and His firm dick brushed against me.

He strapped my ankles to a leg restrainer, a pole making sure they couldn’t close. and pushed it as wide as it could go. I knew then that Master was going to take His time tonight. I lay helpless knowing I would be used all night long.

“Your dirty pussy is already creaming onto the bed, just how I like it my desperate little whore.”

My face started to glow under His observation and praise.

Bound and restrained I craved Him to taste my dripping pussy, to stretch my tight (very wet) cunt.

He suddenly blindfolded me, then placed a wooden ruler on my clit and told me not to acıbadem escort move…

“If it moves even 1mm I will order you to put on sweatpants and you wont cum for at least a week.”

He left me for what felt like hours, but was probably 20 minutes at most. His control was having the most intense effect on me. I lay so unbelievably still, obeying orders like a cum slut should. The longer I laid motionless, the more turned on I was getting.

Master finally returned and knelt onto the bed next to me. He started tapping the ruler onto my swollen, owned clit. Gently to start with and then harder and harder. I gasped as he started to hurt me, partly because of the pain but mostly because it made me want to explode and squirt all over the bed. Within 30 seconds my body was overcome with a rush of pleasure and I wanted release…

“Cum for me, you foul little slut.”

I pushed my wet pussy upwards and as the cool air touched it I came immediately, so hard, eyes rolling into the back of my head.

My wrists and ankles were straining and I loved not being able to fully move. So captive. So owned. I struggled to catch my breath but Master cradled me in His arms and ordered me to breath slowly and relax and that’s what exactly what I did.

I craved more. I wanted to feel more nasty, more disgusting, more slutty, and that’s when Master said, “bring your knees towards the end of the bed.”

The tone of His voice is such a massive turn on. Every time He gives me orders my pussy twitches, making me want to please Him like a good, obedient slave.

My heels were resting on the bed frame, knees bent and legs pushed wide apart by the restrainer. My holes were soaking wet, wide open, ready for Master to use and abuse.

His first action was to shove a butt plug straight up my tight wet asshole, causing me to gasp at the pain, but my body felt electric, desperate for more.

Then, my ass filled, He pressed a vibrator onto my swollen clit, then moved towards my head, before sitting down fully on my face.

My filled asshole was twitching, clamping onto the butt plug so tightly and my clit was fizzing, sending jolts down the inside of my legs.

The sensation of the vibrator pulsating harder and faster was pushing me closer to orgasm, but the most important thing was that I was licking and sucking Master’s asshole like a good depraved little whore, shoving my tongue so deep inside, tasting every inch.

I love licking up every bit of His sweat I can find, feeling His dirty hole open up for my tongue. The filthy smell is addictive, it makes me feel fucking nasty as His asshole gets deeper into my mouth.

Tonight, I feel like a caged animal, His asshole twitching furiously with pleasure as I lick and suck harder and deeper and faster.

So dirty, so nasty… the more I could taste, the more intensely I licked and sucked, behaving like the skank that I am and loving it entirely.

The more He pushed onto my face, the more I wanted to sink my entire face into His crack and cover myself with His sweaty asshole. I am such a dirty fucking bitch.

“Cum for me, now.”

I relaxed all my senses, squirting my juice all over the bedsheets as wave after wave of pleasure washed over my body.

“That’s the best you’ve ever licked my asshole – good girl.”

The words I longed to hear Him say. I love it when He praises me.

Master still hadn’t lay a finger on me and i was desperately hoping that He was planning on fingering my tight cunt or forcing His big dick into my dirty mouth. But that was part of the adventure, atalar escort not knowing what He next had in store for me.

“I’ll be back when I’m ready, slut. Don’t move. Don’t speak.”

Still blindfolded and bound, I lay so very still. Again, time slowed to a crawl. Then, I felt Him kneel beside me. He quickly pressed His lips against mine and kissed me deeply,. Even with a blindfold on, His kiss triggers me into a state of delirium. So rough. Forcing His tongue down my throat.

“Does my nasty little slut want to have all her holes filled?’

“Yes, please Master. I want to be filled up,” I replied immediately.

I’m always honest with my Master, and I wanted Him to force my filthy holes wide open.

Firstly, He forced His big hard dick down my throat and I choked, but the pleasure of tasting this perfect, big dick in my mouth was exhilarating.

Master began fucking my throat. Deep. Hard. Choking the breath from me and thrilling me at the same time.

Before I could even catch my breath, my pulsating asshole and drenched pussy were both rammed full.

He reached down and yanked the smaller butt plug out of my asshole and, in seconds, roughly shoved a much bigger one inside my tight hole, stretching it slightly wider than His dick does.

I gasped in shock. My entire body clenched up, I pushed my hips up off the bed and then relaxed into it. I felt like such a nasty skank, which is just how I wanted to feel.

My asshole was slowly gripping tighter onto the big butt plug and I wanted more and more. My eyes were watering as Master forced His big cock deeper into the back of my throat.

Now, He took one of my many dildos, this one quite thick and about eight inches long, and forced it inside my worthless cunt.

I was completely at His mercy as He pumped both the dildo and His hard dick in and out of my pussy and mouth, with my filled asshole making me airtight, just as my Master had decided I should be.

He knew one of my darkest fantasies is to have three guys use me all at once like a filthy cheap whore and this was just how I’d imagine it to feel.

I was momentarily lost in my thoughts, imagining Master with two older muscular men with big hard dicks in their 50’s fucking the shit out of me, Master telling them which hole they could use, controlling their every move, me being dragged by my hair and thrown down into position, forced upon and loving every second of it… so weak, so exposed, so used!

I lost myself in the fantasy of being forced to take all three of them in every hole. Being ruined by three dicks at once. Being bound and helpless as they all stretched me open and used me as their cum slave over and over again.

My mouth was full but I tried to beg Master to let me cum. He just laughed and continued to fuck all of my holes for a few more minutes yet, as I struggled to hold off exploding everywhere.

Thankfully, He soon ordered me to keep His dick at the back of my throat whilst I came, and within seconds I was screaming with excitement and cumming everywhere, my cunt being fucked even harder as I climaxed.

As I came, the butt plug actually shot out of my ass and I lay whimpering, a mess, getting jolts all over my body.

Before I could catch my breath, He ordered me to get on all fours.

He ripped off my blindfold and I saw Him for the first time. So handsome. So sexy. So rugged. I was so desperate for Him.

Without warning, He forced an even bigger dildo inside my pussy and ordered me to fuck it slowly as He watched.

“Show off for me slut. aydınlı escort Show your Master how much you love to fuck dick.”

I did exactly as ordered, then I felt a sharp whip to my ass cheeks. Then another. Then another.

I was showing off for him, showing him every bit of what he owned, my tits were swaying back and forth and my nipples were getting harder with every stroke of his small but painful whip!

The pain sent waves all over my body. But i wanted more. The more Master whipped me, the faster and harder I fucked the dildo.

I could see Masters hard dick at the side and I loved how turned on He was as he punished me.

I squirmed each time the leather slashed against my skin, my clit was throbbing and I could feel my pussy juice dribbling down my leg.

He ordered me to fuck the big dildo harder, and began to really spank me now.

I was putting on a nasty exhibition for my Master and loved the sensation of getting my cunt fucked whilst being whipped.

I again pleaded with Master to let me cum, as the pleasure overtook the pain, and the very second He gave me permission, I came quickly and intensely, wanting to collapse on the bed, but staying on all fours as I was told to.

I felt so cheap, so owned. My ass cheeks were burning, on fire. He forced my head into the bed and pushed my ass into the air so the cool air could relieve my marked skin.

Master quickly rolled me over onto my back. He climbed onto the bed and threw my restrained legs over His head and forced His dick all the way inside my wet cunt, His cock hitting the back of my pussy. I nearly came instantly.

I can’t move, I’m helpless and my cunt grips tightly onto His dick, as He starts to get very rough and pounds my cunt.

“Don’t you dare cum until I say so, slut,”

His dick feels better than ever before. My eyes start to roll into the back of my head as I struggle to stay on the edge… Master’s dick smashing into my cunt so deep, His balls bashing against my marked ass cheeks.

I craved to cum and once He orders me to do so, I squirted so much that even His chest was covered.

The bed was soaking wet. He flipped me onto my front and forced my head onto the huge wet patch I made.

“Lick this all up you filthy fucking whore, show me how much you love it.”

I eagerly licked and sucked the bed sheets that tasted so nasty. I loved licking up all my mess, furiously rubbing my face all over the wet patch, making sure I could smell and taste all of it. Such a disgusting, worthless tramp.

As I rubbed the sheets all over my face, Master pushed his dick back into my tight wet cunt, before pounding me from behind without mercy.

In just a minute, He ordered me to cum as He battered my hole, and again I exploded in pure ecstasy, as turned on as I could possibly be.

My pussy had started to feel raw and abused. My body was weak and helpless.

He took off the leg restrainer but kept my hands bounded, then ordered me to slide on top as He once again stabbed His big cock inside me. I ached to be filled with Masters cum.

I felt overcome with emotion and started shouting “I love you Master” over and over again, as my entire body was tingling.

I lost all control, His dick getting harder and harder. He told me I could cum one more time, as soon I felt His first spurt inside my owned cunt, and it wasn’t long before he was filling me up with his spunk.

In complete togetherness, we came and then fell onto each other, sweating and exhausted.

Before we slept, my Master made me suck and lick His cock, balls and ass clean. A perfect end to a perfect night.

* I hope this turned you on. Knowing that it could be making you wet or making your dick hard, drives me crazy! Feel free to comment, follow or email. I hope my Master allows me to write for you again, soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32