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\ My wife and I have always been a little on the kinky side. We have been swingers for seven years and have done many wild things during this time. Every Friday night we have a thing called dirty night where we go up to our room and watch two of our favorite shows Bliss and Kink.

Bliss is a weekly series that has mild erotica in it aimed at couples. Kink is a documentary that follows different people involved in alternative lifestyles. One of our favorite people this show follows is a t-girl names Nina. She is a pre-op transsexual who is just gorgeous. One night while watching the show my wife noticed I had a raging hardon watching Nina and began to suck my cock. Her lips felt wonderful as they always do. It wasn’t long before I blew my load down her hot throat. My wife swallowed every drop and smiled at me. After going to the bathroom and brushing her teeth she came back on the bed where I got between her legs and returned the favor.

Using my hands and mouth I lapped her sweet cunt until she exploded all over my face. I love when I get her squirting and she came so hard this time I needed to get a towel to clean off all her sweet juices.

While we lay in bed my wife made a beylikdüzü escort comment about Nina and asked what I thought about having a transsexual join us in a threesome. I wasn’t put off by the idea at all, in fact I felt my cock getting hard again so I rolled on top of my woman and pinned her legs to her shoulders and fucked her deep and hard until we both exploded in an amazing orgasms once again.

It was my birthday a few weeks later and my wife told me she had a big surprise planned for me. When my woman gives me big surprises it usually turns out to be a hell of a night and I couldn’t wait.

It was finally the day of my birthday and since our teenaged son was staying at a friend’s house it left us alone for the night. As soon as he left I asked my wife what my surprise was and she told me to wait for it. Sitting in the living room my wife but on a hot movie. It was a movie with the exact scenario we had talked about previously. On the screen were a hot couple and an even hot transsexual having a passionate three way. It wasn’t long before my cock was rock hard and I could tell from the way her nipples were straining against her top that my wife adana escort was turned on as well.

My wife and I started making out on the couch like we were teenagers and we were really getting into it when the doorbell rang. I was a little perturbed by this interruption but my wife smiled then said “that must be your surprise!”

She told me she would answer the door and then I could here talking. My wife came back into the room alone and turned the volume on the television down, and then she put on a CD in the stereo. It was some real sexy music, so I asked her what was going on. She told me to be patient and finished off by dimming all the lights in the room.

It was then that I saw her as she walked in the room gyrating her hips to the sexy sounds that were coming out of the speakers. The tall goddess was moving expertly back and forth dressed in a sexy mini skirt and short top. She had on five inch stiletto heels and silk stockings that ended at a sexy garter belt. She ground her hips back and forth as she moved her way over to where I was sitting. All I can say about this hot chick is she was perfect she had hot tight ass and tits too match she kept her sexy dance afyon escort up displaying both to me. I looked over at my wife as the stripper ground her ass into my lap as she sat on me. My wife then said “happy birthday” to me.

It wasn’t long before the dancing girls had her top off and then dropped to her knees. She unbuckled my pants and pulled them down freeing my huge hard cock. She started giving me head and my wife moved over to the girl. This is where the surprise comes in because my wife pulled down the girl’s panties and I was shocked to see a cock equal in size to mine pop out. My wife started sucking the hot transsexual’s cock and I was turned on even more.

We continued this oral game for about fifteen minutes when my wife announced she wanted to see me fuck the girl in her ass. My wife sat on the floor in front of the couch and the tranny bent over facing her, presenting me with her hot ass. My cock was nice and lubed up from her spit so I took aim at her small asshole. I pushed forward and fed her inch after inch of my rock hard cock. My wife was in front of her getting fed by inch after inch of tranny cock. We all found a good pace and it wasn’t long before we found a nice rhythm. I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to cum. I let my wife know and she told me to cum up our guest’s tight ass. Just as I shot wad after wad in the tranny’s hot ass she also exploded into my wife’s mouth.

It was one hell of a birthday surprise!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32