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Brad Gavin stopped in the doorway and looked over at the chubby kid standing at the long trough urinal, poised in exactly the same place he had been when Brad first walked into the park’s bathroom ten minutes earlier.

Brad had walked right out after seeing who the plump redhead was, but not before figuring out what the young guy was doing, staring rather obviously at the older guy who was taking a leak a ways down the urinal from the lad.

Brad saw the older gentleman leave the bathroom only a moment later, and he assumed that the man wasn’t interested in the young redhead who had been watching him go.

The bathroom at the desolate end of the park was notorious for rather deviant behavior, and that was why the 60 year old insurance man was there, but he hadn’t expected to see the son of his supervisor standing in there acting the pecker checker.

Brad Gavin had just gone to the kid’s graduation party last month, and now he was struggling to remember his name. It came to him as he recalled watching the butterball jumping into the pool, creating a mighty splash when his portly frame hit the water.

Tommy. That was his name, Brad recalled as he prepared to go back into the bathroom. Tommy Mason, son of Ed Mason, the owner of Mason Insurance Agency, and as Brad hesitated at the door he wondered whether his boss knew about his son.

Probably not, Brad said as he looked at the backside of the redhead still posed at the urinal pretending to pee while waiting for some Mr. Right to take an interest in him.

Not really his type, Brad thought as he walked slowly to the urinal. Young Tommy was probably packing about 40 extra pounds on his squat 5’8″ frame, but he hadn’t looked all that bad in his bathing suit that day, with his pale white skin and little man boobs.

Brad eased up to the trough and unzipped, pulling out his cock and giving it a couple of lazy stretches before letting it go and waiting for the stream to start while looking down at his boss’s son for his reaction, expecting the lad to recognize him and zip up while bolting out the door.

Young Tommy didn’t notice who he was, and it must have been because his eyes never went up from the long beige cock which started to unleash a torrent of urine into the ceramic vessel, because it wasn’t like they hadn’t seen each other plenty of times over the years.

No, Brad thought as his peripheral vision took in Tommy staring at his cock while doing more than holding his own. The boy was jacking off while looking at him, and Brad shook his head slightly while feeling his own dick begin to stir at the thought of being so inspirational to his boss’s son.

Brad even shifted his hips so Tommy could get a better view, while still staring straight ahead and pretending not to notice the redhead popping his load into the urinal while trying not to grunt too loud.

After he finished peeing, Brad waited a second before calmly shaking his cock and putting it away while turning in Tommy’s direction.

“Tommy!” Brad said, his voice bellowing in the bathroom while pretending he had just noticed somebody else was there. “How are you son?”

“Mr. Gavin!” Tommy blurted out, obviously unaware who he had been jerking off to, and as Brad looked at the sweaty, rumpled redhead and the ropes of cum he had sprayed into the back wall of the urinal he enjoyed the embarrassment Tommy was showing.

Brad went over to the sink and washed his hands as his boss’s son got himself together, and when Tommy started to walk past him Brad reminded him to wash his hands.

“Cleanliness – it’s next to Godliness, you know,” Brad announced with a chuckle, and to his surprise Tommy stopped and started scrubbing his hands.

“Ready for college, Tommy?” Brad asked as he dried his hands.

“Uh – yes Mr. Gavin,” Tommy mumbled.

“You can call me illegal bahis Brad if you want,” Brad said as he prepared to hand Tommy a couple of paper towels. “After all, you aren’t a kid anymore.”

“Besides,” Brad said as he put the towels in Tommy’s plump trembling hands. “After meeting like this, I think we know each other quite well, don’t we?”

Tommy’s father was nothing like his son, because while the father was very business-like and aggressive, it appeared to Brad that his son was the exact opposite as he tried to get around him.

“Did you like what you saw?” Brad asked as he moved between Tommy and the door while hoping no one would come in the bathroom.

“I don’t uh…”

“Let’s not bullshit each other,” Brad said. “I could see what you were doing to yourself and what you were looking at while you were doing it.”

“I – I didn’t mean to,” Tommy stuttered, as his father’s employee stepped in front of him as he tried to leave.

“Oh really?” Brad said, unable to hold back the laugh as he watched Tommy fight not to cry, relishing the opportunity to give this boss’s son a hard time like his old man did him often.”How old are you, 18?”

“Nineteen, almost. You aren’t gonna tell my Dad, are you?” Tommy begged.

“Let’s talk about it,” Brad said, grabbing Tommy by the back of the neck after checking for anyone coming, and then led the lad over to the room of toilet stalls on the other side of the room. “This isn’t a safe place, you know? Don’t tell me you’ve never been here before either.”

“Couple of times,” Tommy said, wincing at the iron grip his father’s friend had on his neck.

“You’re lucky it was me here tonight instead of some sicko,” Brad said as he kicked open the door at the very end, a handicapped stall which was roomier, and herded Tommy inside.

“Have a seat,” Brad said as he used his foot to drop the seat and the cover of the toilet before putting the pudgy redhead down.

“Well?” Brad asked as he stood in front of the motionless teenager. “You sure as hell seemed to like what you saw out there. Or are you one of those pee freaks? Because if you are, I’m fresh out.”

“No!” Tommy said.

“Well then, you must have liked what you saw, judging by the load you popped back in the toilet.”

“I did,” Tommy said, his plump cheeks red and his forehead beaded with sweat. “I like guys with – you know – big ones.”

“Well then?” Brad said, motioning toward his crotch. “I think that we both want you to do the same thing.”

“No,” Brad said as he stopped Tommy’s pudgy hands from undoing his belt, the thought of having his pants hit the floor of the rank cubicle making him shudder. “Take it out through the fly.”

Tommy’s pudgy little fingers were noticeably trembling as he fumbled with the zipper momentarily before pulling it down. Outside the door, someone had come in and was taking a leak, and Tommy’s eyes were darting back to the door and then up to his father’s employee while he reached inside the trousers and though the fly of the boxers.

“Big enough for you, son?” Brad whispered after the company had exited, enjoying the look of awe on my long friend’s face as he nodded while fumbling with the rubbery hose for a second before securing it with both hands. “Then get busy.”

Like an obedient puppy, Brad Gavin’s plump companion skinned the sheath back and began sucking on the bulbous knob, and while he wasn’t the best cocksucker in the world, he was doing alright, so much so that his lips were making it almost halfway down the shaft before long.

“That’s it Tommy,” he said, pulling his head away with one hand while lifting his cock up so he could work his nuts. “Now suck on my balls.”

Tommy, his face nearly as red as his hair, ducked down and started to suck on the hairy nut while Brad Gavin dropped his cock onto the illegal bahis siteleri top of Tommy’s head and rubbed it into the ginger scalp for a while until pointing his cock back towards Tommy’s mouth.

“You can cum in my mouth is you want, Mr. Gavin,” Tommy said, the sweat pouring down his face in waves.

“Don’t think so,” he said, slapping Tommy’s cheeks with his cock until the lad opened up his mouth.

“It’s okay – I don’t mind,” Tommy sputtered while the tip of Brad Gavin’s prodigious organ pushed between his lips.

“I know I can, but I don’t want to,” I said as I grabbed him by the ears and pushed his face toward me. “I think I’m going to cum in your ass.”

Tommy squealed like a pig as he tried to pull away from the older man, but Mr. Gavin scolded him while telling him to be careful, because if he bit the dick he was going to get his ass kicked.

“I can’t – never did that,” Tommy sputtered while looking up from the throne with pleading eyes.

“You never had a cock up that big ass of yours before?” Brad said scornfully. “Even better. I like being the first.”

“Please don’t,” Tommy begged.

“Tell you what,” Brad said. “Make me cum within a minute and I won’t stick it in your ass.”

Hearing that, Tommy went at the older man’s cock with a vengeance, his hands and mouth working furiously in an effort to make the older man cum. As for Brad Gavin, he had no intention of doing what he had threatened, not having any lubricant with him or the desire to take him bareback in a toilet stall, but the sight of Tommy begging turned him on for some reason.

“Thirty seconds,” Brad sighed, reaching into his pocket and taking out his phone to take a couple of pictures of the industrious young man in action before announcing, “Twenty seconds.”

“Ten – nine – eight,” Brad counted down before grabbing Tommy by the back of his head and pulling him off of his cock. “You’re in luck, my boy.”

Brad Gavin stroked his cock a couple of times before the jets of cum spurted out, spattering all over the flushed face of the lad. After the ropes of seed landed on Tommy’s face the young man leaned forward and took the spent cock in his mouth, taking the deflating tube down his throat as he tried to suck the older man dry.

“Easy,” Brad said as he pulled his cock out of the lad’s mouth and put it away.

Brad Gavin waited to open the door until Tommy had gotten himself a little more presentable, and then after checking to see that no one was in the bathroom, walked out with Tommy in tow.

Outside the restroom, Tommy caught up with his father’s employee, his short, squat legs working double time to keep face with his elder.

“Would it hurt?”

“Pardon?” Brad asked.

“You know – if you put it in my ass – your cock I mean,” Tommy said.

“Wouldn’t hurt me a bit,” Brad said with a chuckle.

“I meant me,” Tommy said.

“Yes, it probably would,” Brad admitted. “And I’m not what you would call a gentle lover by any means, so you might not like it all that much.”

“I’m not scared, Mr. Gavin,” Tommy said with a little defiance, and Brad stopped in the path and faced him.

“Yes you are Tommy,” Brad said.

“A little, I guess,” Tommy said. “But I’ll do it, if you want.”

“What, here in the park? Over on the picnic table?” Brad chuckled.

“If you want.”

Brad shook his head, amazed at how submissive and eager to please Tommy was, and while it was attractive to him in a way, this might be dangers for the lad with the wrong person, and this park was loaded with them.

“Tommy, go home,” Brad said. “Find yourself a nice guy your age and enjoy life. This is no place for you.”

“You were here,” Tommy sniffed.

“True, but I’m just passing through. Besides, I’m an old man,” Brad said. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

“My canlı bahis siteleri Dad says that a lot,” Tommy said.

“Well, in this case he’s right,” Brad said, looking at the lad who looked like he had just lost his puppy. “Look, it’s late. Please go home, and don’t hang around here. Trust me. Okay?”

Tommy nodded and then just before Brad turned to leave Tommy asked him for something. Brad looked at Tommy with his head cocked, thinking he was kidding, but when he saw Tommy was dead serious, shrugged at opened his arms

A hug. Tommy asked him for a hug, and as they embraced Brad felt sorry for the kid, who might have a family with a lot of money and a fancy house, but didn’t seem to be getting a lot of what was most important in life. Love.

“Thank you,” Tommy said after they separated.

“Thank you,” Brad said, and as they went their separate ways Brad repeated, “And stay away from here.”

A month later Brad Gavin happened to be near the park late one night and stopped into the bathroom. It was empty, and while that didn’t necessarily mean anything, seeing the son of his boss loitering around would have been depressing.

“You should have been a father, Gavin,” Brad told his reflection in the mirror as he washed his hands. “Easy as pie.”

Brad tossed the towel in the trash and whistled as he walked out into the park, cutting through the back to get to State Street, when he heard the sound of rustling leaves and some mumbling.

Brad froze in his tracks, cursing himself for taking this shortcut and risking getting mugged while he looked around for something to use as a weapon in case he was about to be mugged.

Brad noticed that the sounds were over behind the lilac bushes, and judging from what he was hearing, they weren’t coming from anybody after him. There was a little moonlight that made it through the leaves, and that made it possible for Brad to see where the noise was going from.

Brad chuckled when he saw the source of the mumbling, which in reality were grunts coming from a picnic table, where a tall black guy with his pants down around his ankles was giving it hard and heavy to somebody bent over a picnic table.

Brad watched with amusement at the sight, although from where he was standing he couldn’t tell who was getting fucked, or even the gender, although the person on the receiving end was letting out high pitched grunts each time the black dude trust forward.

“Better than a porn movie,” Brad said, his voyeuristic tendencies causing him to try and get closer without being caught, but then it was over, as the black guy moaned and promptly pulled up his pants and spun around to leave.

“Wham bam,” Brad said to himself before realizing that the guy was walking toward him and Brad knew he had been spotted.

“Sloppy seconds, my brother?” the black dude said with a grin, and Brad laughed that said he’s pass, happy that the guy didn’t seem mad about being watched, and in fact seemed to enjoy the idea of an audience.

“Pass,” Brad said as the guy went on his way, and just before he continued his interrupted journey he happened to glance over at the picnic table, where the person was still bent over face down on the table.

It was a male, and the guy had a big pale ass and was not moving. Brad found himself walking towards the person, at first fearing the guy was dead or something because he was just slumped over with cum drooling out of his still-gaping anus, but then when the guy started to move Brad recoiled.

Ever before he turned around, while he was bending down and pulled his underwear and pants up from his ankles, Brad recognized the cherub face and red hair in the dim moonlight, and when Tommy had his pants up and turned around, their eyes met.

“Um – hi Mr. Gavin,” Tommy mumbled, looking down to avoid the glare he was getting from his father’s employee.

Brad Gavin shook his head sadly and started to say something, but instead just turned and walked away, heading out of the park and not looking back.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32