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It had been awhile since Master and i had been able to get together. He was done waiting. Master told me to join him at the conference He was attending. I arrived at the hotel around noon on Friday, knowing that He was already attending a seminar or some such thing. Per his instructions, i asked for an extra key to my room and left it for him at the front desk. Then i went to my room to prepare and wait . . . i was very nervous. I had been a bit sarcastic the last time W/we had spoken since i hadn’t anticipated seeing Him for a while . . . one would think i would have known better by now . . .

In my room, i began to unpack and get ready, knowing it would be quite some time before Master would join me. i carefully laid out my corset and the new pleated miniskirt i bought, garter and stockings (Master loves those), and some very high heels that are almost impossible to walk in, but look really sexy. And then there are the accessories . . . leather collar with multiple O-rings, leather ankle and wrist cuffs. Master brings the toys & tethers. . . .

The long afternoon turns to evening as i continue to wait . . . i order a light dinner in my room, take a shower to shave & make sure everything is soft and smooth as possible. i dry my hair, but leave it down and soft, a little makeup, but not much since i’ll probably take a nap. i dress in the corset, skirt, stockings & garter, shoes, cuffs & collar . . . and lay on the bed to watch TV, slowly being lulled to sleep by the droning of whatever monotonous show is on.

Something is pulling on my hair . .. i am trying to roll over, still half asleep, but i can’t . . . my hair is caught. Groaning, i lift my hand to try and release my hair and my wrist is captured and my arm is twisted behind my back, my other hand trapped under my own body and i am suddenly wide awake . . . Mater is here. His hot breath on the side of my face as he tells me to stay still, or i will surely regret it . . . of course, there is no place for me to go with his body trapping me on the bed. His hand roughly pushes my skirt up, revealing my ass as he forces my thighs apart with his legs . . . his bare legs, and i can feel his stiff cock pushing against my ass as he shifts himself over me. i hear the chains clink together as he moves, and he roughly pulls my hands behind my back, securing the cuffs behind me . . .knowing that is the most helpless feeling. Then he enters me . . . hard and rough and fast. i cry out in shock and pain as he fucks me hard, raping me, using me . . . i want it to end, but it doesn’t . . . i try and inch forward a little so that he isn’t thrusting into me so far, to let myself get adjusted . . . but he notices what i am doing.

“That was a mistake, girl” i hear him growl behind me as he continues to pound into me. He is approaching his climax. There are tears in my eyes, but a familiar tingling in my loins as i feel how wet i am, the moisture running down to surround him and down my thighs . . . the more he uses me, the more excited i get . . . the more he humiliates me, the more i want to please him . . .i feel him begin to tense and i start moving back to meet him . . . as he screams his climax i feel myself shiver and cum too . . . gasping and moaning as the spasms overtake me . . . my face pressed against the bed, my ass in the air.

Master lifts himself off me and rolls me onto my back. i could tell he wasn’t done with me . . . my hands are still secure behind me and i’m still breathing heavy.

He looks at me with his steely blue eyes, blue eyes are usually cold, but his are full of heat. He is wearing that half grin that makes my pulse race as i look up at him, and his long hair is loose and a little damp from the sweat of his exertions . . .

“Now, pet, it’s time to make you squirm.” He says it so pleasantly it takes a moment to register, then my eyes widen and i try and roll off the bed to run, like there is anywhere to go . . . purely a panic response . . . however, he knows me too well and he has again grabbed my hair with one hand and around my corseted waist with the other bağdatcaddesi escort arm and yanks me back against him tightly . . whispering in my ear . . .

“Did i say you could run? Did is say we were playing? I am going to make it so you can’t sit for a week!”

With that he releases me and orders me not to move.

“Master, i am very sorry . . . i didn’t mean to run from you, i was just . .. i don’t know why i did it”

“You are certainly GOING to be sorry, slave.” again said with that smile in such a pleasant voice, i can’t help but laugh . . . until he pulls out the paddle, and the nipple clamps, and the clothespins and the gag and the blindfold . . . all laid out neatly on the dresser.

Then he comes over and kneels over me, legs straddling my waist, my hands still trapped and secured behind my back, tingles of anticipation and anxiety coursing through my entire body. He slowly leans down over me, hair brushing my shoulder and the top of my breasts as his hands slowly lift each breast out of the corset cups, exposing the taught nipples. He slowly starts rolling one nipple, then the other between his fingers, making me moan and squirm, then with an evil smirk he lowers his head and takes one nipple into his mouth, slowly running his tongue over the nipple sucking it into his mouth, caressing it, then suddenly biting it, causing me to jump and yelp!

He chuckles and he pulls up on the breast, nipple between his teeth . . . it hurts! my head twists from side to side as he continues to torture first one, then the other as i struggle to remain still. Finally, he tires of this and releases my poor, sore nipples . . . but i know he is nowhere near done. He pulls me up with him till i am standing at the end of the bend, teetering on the heels, hands still secured behind me. He makes sure i am steady, kisses my neck, face and finally lips gently and with great passion, causing me to melt into him and groan, then he pulls away to retrieve the tools that he wishes to use. He brings over the gag, and fits it into my mouth, securing it behind my head . . . then he takes the blindfold and covers my eyes, tying it behind my head also . . . now i cannot see or talk, helpless with my hands still secured behind my back.

I hear some clinking and my burning nipples begin to tingle because i know those are the clamps, the chain makes a distinctive sound. I can feel him near me and his hand reaches out to pinch first one nipple tightly as he affixes the clamp, then repeats the procedure with the other nipple, my groaning only pleasing him more, i am sure. i can’t see his face, and that is a part of the cruelty of the blindfold, because i can’t see how my reactions may affect him which always adds to my excitement..

The weight from the chain adds to the discomfort, so i try not to let it swing and hold still.

Master grabs my arm “on your knees, girl” and helps me to kneel, he releases my hands from behind my back, and has me on all fours on the floor, the chain from the nipple clamp swinging freely, causing sensation to course through my tits once again.

He lifts my skirt and tucks it into the waistband . . . i hear him moving around but have no idea where he is or what he’s doing until the paddle comes down hard on my ass cheek, making me moan against the gag. He strikes me on the same cheek in the same spot nine more times for an even ten whacks, making me groan and squeal through the gag, and just as i don’t think i can take anymore, he changes to the other cheek, repeating the same process. i am breathing hard and perspiring from the pain, every time he strikes me the chain attached to my nipples swings and makes my nipples burn, and the pain from the spanking makes my ass burn and i try not to wiggle away because i know it will be worse, but the pain builds and then He switches sides again . . . the tears gather in my eyes as Master continues his ministrations, pausing occasionally to rub the hot spots and let me think it’s over, only to start up again . . . warning me not to move, to hold my position. beykoz escort My arms are shaky and my face is flush when he finally tires of the paddling. The blindfold is damp from sweat and tears and my ass and tits are both on fire!.

Master helps me to my knees again and again secures my wrists behind my back, this time securing my ankles as well and then chaining ankles to wrists so that i cannot rise to a standing position. He then takes the blindfold off my eyes so he can see them as he takes the clamps off my nipples. The gag can barely stifle the purely animal scream of pain as the feeling rushes back to my tender tits and he watches the pain on my face and in my eyes as my groaning continues for almost a full minute and a half . . . i am so wet and he knows it, reaching under my skirt to tease my clit and to let me know he is aware of how wet i am . . . in fact, he pulls his glistening fingers out from between my legs and shows them to me. “You are such a horny slut, aren’t you? Your need is so obvious, look how wet you get, my little whore . . . what kind of girl gets wet and horny from having their ass beat, hmmm? A pain-slut, that’s who . . . you are such a little pain-slut, aren’t you? you are MY pain slut.”

i can feel the blush and embarrassment from his taunting, yet i know what he says is true and the embarrassment makes me even hotter and wetter!!!

Master returns the clamps and the blindfold to the dresser and picks up the clothespins. Oh, there is a decidedly evil glint in his eyes as he slowly walks over to where i am kneeling and stands in front of me looking down at me. i am looking up at him, the gag causing drool to leak from the corners of my mouth, my eyes pleading. He gently takes his hand and places it on my head, pushing it slightly indicating that i should lower my head, which i do, panic and desire still with me at the look i saw in His eyes.

i look at the floor, trembling a little as he walks away briefly, then returns. He then releases the gag from the back of my head and takes it off me . . . he lifts my face so he can look at me, i know that the saliva is smeared around my face, and my jaw is a little sore, and i blush knowing that he is seeing me used and sweaty, with drool running down the sides of my face. He gently wipes my face with a cloth he had retrieved from the bathroom, and i am so grateful for his thoughtfulness.

He then releases the chains that keep me kneeling and helps me to my feet again. Then he lays me on my back over the bed, my legs hanging over the ends with my feet on the floor. He releases the chains securing my ankles and pushes my legs far apart, exposing my cunt completely. He then takes those evil clothespins and begins slowly attaching them to my cunt lips . . . each one causing me to squirm and groan. Down one side and up the other, it feel like it goes on forever!! Once finished, my cunt lips splayed open by the clothespins, He begins playing with my exposed clit, causing me to squirm again, trying so hard not to move, for every movement causes the pins to jiggle, but he works my clit until i am begging him to take me, and then he stops abruptly.

“Not yet, slut, I have something you need to take care of first”. And i feel his hard cock again pressing against my leg.

He pulls me down onto my knees, the clothespins still on my poor cunt lips and i’m trying desperately not to jostle them. Then he releases my hands from behind my back, sits in front of me on the bed “You know what to do, don’t you?” he teases.

“Oh, yes, Master” . . . my eyes are locked on his stiff cock and i lick my lips . . . i can’t wait to taste him (although i’m still wishing the clothespins were off me).

“Well then, once I have cum, I will take off the clothespins, but not before then” and he lays back, waiting for me to begin.

I take his hard cock deep in my mouth and begin, moving up and down, each movement torture and pleasure at the same time. My knees hurt, my cunt burns and pinches, and my mouth greedily gobbles up his cock, deep into my throat, one caddebostan escort hand holding the base of his cock secure, the other teasing his balls, my tongue gliding up and down the shaft, then slurping it all into my hot mouth. i hear him groan as i suck the tip and swirl my tongue around it, working up more of a sweat with the efforts to please him . .. i feel his cock getting harder and begin to twitch and i start going down on it faster, pumping it with my hand at the same time, his balls get hard and his cock begins to pump and i hear his roar of pleasure as the orgasm takes over him and his hips thrust up pushing his cock even deeper into my mouth . . . I’m moaning as i take his cum and swallow it all down, sucking on his cock in my mouth and throat as it continues to pulse his release. Finally, he pushes my head off his cock and i rest my head against his strong thigh, gasping for breath, his hand gently rubbing my head.

After a few moments, he sits up, smiles and then helps me back to my feet. My cunt lips ache and he lays me back as i was before. Then, torturously removes the clothespins one by one, taking his sweet old time as i groan and gasp and try not to scream . . . taking time between the removal to occasionally insert his fingers deep into me or to massage my clit. Finally all the clips are off and i am gasping and dripping with need . . .

“Now, pet, let me watch you take care of yourself” The blush that rushes over me is not enough to keep me from touching myself in front of him, no matter how embarrassed i am . . . my need is too great and he knows it. He watches greedily as i begin to circle my clit with my finger, rubbing it, my hips thrusting against my own fingers. He gently pinches at my nipples or inserts a finger into me as i continue to masturbate in front of him . . .my Master has never been one to just sit back and watch, particularly if it is his property he wishes to touch.

With Master’s fingers in my cunt i feel my orgasm beginning to build . . . Master sees my breathing change. “Not yet, slave . . .you will hold your orgasm until i am ready for you to experience it”

i can’t even talk, i just groan in frustration and work to hold back the flow that is building. i desperately try and hold the climax at bay, feeling it building, the tensing muscles.

“Please, Master . . . oh GOD, PLEASE MASTER?!?!” i beg, knowing that i can’t hold back much longer.

“Hmmm . . . “ he pauses, watching as i arch and thrust, his fingers still, my head thrashing back and forth, my teeth gritted in my efforts

“No, not yet . . .”

“MASTER” i cry out through my clenched teeth “i cannot hold it back it back . . .oh GOD, please may i cum . . . “ the tears in my eyes slip down the sides of my face

“I know you are struggling, pet, but this is part of your training, you will not cum until you are told to . . .”

i groan and gasp and moan with the efforts of restraining.

“But,” he says after a brief pause “ you have been very good in taking your Masters paddling” and his fingers thrust in deep “and the nipple clamps” and again his fingers thrust into me “and the clothespins were so much fun” and again they thrust in deep “and that was a fabulous blow job” and now he begins thrusting his fingers in quickly “so you may now cum . . . cum for your Master, slave”

And with that, i begin to let go and feel the building of the tension to the point where i must release it. The orgasm he has inspired and directed courses through me and i cry out as wave after wave rushes through me. i cannot control the spasms and my body writhes in pleasure.

As i begin to regain my composure, Master brings his fingers to my lips to gently lick and suck my juices off. Then he gathers me in his arms and holds me tight, stroking my hair and my breasts, whispering into my ear what a good girl i had been and how proud he was of me for bearing such a session. As i snuggle back against the strength and warmth of him, as i settle back into reality, i hear him telling me how happy i made him and how pleased and honored he is to own such an obedient and trusting slave.

And i am very happy and content . . . i have such a wonderful Master, and the warmth and glow of the after envelopes me as we slowly drift off to sleep. Of course, this is only the first night, there is still tomorrow!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32