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I need to tell you about what happened here last week while you were away. You deserve to know and I just hope that you understand.

You left me on Monday last week and by the time Wednesday rolled around, my mind started to wonder. I started thinking about you and your tongue and your cock. I put on some lingerie to make myself feel sexy and opened a bottle of pinot. I sat at the computer trying desperately to find myself a story to get off to. I sat there stroking my big black dildo that you got me and rubbed it easily against myself while I searched through the story titles. I came to one about a woman being the entertainment at a bachelor party for one of her husband’s friends. While I read through the story I rubbed the hard dildo harder and harder against my clit until I just had to feel it inside me. I slowly inserted it in and grabbed the little blue vibrator and ran it along my clit. I imagined it was I that you and your friends shared taking turns fucking my pussy, mouth and ass. I didn’t even get midway through it before my pussy started gushing and I came hard on the big black dildo. As soon as I finished I heard the sound of giggling and then very quickly heard someone knocking on our door. I grabbed my short bathrobe and quickly answered the door trying to catch my breath from my orgasm. Mike and Chris stood there, glasses in hand.

“Oh, did we come at a bad time?” Chris asked with a raw smile as I tried to cover my chest with the robe.

” No, no guys come on in.” I welcomed them but hesitantly. We walked back to the kitchen and they got themselves each a pint. Now, the boys normally looked at me a lot but not in an inappropriate way; more flattering. This time though, it was bordering on creepy. They stood in the room, across from me, drinking and talking about work. They did their best not to stare but were transfixed with my exposed thighs and my creeping “v” neckline. I stood just blushing and trying to keep myself covered while attempting to stay in the conversation. They finished one and then filled another for the walk back to their place. I led them out of the kitchen and through the bedroom. When I got to the computer room I realized that I had left the dildo and the vibrator sitting out next to the computer. I ran over to it and tried to cover it up but I was pretty sure that Mike saw it. I blushed at him as he gave me another good look over before he and Chris headed towards the door.

That was a long night. I couldn’t get the thought of Mike seeing my big dildo out of my head. He pays enough attention to me without that little tease of evidence to the level of my libido. The next day I must have seen the two of those boys staring at my ass or tits a hundred times. Not that I don’t “invite” the attention by what I wear most of the time. Even though I’m a teacher, I put a lot of thought into my outfits, making sure I at least make myself feel sexy. It’s not that I didn’t like the attention from the two boys either. I very much liked and was flattered by all the suggestive looks but was also made uncomfortable by it because of their personal and working relationship with you. They never showed any disrespect for me in anyway but, in our tiny little town, I had become these boys object of desire.

It turned me on, having boys five years younger than me stare and possibly fantasize about me. I wondered what they thought of me. I wondered how far their minds wandered. Did they just fantasize about seeing my breasts? Did they want to see my whole body? Did they want to touch me? Lick me?…Did they want me to touch them? Suck them? Fuck them?

That night I waited to see if Chris and Mike would come again to drink some beer. Nine o’clock rolled around and I figured I was in the clear. I again put on some lingerie, a black crotch-less bodysuit, and found one of your gangbang videos and put it in the DVD player out in the family room. I again brought out my two favorite toys and started pacing through the scenes of the video. Nothing caught my eye until I came to a scene where an Asian “masseuse” made a house-call to a group of black men. Well I’m sure you know the scene. I quickly massaged and fucked myself to an excellent orgasm. I leaned my head back and, in my post-orgasmic bliss, I looked up into the window. It was snowing lightly and the light from outside flickered. I turned my head and saw a figure quickly walking away from the house. I instantly recognized it as Mike. Was he watching me? How much of it was he watching?

I was up all night. Was I thinking about how awful I felt that another man had seen me naked? No. Was I thinking about how ashamed I “should have been?” No. I was rubbing my clit from orgasm to orgasm about the thought of Mike, a good looking young man, watching me fuck myself silly while watching a girl get dp’d by numerous big black cocks. One after the other my orgasms flowed. It was the most aroused I had been in years and I could not believe how much my accidental exhibitionism had turned me on. By the end of the night I was just holding the vibrator against my clit and fantasizing bağdatcaddesi escort about a large group of men watching me as I pleasured myself.

The next morning was rough to say the least. Not only was I absolutely exhausted, but every time I saw Mike, he made a point out of staring me up and down, the whole time wearing a huge grin. I soon noticed Chris giving me the same inappropriate treatment. I walked across the hall at some point to ask Eric about a party at our neighbors place on Saturday night. He told me it started at 10:00 but the whole time I was in his classroom he was behind his desk, leaning back in his chair and very blatantly staring at my chest. So I had worn that low cut black lace shirt that really shows off a lot of cleavage, but he didn’t have to be a dick about it.

In any case, school ended that day and I went home and started drinking. I opened a bottle of wine and drew a bath. After I got out and dried off I poured myself another glass of wine. I slipped into a short blue slip that was see-through and picked out another movie of yours to watch and bring myself off to. This time I sat in the chair so that I wouldn’t have my back to the window. At least I could know that I was being watched then. I had a difficult time finding a scene that interested me. It was one I hadn’t looked through before but all of the scenes were pretty lame. I finally came to one in which a middle-aged woman was taken by three young men. They fucked her relentlessly and she was in a constant state of orgasm. They barely touched her pussy at first, instead they took turns fucking her ass and feeding her their cocks. Two of them then started to dp her and that’s when I inserted the butt plug in my ass. I inserted the big dildo into my pussy as well and rubbed my clit with my hand. I was getting lost in the moment when I noticed a figure in the window. I could tell it was Mike but I surprised myself by not covering up. I continued to bring myself closer and closer to an orgasm. He just stood there and watched me through the window. He rubbed the crotch of his pants while he watched sometimes glancing at the screen and the women being pounded relentlessly. I sat there with both my holes filled and madly rubbing my clit. I stared at him as he rubbed his crotch.

I was somewhat surprised he didn’t bring his cock out for me to see and jerk himself off. He obviously was pretty turned on. I wished he would. I wanted to see it. Was it cut? Was it bigger than yours?

He scared me by moving away from the window and quickly opening the door. He came into the room. He watched the screen for a second and then looked my way. He undid his jeans and pulled out a fairly erect cock. It was fat. Not that long, but fat. The head was very large and beautiful. I couldn’t help but moan as my orgasm came closer and closer. He looked at the screen and my eyes followed his. I had almost forgotten about the porno. The woman was getting drilled in the ass while one of the guys came in buckets all over her tongue. She gobbled it up like sweet candy and tried her best to not let any fall from her mouth.

Just then Mike quickly moved toward me and just let his cock fall in front of me. He put his hand on his hips. I knew what he wanted I just didn’t know if I could do it. I stopped rubbing my clit for a second while I pondered the situation. He looked down at the dildo and butt-plug that were deep inside me. He moved even closer and I could see a drop of pre-cum form on the tip of his cock. It started to fall a bit and landed on my outstretched, bare leg. This was just too much for me. I began to rub my clit furiously. I lifted my head and kissed the end of his dick. The smell was familiar, musty. I tasted the pre-cum on my lips. It was sweet and warming. He put his hand on the back of my head as you often do and urged me on. I put my free hand around the base. It was thicker than any cock I had seen. I started to jerk it but he kept on pulling my head closer. He was persistent and I gave in. I put the head in my mouth. That was all he needed. He pushed my head as far as he could down his thick cock and slowly screwed his cock into the back of my throat. I rubbed my clit so hard it actually started to ache and then it happened. It had only been maybe 15 seconds since I had put his cock in my mouth. My orgasm began and I practically screamed around his cock. He very obviously enjoyed this a lot because his cock started pouring cum into my mouth. It didn’t come out in blasts or spurts. It slowly poured out over my tongue. Again, it tasted wonderfully sweet. It was surprising how much kept coming. My orgasm subsided but his cum kept pouring out. I had to swallow but I kept on jerking him off with one hand. As I pulled it from my mouth it kept on pouring out. I quickly put him back in my mouth to finish him off. I tried to lick his cock clean, but he pulled away buttoning his pants up as he left our house.

I sat there in shock at what I had just done. First the dildo slipped out of my cunt and then the plug fell out of my ass. I could still beykoz escort taste his semen in my mouth. It was the first cum I had tasted besides your own in a long time and it turned me on to no end.

The next morning was Saturday and I slept in late. Finally the cats were hungry enough to start annoying me to wake up. I knew you were getting home the next day, so I cleaned up as much as I could. I did a bunch of laundry, ate some food, went to the store, and then it was time to start getting ready for the party. God, Mike was gonna be there! What would I say to him? What would he act like? This could be seriously awkward. I hoped to God he hadn’t told Eric or Chris what had happened.

I took a shower and shaved and then I put together my St. Pauli Girl outfit. It was one you had given me and I had only worn it once and I thought it would be fun. It showed off a lot of cleavage and the tops of my thigh-highs were readily visible. Unfortunately, the only white panties I had were thongs, g-strings and boy shorts that came down into a thong. So I wore the latter, figuring it would at least cover some of my ass. I would just have to be careful about bending over. I put on more makeup than usual and put my hair into loose pigtails.

By this point it was 10:15 so I made my way over to the party. Eric and Chris were already there along with a bunch of their friends. Eric was dressed as The Big Bad Wolf and Chris was a Doctor. I was happy to see I was not the only one dressed risqué. There were a number of girls dressed very sexily and one girl simply wore a Tiger outfit that was just black stockings, a stripped body suit, ears and some makeup. That was pretty hot, the party was pretty cool. At it’s biggest it was 30 people strong. I had no idea why Mike wasn’t there but Chris said he “wasn’t feeling well.” Afterwards he gave me a very suggestive smile. He then insisted on dancing with me. You know how he gets after a couple of drinks. He turns into such a flirt.

Well it was about 1:00 when some people started heading home. I had at least 6 or 7 screwdrivers. The host had passed out and before long Eric, Chris and I were the only one’s still there. Chris kept on playing lots of 80’s music and insisting on dancing with me. Now that there was no one else there Eric decided to dance with us. He came up behind me and started grinding with me while Chris’s legs and mine were intertwined. I could feel his package grazing my ass every once in a while and it was definitely having its’ affects on me. He at one point started to pull the back of my extremely short skirt up and started grinding up against my bare ass. I quickly pushed the skirt down and pushed him back. Chris reached around my back, pulling me into him. His hand started wandering down to the point that it was just resting on my ass. I tried to pull his hand away, I promise I did, but it felt good to be touched. Then Eric again started pulling the back of my skirt up exposing my thong while Chris got to get a handful of ass. I reluctantly put up with their treatment just to keep them happy and to be totally honest it felt really good to be handled like that. When the music stopped they both suggested going to see what Mike was up to. I told them that I was going home and that I would see them tomorrow.

Well, when I got home and went to the bathroom I sat down and instantly smelled the aroma emanating from my pussy. I felt my pussy and I was dripping wet, obviously from all the attention that Chris and Eric had been giving me. I again decided to find a porno of yours to get myself off to. I was as horny as I had been the whole time you were gone and I quickly found what I wanted. I didn’t change my clothes at all and instead just took off the thong I was wearing.

Instantly a Hispanic girl came on the screen. She was dressed in a school-girl outfit, pigtails, tiny skirt, knee socks, it was pretty hot even if she was just average. She was in an office and two meat puppets came in to the room acting as the vice principal and principal and they started scolding her for doing one thing or the other and before you know it, she’s bent over the desk and getting repeatedly spanked by these two guys. Well I’m sure you know the scene.

I began touching myself. All I had brought out was my small blue toy and that quickly found a spot in my ass. I then rubbed my pussy, getting myself extremely wet. All of a sudden the door opened!

Mike stood in the door looking me up and down. He moved towards me and I quickly covered myself. He got down to his knees and, with both hands on my knees, pushed my legs far apart. I was shocked and pushed him away but he’s much stronger than me. He took the blue toy out of my ass. He wasted no time and gave me a long, wide, slow lick starting at my ass and then going up to my clit. His tongue rested there for at least a few seconds. He then pushed a finger deep in my pussy. First one and then two entered me. Then another finger pushed inside my already lubed asshole.

It was not long before he had me teetering on an orgasm. His tongue caddebostan escort lapped at my clit in broad, slow, forceful movements. His fingers worked deep into my holes, slowly though, and it felt amazing. As I started to orgasm I heard voices approaching the door. Just as I started creaming all over Mike’s mouth the door opened. It was too late. I was already in the throws of a huge orgasm and Mike just kept on licking my pussy so well while drilling his fingers deeper and deeper into my pussy and ass.

Then he pulled his fingers from my pussy as I came down from my orgasm. He kept on licking my pussy really slowly and gently. I had just started noticing the presence of Chris and Eric. They stood there, unsurprised by what was going on, with big grins on their faces. They moved up next to me and watched as Mike licked me clean. I looked up at both of them as they admired my body. Eric reached down and started rubbing my tits. He was rough about it but I didn’t care. Chris began to pull my top off of me completely exposing my breasts, leaving me with only my green skirt and white stockings.

Chris pulled out his cock and started stroking it. It was nice but not big like yours, just average. But it quickly grew and he pushed it towards my cheek. He started rubbing it against my face and before I knew it there was pre-cum all over the side of my cheek. I knew what he wanted and I finally gave in to his advances while Mike continued to gently lick my swollen pussy lips and Eric rubbed my breasts.

I licked the head of his cock and he let out a soft moan. “Oh Jesus man, you weren’t shittin’ Mike. Her mouth feels like velvet.”

He started pushing into my mouth deeper and deeper. He took grasp of my hair and slowly rocked his hips forward, pushing his cock into my mouth until my nose was buried into his pubic hair. He repeated this while I just lay there, opening my mouth and throat for his cock.

Mike finally stopped with the aural assault and knelt between my legs. “Do you want this?” he asked as he stroked his growing cock.

I know this was my chance to stop this baby, but I just couldn’t. I was far too worked up at that point and I wanted to feel him. I wanted it so bad. I took Chris’s cock from my mouth and swallowed some air before I breathily whispered “yes.”

“What was that again? I couldn’t hear you.” With this he rubbed the end of his engorged shaft up and down my wet cunt.

“Yes I want it.” I stated. “I want you inside me.”

With that he started to push ever so slowly, inside me. He was so thick that he really had to go slow. Oh it felt so amazing to feel another cock in my pussy.

Chris wasted no time in pushing his cock back into my mouth. I accepted it and he immediately pushed into my throat again. I then felt another warmth on the side of my face. Eric had taken his cock out of his pants and now he was rubbing the end up against my cheek. Pre-cum started oozing out over my cheek and I still hadn’t even seen the thing. I pushed Chris from my mouth and reached up to take Eric’s cock in my hand. I could not believe it baby. It was huge. Both long and thick, it swelled in my hand as I stroked the length of it.

Eric put his hand on my head and turned my head to face him. He immediately pushed the head against my lips spreading his pre-cum onto them. Mike was completely buried in my pussy and he was slowly moving in and out of me as I gyrated my hips up and down, urging him on.

Eric pushed past my lips and entered my mouth as I sucked hard on the end of his cock. It jerked forward as I did this and before I could do anything about it he was pressing against my throat. He tasted good but I had to pull him from my mouth to keep from gagging. Mike began to move faster in and out of me and grunted as he did.

I grabbed hold of Eric’s cock with one hand and lifted it as I jerked him. I wrapped my lips around his hanging balls and moaned as Mike continued to drill his cock inside of me. I took turns with each one of Eric’s enormous balls and he groaned as I sucked on them.

Mike pulled out of my pussy quickly, trying to ward off his impending orgasm. When he did, Chris jumped in and took his chance. He pulled me off the chair and down onto the floor. He got me on my hands and knees. Mike wasted no time in pushing his dripping cock into my mouth and drilling it deep into my throat. I wanted to gag but he kept on pushing against my throat. Eric stood over me looking down at my naked body.

Chris, now behind me, buried his face in my pussy and then worked his way up to my ass, giving me a full tongue bath. Then he pushed his thumb into my ass and wiggled it until it was fully buried in me. He got up on his knees and quickly pushed his cock all the way into my pussy.

His cock wasn’t very big, but honey, the feeling of his thumb in my ass while he fucked me felt so good. I started pushing back onto him, trying not to let Mike’s cock fall from my mouth. Then Eric knelt down with Mike and started rubbing his cock on my face again. It was too much for me and I started creaming all over Chris’s cock as he drilled it into me. I began to scream around Mike’s cock and I pushed him out only to have Eric push his much larger cock deep down my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and began to drill hard into my throat as my lengthy orgasm subsided.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32