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Cougar Commando


My wife Sarah and I had been exchanging partners regularly with our good friends Heather and Bob. The relationship had evolved gradually over several years and always as a foursome.

We never really planned for sex each time we met; it would just happen or not happen. Each individual had to be in the mood or nothing intimate would develop. If there had been one individual most responsible for our eventual foursome, it would have to be Heather who took the lead on many occasions.

One evening she told a tale about an adulterous affair that had occurred a year or so after being married. She was still working at the time and started having ‘nooners’ with her boss. She was extremely detailed.

The tale aroused us as a foursome and we traded partners for the first time. It was all very calm and quite beautiful and it did not appear to cause any marriage threatening repercussions. In fact it was quite the opposite and sex life between Sarah and I blossomed.

During the following meetings each of us had been encouraged to relate our own encounters. It appeared that we had all had at least one affair, and like Heather, mostly in the early years of marriage. I guess that we all had a difficult time becoming monogamous.

My wife Sarah had been the most reluctant to confess a tale of infidelity, but she had finally admitted an affair to me one night in bed. The story had ignited a wild night of sex between the two of us and I eventually convinced her to retell it at our next meeting with Heather and Bob.

The story as told in Chapter One

During our ‘early married’ life, we had lived in a remote mining town. I had been the Assistant Manager at a new mine under development. The President of our company showed up at the site every month or six weeks; usually bringing potential investors and media types in to monitor our progress. The Manager’s wife organized a party on each visit that provided welcome relief to the ladies of the town, who led an otherwise quite boring life.

The President, Paul Pearson, was a swarthy smooth talking mining promoter. He dressed in elegant casual clothes, talked of yachts, mentioned high profile acquaintances, and described exotic sun soaked island vacations. He was free with his gifts and compliments.

He was from a different social stratum to we inhabitants of the cold fly infested North Country. He also soon had the ‘hots’ for Sarah, although I never suspected it at the time.

Sarah recounted how she had been flattered, aroused and frightened by Paul’s advances and attempts to seduce her during his visits to our small town. He eventually succeeded with the collusion of my boss’s wife Doris. Paul had apparently been banging Doris for some time with the full knowledge of her husband, my boss Bert the Manager. Apparently Bert looked on it as an insurance policy for his high paying job.

Paul had enlisted Doris to find some way for him to get into Sarah’s panties. They succeeded one afternoon during one of Paul’s visits while both Bert and myself were busy with some potential investors. Doris called Sarah over to her house, where Paul fucked her for four hours in the master bedroom. Sarah admitted to readily wanting it to happen. The man was insatiable and ended the afternoon demanding and receiving a ‘blow-job’ in the shower.

Chapter Two

The telling of this story had the intended effect when related to Heather and Bob. All three of us took turns screwing Sarah. Heather had been seeking this opportunity for some time and provided Sarah with her first experience with another woman. Bob and I had been turned on by the two of them grinding tits and pussies, and we pretty well ignored convention when we climbed in bed with them for our version of an orgy.

Several weeks had passed since that wild evening, and we were back together again at Bob’s and Heather’s lakeside home. A barbeque, a swim, too much alcohol and the kissing and feeling started once more.

We stripped and showered together in the gang shower near the beach, soaping and fondling our own mates as well as the others. We put on robes and repaired to the rec room in the house. We danced to soft music, exchanged partners and became horny. The light from the fireplace provided a romantic setting and it appeared that it was going to be one of those special nights.

I was dancing with Heather. We had opened our robes and our naked bodies were glued together as we swayed to the music. It was mostly swaying and there was very little footwork çekmeköy escort involved. She had maneuvered my cock between her legs and was gently sliding her hips back and forth, her slit wetting the top of my shaft.

I whispered, “This is what I call dancing. You feel so fucking hot. Who taught you how to do this?”

She stopped a minute, squeezed her legs tight on my cock and kissed me, “I think it was you, I could dance like this all night.”

At that point Bob called out, “Time! Take a break. Things are moving too quickly here,” he grinned. I looked over to see Sarah leaning against him; her robe was open and her tits dangling freely. She did not look over at us as she seemed intent on Bob and appeared to be holding on to his cock beneath the robe. I could tell that Sarah was in “hunt’ mode.

Heather and I parted, closing our robes like two kids caught with our hands in the cookie jar. Bob and I went to the bar to get drinks and joined the ladies on a big sofa, to one side of the fireplace.

I ventured, “Sarah has an epilogue to her story that she has so far refused to relate to me. Her affair with the company president did not end on that one afternoon. Baby, why not tell us the rest now.”

Sarah did not look all that comfortable. I said, “Baby, come on, we have been sharing everything with Bob and Heather, there cannot be that much more to the story can there?”

The other’s joined in with more encouragement and finally Sarah said, “Alright then, but even I cannot believe what happened, and hot as it was I could never do it again. This was far out, believe me, and so just know that I have warned you all.” She looked directly into my eyes and said, “And especially you Jim.”

I suddenly felt uncertain and thought possibly I should have heard this alone first, but I was committed and just smiled and said, “No worries baby, tell us.”

Sarah began her tale; “I really could not believe what I had allowed to happen that first time in Doris’s bedroom. The man intrigued me, he was rich and powerful and very much in charge of every thing and everyone around him; but I did not really like him. He was like a gangster from the movies. In some ways he terrified me, but I was also turned on by the fact that such a man of the world desired me.

I was determined not to let him use me again, but it would be a lie to say that I stopped thinking about him. I did not allow him to get me alone on his next few trips, but quite frankly I thought about my afternoon with him the entire time that he was in town. I don’t know how many times that I went to my bedroom and put his panties on and creamed myself.

A few months later, he called me from head office and told me that Jim and I would be going to the annual mining convention. I am not sure if you even knew Jim that we were selected to go at that point. Either you or Bert had to be on duty at all times and Bert did the convention most years. Paul laid it on the line, ‘Sarah, I expect that you will make one full day available for me. I will make sure that Jim will be busy.’

I was dismayed and excited at the same time. I told myself that this would be the very last time, but baby,” she said while looking right into my eyes, “I wanted to fuck him again despite knowing how rotten it was.”

By this time the rest of us were highly aroused and totally focused on Sarah. I bent to kiss her before squeaking out, “No worries baby, it was a long time ago.” Bob and I had settled in beside her on the sofa, while Heather sat transfixed on the floor in front of her.

Sarah continued, “The very first morning after we arrived at the convention, Paul called me in our hotel room. Jim, you were already out and doing business for the day. We had agreed to go out to dinner with friends that evening.

Paul said, ‘Morning Sarah, have you had breakfast?’

I replied that I had just finished a room service meal.

‘Can you come up to my suite now? And wear the panties. You know the panties that hold my pussy,’ he chuckled. ‘Remember, when you are wearing those panties, your pussy is mine.’

I almost come at his words; I swear my pussy lips pinched together as if closed around his big cock. I did as he asked and stood naked in front of a mirror as I prepared myself for this next adventure. I had trimmed my bush to a vertical stripe which showed perfectly between the two P’s embroidered on the panties. I lifted my tits in my hand and posed for myself. I felt good and very horny. I was just going to cevizli escort forget everything else and enjoy a great lay.

He was wearing a white robe as he answered the door to his suite and pulled me quickly inside. His hands went up the back of my skirt and fondled my ass. ‘I love feeling that ass of yours,’ he groaned, “I think of it often and am going to fuck the hell out of it again.’ I have to admit his coarse language while alone with me was a complete turn-on.

He guided me directly into the bedroom, stepped back and dropped his robe. His big hose of a cock was only half ready. I could not take my eyes off of it as I began to strip.

He sat on the side of the bed naked, and as we had done the first time, he waited for me to stand in front of him so he could see the initials on the panties. He smiled up at me as he rubbed his fingers on them. I trembled in anticipation as he pushed the panties to one side and felt my slit. ‘Damn, what a cunt you have Sarah, and all slippery already, get on your back I want to fuck it.’ There never was a lot of foreplay with Paul.

And I wanted him to fuck it. Despite my self-denial, the thoughts had been in my mind since he had last stuffed all of it in me several months previous. I crawled to the pillow and spread for him.

He straddled me, his knees each side of my hips and said, ‘Tune it up for me baby, want it really hard before we fuck, don’t want it to bend.’ I obeyed and reached down and fondled his balls and huge cock.”

Sarah looked at Heather and said, “You should have seen it Heather, it was a real challenge.”

Heather replied, “Hum, sounds good, I have dealt with a few big schlongs in my life.” Her hand was inside of her robe as she fingered her pussy.

Bob and I, sitting on each side of Sarah, opened her robe and each hefted a breast, fingers gently rolling her nipples. Sarah sighed and continued.

“His cock was stiffening as I played with it, rising up along my belly until the knob was between my tits. He was getting excited, and folded my tits around his prick and fucked them. I wanted the damn thing in me now, and not in my mouth. He seemed to sense what I wanted and began to slide his ass down my body before working his knees between my legs. His big dong and balls rubbed my pussy. I pulled my knees back to spread for him. I was aching to have him enter me.

Once again he was careful to take his time to work the monster into me, but once fully in and he could feel me responding he started stroking with long continuous strokes. At first he was up on his extended arms, glaring down at me as he drove his cock relentlessly in and out. As his apparent rage increased he lay down on me and demanded that I grab his ass and dig my nails into him. I did this willingly and hooked my heels into the back of his muscled thighs. It was pure fucking; there was no real affection in it from either of us. We sought pleasure only.

He got me off at least twice before exploding inside of me. Oh God, I can still see him pulling that slippery cock out of me, the cum oozing around it, and not believing even then that it had been possible to get it all in.”

Sarah looked at me now, “You okay baby?” She was holding my stiff cock in her hand. That must have convinced her that I was indeed okay. Bob was bent down sucking one of her nipples and Heather was on her knees between Sarah’s legs, licking and kissing her inner thighs while working upwards toward her shaved pussy.

“Paul got up quickly and told me to shower and change into a sheer negligee’ that I would find in the bathroom and to come back out to the main room when I was ready. ‘I have a surprise for you,’ he said.

I stood in the hot water for a long time, imagining that I was washing off the scent of him, but also knowing that my day was not over. I would have preferred to leave then, my lust for him had been addressed and I was not ready for any more sex. However, his hold on me was such that I did as he had asked and pulled on the negligee’ and my panties and returned to the main room.

Much to my surprise, he was not alone. I recognized one of the investors who had visited the property several times. An older man, very heavily built, but one who had always been pleasant to me on those occasions we had chatted. His name was Arnold as I recalled. I stopped short when I saw him and said, ‘Oh sorry,’ and feeling very embarrassed, returned to the bedroom.

Paul came in, shut the door and grabbed my arm saying, ‘No baby, I want erenköy escort you out there. Arnold is my biggest investor and I need him to get on board for my next financing.’

I said, ‘No way, I will not go out there dressed like this, I will change first.’

He grabbed my arm and looked at me threateningly, ‘I want you out there dressed like that and moreover I want you to fuck him.’

I was in shock and trembling. It was one thing to bang a man for whom there was an attraction, but to just fuck some guy was beyond my comprehension.

Paul’s face softened a bit at my dismay. ‘Baby, this is important. We are at a critical point and we need more money for your husband to complete the project. If this guy comes onside my next financing will be a slam-dunk. I normally hire a call girl for these guys but he asked for you. You made the same impression on him as you did me. In fact the entire Board of Directors would like to mount you. Please Sarah, just this once.’

I was angry now and almost in defiance I said, ‘Okay, but don’t pull this on me again.’ I suppose that I rationalized it by thinking of Jim’s position and how much he loved the job and his reputation in the industry. I certainly was not in a mood for sex.

I gathered myself and joined them in the main room. Arnold jumped up and took my hand and told me how lovely I looked. I smiled and kept hold of his hand and led him to the bedroom. I knew that if I waited too long I would not go through with it.

In the bedroom I dropped the negligee’ and my panties as Arnold stood staring at me, his face all flushed. I moved up to him like a hooker and released his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, belt and pants. He had a tent in his shorts and I rubbed his cock with the palm of my hand. He hadn’t touched me yet; he just stared at me from my eyes to my pussy. I pushed his shorts down and his stubby cock popped out. My plan was to get him off with my hand and I closed it around his shaft and stroked him.

Arnold suddenly came alive and his fingers found my nipples. His touch was quite gentle. He pushed my tits together and rubbed the nipples on each other and licked and sucked them. I felt my loins loosen and my pussy became moist. I decided that I might like to fuck him after all. He was a big man with a gut so I said, ‘Get on your back on the bed Arnold.’

I crawled up over him, my knees each side of his belly and moved my now quite damp pussy over his fat cock, rubbing the lips on the tip.

I was ready to settle down on it when he said, ‘Let me suck your tits Sarah, they are beautiful.’ I dropped one and then the other in his mouth, and then positioned myself over his cock once more.

He slipped his hands between my legs and began to pull me up over his mouth. ‘I want to taste you Sarah.’

My God, the man was an expert. I leaned over him with my hands braced against the head board of the bed and just let him lick and suck away as much as he wanted. Soon my eyes were closed and my ass was swaying back and forth in sympathy with his wild tongue and lips and fingers. I groaned, ‘Arnold, I’m going to come.’

In answer he grabbed my hips and jammed my wet pussy down on his face and continued licking and sucking. He had to hold me in place or I would have tumbled off the bed in my wild orgasm. I started to recover a bit, straightening up and he lifted me with his strong arms and moved me down until my cunt was over his cock again. He jammed it up in me and started to bang away with fast jabbing strokes. He did not last long and got off with a yell.

I rolled off of him and he got up and went to the bathroom to wash off. He returned and dressed, smiling at me as he said, “That was great Sarah, it was perfect, you are a beautiful woman.”

I lay on the bed all through this, quite exhausted and said, ‘You were great as well Arnold; that was an unexpectedly wild ride you gave me.’

I showered quickly and dressed. As I got my things together and picked up my purse I noticed an envelope under it. There were ten brand new one hundred dollar bills in it. I hesitated at the realization that I was being paid for a fuck. I tucked it into my purse and left the suite without another word to Paul.”

By the time that Sarah had completed her story, the rest of us were sitting around her, Bob and I each side of her and Heather kneeling on the floor between her legs. Bob and I had pulled her legs apart and were feeling her tits and pussy, and taking turns kissing her. Heather’s tongue was working in between our fingers, teasing and licking Sara’s wide-open slit.

I whispered to her, “Baby, are you good for three again?”

She pushed Heather’s head back from her pussy, leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Yes but I promised Bob the first one.”

The End

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