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Al watched as Andy walked naked to the front of Al’s car. Al admired his best friend’s ass and thought about how nice it would feel to slide his cock in and out of Andy’s virgin asshole. When Andy reached the front of the car, Al said “Put your hands on the hood of the car and spread your legs.” He put his cock back in his pants and approached his friend, happy that he had packed some lubricant in the glove compartment.

“Yes sir” Andy replied. Andy did as Al instructed. Andy noticed how cool the hood of the car felt and wondered how long the two of them had been parked along this dirt road. His cock was still hard and Andy could feel pre-cum drip onto his foot from time to time. His mind raced. Before this night, he had not actually touched, much less sucked another man’s cock. And except for periodic trips to the nudist colony, he had not been naked in front of someone in public this long, and he certainly had never sported a hard-on dripping pre-cum everywhere in front of anyone.

As Al pressed his body against Andy’s bare back, he reached both hands around and gently rubbed canlı bahis Andy’s nipples. Al felt Andy’s breathing escalate and began to pinch both of Andy’s nipples. In addition to breathing harder, Andy let out a low, almost inaudible moan. It was obvious that Andy’s nipples were highly erogenous. Al made a mental note to pay more attention to Andy’s nipples as the night progressed.

Moving his hands down slowly, Al wrapped his left hand around Andy’s cock and gave a firm squeeze. He caressed Andy’s balls with his right hand, gently rolling them in his hands and lightly squeezing them and tugging on them as he began to stroke Andy’s cock. After a few minutes, Al moved his right hand to Andy’s ass and began rubbing his ass cheeks, making his way ever closer to touching Andy’s asshole.

This was all apparently very erotic to Andy. He rocked slowly in motion with the stroking of his cock, and he instinctively spread his legs further apart as Al’s hand neared his asshole. For a moment, he forgot where he was. Al’s hand inched ever closer to Andy’s asshole. As he found the sensitive bahis siteleri area surrounding Andy’s ass, Al slowly massaged the area with one finger, making circular motions that got closer and closer to Andy’s sphincter opening. Al knew Andy enjoyed this since he noticed that Andy’s breathing became shallower and his butt muscles loosened, making access to his asshole easier.

Al gently pushed in on Andy’s asshole. Andy’s lack of objection to the invasion of his ass served as an opening for Al. Al pushed his finger slowly into Andy’s asshole and began gently massaging and relaxing the sphincter muscle. As he managed to get his entire finger into Andy’s ass, Al saw headlights in the distance. He leaned closer to Andy and whispered into his ear “I should make you stand here while this car passes, but I want to fuck your ass, so go hide in the woods.”

Al removed his finger from Andy’s asshole and walked slowly to the driver’s door. Andy rushed quickly into the woods and hid behind a large oak. He was certain that whoever was in the approaching car would be able to see him. His cock bahis şirketleri quickly became limp, and he crouched naked behind the tree. Andy suddenly realized that it was much chillier outside than he realized and began to shiver.

Al sat in the driver’s seat and cranked the car. The approaching vehicle pulled up along side of him and the driver rolled down the passenger’s window and asked Al if everything was OK. Al told him everything was alright. After briefly discussing the weather, the friendly driver continued on. To Andy’s surprise, Al drove off behind the other car.

It became very dark. The terror of being left alone in the woods completely naked gripped Andy. “Surely Al is coming back” he thought. As he watched both cars’ taillights disappear into the distance, Andy began to wonder if Al had, in fact, left him.

Replaying the last thirty minutes or so in his mind, he was confident that Al would be back. After tall, Al seemed adamant about fucking Andy’s ass. As much as he was certain he would not let Al touch him again if he did not return, Andy also knew that he wanted more than anything to feel Al’s touch, suck his cock, and feel him penetrating Andy’s ass.

Pissed or not, Andy had, in fact, become Al’s gay lover and was ready to submit to his every wish and his every desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32