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Several years ago Linda and I took a road trip to the Florida Keys. On our first evening we came upon a local pub which appeared to be a hot spot for local Baby Boomers. The pub featured dancing to 60’s and 70’s. Linda danced with a few horny local middle aged guys who were somewhat disappointed that Linda was married and with her husband.

For the last few years an active part of your love life revolves around reading Literotica or Penthouse letters of group sex or swinging which leads to great sex and both physical and mental orgasms which lead to our fantasy of how differently our Key West trip could have developed with better planning on our part with an eye on filling a sexual fantasy.

As we approach our sixties it became apparent that it was now or never time to fulfill our fantasy so we planned a weekend trip to the Keys. We checked with the hotel we stayed at and they confirmed the Pub was still a local hot spot for the 45 to 62 set.

We packed the car and drove the 200 plus miles to our Key West destination arriving in the early afternoon giving us plenty of time to prepare for the adventure of our lives. Upon arriving another fantasy was fulfilled as Linda made an appointment at a local beauty shop to get her first Brazilian wax leaving her with a perfectly shaved vagina which was a real tuzla escort turn on for both of us. Linda also purchased some sexy clothing for our evening adventure.

Around 9pm that evening we arrived at the now very busy pub. Linda was wearing a low cut white dress with no bra or underwear. The outfit emphasized her large breast and her nipples poked thru the flimsy fabric.

We grabbed one of the only empty tables in a dark corner of the pub. We ordered a few drinks then hit the dance floor. As we headed for our table a well tanned and good looking 50 something year old asked Linda to dance. She accepted and they danced to several songs and another gentleman cut in I thought I was seeing double but it later turned out that Bill and Bob were twins.

As I watched them dance my fantasy of a threesome soon became a fantasy of a foursome. As it got later in the evening the songs took a slow dance pace. The twins took turns dancing with Linda and they became bolder and bolder grabbing her ass and grinding their obvious erections into Linda’s pelvic area. They occasional brushed her breast and maneuvered her to they could see her breasts down her low cut dress.

After every 3 or 4 dances they would retreat to our booth in the corner for drinks with Linda sitting between them. Linda noted göztepe escort the smell of pot was heavy in the air. The twins said it was ok to smoke pot in this pub as local police turned a blind eye. They offered us a joint and we smoked it which obviously loosened everybody up. Linda had on left hand on Bill’s thigh and her right hand on Bob’s thigh. In no time at all she was rubbing their crotches producing massive erections. Seeing this as a green light both Bill and Bob moved their hands under Linda’s dress and found a shaved pussy which they rubbed and eventually took turns finger fucking Linda. She reciprocated by unzipping their trousers and stoking their erections.

After a few minutes Linda obliviously had an orgasm. Linda then slid under the table out of view from the people at the pub and sucked the twins off until they came in her mouth. She came up and gave me a deep cum filled kiss and said “It is time”

I asked Bob and Bill to join us at our hotel for a night cap and they eagerly accepted. We walked the 2 blocks to our hotel. As soon as we entered both Bob and Bill were all over Linda disrobing her in seconds. Bob immediately started eating Linda’s pussy, I put my hard cock in her mouth and Bill sucked her erect nipples. I came in seconds and my cock was replaced Bill’s cock üsküdar escort in Linda’s mouth as Bob slipped his erection into Linda’s cunt and fucked her deep and hard. The three of them seemed to come at the same time.

We took a break had a few joints and discussed our mutual fantasies agreeing to fill as many as possible this evening popping some Viagra to keep us hard as long as possible.

Linda’s first request was to have all her holes fucked at once. She lowered herself on Bill’s erection, while I lubed my cock and slipped it into her virgin ass. Bob put his cock into her mouth and we fucked until cum was dripping from all of Linda’s holes. I immediately started sucking the cum from her pussy a secret fantasy of mine. It was surprisingly quite tasty. While I ate Linda out Bill started sucking my cock, making another of my fantasies a reality.

As the sun came up in the east all but one sexual fantasy had become a reality. Bob and Bill left around 6am and I told Linda I would make her unfulfilled fantasy a reality. Her fantasy was to eat another woman’s cum filled vagina while the other woman ate her cum filled vagina. I told her to lay naked in bed and see what I could come up with.

I left the room and approached one of the maids offering $1000 to make the fantasy a reality. She jumped at the offer. I fucked in the linen closet and she entered to our room and proceeded to eat Linda’s cum filled cunt and Linda ate her cum filled cunt until they both came violently.

Trip over we left around 9am and discussed a future trip to Key West.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32