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Sal, my first lover, is as butch a woman as I have ever seen. She is usually wearing the PE teacher’s uniform of tracksuit and joggers. Whereas my hair is clippered and shaved, Sal prefers a very 1930s Brylcreamed short back and sides, complete with squared-off sideburns. When she goes out she wears a felt tilby tilted on her head. But underneath her silk suit and polished lace-up shoes she is all woman. Including the soft girlcock bulging in her pants and snaking down her groin (dressing to the left)

It took about 5 seconds for Sal and I to lock eyes and know that we weren’t going home alone tonight! Incredibly, she said later, I was still a virgin. Of course, I was never interested in boys other than as mates, and companions in mischievousness, and no girl in school who aroused my interest had ever been attainable. I’m glad Sal started teaching there after I left – god knows how much trouble she might have been in if she had been there when I was a student!

Sal took me to a lesbian dance club in the larger town 30 miles away. She was known by everyone there! And as her new date, all eyes were on me! We danced real slow, we danced wild and frenetic, we danced til our feet ached. Sal held my hand against her chest as she led me expertly in a slow waltz. She pressed her bulge against my very wet vulva, and she grasped my ass cheeks, pulling me still closer.

I was dizzy with the exotic eroticism of this new experience. I noticed other couples making out in corners and booths, and one couple right against the bar! In the shadows of bahis firmaları a corner I glimpsed three (!) girls, no older than myself, in various stages of undress, exploring and sampling each others’ delights. It was heady and I was intoxicated by the raw sexuality. I knew I had ‘come home’.

Sal taught me all the delights of fucking. We started that night. She said I was the best student she had ever had! And I kinda have the idea there had been many before me (and probably many after, despite her telling me the following year she had fallen in love with her “one true love”).

The other thing Sal gave me was a network of friends and support. My college town was 100 miles away, but many of the women at the club that night had connections there and so when it was over with Sal I was able to pick up links and seek out the dyke havens where I was. That’s how I met Petal.

Petal I became acquainted with as she was a high school senior struggling with physics. An acquaintance from the Sal days suggested that I might like to earn a little extra cash tutoring Petal for her final exams. I grabbed the chance.

Petal arrived in my life one Saturday, a waif-like imp with a cheeky grin and the tightest ass I’ve ever seen! She dressed in opportunity shop black, but had the longest, blondest hair imaginable. It cascaded like a waterfall down her back, in straight tresses. Sometimes she fixed in with a clasp, pulled it tightly back from her head and twisted into a tight braid. While Petal stood eagerly on my doorstep, I gasped before regaining kaçak iddaa my composure and showing her in to my study/bedroom.

That day, I leaned over Petal, my tits brushing against her arm or neck, as she sat at the computer, and I leant over her, working on physics problems together. My nipples were jutting fully erect from my tank top, unhindered by underwear. Yet Petal showed no indication of noticing. This gorgeous young naïf (as she appeared to me) was dedicated in her pursuit of ….physics!

The fourth week of this routine, Petal suddenly looked up at me, twisted the hair onto the top of her head, and, biting her lip, said “Hey, you know, I really like your hair!” So, I thought, what the hell do I do with that comment? Before I could respond, she had swung round in her chair and said “Mind if I feel it?”

Mind? Mind? Was she kidding? This beauty was unconsciously (ha!) tapping into my eternal obsession. A fetish pricked is the most delicious of fulfillments. I grasped her wrist and placed her hand on my bare nape. Well, not quite bare. Being a Saturday, there was a 3 day growth there. She ran that hand all over my head, reveling in the prickliness of neck and temples, the suede-smoothness of the crown and top of my head.

That first time we made love I was totally surrounded by her golden tresses. They cascaded like a waterfall when she was on top of me….they fell across my tits, and across the bed when we lay side by side, gently and roughly in turns fingering each others’ clits and exploring the soft folds of our kaçak bahis cunt lips and their smooth moist interiors, tracing our wet fingers down our ass cracks and exploring the brown puckered holes. I had to brush her hair back from her face to find her lips and tongue so we could devour each other in kisses. When I flipped her over onto her front, I gathered her hair in both my hands and flipped it forward, above her head, so that I could kiss the smooth softness of her neck. But when I started to tongue her ass which she raised from the bed and swayed sexily back and forth, I pulled he hair so that her head rose from the bed.

Mmmmmmmmm. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Yeeeeeeeeeeees! Ooooooooooooooooooh.

She came in a shuddering orgasm.

Afterwards we propped ourselves on our elbows and talked until the afternoon shadows drew close and we made love again, this time pressing into action several of my toys and my big beautiful memento of Sal, the 10inch cock she presented me with after she taught me the art of cock-fucking!

I asked Petal how long she had been “out” and she replied that she wasn’t yet. She was sure I remembered what it was like at high school, but I just laughed and said I would be surprised if anyone at home ever thought I was anything BUT a dyke! She told me she had had a few secret lovers, furtive gropings in alleys outside school dances and in the bathroom at the pub she visited occasionally. But, she said, she had never fucked in a bed before! I believed her.

Her greatest wish, she said was to be able to tell her mother about her lesbianism. Her mother was a widow, and she was an only child, very close to her mum. But this secret was depressing her and straining her relationship. That one I would have to think about…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32