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Demetrius Monroe Simon Junior opens his girlfriend’s fridge for another cold beer courtesy of her husband. The man even went as far as getting Demetrius favorite brand and he smile at the thought while he shuts the fridge door. Demetrius pop open the bottle with the can opener and took a swing of the much needed drink moaning slightly when the cold bitter alcohol washed down his throat. He never met Patrick but the guy is apparently chill with sharing his wife Jennifer with him. Jenny or Jennifer’s husband as described by her is a timid and boring man but Demetrius doesn’t entirely agree. Jenny has no idea that her husband and Demetrius are aware of each other present and both of the men want to keep her in the dark for the sake of Emma and Aidan the children. Demetrius whole heartily agrees with Patrick in keeping their secret a secret, besides he is no home wrecker but he couldn’t stay away from Jenny. Well, at least at first anyway.

Truth is all of Demetrius’s exes were always somebody else’s girlfriend or wife because for some odd reason he gets a thrill from having sex with women whom belong to someone else. There was something about fucking these women right underneath their boyfriends or spouses noses that brings him the greatest rush or excitement than any drug could possibly do. He figures he has a fetish for those already taken especially when these ladies tell him that he fucked them better than their significant other. Yet, his intentions were never to steal or monopolize these women away from their spouses or boyfriends, he just want to have fun with them temporarily. The worst part is he hardly ever feels guilty with his short term relationship except with Jenny, which he never felt before in his previous affairs. Perhaps, he feels this way because Patrick is aware of his present and he even give him the green light instead of going for his throat. Regardless of how Demetrius feels his relationship with Jenny is coming to an inevitable end.

It wasn’t like that before when Jenny and Demetrius first got together, he feels the most exhilarating high ever but when Patrick found out, the fun wears off over time and whenever that happens he simply moves on. Demetrius place his beer on the kitchen counter while he grabs a nearby pen and a sticky notepad, he wrote down a brief message of wanting to meet with Patrick face-to-face before he breaks it off with Jenny. He pulls the sticky note from the pad and stick it in the tiny crevice between the sink counter and fridge, the sticky note is their special way of communicating with each other and that is how Demetrius found out that his girlfriend’s husband knew about him. The first note Patrick left him was discover by pure accident on his part because no one would think to look between the small space. Patrick actually left a somewhat passive aggressive and kind of funny note stating that he knows of Demetrius presence and he doesn’t care so long as he leaves Emma and Aidan alone and he cleans up after himself.


Three days later when Demetrius went back to Jenny’s place and after he fucked her senseless leaving her bed bound he went straight to the kitchen to see if Patrick left a reply. Sure enough there was a note left for him and Patrick agrees to meet with him on the day when Jenny and the kids will be gone for two days to visit her parents. Demetrius smile as he left his own note agreeing to meet with Patrick when that day come, which couldn’t be soon enough because he feels a strange tingle down his spine. Perhaps, a strange premonition of some sort that is about to unfold before him but whatever it was he was eager to meet it head on. Finally, that day came and Demetrius wanted to look his best so the clothes he picked were particularly enhancing his muscular frame. He wears a snug fitted tan color tee showing off the outline and contours of his definition underneath a caramel color leather jacket over his leg hugging navy blue denim that accentuate his front and back goods along with black heavy boots to complete the ensemble.

Demetrius look very much like the stud he is but he has never been self-absorb in his physical appearance even though he is been told numerous times that he looks good enough to be a model. Not only his physique looks appealing but Demetrius possess a handsome masculine face as well consisting of his sultry brown eyes, deep brow bone, high cheek bone, very kissable thick lips especially the bottom, dark blemish free chocolate skin, close crop hair, a neatly trim goatee and a well define jawline plus it doesn’t hurt that he also happens to be over six feet tall as well. Basically, he is a walking wet dream comes to life, which he happily fulfill with his strings of several short term affairs.

Demetrius hopes that a large case of their favorite beer and five large package of beef jerky will do to physically show his sincerities apologies as he awkwardly ring the doorbell while he juggle the goods. After a few minutes he hears footsteps follow by the door being unlock. When Patrick open the door to reveal himself Demetrius swear canlı bahis he can hear the church choir going off in his head, Jenny’s husband isn’t remotely close to how she described him. Demetrius initially thought the thirty something year old man would look plain like paper based on Jenny descriptions of him but the man looks far from boring. For starters, Patrick look at least ten years younger than his actual age with his angelic like boyish face, he is blonde like Jenny except his hair is more of a vibrant gold that look incredibly soft to touch and highly voluminous as bundle of strands pop up in a wave at the crown of his head while the rest stay in place where he brushed it back behind his ear just pass the nape of his neck.

Patrick isn’t very tall probably only an inch or two taller than his wife but he has a nice well proportionate bod. Demetrius can tell that Patrick work out due some obvious definition but the size and bulk of their muscles were different. Demetrius is more bulkier like a football player and wrestler combination while his soon to be ex-girlfriend’s husband is leaner between a soccer player and swimmer. Going back to Patrick’s face the best word to describe him is beautiful due to his somewhat androgynous boyish features such as his big ocean blue eyes, small narrow nose, smooth pale skin, slightly rounder cheek bone, pouty lips, and angular jawline. Despite being dress in lazy day clothing consisting of a white cotton tee and gray sweat pant Patrick still look quite attractive.

“You must be Demetrius. Nice to finally meet you, I am Patrick Cohen.” Patrick said with an infectious full on smile showing off his perfect white teeth while holding out his hand for a shake. For a moment Demetrius was at a loss because not only Patrick vibe is friendly but the contagious beam sparks an electrical current through him.

“…Right nice to meet you too. Ah, my full name is Demetrius Monroe Simon Junior.” Demetrius said after finding his voice while reaching for Patrick’s hand for a handshake. The moment their skin touch the electrical volt coursing through him earlier is much stronger like he is electrocuted by live wires. He wonders if Patrick feels the same when his blue eyes widen for a split second.

“Wow, you have quite a name and you look different than I picture you. Uh…, are these for me? Thanks. Why don’t you come inside and then we can talk?” Patrick said with his brilliant beam again while grabbing the beer case from Demetrius other hand and the beef jerky. Patrick turns to walk toward his kitchen while Demetrius close the doors once he enters.

“Hm, how did you picture me?” Demetrius asked curiously while he turns around to face Patrick after he locked the doors.

“Well…, I assume you would look rougher and cover with tats like a dangerous rebel perhaps. Pardon my stereotyping, it is just that I didn’t expect a neatly groom and well-dressed man. Anyway, have a seat in the living room while I put these away. Do you want something to drink…coffee, tea, or beer?” Patrick asked turning slightly sideways regarding Demetrius.

“Um…, a glass of water is fine. Thank you.” Demetrius simply said with a polite smile before moving to the living room area. He figures it is best to stay sober when one is apologizing.

“Alright, I will be right back but please make yourself comfortable.” Patrick said before walking toward the kitchen to unload.


Demetrius sits in a comfortable spot on the long sofa waiting patiently for Patrick and he really like the man tastes in furniture because it is one of those sofa where there is an area where you can completely lie down on to sleep. A couple of weeks ago Demetrius and Jenny were pouncing on each other like starving animals on the very same sofa in the living room when the children were still away at school. The carnal memory put a smirk on Demetrius’s face so much that it took several seconds for him to realize that Patrick was holding a glass of water in front of him. Demetrius feeling slightly ashamed for thinking about sex with Jenny when he is here to apologize to her husband, he excused himself quickly before he takes the glass from Patrick’s hand. He took a small tentative sip before placing the glass of water down on the wooden coffee table. He thinks about what he should say first while he pause for Patrick to get comfortable too.

“I…I just wanted to say I am very sorry for having an affair with your wife.” Demetrius said sincerely and he meant every word as he turns his head to meet Patrick’s bright blue eyes. Patrick didn’t immediately response instead he just sits there meeting Demetrius’s brown eyes waiting for him to continue.

“Ahem, if you’re pissed and you can’t forgive me, which I understand but if you need to release steam…then you can punch me if you like and I won’t fight back!” Demetrius said breaking his eye contact after feeling a little unnerve with the impromptu staring contest with Patrick. He can’t believe he is allowing Jenny’s husband to slug him but the regret was short live when Patrick bahis siteleri suddenly got up from his spot to move closer to Demetrius. For a split second Demetrius thought Jenny’s husband was really going to hit him but the smaller man unceremoniously drops to his knees before him instead which surprised him.

“Did you like fucking my wife on this sofa?” Patrick asked looking straight at Demetrius with a predatory like spark in his eyes.

“What are y-?” Demetrius asked in confusion while feeling nervous as Patrick inch closer.

“I spy on you and Jenny once when she thought she was home alone with you. I thought I could watched you and her bumping ugly but I couldn’t! I stood there like an idiot behind that wall over there and all I could do is listen intently. Yet, based on the sounds that she makes you must had fucked her real good because she doesn’t screamed like that when she is with me and I thought I would finally be angry enough to strangle you both but strangely I am not! Do you want to know why Demetrius?” Patrick asked with a sly smirk that looks wrong on his angelic face while he place both his hands on Demetrius’s knees.

“Why?” Demetrius asked gulping nervously feeling like butterflies are attacking his stomach causing goosebumps to appear on his dark skin. His anxious feeling intensify even more when Patrick lightly glide his hands up both his thighs causing Demetrius to involuntary let out a quiet moan.

“Simple, I want you Demetrius Monroe Simon Junior. I envy Jennifer for having you all to her greedy self but after meeting you I am-.” Patrick said with a mischievous grin as he continues to stroke Demetrius legs.

“I am not into dudes.” Demetrius blurted out cutting Patrick off but the conviction wasn’t there in his voice.

“Bullshit! The way you look at me when we first laid eyes on each other in my front doorsteps tells me otherwise so what will it be Demetrius? Besides, if you truly hate it then you can just slug me or push me off and leave at this very moment. It will be easy for you because let’s face it, it is obvious that you’re stronger than me. You’re hesitating Demetrius.” Patrick said with a playful smile while he stops stroking Demetrius thighs and he even lift his face up gesturing for a smack that Demetrius have no desire to do. He stares into Patrick’s amazing blues eyes for a moment while he absently mindly chew on his bottom lips. The action cause Patrick to elevate his breathing when he zoom in on Demetrius dark thick lips.

“Last call Demetrius! Do you want to stay and experience what I can offer or do you want to leave and never find out? Besides, don’t you get off from messing with other people’s spouses?” Patrick asked coyly while he went back to stroking Demetrius muscular thighs. Demetrius sighs he have never been with a man before and the thought of being with one does nothing for him but then again Patrick has a strange intoxicating charm to him that draws Demetrius in like bees to honey and the idea of having Jenny’s husband submitting to him is admittedly exciting.

“You’re thirsty aren’t you Patrick? Alright boy, I will be generous and give your hungry ass a taste and we will see where this goes but if I hate it, you will stop! Is that clear?” Demetrius said with a coy smile resigning to his faith. One thing is for sure Patrick is correct about him getting a drug like stimulus from having sex with people already taken because that same familiar nerve is starting to kick in.

“Mmm…, crystal clear and you won’t regret it. I promise to be real sweet and nasty.” Patrick said with a wink and unleash the most heart stopping smile aiming directly at Demetrius.


Demetrius stumps the butterfly feeling down because he didn’t like what it was doing to his heart. Luckily, he didn’t have to analyze the strange feeling for long because Patrick got right to work unbuckling his belt before unbuttoning him and unzipping his denim. Demetrius feeling a mix of amusement and shock that his cock actually harden at the idea of getting toy by another man’s mouth. But then again this isn’t just any man orifice it is Jenny’s husband, the angel face and apparently confident Patrick Cohen and who knows he might actually enjoy this.

The sheer heat coming from Demetrius’s cock hidden underneath his dark blue boxer almost act like a furnace for Patrick’s wandering hands but he can’t really get at it. Patrick sends nonverbal cue for Demetrius to get up slightly, which he did and Patrick didn’t waste time as he completely pull the denim along with the boxer toward his partner’s ankles causing the man’s huge nine inch monster of a dick to make a pop like noise. Patrick giggle briefly before he nestle himself between Demetrius well define muscular dark thighs, he dips his face close to get a better look at the guy’s beautiful cut dark chocolate cock complete with a set of well hung fuzzy balls about the size of a large cutie. Demetrius’s beast of a dick is not only long with protruding veins but thick as well like a coke can with a purplish mushroom shape head. No wonder bahis şirketleri Jenny was so loud and disoriented that one time when Patrick was given the opportunity to spy on her with the guy before him.

Patrick doubt he will be able to wrap his hand around it but possessing the same male genitalia himself despite the size difference he knows what feels good and what doesn’t. Besides, Patrick is self-assured in his oral skills that maybe Demetrius might even prefers his mouth to his wife’s vagina and there is only one way to find out. Patrick went straight for Demetrius’s black cobra, he grips both hand firmly near the base while his mouth open wide to engulf the bulbous head tasting a drop of bittersweet precum. Demetrius instantly moan when he felt the hot wet fleshy orifice along with his partner’s tongue on his fat cock and too his surprise, Patrick manage to fit a good length of his dick down his throat which is an impressive feat. With Patrick’s mouth stretch to the limit, he begins to earnestly and just a hint of aggression bob his mouth up and down applying even amounts of pressure on Demetrius’s hard hot flesh while his hands stroke the remaining length in a circular motion that he can’t quite reach. Patrick particularly apply a bit more pressure and extra love when he gets to the tip of Demetrius’s glan making sure his mouth is deliciously seal around him.

He was determined to give his wife soon to be ex-lover the best blowjob ever as he gobble him up like the best Thanksgiving Dinner he ever had. Every now and then Demetrius would throw his head back and moan or grunt in complete bliss as he feels the most wonderful pleasure wash over his manhood. Patrick’s ravenous mouth fuck his cock so unbelievably good with the perfect tempo and pressure that his toes begins to slightly curls up due to the sensory. The fellatio is not like any other and he is sure that Patrick just ruined it for him because he doubt anyone will ever suck his dick any better. Not to mention watching a beautifully flushed Patrick while he sucks and stroke with his free hands on Demetrius’s one eye monster with such focus attention like he is born to please him is ridiculously fucking hot and kind of amusing because at some point his face resemble a lamprey latching on to its meal.

Patrick continues to suck noisily for several minutes bobbing his head up and down with a hundred percent effort while drooling profusely on Demetrius’s big black cock until the need for air override his brain. He pulls off to breathe in the manly musk from Demetrius’s hard muscular body and it is almost ridiculous that he is so hot. Patrick’s tongue never stop as he glide along the length feeling the fat vein all the way up to the mushroom shape glan where he tortuously swirl his mobile tongue in a couple of tight circle causing Demetrius to arch his back as fantastic sparks of pleasure lights up his brain and all the while Patrick continues to relentlessly pump him with his fist.

The end result is Demetrius’s cock shine like a freshly glaze donut from being slobber all over by his lover mouth, tongue and saliva. Patrick turns his attention to Demetrius’s oversize fuzzy balls, he stuff one of the sac in his mouth rolling the fleshy organ around in between his lips, mouth and tongue while he continues to stroke his partner’s prick. Patrick shift slightly to the other side giving the other ball the same gracious attention and at the same time he tighten his hand around Demetrius’s firm shaft alternating his pumping from slow to fast and gentle to harder while Patrick particular pay close attention to squeezing the sensitive tip causing him to moan louder.

When Demetrius balls and dick tighten and pulse Patrick immediately went back to his stud’s yummy wet cock and sucks so hard and deep that the sensation was slightly uncomfortable but the feeling only adds to the experience for Demetrius especially when he feels the tip of his cock being repeatedly ram to the back of his lover’s throat. He was certain that he definetly want Patrick to blow him again preferably everyday if possible. He can’t believe how much he likes Patrick lip service and who could blame him he was so good at fucking his cock with that pretty mouth of his that Demetrius never felt like he needs to buck his hip up because Patrick fellatio skills are erotically perfect. Demetrius moans even more audible as Patrick pushed him over the edge and it didn’t take long only a couple more skillful mouth trick from his lover boy and Demetrius was ready to bust his nut.

Patrick only warning was a husky croak from Demetrius, he pump his lover a mouthful of warm, thick, and viscous cum. Patrick quickly swallow the first load not really tasting it but he didn’t need to when the second load rapidly follow close behind. Patrick pulls off savoring Demetrius’s spunk in his mouth holding it there while he proceeded to pump the last load, the final cum landed on his partner tone abs and the rest just coated Patrick’s hand. Patrick removes his hand from Demetrius’s soften dick and quickly pulls his gray sweat pants down just enough so he can whip his own cock out. He rapidly wrap his own hand around his erect prick while opening his mouth to allow some of Demetrius’s sticky cum to coat his dick while he swallow the rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32