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Thanks to all that commented on my previous story, I can only hope that this offering lives up to your expectations.



I hated nights like this, they seemed to last forever. It had been a long night at the snooker club, the tables were not that busy and the bar was poorly populated. The only upside to the night was that Chris was in and he was looking good.

Since I’d started working at the club, pulling in two or three shifts a week after my regular day job just to make ends meet, I had always thought that Chris was hot. He had a short mousy hair, deep brown eyes, a taught slim body and a cheeky grin that made my cock twitch. I had my suspicions that he was gay but no proof to back it up so I had never made a move on him and kept my own sexuality deeply hidden – or so I thought.

All of the players had now left the tables and had settled their bills so I set about clearing the bar and getting rid of the stragglers.

“C’mon ladies and gents, glasses please,” I shouted.

There were a few mumbles but everybody started to drain their glasses and head for the door with the occasional call of “Goodnight” as they left. As I was clearing the glasses from the tables I failed to notice Chris heading into the toilet as I followed the last of the nights’ drinkers to the door and locked it behind them. As soon as the door was locked I returned to the bar and pumped the volume of the dilapidated stereo up a notch or two and began the work of clearing down the bar and washing the glasses. As I lifted my head above the bar from loading the washer I spotted Chris emerging from the toilet.

“Sorry Chris, I didn’t know you were still here. Hold on a sec and I’ll get the door for you,” I said.

“No rush, I’ve got the day off tomorrow so I don’t need to be in my bed early. How about I give you a hand?” he asked.

“Erm, yeah, sure. That’d be great if you don’t mind,” I replied.

He came around the back of the bar, grabbed a cloth and passed by me and started wiping the far end of the bar, emptying the drip trays into the sink as he went. It was great having some help for a change; it meant that I could be back home and relaxing half an hour earlier than normal.

As I bent to start unloading the glasses from the washer Chris passed behind me and his body brushed against mine causing me to jump a little.

“Sorry,” he said, “it’s a bit of a squeeze behind here.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said as I concentrated on making my excited cock deflate.

He continued past me and went to work on the rest of the bar, wiping the surface, emptying the trays and throwing the empty crisp packets into the bin.

As I finished pulling the last of the glasses from the washer he said “Bars all done, where do you want me to do next?”

“Well you can make a start on the tables if you don’t mind. You make a start that end,” I said pointing off to the left “and I soon as I stack these I’ll start the other.”

He headed off and began wiping tables and clearing rubbish while I stood at the bar gazing at the perfect bubble butt that his tight jeans were trying to cover, god, the things I would like to do to that. I felt my dick begin to stir again and reluctantly dragged my gaze away and finished up the glasses and then made my way out into the bar so that I could start helping with the tables.

With two of us working the tables we were soon down to the last one, “I’ll do that if you like,” Chris said.

“Thanks, I’ll give the pool table a quick brush down and then we can call it a night,” I replied, thankful for the extra pair of hands.

I grabbed the table brushes from behind the bar and began to brush the green baize that covered the pool table. It’s funny how therapeutic the simple act of clearing down was but after a rather dull night in the club I was feeling more up beat than I had all night and I started to whistle along to the tunes coming from the stereo. In fact I was so relaxed that I did not notice that Chris had finished the last table and was standing behind me as I continued to smooth the cloth on the pool table.

As I leant over the table again I suddenly I felt his hands clasp my hips and his groin gyrate against my arse. I turned my head in surprise and his mouth found mine, his tongue fighting to part my lips. After a moment or two getting over the initial shock my lips parted and his warm tongue entered my mouth and began to caress my own, fighting canlı bahis for dominance in my quivering cavity. As we kissed his hand began to caress my body, travelling from my waist and up and down my sides, gently squeezing and pulling. I could feel his cock hardening as he continued to push against me and my own cock began to stir, blood coursing from my rapidly beating heart through my exited body.

Without saying a word he began to un-tuck my shirt and pulled it up my body, when it reached my neck he removed his lips from mine and then pulled it over my head and clear of my arms. Before I could say anything his lips resumed their place over mine and he continued to kiss me deeply and I could do nothing but return his passion, I was at his mercy. As he continued to toy with my mouth his hands began to explore my now naked torso, caressing the smooth skin at my sides and travelling onto my chest and teasing my hard nipples. As his fingers caressed each sensitive mound it felt like bolts of electricity where passing through my body and every nerve ending cried out pleasure and my cock pressed harder against the restraint of my jeans.

As if sensing my bodies’ need to be released his hand travelled down my chest and found the restraining button on my jeans and deftly undid it with his nimble fingers. He then slipped his hands into the waistband of my jeans and began to caress my throbbing cock, gently squeezing it with his warm strong fingers through the fabric of my briefs. His hands played along the whole length of the shaft and cupped my balls, manipulating them with his warm hands, and he let his hand wrap around my girth as he gently stroked me, pulling my tight skin over my leaking head causing it to rub against the fabric of my briefs.

He must have read my body as my cock leapt in his grasp because as I neared the point of no return he removed his hands from my cock and began to run them up and down my hips. After a few minutes he hooked his thumbs into the waist band of my jeans and began to push them down my thighs, pulling my briefs down with them, soon I was bent over the pool table with my trousers and pants pooled around my ankles and Chris was still clamped to my mouth.

As our tongues continued to do battle his hands began to massage my exposed arse cheeks, pulling and squeezing the tender flesh. He gently eased my cheeks apart and one of his fingers slipped into the sensitive valley between them and began to stroke its length, gently riding over the warm lips to the entrance of my body. Each time his soft fingers passed over them a shudder of pleasure would assail my body and a moan of pleasure would escape my mouth to be lapped up by his exploring tongue. As the pleasure grew blood was being pumped into my cock causing it to swell against the pool table, the hot gland at its tip riding over the edge and brushing against my bent body.

I was now so lost in lust that each time I felt his finger passing close to my lips I would push my arse back to meet it, eager to feel it push against entrance and feel it slip into me. Sensing my desire Chris released his mouth from mine and lowered himself to his knees so that his face was level with my arse. Once there he gently eased my cheeks apart and began to lick the area that his fingers had been pleasuring, running his tongue up and down the valley and coating my entrance with his saliva. My body continued to shudder and my cock continued to throb as he took me to levels of pleasure that I had only ever dreamed of before, a slight sheen of perspiration caused my skin to glisten under the strong lights above the table. He parted my cheeks a little more and buried his face deeper into me and I could feel his hot tongue frantically licking my hole and I let out a loud moan as he pushed the soft tip into my body and the pulsing head of my cock began to leak pre cum as it twitched against me.

As he continued to probe me I could feel the muscles surrounding my hole loosen to allow him better access, he forced his head forward and he pushed his tongue deeper into me and began to touch nerve endings that had thus far been untouched. My body was on fire and my head was spinning with desire, my cock was slick with pre cum that was running down the shaft like a river. Chris removed his tongue from my hole, stood up and clamped his mouth back onto mine, as he pushed his tongue into me I could taste the muskiness of my body on him and I battled to devour my scent.

His bahis siteleri fingers began to work their way down the valley again and made their way to my aching hole where they were eagerly greeted by my wet, parted lips. Once there he pushed one into me and began to gently stroke the area just inside my body. I pushed back against his hand, wanting him deeper inside me, he responded by pushing against me and forcing the full length of his finger into me. Another shudder of pleasure assailed me and a wad of cum shot from my cock as his finger pressed against the bumpy surface of my prostate gland and began to milk it. I moaned loudly against his lips and, reaching around for his head with my hand, pulled him tightly against me.

I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out under his expert touch, but I knew that I wanted more so I started to buck against his hand, using my hips to force his finger to slide up and down my now slick channel. Suddenly the pleasure was doubled as he slid another finger into me, stretching my hole a little wider, joining its twin in the task of exploring me. My body responded by trying to draw them deeper into me by contracting and relaxing its muscles around them, my bucking grew faster, my breathing grew deeper and my skin glistened with sweat. I continued to ride his fingers, enjoying the feel of them sliding up and down my channel and knocking against my prostate . His hands became slick with sweat and juices from my body and I could hear a slap each time I pushed back onto his hand.

His head pulled back from mine and I could see the lust in his eyes as he withdrew his finger from me and brought them to my hungry mouth, he gently placed them on my lips and began to tease me by trailing them around my lips whilst my tongue tried to search them out. After a moment he relented and first slipped one and then the other into my eager mouth where my hungry lips drew them in and my willing tongue lapped up the juices that were coating them. The taste of my body was strong on them and I frantically sucked them clean, enjoying the strong musky taste that coated them. When every trace of my body was gone from his fingers Chris returned his mouth to mine and began to extract the lingering flavours from my tongue while his hands returned to my hips and his groin ground into my arse. I could feel the swelling of his cock through his jeans and pushed my eager arse towards it, wanting to feel it against my skin.

He continued to grind against me for a few moments more and then pulled his hips back a little and released my hips. I could feel his knuckles occasionally brushing my bare cheeks as he battled with the buttons on his trousers, once he had them open he pushed against me again and I could feel his hot cock straining against the fabric of his underwear as he laid it against the crack of my arse. I pushed against it eagerly, willing him to free it so that I could feel his skin against mine. As he continued to grind and I continued to push I could feel the fabric of his underwear begin to get damp as pre cum seeped out of his excited body. His mouth became more frantic and he began to push his lips against mine with a new urgency while his hips pushed his straining cock towards me.

He pulled his hips back and his hands again left my skin as he reached behind me and lowered the front of his underwear, finally releasing his throbbing cock. While one hand parted my cheeks his other hand gripped the base of his cock and slipped the head up and down my crease, leaving a warm trail of pre cum in its wake. I pushed my body back to meet his and soon the hot head of his cock was nestled against the lips of my hole. I could feel the heat pouring from it and was keen to have it inside me so I pushed back against it. My wet lips parted and I felt him enter me, my lips sliding over his slick head and onto the collar where it joined the thick shaft. Once there I stopped pushing against him and let my muscles relax and contract around him, as I continued squeezing I could feel pre cum from his body leaking into mine and making my channel slick, this time it was Chris’ turn to moan with pleasure.

Slowly, he pushed himself into me and as he began to travel deeper I began to appreciate how big his cock was, my hole was being stretched to breaking point and his swollen head was ploughing deeper into me than I thought was possible, yet I wanted to feel him completely inside of me so I began to relax my body around him. bahis şirketleri He continued to push forward until I could feel the downy growth of his pubic hair and the rough cotton of his jeans tickling the cheeks of my arse as he finally pressed home the last inch of his huge cock. I hadn’t seen his cock but I estimated that I now had at least 10inches of pulsing manhood buried deep inside my body and it felt good. His thick shaft pulsed rhythmically against the walls of my channel and his head throbbed deep in my bowel, warming me with his passion.

After a moment of stillness, allowing me to get accustomed to him, he began to slowly withdraw his mighty pole only to slam it back into me up to the hilt, causing me to take a sharp breath. He was good.

Each time that he withdrew from me I could feel my body closing up after him, I could feel the warmth that he was leaving behind and I could feel the wet trail of pre cum that was leaking from his cock mixing with the juices that my own body was creating. As his slick shaft slid over my prostate I could feel pre cum oozing from the tip of my cock and leaving a cooling trail as it slid down my own throbbing shaft.

Each time that he slammed back into me my body was rocked by a more intense pleasure as my channel parted to welcome him and his head slammed deep into my bowels, the heat caused by the friction of his shaft flying over my prostate causing my body to shudder.

He moved his hands back to my hips and he removed his lips from mine. He then pulled his hips back further than before, the swollen tip of his cock almost leaving my body and slammed forward into me again with a force that caused me to lower the top half of my body closer to the surface of the table while my cock was squashed against the edge. With his hands holding my hips he began to fuck me in earnest, his cock flying up and down my greasy love chute and my body loving every moment of it. With my body now being bent so low he seemed to be able to travel deeper into me than before and his cock raked across my prostate with increased pressure, pre cum was not just leaking from my cock now it was running from it like a river swollen by spring rain.

As he continued to fuck me his hands began to explore the flesh on my back and my sides, kneading it and pulling it, awakening my nerve endings. The intensity of his thrusts increased and he used his hands to draw me deeper onto his cock as he thrust into me. As I lay over the table, the green baize brushing against my forehead, I was involuntarily moaning in pleasure, my moans coming from somewhere deep inside of me that had so far in my life been untouched. Above the noise of my moans I began to hear a wet slapping noise each time he thrust into me as the combined juices of his body and mine leaking from my arse mingled with the sweat from our skin as he thrust himself deep into me. I also heard Chris’ breathing, hot and heavy, as he continued to exert himself.

Soon his breathing became ragged and shallow and his thrusting reached a new peak. I could feel the shaft of his cock pulsing manically as he pushed into me and the head of his cock burnt deep in my bowels as his body forced blood into it, then I felt the surge of his cum running up his shaft before exploding from his head as he buried himself deep inside of me. He continued to thrust as he came; as each spurt shot from his cock he buried his head deep into my bowels, filling me with his warm sticky seed. I counted four, five, six shots as he continued to cum before the pleasure I was experiencing made me loose count. I could feel his seed deep in my bowels, running deep into my body, coating my channel with his silky warmth. I could still feel his cock exploding as he unloaded more of himself into me and before I knew it I could feel the cum racing thro my own body as it erupted from my own throbbing cock and coated the skin of my stomach.

With his cock still buried in me Chris collapsed on my back physically exhausted from his exertions and I turned my head to face his and kissed him deeply on the mouth until I felt his cock shrink and fall from me.

“Thank you,” I said, “that is something I’ve dreamt about for so long.”

“Your welcome,” he said giving me a cheeky grin “I knew that you dreamt about it but I got fed up of waiting for you to make a move. How about I help you clear up this place on a more regular basis?”

“You are on,” I said.

With that Chris kissed me once more and pushed himself upright, did up his trousers and said “glad to hear it, when are you working next?”

“Tomorrow night,” I grinned as I pulled my clothes back on, “in fact I think I’m going to ask for extra shifts!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32