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Afterschool Explorations is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1

“Your first assignment can be based on various literary pieces but note that it is crucial to focus on the underlying themes, motifs, and cultural attitude of the works,” Professor Gregory Davis’s voice rang across the room. With dark green eyes, chestnut brown hair, and a lean, six foot frame, he exuded charm, authority, and confidence. He surveyed the twenty students in his Exploration of Historical Cultures graduate class. They all seemed to be listening intently, obviously quite serious about his course. He expected as much of course. Despite it being his first year as a professor (at twenty eight, he was one of the youngest members of the faculty), he had quickly developed the reputation of being a tough professor with a rigorous curriculum. In fact, many students had been denied or wait-listed to take the course this semester. “For instance, you could go for something classic like The Odyssey or stray farther off to the fringes of liturgical paraphernalia and create something more…enticing; but I doubt any of you will impress me the first time around,” he continued. His eyes rested on a black haired girl in the second row, looking up at him through clear grey eyes and smart black rimmed glasses. She had a concerned expression on her face with a slight frown marring her lovely pink lips.

“Something wrong, Ms…,” he glanced down at his roster “Springs?”

She started. “Um…No. Melanie, please. Most people call me Mellie.”

“I’m not most people Ms. Springs. But you shall learn that soon enough. Now, as I was saying…,” But Melanie had stopped listening. It was her first year as a grad student, and at age twenty two, she had finally been able to travel far enough away from home and family to have any semblance of freedom and independence. She had been looking forward to university experiences and an exciting life for so long – and finding arrogant, attractive professors in her list of complaints came as a surprise. Wait, attractive? She shook her head, trying to clear her mind. What did he mean, ‘not most people’? She needed to talk to him about this assignment but his manner during the class had only intimidated and irked her at the same time.

Vaguely, she heard rustling papers and people filing out of the room. Snapping out of her reverie, she grabbed her things and made her way out.

Out of the corner of his eye, Greg (as he was known by intimate friends and family) watched Melanie leave. Dressed in a preppy yellow v neck sweater, black skirt, and leggings, she was an appealing sight. She was curvy in all the right places and her sweater hinted at large, round breasts he would dearly love to fondle, caress, and suck. If only. She was a student for heaven’s sake! She walked past him, with slight color in her cheeks and he wondered…

“Ms. Springs,” his voice whipped out through the confines of the empty room. She turned, looking at him expectantly. “You looked like you had concerns regarding the assignment. Drop by my office tomorrow to discuss it.” Before she could respond, he walked out, lightly brushing her shoulder. The touch was electric. He heard her gasp softly, stopped for a millisecond, and without looking back, kept walking.

Did he just order her into his office? Melanie didn’t know what to make of it. How did he know she had a pressing problem with the work he had assigned? More than that, had he felt the crackling electricity? He was a professor!! It shouldn’t matter! But why could she not help staring at his broad shoulders retreating in the distance?

Chapter 2

He heard the soft, tentative knock on the door. Good. She was confused. He could sense it. “Come in,” he intoned. He didn’t know how he knew it was her at the door, but he knew. She sidled in, quietly shutting the door behind her.

“Hello Professor,” she greeted nervously. His eyes took her in. With her hair loosely open around her shoulders, she was dressed in tan boots, an emerald green sweater dress, and stockings. Per his indication, she lowered herself into the chair in front of his desk.

He cleared his throat. “So, Mel. How may I help you today?”

She started. “Help me? You ASKED me to come.” Mel? Was the man bipolar? What happened to Ms. Springs and ‘I’m not most people’?

“Yes, since I believed you had questions about the assignment…?”

“Well, yes. But…how did you know?…” He just raised his eyebrows.

“It’s no matter I guess,” she continued hurriedly. “I have issues with the deadline. I understand you want it finished by Friday next week but I have pressing personal issues that won’t let me submit on time. I was hoping you would grant me an extension. Kartal Grup Escort In return, I could write a longer paper or perhaps explore two works or something else that would warrant the extension.” Her chest heaved, and she kept fiddling with the bracelet on her wrist – a nervous gesture, no doubt. He observed it all with casual diffidence, maintaining a poker face throughout. What was the man thinking?

“That is a lot to ask for within the first week of the semester, Mel.” There it was again, that strong emphasis on his version of her name. No one called her Mel. Mellie, yes, but he had already refused that moniker. She held her breath. She really, really needed this extension.

“Alright, I’ll give you the extension, but on one condition. I don’t want you to base your essay on something classic. Focus on a topic or piece more deviant, less mainstream, more powerful, perhaps even…” he paused

“Even?,” she asked, her breath hitched. There was something in the intensity of his voice, the underlying passion in his eyes, the glazed enthusiasm in his posture that made her toes curl. That made her think he was talking about something other than a dang paper.

“…forcefully erotic,” his words hung in the air, his eyes locked on hers.

“How so?”

“Do you really want me to show you, Mel?”

Mutely, she nodded.

“Can you keep a secret Mel? I can show you deviance, power, mystery, intrigue, and most of all yourself. But for that, you’ll have to keep a secret.” She watched him wide eyed as he rounded the table, approaching her slowly, carefully, predatorily. He stopped behind her chair and bent down till his mouth was an inch from her ear. Goosebumps popped on her skin as she inhaled his insanely delectable cologne. He smelled all male and musk and radiated a feral heat that surprised her.

“Can you keep a secret, little girl?” he breathed, as warm air tickled her neck.

She turned and looked into his liquid green eyes, and once again mutely nodded. “Are you sure? This is the last time I’ll ask Mel, and then there is no turning back. This is NOT going to be mainstream,” he queried, lightly nuzzling her throat. He heard a low whimper and smiled.

“Show me, Professor Davis,” she whispered.

“Now now, we can’t have that can we? You can call me Greg,” he said.

“Show me, Greg,” she mumbled in a stronger voice.

That was all the invitation he needed. He lightly began massaging her shoulders, feeling the tense knots in her back. “Close your eyes Mel. Feel my touch. Feel my fingers caress your shoulders, my breath against your skin, my voice in your mind,” he murmured.

His hands slowly slipped her dress off one shoulder, his hands skimming along her soft skin. She sat, stock still, liquid heat developing between her legs. She did not know how or why this happened, but god, she did not want him to stop. His hands continued to slide down her arm till her elbow and then back up again. Slowly, he slid a hand down from her collarbone down to her pectorals, moved under her dress, and skimmed the top of her right breast. She shivered in anticipation, her nipples already stretched taut in attention. The man had barely touched her and she was a quivering mess. Inch by inch, enticingly, agonizingly, his hand moved lower, and under the fabric of her bra. His other hand continued his massage on her other still covered shoulder. “Feel this, Mel,” he breathed again, closer to her ear this time, sending an electric shock up her spine. She felt his fingers circle her right breast and could sense him closing in on her nipple. But he only caressed her, gently circling the nipple, never touching it. It was driving her insane. “Oh please!” she mewled.

“Hush… little girl. Patience”

He continued his gentle teasing bringing up her frenzy. Suddenly, he placed a kiss on her neck, squeezing her wanting nipple at the same time. She nearly shuddered in orgasm at the touch, moaning and whimpering as he squeezed and tweaked the tight little bud. “Oh you’re so beautiful Mel. So beautiful, wanting, and exposed like this.” Still standing behind her, he turned her head, and his mouth closed in on hers. Her mouth tasted of vanilla and spices and her unique smell made him lose control. Her soft lips gave way, and his tongue invaded her mouth with a ferocity he had never known. He needed to have her, his way, and soon. The sight of her round mounded breast in his hand (albeit covered by clothing), her all too willing responses, and her innocently vulnerable gurgles drove him wild. Without stopping the kiss, he got her to stand and crushed her to him, taking her mouth with a blinded passion even he had not expected. She reacted in tandem, running her hands through his hair, pulling herself closer, breathing raggedly and delighting as his hands roamed over her back and derriere. His hands ran down her covered thighs, down to her knees and slowly made their way Kartal Manken Escort back up. He continued up her leg, pausing only slightly as he touched bare skin atop her stockings. He kept going higher, still kissing her, his back to the table with her mashed into him. He passed her panties, up the flat of her stomach and reached the front clasp of her lacy red bra. Deftly, he undid it, letting her breasts spring free. “Strapless, Ms. Springs? I approve,” he said appreciatively as he pulled the bra out from under her dress. “I think I’ll keep that with me.” He pulled her mouth back to his, as she gasped for breath, whimpering and moaning as his hands roamed over her breasts, kneading and fondling them with continual maddening flicks against her nipples. Her hands roamed his back and her hips ground against his growing erection. She wanted this man and she didn’t care about her private wish to wait anymore. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. She felt him slide his hands lower and felt his hands move into the soft curls hidden in her panties. His hands kept moving, despite the way she tensed, which she knew he must have sensed. Carefully, sensuously, and worshipping as he went, he parted her folds and slid a finger down her wet cunt. She nearly convulsed at his touch. He kept up a rhythmic movement, running his finger up and down and then concentrated on her clit. He rubbed the little bud in circular motions, mimicking the movement with his tongue as he kissed her. She moaned but he didn’t stop. Relentlessly, he teased her clit and she ground herself against him.

“Oh please, oh please. Greg, oh god, Greg,” she screamed.

“That’s right, give it to me Mel, give yourself to me. Prove you’re ready.”

“Oh Greg, please, oh, oh, oh…” He kept at rubbing her, and just when he could sense her release, he slipped a long finger inside her, slowly finger fucking her as she unwound around him. “Oh, ah, god, Greg, oh, something’s happening…” and she exploded around him. He felt her tight pussy clench on his fingers, felt her clit harden even more, and reveled in the shuddering orgasmic heaves of her body. “That’s right, Mel. Give yourself to me. See what I can make you do,” he growled, low in her ear. Still recovering from the aftershocks of her first ever orgasm, she was glistening with sweat, and mumbled shyly, “I’ve never done that before Greg, it was…” she trailed off, a look of pure bliss, surprise, and peace on her face.

“What?? You’re a virgin?!” he asked furiously, as he slipped his fingers out, smoothed down her dress, and stared at her. “Do you even know what you’re getting into, Mel???? Oh god, to think what I had planned for you, without you even having done this before!”

“What? What’s wrong? I can do this Greg, I want you to show me. That was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” She moved closer. “Show me deviance, Greg. Show me intrigue, mystery…myself.”

He smiled as he heard his own words thrown back at him. “Alright. Meet me at my place tonight at 8. Don’t be late. Don’t change, behave, and I’ll consider returning your bra tonight.”

“Wait what? We’re done now? You’re not going to, going to…you know?” she mumbled sheepishly.

“Going to what, Ms. Springs? Fuck you? All in good time, little girl. I shall see you tonight.” He winked at her, gave her one last kiss and settled behind his desk. Still dazed, she gathered her things and made her way to the door. “By the way Ms. Springs,” he called out, “you’ll still have to get that paper to me within your extension.”

Chapter 3

He watched through the window blinds as he saw the car pull up into the driveway. Her virginity complicated matters, but not by much. She did ask for it after all. Plus, he couldn’t imagine having her any other way. He would need her to submit. She was definitely the type. His anticipation grew as he watched her pick her way to the door. 8pm sharp. Good, he liked punctual women, and especially liked a punctual Mel. He walked over and opened the door.

“Hello Mel. Long time, no see,” he grinned, as she stepped through the threshold. He could see her erect nipples and the outline of her braless breasts against the emerald sweater dress of the afternoon. He stared at her unabashedly, appreciatively. She squirmed under his frank gaze. “I wore this dress because it reminded me of your eyes, you know,” she said shyly, a timid smile on her face. He stifled his shock, surprised at the sheer honesty of her confession.

“Oh Mel.”

He tugged at her hand, pulled her close, and lightly touched his lips to hers. “I have wanted you since I saw you in that classroom. Come.” Shutting the door, he led her inside. The house was beautiful but she was too distracted to notice. Memories of the afternoon had kept her on edge all day and she was voraciously eager for more. He kissed her earnestly then, even more passionately than before, if it was possible. “I want to Kartal Masöz Escort show you more, Mel. More than this afternoon. Even though it’s your first time, I’m going to show you that I own you. That your cumming is in my power alone.” His voice was hypnotic. She was caught up in his spell. His words had a dangerous undertone to them, but she ignored it. It thrilled her, and she had a feeling he meant more than lusty sex. “You’re going to be mine. Through and through. Helpless, willing, or bound, you are going to let me have my way with you when I want, how I want, and where I want. Do you understand little girl?” He growled against her lips, lightly pulling her head back with her hair.

“Yes, sir. Yes!” Sir? Where did that come from? His words should have scared her but his voice only excited her further. She wanted to be his, however he wanted her, she wanted to give herself to him. Like she had in his office. She didn’t feel ashamed with him, she trusted him.

“Good. This way.” He dragged her to a room with a large bed and a rocker in the corner. He picked up a remote, started some sensual instrumental tune she did not recognize and dimmed the lights. He settled down in the rocker and beckoned her forward. “Stand in front of me little girl. Strip for me.”

She stared at him, shocked. He stared right back. His lips hardened. “I said, strip. Now. Slowly.” He seemed different now. His eyes had hardened but she could still sense the burning passion underneath.

Lightly, she stepped out of her boots and kicked them aside. She turned around, bent over, and gradually slid down one stocking and then another down her thighs. She felt his hot gaze on her, and reveled in the feeling. Stripping for this man felt natural. As she turned, she saw his eyes feasting on her hips swayed sensuously of their own accord. He had made her a sexual creature and she relished his perusal. She slowly began to pull the dress up and off her, offering herself in just her panties for him to stare upon. He still had her bra from earlier in the day.

He stood and walked toward her, pulled her close, and kissed her again, lightly holding her neck, touching her nowhere else. He brought up a blindfold with his other hand and staring into her grey, trusting eyes, tied it over her head. She whimpered in surprise but otherwise made no movement. He moved behind her and deftly handcuffed her wrists together with leather cuffs. He raised her arms above her head and linked it to the cuff attached to the ceiling above. She was trussed up with her breasts pushed out, ready for the taking. He circled her slowly, noticing the increased rate of her breathing. “Sir?” she queried? He didn’t respond, but picked up a feather and slowly started running it up and down her torso. She shivered. He flicked it against her tender yet erect nipples, resisting the urge to fuck her then and there. She bucked back and forth and he saw wetness slip down her legs, her panties clearly soaked through.

“Oh, you’re going to be a great cumslut aren’t you Mel?” he murmured as he continued his maddening assault with the feather. “I can see how you want it, you can barely contain yourself.” He walked closer, and suddenly, he smacked her ass. She yelped, clearly surprised and he relished the sight of the pink cheek under her panties. “Did you like that, Mel? Your body sure did. Look how dripping wet you are.” He embraced her from behind, letting her stinging ass feel his hard erection through the roughness of his jeans, sensitizing her skin even further. His arms reached around her and he tweaked her nipples, eliciting relentless moans of pleasure from her. “That’s right, my little cumslut. I can make you cum with just your nipples you know. But you’ve already had one treat today,” he said, as he continued kneading, squeezing, and tugging at her nipples, hard.

“Mmmmm, oh Greg, Oh mmm”

“You don’t even have words do you now, my little whore? That is right. You are my little whore now. You do as I please,” he said, as he slapped her other butt cheek.


“You do what I want, how I want, and when I want, do you understand little whore?” SMACK! “You cum when I tell you to and not before, do you understand?” SMACK!

“Aargh! Yes sir! Yes! I am your little whore sir. I will do as you say.”

“Good,” he murmured and walked over to her front. Slowly he took one nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting, and flicking his tongue over the sensitive tip while he fondled and caressed the other. He could feel her eagerly offering herself up to him, pushing her breasts in his face. He kept up the rhythm, paying attention to one breast, then another, and then suddenly dropped down to his knees. Before she knew what was happening, he had ripped her panties off of her, and his tongue was on her, sucking and licking her clit, wrapping her in feelings of ecstasy so exquisite she did not know how much longer she could take. He held her tight, massaging her ass as he ate her out, sucking and teasing her clit, rubbing the bud back and forth with occasional dips into her wet cunt. She felt the coiling tension build inside of her, more forceful than the afternoon and tensed up, and just as she was about to explode, he stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32