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I don’t know what it was that woke me, but I could tell from the light streaming in to the tent, that it was daytime. There was noise coming from other campers going about their day, but what actually woke me was the feeling of my girlfriend Agi, pressing herself against my naked back. Her warm, silky smooth body was rubbing against me, her big firm, boobs and her hard nipples pressed in to my back. Her hairless crotch rubbed slowly and firmly over the cheeks of my bum.

Agi whispered in to my ear as she kissed and nibbled my neck.’Are you awake bebby?’

Agiyela Mtumbele is Sudanese by birth, but despite being brought up and living in London for most of her twenty-three years, her English is heavily accented.The woman cuddling up to me, has the darkest skin I have ever seen. She is like a taller, darker and much prettier version of Grace Jones. She is almost completely hairless, the only hair she has is on her eyelids, eyebrows and head. Even there, it is very short. Someone had unkindly, but accurately, described it as looking like velcro.

Agi is five feet, nine inches tall, five inches taller than me. She also has bigger boobs than me, 36D as opposed to my modest, 34B. She is a top fashion model, and despite the unusually big boobs (fashion designers seem to prefer stick-thin models, something to do with the way the clothes hang) Agi, is in high demand at the fashion houses of Paris, New York and Rome. She also commands a high fee.

Most people, including me, had a hard time pronouncing her name, and so, she became known on the catwalk as ‘Bailey’. And catwalk was right, she moves with a feline grace and poise, like a black panther.

What she sees in me, frumpy, thirty-four year old, Pamela Wilkins, I’m not sure. It’s not that I think that I am unattractive, I don’t, but I am not in the same league as the women Agi mixes with. She could have her choice of stunning, young, gay women. As to my looks, quite a few people have likened me to the singer Kate Bush. I canlı bahis always say that I don’t see it myself, but in all honesty, from some angles, there is a striking similarity.

Her arm slid around me and began to caress me. Long, sensuous fingers moved over my boobs and toyed with my hardening nipples. She nibbled my ear and said, ‘I’m horny Bobby, I need to fuck.’ In spite of her suave and sophisticated outward appearance, Agi, was quite direct, to the point of being crude.

To underline her need, she thrust her crotch hard against my arse and drove her hand down between my legs. I parted my thighs to allow her to penetrate me with her fingers, her thumb rubbing my erect clit in deliciously slow circles.

I murmured, ‘Mmm, that feels nice Agi.’

I managed, rather awkwardly, to turn to face her, in the cramped double sleeping bag.

She kissed me, lightly on the mouth, then more passionately, as she parted my legs with one of hers. Her thigh thrust upwards to press against my pussy and she began to rub it. I felt her wetness against my own leg and we began to slowly hump each other. Agi rolled over on top of me, pressing down with her crotch, kissing me passionately and breathing hard in my ear.

‘Oh bebby, oh bebby.’

Her long, slim body moved over me, grinding and rubbing her pussy against my thigh. My own pussy was being massaged by her leg, sending waves of pleasure through my writhing body.

‘I’m going to cum bebby, Uhhh I’m going to cum.’ Her voice was rising, and her moans were getting louder. Her thrusting became more forceful and her breathing was rasping close to my ear.

‘Oh yes bebby, yes. I’m cumming…..uhh……cumming bebby.’

Having made love with Agi, pretty much daily for the whole four months of our relationship, I knew that her orgasms were not a quiet affair, nor were they a one off.

Agi had the enviable ability to enjoy multiple, intense orgasms. Each one, she assured me, was as glorious as the other. bahis siteleri Her moans and squeals of pleasure and excitement began to rise as her first climax started to overwhelm her. I pulled her head down in to my neck so that her cries were muffled in my hair. Even so, her screams were rather loud, and I was sure that anyone outside, within a few metres of our huge family-sized tent, would hear her wails of rapture.

‘Cumming bebby……..uhhh……cumming beb…….uhhh.’

Her body, bathed in sweat, shook from her beautiful head all the way down to her painted toes, her crotch slamming aggressively into my leg as the last waves of her orgasm swept through her. Agi kept on moving over me, mainly to achieve another orgasm, but also, generously, because she knew I had yet to climax. I raised my hips further, lifting my crotch to meet her pumping thigh. The sensation was wonderful, my bulging clitoris being instantly rubbed and squeezed by her silky smooth skin. I had to stifle a moan of my own.The growing tingles of my approaching orgasm started to ripple up from my groin and spread through my belly. The sensations grew rapidly and I felt my body start to tremble. Agi knew that I was cumming.

‘Cum for me bebby, cum for me.’ I did.

My climax ripped through me like a tidal wave of ecstasy. My back arched upwards as I forced my cunt onto Agi’s sliding thigh.

‘Uhhh…….uhhh……I’m cumming………uhhhhh……..I’m………UHHHHH.’

I collapsed down, Agi’s slight weight on me having little effect, with my legs still quivering from the after shocks undulating through me.

Agi was covered in sweat, as was I, and her body continued to glide over me as she slipped fully between my spread legs. Now her pussy was rubbing directly over mine, and the friction became too much for me now. Unlike Agi, once I had cum, my clit was too sensitive for any further contact, and I jerked with the sharp prickly sensation. I got both hands on her sweaty, slippery arse, bahis şirketleri and pulled her up me. I took the opportunity to slip a finger up her tight arsehole, she whimpered and gasped as my finger slid deeper into her arse.

She continued to kiss me passionately as she ground her cunt on my stomach. Agi was panting and making long, deep sighing sounds, as she raised herself up on her hands. We locked eyes, her stare was fixed on me as she chased her second orgasm. I raised my head and sucked on her large dark nipples. I filled my mouth with her hard stiff buds and flicked my tongue over them.

Agi’s eyes rolled and she bit her lip, the combined sensations coming from her nipples, clitoris and arsehole were sending her into a convulsion of orgasmic bliss. Her body shook, more violently than before and she let out a shriek that must have been heard all the way over to the restaurant. Then it was over, she collapsed and lay gasping and trembling on top of me.

I extracted my finger from her bum and caressed her, stroking her back and kissing her neck.

‘Oh bebby, that was so wonderful. You really know how to make me happy.. You are so good for me.’ Perhaps, now I had a clue as to what she saw in me, dowdy Pamela Wilkins. I made her cum with a rare intensity. And possibly her high libido (she is always horny) matched mine, (I am always horny)

I eased her off me and watched her smile spread across her face. She kissed me gently. I said,’ We should head for the showers.’

‘OK bebby.’ With surprising ease and agility, Agi was up and out of the sleeping bag, and gathering up her stuff for the showers. Because this was a luxury tent, we were not sleeping on the floor. Instead, we had a double camp bed that was more like the divan I had at home. The only reason we did not have a king size bed and mattress in the tent was because it would not fit in Agi’s Range Rover. To be honest, I was surprised that she even agreed to come camping with me in the first place, it was clearly not her style. But I had told her that it was something I liked doing with my parents growing up and so, Agi had agreed to give it a try. But this wasn’t strictly camping, it was glamping. Agi would only go so far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32