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Get in. Get out. Get on with my life.

I’d take a lunch break—for once this week—and check to see if his car was in his spot. If not…execute. If so, abort and mail the fucking key because then I’d have the street name.

It should have been that simple. That perfect.

Except life usually laughed at me when I had those thoughts. Because, well, nothing is ever simple for me. Nor perfect. And right now, the bitch was laughing her ass off, rolling around on the floor.

I stood outside Alex’s door, key in hand, staring at said floor. At the lack of any space at all between the bottom of the door and the threshold. What the hell?

Even the door to my apartment had a slight gap. It let sounds and scents in all the time…as well as heat and air conditioning out. This was student apartments, and they were better made? Then again, mine was in an old part of the city. Hence the hefty price tag.

I sighed for about the tenth time. I’d already had to adjust because of a conference call with a new client that ran long over when I would normally take lunch. By the time we were done, I’d forgotten about my plan until it was almost time to call it a day. I thought I’d lucked out that the space for number four was empty outside. But now this?

One half of my brain said I should just leave and put the key in the mail. The other half said I was already here. Go in, put it on the counter, and then leave.

Sensibility said to choose option A. Logic picked B.

I didn’t hesitate…until I was inside and staring at the kitchen counter. At the dishes in the drying rack. He’d not put them away. Strange, seeing how the rest of the place was so put together, minus the top of his desk in his office and his toy drawer.

Granted, he could have dirtied the dishes since Sunday. But I was siding with the probability that he’d not used two different plates, wine glasses, a salad bowl, and a baking dish himself in the past five days. Not when I’d seen what he made for his meals.

My eyes moved over to the other side of the sink where a cutting board sat with a knife on it. Exactly where I’d left them to dry, as well. I shut the door and wandered over, staring down at the two innocuous items that had no idea they were vessels for memories. Sexually frustrated ones at that.

I set the key down and ran my finger along the edge of the counter. Remembering. Biting my lip to stop my moan. Closing my eyes, though that only made the memories stronger.

My feet had a mind of their own, and I found myself walking down the hallway to the rooms at the back of the apartment. I lingered in the doorway to the bathroom. Where he’d brought me to prove I was or wasn’t wearing underwear. Where I’d been punished, both by a spanking and orgasm denial.

That was exactly a week ago.

With a shaky sigh, I moved on to his bedroom. Stepping inside this time. Taking in the neatness of his made bed. The lack of clothes on the chair by the door where I had found his dress shirt last weekend. Then on to the dresser where I noticed the immaculate top void of any accessories. Pulling open the third drawer on the right, I slowly touched various items within. My fingertips shook when I grazed them over the falls of the suede flogger.

I quickly closed the drawer and meant to turn to leave. But the reflection in the mirror made me pause. It only revealed a fraction of the bed, yet it was enough.

Although I did eventually turn, it was only to lean back against the dresser, my arms crossed and my knees trembling. I could still picture him stretched and bound to the four corners. Blindfolded and waiting. His naked body calm except for his erect cock that occasionally twitched.

My nipples puckered the longer I thought about that image…about his cock. And then my pussy clenched at the memory of what I’d done to him to him on that bed. What he’d done to me.

I don’t know how much time passed, but I eventually shook my head to clear my thoughts and left the room. But I paused in the hall outside of the other bedroom. His makeshift office.

That’s where my breath hitched.

The top of his desk was cleared except for a closed laptop and a lamp. The stacks of books I’d been told not to knock over? The piles of what I supposed were assignments or manuscripts he was working on? All gone.

As I rounded the desk, I stroked the back of his leather chair. Remembering here, as well. I choked out a soft sob when I looked down. At my feet was one of the throw pillows from the couch. In the same spot that I’d knelt at his feet. That I’d felt the most relaxed.

I’d knelt at other Doms’ feet many a time. But never had they made me feel…loved. Did that make sense? Was that even possible after knowing Alex after such a short time?

Something inside of me trembled. As it spread out, taking over my whole body, I pulled out his chair to sit down and leaned my head on my arms. Then I sobbed. Kartal Olgun Escort Loudly. With sloppy tears. Cries full of anguish and frustration. Heart-wrenching groans that made me wrap my arms around myself to feel even the slightest bit of security.

I wished for his mess to be back on the glossy desktop so I could swipe it off and scream. I was an adult. Adults didn’t act like this. Feel like this. He was a kid. A kid who had gotten under my skin, but a kid all the same. What I should do was get out of this chair and get out of this apartment.

Yet what I should do and what I needed to do—wanted to do—were not the same.

Drying my eyes with the back of my hand and a bit with the sleeve of my shirt, I stood and righted his chair. Then I proceeded to undress, neatly folding each piece and piling it on the desk opposite the computer and light.

When I was naked, I knelt on the pillow beside the desk chair. Bum on heels, palms flat on top of my thighs. I took a deep, cleansing breath…and waited.

I closed my eyes after about ten minutes. Felt my muscles relax. Until I heard the front door open.

Oh, fuck.

My heart beat faster with the sound of his shoes hitting the hardwood in the other room, and then footsteps that weren’t as heavy because he’d probably toed off his shoes. There was a casualness about them, moving as though in no hurry to come down the hall. Intentionally making me wait.

Maybe he hadn’t known if I’d actually come—possibly worried I wouldn’t. But he would have gotten his answer the moment he got home. He would have seen my car in spot number eight because I’d foolishly parked there instead of up the street or around the block. Then again, I had expected to run in to return the key and leave.

I clenched my fists then slowly released them with a shaky exhale. I struggled with forcing my eyes open and keeping them closed. Both wanting and not wanting to see the expression on his face when he noticed me.

And he would notice me. At least my head. The desk blocked my body from the hallway. But he would know that I’d followed all of his orders by my clothes on the desk. That I was naked.

The moment he finally walked down the hallway, I held my breath. I managed to get and keep my eyes open, but I’d chickened out and dropped my chin before I could see him.

And then I gasped. Because he walked right past the office…and shut his bedroom door.


Resolved that he was going to draw this out, I settled in for the long haul. It was several minutes before I heard his door open. His footfalls—now bare feet— slapping against the wood floor. My pulse picked up when they stopped outside the office door. Then they eventually whispered across the carpet and approached from the other side of the chair.

I held my breath when the chair was pulled out. While he sat down, the leather squeaking slightly under his weight. While he put his hand on my head, gently applying pressure until I rested my right cheek on his thigh.

That’s when I let out a whimper, my exhale shaking my whole body.

“Shh, Little One.”

For the longest time, he just stroked my hair. It was unexpected, but I wasn’t complaining. Because it was incredibly relaxing, both physically and mentally. So much so that I didn’t comprehend his words at first when he spoke again.

“I’m sorry for how I acted last weekend. You were absolutely right. About all of it. Especially with your decision to leave. I was inconsiderate in so many ways. You deserved to be treated better. With more respect. And I deserved to lose you.”

I turned to look up at him, his hand falling to rest on my shoulder. Blinking, I replayed his words in my head…his apology. It was sincere. I saw it in his glossy eyes while he gazed down at me.

His voice choked up when he continued. “But I want to make it right. I need to make it right. Because I think there is so much promise with the two of us. The prospect of cultivating that…I admit, it makes my blood pump faster. My cock hard.”

I sucked in my breath. And then I shivered when his fingers stroked slower, all along my neck.

“Please forgive me, Little One.” His hand cupped my chin, his thumb stroking my bottom lip. “I want to believe that your presence here tonight…as you are…means you’re giving me another chance. My previous actions don’t warrant it. But I would be grateful if you did choose to grant me grace.”

A stray tear trickled down my cheek when I blinked. Before he could move his hand to swipe it away, I captured his thumb between my teeth. Deep down, I guess I had hoped it would end like this. It’s why I had convinced myself I should come inside. Why I had stripped and knelt in his office, per his request. Why I was staring up at him and sucking on his thumb, wishing it was his cock. That the firm thigh pressed against my breast was rubbing between my own legs.

The heat in Alex’s gaze reflected the emotions I was sending his way. Then he licked his lips. Moved his thumb, Kartal Sarışın Escort simulating other actions.

I turned, keeping hold of his thumb still, and knelt facing him. My breasts on either side of his knee. My knees flanking his foot. Keeping my eyes on his, my hands behind my back now.

His breathing escalated. Slowly, he extracted his digit and scooted the chair back. Stood. Undressed. Dropping T-shirt, jeans, and boxers off to the side in succession. Then he picked up my clothes and dropped them indifferently on top of his pile.

I wiggled my ass a little at the sudden excitement spreading through me. Trying not to think what I would have done if he hadn’t apologized. If he had just tried to pick up where we’d left off. Possibly even punished me for leaving as I had.

Alex turned the chair to face me fully, his knees spread and cock held high in his left hand when he sat back down.

A soft mewl passed my lips at the sight of him. My fingers twitched while I licked my lips. I had to resist the urge to rise up and hump his shin, which was at a slight angle and just a few inches away.

He flipped open the laptop with his right hand, tapped a few keys, and then Depeche Mode’s “Only When I Lose Myself” came through the speakers. “I downloaded the entire ‘Singles’ album after last weekend. The best of the best, apparently. You have excellent taste in music.”

I only whimpered louder. It was like he was in my head. Knowing what would set me off. Or maybe we really were more similar than I’d thought.

He released a lever on the side of the chair and the chairback reclined with him. His forearms supported by the arm rests, he opened his palms to me. His voice was husky when he said, “Come here, Little One. I want to seduce you.”

Oh, God. Yes!

I staggered to my feet, clutching the tops of his thighs for support. Straddling his legs, I lined up over him and lowered onto his impressive cock. Gasping when the tip touched my clit… Pushed my swollen pussy lips open… Easily slid back to my entrance.

I hesitated, taking shallow breaths, gripping his shoulders now. Feeling the crown just buried but not inside me. I rocked gently, biting my lip. Moaning. Like the lyrics of the song, I felt hypnotized. Paralyzed.

Alex put his hands on my hips. Holding me. Caressing. But not controlling.

And then, ever so slowly, I pressed down. My breath caught when I felt the foreskin push back. When he broke through. I paused again to let my entrance adjust while it continued to contract around the ridge just under the crown.

He felt so damn good. I tried not to cry from the sensations. We’d been apart less than a week, but it felt like so much longer.

Alex groaned, making me shudder. His fingers tightened on my hips. Pressed down.

I complied. Each inch of him that invaded me—filled me—made it harder to breathe. The anticipation of his arrival and then his mere presence had provided ample lube that allowed him to slide in easily. My inner walls pulled him in deeper until I was sitting on his lap.

His hands slid around and caressed my lower back…my ass. The soft motions made me rock forward a little, gasping. He palmed one of my breasts and just held it. And the two of us just sat there frozen, surrounded by each other’s heat and the arousing music.

After all these years, I no longer just listened to the lyrics of the song. I felt them. When we were together—especially, connected as we were—it was beautiful. Sensual. And something inside me was just…perfect.

I gave myself to Alex. Completely. And in doing so, I found peace. I stopped thinking about all the reasons I’d walked away. They didn’t matter. Not any more. All I wanted to do was fall into his version of heaven. To lose control.

Like a knight unsheathing a sword for the first time, I slowly rose all of the way up, leaving just the tip inside me. After another pause to let a shudder race up my back and to catch my breath, I slid down in one fell swoop with a loud moan.

The sound that came out of Alex was more growl than anything. His back arched, which pushed his cock even further inside. Stretching me deliciously. His hands found my hips again, digging into my skin.

And just like that, he took over. Moving me how he wanted. Bouncing me up and down on his full length. His hips thrusting powerfully, driving into my depths. Driving us both to delirium.

All I could do was dig my fingers into his shoulders now. Just trying to hold on. I gave into the sensations, arching away, throwing my head back. Both actions pressed my breasts outward.

He captured one of my nipples in his mouth. Sucking and licking while he picked up the pace, his cock throbbed within me. His hands kneaded my ass.

I squeezed my eyes shut, moaning at the feel of his lips and tongue and teeth on my breast. Spurring desire to tighten within my gut. “Yes! Please, Sir! Make me come!”

Suddenly, he stood, one arm behind my back and the other barely under Kartal Şişman Escort my ass.

My gasp was cut off when he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, too startled to think about my dangling legs. We’d be to his bed soon, anyway. Or maybe the couch on the other side of the desk.

He apparently had other plans entirely. One moment, he was walking across the office still connected to me. The next, he slammed my back against a wall, knocking the breath out of me. Then the animal within was truly unleashed, his hips pounding into me wildly while he gripped my ass.

“Oh, fuck… Mmm!” I squeezed my eyes shut and rolled my head against the wall while his body seemed to crawl into mine. My toes barely touched the floor. But the wall and his body held me up.

His lips found my neck, kissing and biting. “Come for me!”

I tried to get a leg up to his hip, but it kept slipping. Groaning, I dug my fingernails into the back of his neck for purchase. Damnit. I was so close! If I just had the right angle…

He howled and somehow managed to grip my thighs, jerking me up so I could wrap my legs loosely around his waist. Then he was hammering into me with such force that if there had been any pictures on this wall, they’d be shattered on the floor now. Just like he was shattering my insides.

Another minute later, I screamed when his cock burst the bubble and made me seize in his arms.

“That’s right, Little One, come for me.” He didn’t slow down, and I felt him smiling against my neck. “I’m going to fuck you right through it and into the next one.”

“Oh, God! Don’t stop!”

He returned to the desk where he laid me on my back, raised both of my legs high in the air, and twisted my body sideways. A second later, I was on my belly, bent over the desk, my feet flat on the floor…and his cock was still buried deep in me.

I managed a breath before he twisted my hair around his hand and yanked back. At the same time, his hips withdrew all of the way and then then slammed into me.

“Yes!” I felt a rush of pleasure at the tug on my hair. At his sudden smacks on my ass while he continued to slide in and out of me hard and fast.

“I could go for hours, honey,” he panted. “I want to truly push your limits. And I have all the time in the world for you. Only for you.”

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!” I latched onto the edge of the desk, my body bent backwards now. Clenching my eyes when I felt Alex’s hand playing at the front of my pussy.

He kicked apart my feet and found my clit on his next voyage, rubbing it hard and fast though my hips confined his arm against the desk.

“Fuck!” I couldn’t stop screaming. Thrashing. Every nerve was on fire. It was pleasure and torture combined. “Fuck me, Sir! Fuck me hard!”

Just as suddenly as he’d dragged me to the wall or bent me over the desk, he changed tactics again. I could feel him crouching down behind me. Two of his fingers still on my clit, he thrust his cock up against my G-spot in powerful yet languid motions that filled me entirely. He must be determined to drive me wild.

I could no longer form words. Merely making an assortment of noises while my body shook.

Alex yanked on my hip. But when I didn’t move toward him and instead clung tighter to the desk, he released my hair.

I wailed when he dislodged his cock.

“Don’t move.” He added a smack across my ass.

There was a soft clatter behind me.

My legs trembled, my pussy spasming from my multiple orgasms. And then I was gasping for another reason when he pulled my hands one by one behind me, tying them in place with rope. Something clicked in my brain that he must have gone shopping since last weekend. When I glanced back at him, I noticed a black, plastic basket on the desk chair now. Peeking over the top was a hilt to a flogger. But which one it was…

I moaned at the tightness of the binding, wriggling my fingers to touch him. I could feel the air moving against the back of my legs…the heat of him. His cock which banged into my ass and hip whenever he turned and worked on tying the ropes more. I was gasping for breath by the time he was done, unable to keep my eyes open. I only wanted to feel.

“Can you make a fist?”

I did so with both my right and then my left hands.

“Good. Remember that if you need to stop.”

I just blinked at him twice.

“Open wide.”

I obeyed, expecting his cock. What I got was a ball gag. And then, once more, bliss when he leisurely filled me up again, claiming the entirety of me. His hand softly stroked my head all the while.

On the verge of crying, I told myself to relax beneath him. As inexperienced as I was with bondage, I knew the cold, hard truth that one could create damage if they weren’t careful. If I fought too much or was too tense… I had to trust him to know what he was doing.

While Depeche Mode went on singing about the “Question of Lust,” Alex continued to fuck me slowly, no longer hitting my G-spot but still raising and keeping my arousal level high. After some time, he gently pulled my hair back into a ponytail then tied something around it. When he let go, I found I was permanently arched back, my waist and a small portion of the fronts of my thighs the only parts of my body still touching the desk.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32