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If you have not already done so, I would suggest you read Alex’s Stepmother (the first part of this series). All characters in this piece are 18 and over. Thank you to everyone who read, rated and commented on the first part. Please comment and rate if you wish to and as always, enjoy.


Chapter 1:

I pulled up in the driveway, cut the engine and unbuckled my seatbelt before turning in my seat to face my stepmother, Emma. I leant over and made to kiss her.

“No wait!” She whispered. “Not until we are inside!”

I leaned back and grinned. She was right, we needed to exercise caution now that our mother-son relationship had evolved into something more. I’d known Emma for 7 years and in all that time I never would have guessed that out of my father’s untimely death, she and I would become closer and develop a new relationship. A relationship that my father himself initiated from beyond the grave – Although I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s not like Emma was unattractive. She’s a 34 year old ex-model with beautiful dark skin, long brown hair that flowed to midway down her back and big brown eyes that were always so alluring and captivating. Plus she had both an amazing ass and perfect tits that I had always admired from afar. I got where my dad was coming from.

We exited the car and after locking it, I went through my key ring, looking for the house key to try and seem normal – just in case anyone was watching. As we entered the house I pocketed my keys and turned around to see my stepmother close the door with a thud. She gazed at me hesitantly and I allowed my eyes to roam over her body. She wore a simple black sleeveless t-shirt tucked into a medium length stripy skirt that finished just above her knees. She had one long toned brown leg crossed over the other and I marvelled at the beauty she exuded as she stood before me.

There was an awkward moment where neither of us moved, then I did something that took even me by surprise; I held out a hand for her. She took it and passed me in silence, spinning me gently on the spot and guiding me towards the staircase. My eyes were glued to her firm, pert ass in that skirt as she walked up in front of me. I knew what she wanted but followed her in an almost out of body experience, unable to fully comprehend what was about to happen. When she reached the landing I was surprised that she turned right and led me towards her room – the one she had shared with my father – instead of mine.

We entered her bedroom in silence and she indicated for me to stand by the bed as she shut the door. Although she had lived with me and my dad for 7 years I could count on one hand how many times I had been in their bedroom. The walls were a dull dark red with the exception of the wall that the bed backed up against – it was a vibrant deep red – a feature wall my dad explained when they had been decorating the room. The bed covers were red and black and the carpet was a thick deep purplish red. A blind man could’ve guessed the colour scheme here. The door to their en suite was to the left of the bed and faced the large open window which gave the best view of our garden.

Emma walked right up to me, our bodies almost touching. I wrapped my arms lightly around her waist and she put hers around my neck. “You ready?” She asked in a whisper, her big brown eyes sparkled and danced as they held my own.

“Yes mummy.” I said equally as quietly. She seemed nervous and I thought using the name she liked me to call her in these moments would help compose her.

She shook her head, “not mummy. This time you call me, Emma!” Then she kissed me, lightly at first but becoming more forceful with each passing kiss. I pulled her tighter to me and untucked her top from her skirt. She broke off our kiss and unwound her arms from my neck. Her fingers found the buttons of my casual short sleeve shirt and she quickly unbuttoned it dexterously. I allowed it to fall from my body and enjoyed the feel of her fingers upon my bare chest as she traced each definable muscle. Her gaze rose from my chest to my face, she had only the barest hint of make up on but looked utterly stunning regardless. “Undress me, Alex.”

I needed no more invitation than that and I let my hands feel her hips, searching for the zip on her skirt. I found it quickly and it unzipped loudly before falling from her hips when she shimmied out of it. She then raised her arms above her head and I grabbed the hem of her top and pulled it swiftly over her head. She stood before me in simple matching black underwear. I was transfixed.

“You are so sexy, Emma!” I said quietly. She smiled in thanks and stepped up to me again. I wrapped my hands around her and allowed my fingers to trace the curve of her back as we embraced. She kissed me again, her lips soft and plump. I flitted my tongue across them and she opened her mouth, allowing me inside. Our tongues explored each other as we kissed more passionately and my hands roamed up her back and through her soft hair as she büyük meme porno pressed her body to mine. I unbuttoned my shorts and stepped out of them without breaking our kiss then after a few moments I pushed her away so that I could gaze upon her entirety again.

I didn’t have to look down, I already knew my cock was straining in my boxers, it ached to be released. Emma glanced at it then gazed at me alluringly, a smirk crept across her lips. “Do you want to see me naked?”

“More than anything in the world!” I moaned honestly.

Her smirk morphed into a grin and she put her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra. She let it fall from her shoulders and down to the floor, unveiling her boobs to me once more. They were perfect. Her dark chocolate nipples were already hard against her pert, rounded breasts, showing her arousal and my eyes were immediately drawn to them. I heard Emma giggle softly before she then turned around, and bent over in front of me, drawing my attention to her flawless round ass. She was wearing a thong and it disappeared between her ass cheeks. My cock jumped involuntarily and it was all I could do to not jump her right there and then. She hooked a finger under the stringy fabric on each side and slowly pulled it down, once it passed her upper thighs it fell straight to the floor and she stepped out of it – now completely naked for my admiration.

Emma turned around and my eyes fell to her shaven pussy. It was the first time I had actually seen it. Yes, I had touched it and fingered her to orgasm last night but I hadn’t actually seen it. From the way she was standing I could just make it out. And it was beautiful. “Take your boxers off baby and get on the bed.” Emma’s voice was seductive but firm, like she knew exactly what she wanted.

My boxers were on the floor in less than a second and finally my cock sprung free. It defied gravity with ease as all 7 and a half inches pointed diagonally up at the ceiling. I watched Emma lick her lips then jumped on the bed and moved until I was roughly central. Emma then slowly walked towards me, swaying her hips sexily as she did so. Then when she reached the edge of the bed she crawled on her hands and knees, up over me until she straddled my hips.

She sat up and shifted her position slightly and immediately I felt her pussy brush against the shaft of my cock, coating it in her juices. We both gasped. She fell forward, her hands landing either side of my head and I reached up and held them as she pressed her body to mine. Her skin felt cool compared to mine and her hard nipples dragged across my skin as her hair fell around my face. We kissed passionately again.

I bit her bottom lip gently in the way I knew she loved and slowly traced my hands down her arms, over the sides of her breasts and torso before coming to rest on her firm, round ass. I squeezed both cheeks and felt her half giggle, half sigh on top of me. “You are so sexy Emma!” I moaned as I let go of her lip. “I must’ve been so good in a previous life to deserve being rewarded with you.”

She shushed me with a soft kiss and held my gaze. “The time for talking is over, Alex.” She raised her hips slightly and reached down grabbing my cock and lining it up with her pussy. “Right now I just need you inside of me. Are you ready?”

I nodded. “Yes!” I breathed.

In one smooth movement she rose up to arm’s length and sank down on the head of my cock. I watched as her eyes closed and she bit her lip. I moaned as my cock speared inside her, going from the cool afternoon air to the hot, tight, moist enclosure that was her pussy. She rocked her hips back and forth for a few times before sinking further down on me, taking about half of my shaft inside her. I closed my eyes and brought my hands up her back, tracing up and down the middle as she rode my cock, coating it in her juices and getting ready to plunge further down.

She gyrated on my shaft 3 or 4 more times then pushed herself down again until our hips met and I bottomed out inside her. “Nnnnnngh!” She moaned as she finally had my entire cock buried inside her. I, for one, could not express how it felt – there just weren’t words. I’d had sex before – 3 times with 2 different girls. I’d lost my virginity to a girl called Sophie when I was 18. We had dated for a few months and both of us were virgins – safe to say that it wasn’t great. I think it lasted for about 5 minutes in total, from getting naked to me cumming. We soon broke up after when she went to University.

The second girl was a year older than me and one I met on a night out in town. We had hit it off and met up a couple more times. Her name was Jade and she was a lot more experienced than I was. We had oral sex a dozen or so times but only actual sex twice and she was amazing – but then my dad got ill and I just didn’t have time to spend with her. It fizzled out. But Emma was in a league of her own. She was both this filthy, slutty animal who seemed to crave my cock çinli porno since last night but also, right now, she was this sensitive older woman who rode my cock with absolute precision – truly making love to me.

“Uhhhhh, Emma!” I moaned aloud.

She bent down and kissed me, “fuck, your cock feels amazing inside me!” She opened her eyes and gazed down at me. I moved my hands to her tits and massaged and groped them as she started to slowly grind against me. I thrust my hips up to meet her but couldn’t quite time my actions right. She shook her head, “No baby. Just lie back and let me fuck you, trust me, it’ll feel amazing!”

I did just that while she rode my cock with precision. I pulled her down to me, lifted my head up and caught her nipple between my lips, sucking it into my mouth and suckling on it as she gyrated on my hips.

“Uhhhhh! Alex, that feels so good!” She moaned and I felt one of her hands on the back of my head, holding it in place as I swished my tongue around her nipple, feeling it grow harder in my mouth. I gently grazed it with my teeth then let it escape my mouth, causing her to gasp as I turned my attention to her other boob. I mimicked my movements and she changed tactics on my cock, moving more in a figure of 8 than up and down. Whatever she was doing was working for me and I held onto her hips as she ground herself down onto me.

I marvelled at how well she rode my cock. It was as if she was paying attention to every inch but to my surprise, I was nowhere near cumming yet. I let her other nipple fall from my lips and my head fell back down to the pillow. She capitalised on this and squashed her body to mine, her tits pressing into my torso and her lips mashed against mine as she attacked my mouth.

I wrapped my arms around her and let my fingers run over the back of her head and she shuddered on top of me, her pussy giving my cock a tight squeeze. “Urghhhhhhhh!” She moaned into my mouth, “I’m going to cum so hard soon!” She whispered into my ear.

Hearing those 7 words seemingly made my cock 10 times more sensitive. Emma had picked up the pace with her hips, fucking me with abandon as she neared her orgasm and my cock throbbed pleasurably inside her. She sat up and hit her stride now, rising up and driving down on my thick shaft again and again, faster and faster. I raised my head to her tits again, sucking a nipple deep into my mouth, no longer caring about being gentle.

“Oh yessssssss!” She hissed, holding my head to her breasts again. “Fuck… I’m going to cum!”

She rose her pussy up and thrust herself down on me three more times and on the third I felt her body tense up, her pussy got impossibly tight around my shaft, her legs clamped either side of me and then her juices flooded around my cock. I watched as she grunted and moaned in delight as she climaxed. Gripping her ass cheeks with my fingers I sucked hard on her nipple as she orgasmed on top of me. After a few seconds she resumed her gyrations on top of me, and with her cum now lubing my cock further and her vaginal canal pulsating around my shaft it wasn’t long before I felt the cum rising in my balls. I let her tit fall from my mouth and my head fell back to the pillow as she no longer held it up.

“Oh my god! Emma, I’m gonna cum soon!” I moaned as I looked up at her.

She gritted her teeth and doubled the efforts of her pussy fucking my cock. “It’s okay! Cum inside me, Alex!” She said breathlessly.

“Nnnngh!” Now I had her permission I let myself go completely, closing my eyes as she drove back down on my shaft and I felt the first spurt of my cum shoot up and inside her. “Fuuuuuuuck!” I let out a low deep moan as I came.

“Hmmmm!” I opened my eyes and saw her gazing down at me with her big brown eyes. Spurt after spurt shot out of me as she milked my cock with her pussy for all it would give her. She kept fucking me right the way through my orgasm then, finally, she slowed down and came to a stop with my erect penis buried deep inside her. “I can feel your cum inside me.” Emma smirked.

“That was amazing!” I sighed as I came back down to earth in my post-orgasmic bliss. I could still feel her pussy involuntarily contracting around my cock as she recovered from her own orgasm too. “I’m surprised I lasted that long.”

Emma laughed, “That’s why I’m on top, baby.” Emma leaned down and kissed me, squashing her breasts against my chest, she rose just enough so that our eyes met. “With age comes experience. You pick up tips – such as when the woman’s on top, she has overall control of when the man cums. I was able to keep you from cumming long enough to get off myself. But that blow job I gave you this morning probably helped too.”

“Mmm,” I shifted underneath her and felt a little of our combined juices slide down my shaft. “You’re leaking.”

“Yeah I am a little.” Emma smirked, “but this feels too good to get off yet.”

“Mmm!” I nodded and closed my eyes, focusing on my slowly deflating değişik porno cock and its current home. I could definitely get used to this. Then a thought suddenly entered my head and my eyes flew open as I frowned at my stepmother. “Why’d you let me cum inside you? I wasn’t wearing a condom! You could get pregnant.”

Emma fixed me with her gaze, “would it be so bad if I did get pregnant?”

“I err…” I thought about it for a moment. I’d had it drummed into me since sex education in secondary school that you must always wear protection – but Emma was the right age to be a mother… hell she was my mother in the eyes of the law. But could I be a father just yet? I decided to be honest. “Well no, but I don’t think I’m old enough to be a dad just yet.”

Her gaze softened and she leant down and kissed me. “You have a wise head on those shoulders, kiddo.” She smiled as she used the nickname she’d given me when we first met. “But you don’t have to worry. I can’t have children.”

I felt my eyes go wide. “What?!” I spat out. “Oh Emma I’m sorry! I didn’t know -” I let my hands trace up her back pulled her tighter to me in a hug.

“Alex!” Emma complained loudly, interrupting me. I let go of her and she immediately rolled off of me and onto the bed. I shifted onto my side so that we still faced each other. “It’s okay.” She held my hand, “I’ve known since I was 21. It really isn’t a big deal to me anymore and it means I don’t have to bother taking the pill or using contraception during sex.” Her big brown eyes sparkled next to me. “If I do want to have children of my own one day, I’ll adopt. But hey – I’ve got you haven’t I. You’ve been my son for the last 7 years.”

“Yeah…” I trailed off. “But, I’m not really sure I qualify anymore.” I smirked. “I’m your toy boy.”

Emma kissed me. “Yeah you are.” She grinned before turning serious, “but I can’t just forget the last 7 years. I’ve learned to love you as a mother and a small part of me always will. I’ll just love you in other ways too.”

“I love you too, Emma.” I smiled and she scooted her ass closer to me and wrapped her legs around mine. I thread an arm underneath her and pulled her tighter to me in as we cuddled. I planted a gentle kiss on her forehead and felt her hand come up and start tickling my hair – whenever anyone does this I always fall asleep in minutes and true to form it wasn’t long before my eyes felt heavy and I nuzzled into her.

Chapter 2:

The next thing I knew was waking up on my own in her bed. I was facing the window and the sun was low in the sky indicating it was either late afternoon or early evening. I rolled onto my back and stretched, wondering how long I had been asleep when I heard the toilet flush. Half a minute later, Emma walked out of the en suite naked and spied me.

“Hey sleepy head!” She grinned at me. “Did I wake you? Sorry – but I had to clean up…” She shot me a cheeky smile. “I woke up leaking badly.”

I shook my head and made no effort to conceal my eyes as they roamed up her naked body. Her long smooth dark brown legs, her shaven pussy, toned midriff, pert round breasts with dark chocolate nipples and her long brownish/black hair spilling over them. I finally met those beautiful big brown eyes and she smirked. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Nah, it’s not the real thing.” I retorted.

“Perv!” She grinned.

“Yeah, and?” I gloated.

She sat down on the bed, leaned over and kissed me. It was a long tender kiss. I raised my hand up and squeezed her breast. She giggled and broke off our kiss. “You hungry?”


We made our way to the kitchen – we had semi dressed. She wore an old long baggy t-shirt and I had put on my boxers from before. “What do you fancy?” She asked. I let her walk in front of me, ogling her long slender legs before they disappeared under her t-shirt. It was just long enough to cover her backside and private parts, but only just. “Alex?” She turned her head back and caught me staring at her.

“Hmm?” I raised my eye line to meet hers.

She shot me a disapproving gaze. “I asked you what do you want”

“Something quick!” I encouraged.

“Ha! Okay.” I leaned against the cooker as she started opening cupboard doors and looking inside. “I don’t actually know what we’ve got…” She said, more to herself than to me. “I’ve not done a big shop in about a week.” She had to stretch up and stand on tiptoes when she looked into the very top shelves meaning that her t-shirt raised up, exposing her bare ass. “Oh I dunno what to have!” She moaned, “Shall we just have cereal and order a takeaway later? Then we can do a big shop tomorrow.”

She spoke with her back turned to me. I grunted in agreement as my eyes were firmly glued to her pert, shapely ass. I was waiting in anticipation because we kept the cereal on the top shelf above where she was standing. “Can you grab it for me, Alex?”

“Nah, I’m good here.” I said, upbeat.

“Alex!” Emma spun around to chastise me but stopped when she saw the half erected tent in my boxers. “Oh!” Her eyebrows shot up in surprise but she recovered quickly and her lips curled up in a wicked smile. “Are you hot for mummy, Alex?” She put on her playful motherly voice for me – the one I couldn’t resist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32