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Big Tits

Krista and I got dressed and decided to go grab some lunch before picking up Melissa. We drove around until we got to a sandwich shop and we talked over lunch about various subjects. Then we decided to go to Melissa’s university to wait on her to get off work. Soon my phone rang and it was her asking where we were. She met us in the parking lot across from her dorm. We all hopped into my car and went back to the hotel.

We got back to the hotel room and all laid on the bed. I laid in the middle with one on either side of me, but their bodies were laying opposite of mine. Melissa had a skirt on so I kept looking up her skirt. She laughed and asked if I wanted her to raise it to make it easier to see her ass. “Of course!” I replied. So she raised her skirt exposing her blue cotton panties. I began to rub and caress her ass. By now Krista wanted some more attention too so I massaged her ass as well. The girls began kissing as I fondled their backsides.

I heard the girls whispering just before both of them got up and began taking my clothes off. It was not long before we were all naked and on the bed kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies. It went back and forth with me kissing Melissa and then Melissa kissing Krista and then me kissing Krista. I sat back and watched the girls kiss and rub each other’s hard nipples. Krista took Melissa’s into her mouth first. I watched her roll her tongue over Melissa’s very hard thimble sized nipples. I started caressing myself as the girls were now laying on each other.

I sat there in awe of the site of two beautiful women kissing and caressing each other. Krista kissed her way down Melissa’s body teasing her every inch of the way. Soon her tongue was loving on Melissa’s swollen lips. I wanted in on the action too! I moved closer and began sucking on Melissa’s nipples. Melissa’s moans were getting louder by the minute. It was not long before she squeezed Krista’s head between her legs and her body shook as the aftershocks of her orgasm spread through her body.

I wanted to taste Krista again so bad and Melissa had never tasted another woman before. We decided to please Krista together. There definitely was no argument from her! I was on the right side and Melissa was on the left. Our tongues both began exploring Krista’s soaking wet love hole. I started on her clit while Melissa went straight for the source of all her wonderful juices. Krista was playing with her own nipples as we worked over her pussy. I couldn’t keep my tongue from toying with her now very hard clit. I could hear Melissa’s Bycasino tongue as it licked up all of Krista’s juices. “Oh My God! You guys feel so fucking good!” Krista said between heavy breaths. Her body began to buck as she pushed Melissa’s head into her pussy flooding her mouth with more sweet juices. Krista kept moaning and moaning, as it seemed like her orgasm kept going and going. My tongue worked as fast as it could to please her clit. Krista grabbed two handfuls of sheet and screamed as she had one huge orgasm! “OHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!” Is all she could manage to get out.

Since I had been with Krista twice that morning I wanted to feel the warmth of Melissa’s tight pussy. We re-arranged so that the girls were in the 69 position with Melissa on top and Krista on bottom. They were on the edge of the bed so I could stand behind Melissa and enter her from behind. Krista wanted to be able to lick my tight ball sack as I fucked Melissa. Krista lined my cock up and helped me slide into Melissa. Damn she was sooo tight!

I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock as each inch entered her. Finally I was buried to my balls. I felt Krista sucking on them as I sat and just enjoyed the tightness. Melissa was whimpering for me to fuck her. I started with long slow strokes with my cock almost coming all the way back out before I slowly slide it all back in again. I did this a few times to make sure all parts were well lubricated. Krista’s tongue certainly helped. I could feel it licking my shaft with each trust. I could tell by her moans that Melissa was licking her pussy very well. Melissa started pushing against me, which told me she wanted it harder.

I grabbed Melissa’s hips and picked up the pace of my thrust a little. Soon I was gliding in and out of her with her juices dripping down into Krista’s mouth below. I could feel her tongue going back and forth between Melissa and me. Melissa stopped licking Krista as her moans got louder and louder. “Fuck me harder Matt! Fuck me!! Oh yes!” she screamed as her body began to buck and spasm. I felt the walls of her pussy tightening up even more than they already were. I pushed it all the way in until her body slowly came down off the wonderful high it was on.

I wanted a way to enjoy both of them at the same time so I had Krista straddle my face and Melissa mount me again. The girls were facing each other and kissing and fondling each other as Melissa rode up and down my hard shaft. I sucked Krista’s engorged lips into my mouth. My arms wrapped around her Bycasino giriş legs that were beside my head. Her juices flowed freely into my mouth as I did my best to keep up with them. Melissa was riding up and down really hard and fast. I knew I would cum soon at this pace. Melissa’s moans were muffled by Krista’s mouth as they continued to kiss.

I lifted Krista up just enough to tell them I was going to cum soon. Both of the girls stopped and went to work on licking and sucking my dick. They could not get enough of my juices mixed with Melissa’s. All four hands were working to stroke me or caress me or squeeze me. Oh and then you add in the two hot mouths and tongues! WOW!! I was in heaven for sure. Then I felt my balls tightening and my muscles contracting. My legs were stiffening up and I knew it was going to be big! “I AM CUMMMMMINNNNGGG!!!” I screamed just as a large load shot into the air, then another and another. I had never cum this hard before in my life. My stomach clinched as my whole body seemed to contract. The girls tried to catch as much in their mouths as possible but a few spurts got away from them and landed on their chests and me.

The girls then went to work on cleaning all of the remaining cum up. They were licking each other and me. It was a great sight. This led the girls into exploring each other’s bodies again. This time I tossed a vibrator to them and I got behind the camera again. Krista grabbed it first and lubed it up and teased Melissa’s hard clit. Melissa kept moving her hips to try to maneuver it into her waiting hole. Finally, Krista crammed it all in at once! Melissa took a loud deep breath in as she took the unexpected surprise deep inside. The vibrator was the kind that had the rotating end on it and the vibrating nub to stimulate the clit at the same time.

Krista moved her head down to Melissa’s tits and began sucking on them as the vibrator moved in and out. I moved the camera to zoom in on Krista’s tongue tracing Melissa’s nipples. Melissa’s hands ran through Krista’s long blonde hair as she felt the slow vibrations move through her body. Krista slowly slid it in and out as it stretched Melissa’s freshly fucked pussy even more. “How does the vibrator feel in your pussy Melissa?” I asked. “It feels so good. I want it to go faster Krista.” She replied. Krista quickly accommodated and turned the vibrator up to the highest level. She fucked her pussy hard and fast with it. This threw Melissa over the edge and she came harder than ever. She squeezed her legs together Bycasino deneme bonusu to keep the vibrator deep inside her. Her hands grabbed her tits and held them tightly. Melissa’s screams filled the room. I am sure people on all sides of us could hear her through the thin walls.

After about 10 minutes of Melissa trying to recover from her huge orgasm, she snatched the vibrator from Krista and demanded her to lie down and prepare for the same treatment. She took the vibrator and ran it over Krista’s already hard nipples. Then she ran it down her body and teased her pussy by running it almost to her clit before pulling it away. I was still manning the camera making sure I got all of the details on video. Krista was now begging Melissa to fuck her with it. “Come on Mel! I need it in me baby! I need to cum.”

Melissa showed some compassion and slowly side it into her pussy. I focused in on it going in. It was disappearing very slowly and looked so hot. By now I am hard as a rock again and I start stroking my hard-on. Melissa increased the speed of the vibrator and the thrusting. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to fuck someone. I talked Krista into letting me fuck her ass. She laid on her back as I lubed her tight hole and me up. Melissa kept moving the vibrator back and forth.

Once I was ready, I slowly pushed myself into her. I went very slowly to let her relax. It felt so wild feeling the toy vibrating against my cock once I was all the way in. Melissa and I agreed we would use the same rhythm. I started slowly as she once again got used to the size. Soon she was begging me to go faster. Melissa and I picked up our pace and fucked both of her holes. Melissa turned up the speed to the highest level and I thought I was going to cum right then. The tightness and the vibrations felt amazing.

I took over the vibrator and had Melissa move the cam into a better spot to be able to get all of the hot action up close. She had it right there on the two holes as they got fucked. It was not long before Krista was cumming. Her body was quivering from the orgasm. I just kept going and not wanting to stop. It felt too good to stop now. I buried the vibrator as far in as possible and concentrated on fast hard fucking. Melissa held the vibrator in place and moved the cam to catch it all on tape. The vibrations were too much. I pulled out and shot my load all over Krista’s stomach and tits. My hot cum was everywhere, but not for long. Melissa handed me the cam and began to clean Krista up. When she was done they kissed and finally we all collapsed onto the bed.

It was now around 8 pm and we all had to get up and get something to eat. At the end of the night we all kissed and said our goodbyes. We agreed when Krista comes back in June we would meet again but then it would be all three all day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32