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All She’d Ever Do is Dance, Dance, Dance! Ch. 2

All characters in the following story are eighteen and above. They have to be to work in the club and I checked the ID’s I did, I really did! It is not meant to depict what happens in a typical topless dance club. The promiscuity of the dancers is exaggerated for the entertainment of the reader only! Really honest!!! Check out the wild people at Billy and Dean’s favorite night spots but don’t expect to find these hot girls and guys anywhere except Degas city.

* * * * *

“Hi Kelly.” Tricia called out as she entered the dressing room.

“Hi Tricia, I’m just checking my make-up and resting my feet.

“Well would you like a nice foot massage to help relax your feet, I give the best massages in Degas I’m told.”

Kelly knew Tricia was telling the truth about giving good massages. She also knew Tricia was very bi and would massage any part of Kelly’s body any time if the stories she had heard were true. That was fine with Kelly she was very bi herself and had been hoping Tricia would notice her.

“Yeah sure, I thought you’d never ask. I’ve heard you give very good massages from some of the girls.” Kelly said undoing the straps and removing her shoes.

“Oh you have, have you, what EXACTLY have you heard?” Tricia asked as she sat and let Kelly put her feet on her lap.

“UMMM,” moaned Kelly enjoying the work of Tricia’s expert fingers. I’ve heard you have a bed in a back room in your office and any girl lucky enough to get a full body massage from you there will be talking about it for days.

“Would you like to see if the stories are true?” Tricia said leaning forward and pulling Kelly’s eager lips to hers. As they shared a wild passionate kiss, Tricia slid her hand between Kelly’s legs. What little cloth covered Kelly’s pussy was soaked.

“I think you know the answer to that.” Kelly moaned as she put her hand on top of Tricia’s.

“Come on we’ll go thru the back hall. I don’t want you out on that floor with your bottoms so wet. Some guy might thing he caused it and wanna follow us.

Tricia led Kelly to her office back door and keyed in the special code that opened the door. Kelly could hardly wait to find out how true all the rumors were.

Out on the main dance stage The evening feature dancer had begun her dance. She was around 5’ 8’ without her high heels and was a hundred and twenty casino siteleri five pounds of tight bodied desire! With her Big tits, waist length black hair and flashing green eyes she had every ones attention from the moment she stepped on stage. The words of the song “Riders on the Storm” caught their ears attention as StormyStarr’s sexy beauty caught their eyes attention. Quickly the song changed to a faster tempo song and when Stormy flipped her hair the crowd let out a collective sigh of excitement. Her hair had blonde highlights in it that only showed when her hair moved fast and it was certainly doing that now. The strobe lights and the sound of thunder in the background heightened the effect.

It was almost like she had lightning in her hair. Dean was so entranced he walked down and sat next to the stage just looking at Stormy’s green mesmerizing eyes. As she neared he stood up and held out some bills for her. She let him put them under her G string. He never took his eyes off her eyes as he put the money in it’s new home. He didn’t know if he was giving her ten dollars or a thousand. He just knew that whatever spell this girl was casting he was under it. She reached out with both hands, pulled him to her and kissed him on the nose!! The nose! Rubbing his nose with hers she said “Your cute, I’ll come do a table dance for you later if you want.”

All Dean could do was nod his head excitedly. Any other girl he would have asked for a lap dance instead but with Stormy he would take anything she would give him. Before Stormy finished her show he had stuffed more dollars in her G string than he had ever put in any girls G string. She made over three thousand dollars during that show and a good portion came from Dean. Yes she was going to give him a table dance. One he would never forget. In fact it would be more like a lightning fast lap dance that would leave him with rather wet pants!! She loved giving private dances in VIP rooms that stretched the limits of legality and left the guys wondering if she “really did what they thought she just did” She even gave a dance to a vice guy once knowing he was a member of the local vice squad and while she kept to the legal limits of that town he had still left with wet pants.

She was good maybe the best.

In Tricia’s closet bedroom Kelly was laying naked on her back with her legs wide open as Tricia did her magic. Tricia had canlı casino relieved the pain in Kelly’s feet rather quickly and moved up her legs to her thighs. Sometime during the massage Tricia had switched from hands to tongue as the main instrument of her massaging. Kelly had no complaints except Tricia was driving her wild with her teasing tongue. Tricia would lick and kiss up Kelly’s inner thigh to Kelly’s almost orgasmic pussy. Licking and twirling her tongue all around Kelly’s hard and getting harder love button, as Tricia called Kelly’s clit, Tricia kept bringing Kelly to the edge and then retreating. Tricia pulled her mouth from Kelly’s ultra sensitive little button (big swollen button now of course) and licked slowly down to Kelly’s ass and then back up to Kelly’s lust button clit again. This time she flipped her tongue back and forth as though she was whipping the nubbin of flesh that held the key to Kelly’s excited state. Sucking and then releasing the suction as she kept up her tongue massage Tricia had Kelly moaning and screaming as her hips bucked up and down. Kelly was holding on to the edge of the bed with all her might as she bounced uncontrollably on the bed. Tricia could barely hold on with her arms wrapped around Kelly’s legs and her head pushed hard between her thighs. In fact Tricia gave up trying to keep her mouth on Kelly’s clit. Kelly was already so orgasmic that further stimulation might send her into orbit.

“Oh God! OH FUCK!” Kelly screamed so loud Tricia wondered if the sound proofing of the closet was good enough to keep someone in the main club from hearing Kelly.

After several minutes of being totally out of control Kelly started to come down from her orgasmic high, but Tricia hadn’t finished with her yet. Tricia hadn’t gotten her reputation by giving just a few minutes of mind numbing, body thrashing fun. Kelly lay almost still except for twitches as her over excited nerves tried to return to normal. Tricia slowly inched a finger deep into the opening of Kelly’s vagina.

“Oh God Tricia your making me feel so good. I never… OH fuck!” Kelly moaned incoherently as lust full pleasure robbed her of any ability to say a meaningful sentence.

Probing with her long fingers as she again licked all around Kelly’s throbbing clit. Tricia found the spot inside Kelly she wanted. Again Tricia began her assault on Kelly’s orgasmic triggers. This time Tricia kaçak casino took more time and while Kelly’s peak wasn’t as high it lasted more than just a few minutes. Neither girl could tell how long, but Kelly knew when it was over she had never had a rolling orgasm that lasted that long in her entire life.

‘Yes the rumors were true.’ Kelly thought as Tricia climbed on top of Kelly on her hands and knees. Tricia lowered her head to Kelly’s and gave her a kiss passionate kiss with her magic tongue. Kelly loved her taste of her own pussy juices given to her second hand.

“Well little girl are your feet feeling better now.” Tricia asked as she pulled her head away and looked down at Kelly’s happy face.

“Well my feet felt fine five minutes into your efforts but I’m sure glad you didn’t stop with just my feet.”

“Yeah when I have such a willing victim I get carried away sometimes.” Tricia said.

“Well you can get carried away with me anytime.”

“I just might do that next weekend. We’re having our annual holiday party at the ranch. ALL of the of big wigs in Degas will be there at some point during the party. We make a big donation to the hospital during the party and most of the politicians get some campaign money too, although we are shall we say discreet when we give out the campaign funds. I’m asking several girls to dance at the party. You’ll make as much in two days as you normally do in five. I pay the girls up front so there won’t be any money passing back and forth at the party. You can give the guys tame dances and flirt but no fucking expected or allowed without my approval.” Are you interested?”

“Yeah sure as long as it’s like you say and I can just dance. You know me, I don’t play around and I love to dance. That is as long as my feet hold out.”

“If all you want to do is dance, all you have to do is dance, dance, dance! And I’ll make sure you get plenty of foot massages.”

“You have a deal as long as you include some pussy massages with the foot massages!” Kelly said winking as she looked for the T-back bottoms that had been thrown so passionately away just a few minutes before.

“Great just bring a weekend’s worth of clothes when you come to work next Friday.” Tricia told her.

As Kelly walked back down the hallway to the dressing room to get ready for her dance set she wondered if she could handle the speed her life was moving at. The richest bachelor in town wanted to fuck her. The hottest bi-woman in seven states had just given her the most orgasmic moment of her life and she was going to be a feature attraction at the holiday party every guy in Degas wanted to go to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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