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*Thanks to everyone who voted and gave me comments and criticism for my first story. It was fun to read your opinions. I can see that I will never please everyone as people said either there was too much of X or not nearly enough of X. Here is the second day in Allison’s adventure.


Mike lazed on the couch, trying desperately not to move. If yesterday was hot, today was an absolute scorcher. He glanced at Allison. Her eyes were closed and she sat directly in front of the fan. Sweat beaded on her forehead and ran down her face. She made no move to wipe it away.

The warm weather had appeared with vengeance. The heat baked the entire town. Nothing moved outside in the midmorning sunlight. The usually sounds of traffic, dogs, and people were absent. Mike imagined this is what it was like in Cambodia during high summer. He waffled about having a conversation with Allison. Activity didn’t look like it would agree with her.

“You want to go to the library? They have AC.”

Her long, slow sigh indicated she was displeased with his attempt of social intercourse.

“C’mon, it’ll be fun. We’ll see if we can’t get you naked over there,” Mike said. He had decided after yesterday that he would be direct and explicit in what he wanted. He watched Allison transform on the beach and he hoped she would enjoy another round.

“Mike,” she said, “I feel like that was a one-time thing and I don’t know if it’s really something I’d like. I’m still feeling a little embarrassed with that guy seeing me naked.”

“Let’s give it another try. At least we’ll be inside with some air on and we won’t drown in this humidity. And if nothing happens or you aren’t cool with it, we’ll stop. I’ve never forced you to do anything you didn’t want to do and I’m not going to start now. It’ll make me happy if we go… And you’re really pretty.”

Allison’s eyes nearly rolled into the kitchen.

“Okay,” she said, “What do you want me to wear?”

Mike selected a loose blue sundress with matching blue sandals. The dress ended just above Allison’s knees, showing her tanned and well-formed calves. Its low hanging neck nearly put her tight, perky breasts on display when she leaned over to reach for her shoes. Her blonde hair was put in a sloppy ponytail. She looked radiant.

“You look radiant,” Mike said.

Allison smiled at him.

“But, you will need to lose the panties,” Mike continued.


“Well, how are we going to show you off if you have panties on? That dress is not see-through, even in the sunlight. No one will know the difference, except the guy you’re showing, if you choose to show him anything.”

Allison went with it. She slid her thong off and threw it onto the couch.

“Okay,” she said, “let’s go.”

Mike knew he would be beaten if he commented on the temperature. There was a thick, soupy haze that sat on the town like a shroud. Nothing moved. There were no birds singing, there was no sound of children playing. Even the gentle caressing hum of the highway was mute. People were hiding from the heat.

The walk was mercifully short. 10 minutes of strolling led Mike and Allison to the edge of town. The library was an old building, only one story tall and made of marble and granite. It sat away from the activity of their city like a child in time-out. A small park and rokettube porno the eventual wilderness stretched out behind it. There was one car in the parking lot.

They walked inside and were greeted by the librarian, who seemed colder then the blast of air conditioning. She was a spinster, old and leathery. She didn’t look like she would ever move from the chair at the main counter. The scribble of her pen on a crossword puzzle was the only noise in the place.

Mike and Allison nodded politely as they walked towards the back.

“There’s no one here. Maybe everyone went to the movies to get out of the heat,” Mike said.

“I wonder what kind of trouble I could get into over there.” Allison asked.

Mike looked at her and she smiled sweetly.

“I’m just trying to get into the spirit of things,” she said.

Mike took her hand in his and led her towards the back. He felt her stiffen. His gaze followed hers.

There was a kid sitting at a big table by himself, surrounded by a fortress of books. He was scribbling furiously on a pad of paper, stopping only to push his glasses back up on his nose. Mike started walking over. Allison yanked on his arm.

“No, I am not going to flash some 16 year old kid. That’s not right. We can over there and go do whatever, but I’m not involving him.”

“Let me say something,” Mike said, “Being a former nerd, to have a cute girl talk to me would be an amazing thing. I wasn’t going to involve him anyway, but if you go over and say a few nice things, you’ll really make his day. He’d remember it for a long time.”

Allison laughed.

“Former nerd? I don’t know where you’re getting the ‘former’ from, but… I don’t know how to tell you this nicely…”

Mike grinned. He pointed at a study carrel and walked away from Allison. She sauntered over to the table and sat across from the kid. He glanced up at the movement and got big-eyed at her sitting down near him. She could see a slight flush creep into his face.

“Hi,” she said, “You working on anything interesting?”

The guy jumped.

“Uh, no. Just, uh, entrance exams for, um, college.” With that, he buried his head again.

“Did you graduate high school early? You look really intelligent.”

“No,” he said, staring at the table, “I’m a, uh, regular senior. I’m 19 in November.”

Allison acknowledged the comment with a hmph. She glanced up at Mike in the corner. He was watching intently to see what was developing. She raised an eyebrow at him and he put his arms out and shrugged. She looked back at the kid. He was obviously uncomfortable around girls. He was tall and really skinny. He wasn’t even cute in a dorky way. She could have lied to Mike and said this guy was underage, but she decided to give both guys a show. Allison didn’t know what possessed her, but she folded her legs under her body on the chair. She leaned forward across the table and smiled, holding out her hand.

“I’m Sarah,” she said.

“Will,” the guy said, limply shaking her hand and dropping it as if it were scalding hot.

Allison leaned over the table and looked down at the notebook. The tops of her soft breasts were showing now. Will tried to look away, but for a second his eyes stared down the top of her sundress, taking in the cleavage. He quickly looked away. Allison rus porno jumped on the opportunity. She knew the library very well and had worked as a page one summer.

“You know this place, right?”

He nodded.

“Can you show me where to find a book about C++ programming? It’s for my boyfriend.”

Allison knew exactly where the programming books were. Will bounced up, happy to help her and strode confidently to what she assumed was his personal section. She saw Mike stand and move around the corner to see what was happening. With Will’s back to her, she undid the top button of her dress. She watched his tall ungraceful frame stoop low to look at books. He kept moving to lower shelves until he finally sat on the ground to see the bottom shelf. He glanced up at her.

“Which do you like?” he asked.

Allison, heart starting to pound, dared herself to do it. She bent low at the waist to get a good look at the books. The neckline of her dress hung low in front of her. She saw Will’s eyes go wide. She glanced down before looking at the books. Her tits were on display. They were completely open for Will to look. She inched closer, her tits a foot away from his face. She looked up at the ceiling, pretending to mull over some decision. She briefly pictured his hand sneaking into her dress and gently stroking her breasts. She liked the image.

“I think…” Allison started, glancing down at him. His face was deep red and his jaw open. His eyes looked slightly glazed over and Allison wondered if he had every seen a girl naked in real life. He didn’t look like it.

“I think I’ll try this one.”

Without even looking, she grabbed a book and walked back to the big table. He trailed behind slowly, his hands folded in front of his crotch. Allison loved that she had turned him on so much. She was in control. She sat back down and pretended to leaf through the book. Will had his head buried in the stack of books, refusing to look at her. Mike, the doofus, was nothing but grins and blown kisses from the corner.

Ten minutes passed. Allison had been coming with her next plan. She couldn’t believe how hot she was. Will finally got up and started walking by her. She moved to turn the page and knocked her small purse off the table. Will seemed like the kind of guy who would instinctively pick up a dropped item. As he bent down to grab it, she swiveled in her chair and planted her feet wide apart. He looked up briefly. Allison reached down and pulled the hem of her sundress up off her thighs. Will had a clear view at her shaved pussy. He looked up her dress then, with effort, at her face.

Allison laughed to herself. The kid looked uncertain and confused. She almost felt bad for him.

“It’s okay, honey, I want you to look. I don’t mind. I like it.”

He nodded and dropped his gaze back between her legs. Allison could see him shaking and she could hear his breath get ragged. She upped the ante by putting one foot on the table. Will breathed in sharply. Allison looked over at Mike, who also looked entranced, and motioned toward the front door. Mike looked over and shook his head. No one was around.

Allison stood suddenly. Will backed away and started to stand. He was ready to apologize when she took his hand. Her own blood thundering in her ears, her heart thumping, she led him to the russian porno back of the stacks. She dropped his hand and pointed at the spot where he was standing. She took a few more steps, looked at him over her shoulder, and reached for the bottom of her dress. She pulled it slowly up her body, revealing more and more tan, smooth, muscular thigh. She stopped for a second.

“Will, do you want to see my ass?” she asked, barely a whisper.

Will nodded dumbly, his eyes fixed squarely on the backs of her legs. She eased the dress up, seduced by the increasing exposed skin. It went up and stopped just above her hips. She was completely naked from the waist down. One of her hands, seemingly on its own, slid around her thigh to her ass, and lightly stroked her skin with just the fingertips.

Allison closed her eyes. She wanted to show this kid her body. She wanted to be completely naked in front of him. Heat coursed through her and she started dancing her hips. She spun slowly, in rhythm, and turned to face him. She continued to work the dress higher with one hand as she lightly scratched her midriff with her fingernails. Her entire body reacted to the touch. She badly wanted to touch her clit, but she held off.

Will had tried to be gentlemanly the whole time, occasionally looking away and pretending to steal glances. Now, he gave up and drank her figure in. She was athletic and fit and her figure showed it. Allison felt his eyes on her like warm sunlight. She could have stood here letting him watch forever. She went for the last step. With one final move, she peeled the dress over her breasts. They were smaller, but soft and supple. The dress came over her head and she gentle put it on the ground. She was completely naked in a library, letting a high school kid stare at her. She tweaked her nipples, pushed her tits together. Her hands ran down her thighs. Without thinking, she rubbed her clit. Hints of an explosion shot through her body. Allison didn’t think she could finger herself in front of a stranger yet, but she could have cum on the spot.

Will was squeezing his crotch through his pants. The sight drove Allison over. Her hand moved to her clit and she started in earnest. She wanted to reach out and feel Will’s dick, but she wasn’t anywhere near actually doing it. The tension built in her body as she fantasized about kneeling in front of him and pulling his down his pants. She pictured taking his cock in her mouth and giving him his first blowjob. Standing naked in front of a stranger and imagining sucking his dick, Allison felt the first surges of orgasm. Her hips bucked hard against her hand and her whole body twitched violently. Stars exploded in her head and pleasure shot through her body. The wave of tingles slowly subsided and she looked at Will through the haze of euphoria.

“I don’t mean to be a cock-tease, Will, but I’m going to get dressed now.”

“Okay,” he said. He looked much more confident now then he did earlier that day. Allison hoped that she made a positive change on his life. Still completely naked, she leaned forward and pulled him into a hug. His hands went around her back and stayed well away from her ass. She pushed her tits into his chest and gave his ass a quick pat. Allison stepped back, pulled her dress back over her head and shook herself back into it. She walked away and found Mike around the corner. The look on his face was priceless.

“I’m glad you’re happy, honey,” Allison said, kissing him. “I liked it, too. Maybe you can talk me into doing more.”

With that, they turned and went back out into the heat.

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