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Slowly, carefully, Jen moved across the bed towards Mistress. She’d shared beds with women before, but none this beautiful, none that had put her through the array of feelings Mistress had during those few hours since they’d met on the train. The only sound in the room came from the candles, an occasional hiss as flame met wax, their light still flickering intoxicatingly over Mistress’ body as Jen closed in towards it. She was on all fours, pulling herself towards Mistress, her right hand touching Mistress outstretched left arm, their hands closing on each other, Mistress gripping her tight.

They were each looking intently at one another, Jen almost seeing herself reflected in the flickering depths of Mistress’ eyes as she laid herself down beside her, their faces just inches apart, matching movements placing their free hands on each other’s hip, their joined hands resting on the bed between them. Slowly, Jen stroked Mistress’ skin, feeling its smoothness against her hand, tracing the curve of it as Mistress pulled them closer together. Slowly, their lips came together, brushing against each other, the soft cushion of their breath between them, then closer and closer, their open mouths joining together, Mistress running her tongue over Jen’s lips as they kissed, then Jen responding, their tongues intertwining, Jen tasting the sweetness of Mistress’ lips as she ran her tongue over them.

As they kissed, their bodies moved closer, pushing tightly into each other, Jen feeling their legs tangle together and rub against each other, Mistress pulling her closer until they were in total contact, breasts rubbing together gently as they came close. The kiss was becoming more passionate now, more urgent, their hands coming apart, their arms wrapping around each other as they held each other close, Jen feeling the warmth of Mistress’ skin against her body, sensing the vague pulse of her heart beating in her chest.

Mistress gripped Jen harder then rolled over onto her back, pulling Jen with her so she was now lying on top. Mistress moved her hands down to cup Jen’s rear, gently stroking and massaging there, all pain now gone from there, replaced with the warmth of her touch. Jen moved her hands up to Mistress’ neck, stroking it as she kissed, letting her hands run over Mistress’ shoulders, wanting to touch and kiss every part of the beautiful body that now lay beneath her. She lifted her head slightly, still just holding the kiss, her tongue brushing Mistress lips, looking down at Mistress’ face as they kissed. Her eyes were open too, looking at Jen with passion and desire, silently urging her on.

Using her hands to hold Mistress’ face, Jen started to kiss her all over it, slowly laying tiny kisses over her cheeks, her forehead, down the bridge of her nose, over her chin and then down to her neck, slowly moving her body down, feeling Mistress move her hands up her back, flowing over it and round to her breasts, bahis firmaları gently running over them, teasing her nipples as Jen showered her neck and shoulders with kisses. Jen felt herself responding to Mistress’ touch, her hips pushing down and grinding against Mistress. Mistress arched her body up in response, grinding back against her. Jen moved her hands downwards, touching Mistress’ breasts for the first time, letting her fingers explore their curve, their shape, their smoothness, rubbing the flesh, then slowly touching the nipples, circling them with her fingertips, feeling them swell at her touch.

She moved her body again, tearing herself away from the delicious pressure of their grinding hips, moving slowly downwards, letting her lips trail over Mistress’ chest, slowly covering every part of Mistress skin with the attention of her kisses. She could still feel Mistress’ hands on her breasts, her fingers stroking slowly underneath them, the nipples cupped in her palms, rubbing them softly, sending a slow warmth through Jen’s body from her touch. Jen’s mouth reached Mistress’ left breast and she started kissing it all over, then let her tongue trace a soft line down to Mistress nipple, using the tip with her fingers to make it swell before taking it into her mouth, sucking on the engorged nub, catching it gently between her teeth. She felt Mistress move in response, the slow rumble of a moan deep in her throat, her hands moving up to stroke Jen’s hair, holding her at her breast as she sucked on it, playing it on her tongue.

Finally having the taste of Mistress on her tongue was slowly intoxicating Jen. She was savouring every inch of her skin, tasting Mistress’ essence with every kiss, feeling the blood rushing through her nipple as it rubbed on Jen’s tongue. She could smell the sweet scent of Mistress’ arousal, too, slowly emanating from between her legs, its smell urging Jen to rush there and take her fill of it, but she resisted wanting to worship all of Mistress’ body she could before succumbing to the ultimate pleasure of her. Carefully, she let the nipple fall out of her mouth, giving it one last delicate kiss before moving to the other side and repeating the process with Mistress’ other breast, loving and worshipping it, feeling Mistress move in response, her fingers caressing Jen’s head in a matching rhythm.

She felt Mistress move her legs beneath her, moving Jen’s legs apart, sliding between them, rubbing her thigh against Jen’s sex, applying subtle pressures to her clit. Jen ground back, loving the feeling of Mistress against her like that, slowly moving her hand over Mistress’ bare stomach, stroking her hip, moving inward, running her fingers through the soft mat of auburn hair between Mistress’ legs, feeling them rise and part as she touched her there. Still sucking on Mistress’ nipple she began to stroke her sex, feeling its outline with her fingers, taking her time to explore its kaçak iddaa patterns, feeling the swollen lips pushing at her fingers, their eager wetness calling her inside.

Mistress was alternately moaning and sighing now, and Jen looked up from her breast to see that her head was tilted back, pushing hard into the bed beneath it as Jen’s exploring fingers and tongue sent little sparks of pleasure through her. Her leg was still rubbing between Jen’s, steadily pushing her upwards. Jen let the nipple slide out and started to kiss back up Mistress’ body, the pressure on her sex reminding her of the feelings Mistress had given her earlier, she eager to give the same and more back to Mistress to show how thankful she was. Slowly, she kissed up Mistress’ outstretched neck, under her chin, her fingers still exploring between her legs, running over Mistress’ clit, feeling ti swell and throb as she began to softly stroke it.

Then, her lips were on Mistress again, mashing together, her tongue pushing against Mistress’ lips, feeling them open easily and welcome it into her mouth. As she did that she slipped one finger, two into Mistress, her actions rewarded with a deep moan and Mistress arching her back, forcing her body into Jen’s, her skin now flush with warmth, tiny beads of sweat from both of them mixing together as their bodies started to move against each other, Jen feeling herself slide over the sleek skin of Mistress. She pushed her fingers deeper inside her, using her thumb to rub Mistress’ clit, starting to forget the sensations of her own body, concentrating her attention on Mistress’ pleasure alone, giving herself solely to her desire, her pleasure.

Slowly, Jen pulled back from the kiss, moving her legs so they were both between Mistress’ then carefully pushed herself up onto her knees between them, keeping her fingers inside Mistress while she moved. She looked down at Mistress, seeing the pink tinge to her skin as her arousal spread, looking at the beautiful body below in her, rejoicing that the pleasure it was enjoying was coming from her. She watched Mistress start to rub her own breasts, then look up towards Jen, smiling widely, licking her lips. Jen slid a third finger inside Mistress, felt it being gripped tightly as she pushed deeper into her, running a hand down her own body then onto Mistress’ chest, letting her fingers interlace with Mistress on her breast, increasing her rhythm, pushing her body forward, closer, leaning over her.

She kept leaning, moving forward, kissing Mistress between her breasts, feeling her body move up towards her lips, her sex clenching against her fingers, waves of pressure tight against them, releasing, returning. She could feel the muscles inside Mistress contract as she kissed down her stomach, letting her tongue trace a circle round the navel, seeing it undulate as she glided over it, the scent of Mistress’ sex becoming stronger and stronger in Jen’s nose kaçak bahis as she came closer and closer to it, sweet and strong, beckoning her down to it, her eagerness to taste it rising higher and higher within her.

Mistress was moaning louder now, the motion of her hands on her breasts becoming frantic as Jen ran her tongue over her mound, feeling the hairs, now slick with sweat, tickling her tongue as it flowed through them. She increased the pace at which her fingers moved, rubbing Mistress’ clit hard as her tongue came down to it, moving her fourth finger inside her, feeling it eagerly accepted, almost sucked in. Her tongue reached Mistress’ clit, eagerly teasing it out from under its hood, twisting it round, kissing it, sucking it, hearing Mistress’ moans become louder, her body moving more. Jen could taste her now, Mistress’ aroma filling her nose, the taste of her in her mouth, seeming to permeate her entire body. All Jen’s attention became focused on this one point, all her senses centred on her hand and her mouth, seeing herself as purely those, her only role to pleasure Mistress, her only desire to receive more of her scent, more of her taste, filling her soul like a perfect drug.

She could sense now that Mistress was close to her peak, close to giving Jen the reward she sought for her devotion, the chance to see Mistress in ecstasy, knowing that she had delivered her there. She intensified her efforts, fingers pushed deep inside Mistress, moving them, feeling the slick velvet of her sex, running her tongue up and down from the lips to the clit then licking it, sucking it, running it over her teeth.

Then she felt it, as though it was happening in her mind not Mistress’ body. She knew that Mistress had released, given way. She could feel what Mistress was feeling, sense the waves of pleasure transmitted from Mistress’ body into hers. Still she continued, keeping Mistress in her ecstasy, even though she could feel her own body weakening in the wake of the shared orgasm, Mistress bringing her thighs together, gripping Jen’s head in place, wrapping her legs around her as though she was trying to pull Jen inside her. She cried out now, a feral roar from deep within her and Jen felt the same surge inside her, like electricity running up her arm and into her body, firing into every cell. Mistress’ body bucked again, her motion pushing Jen into the bed, the friction setting her off into her own climax, one that started from nowhere and everywhere at once, freezing her body and melting it a million times every second.

Jen felt Mistress’ grip on her loosen, Mistress fighting her way through the spasms that wracked her body to reach down to Jen, pull her up the bed to lie alongside her. They felt into a tight embrace, bodies as close as possible, moving together through their joint release, holding each other tight, kissing heavily, passionately, the taste of Mistress’ sex passed back and forth between their mouths like a sacrament. Jen could feel everything she had been before this moment disappear, swallowed in the crush of her passion, her entire body and soul feeling like it was totally, irrevocably linked to Mistress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32