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Well, the woman in the mirror certainly looks too young to be attending the wedding of her son this weekend and truthfully, thirty-seven really is far too young to have a twenty year old. Come to think of it, twenty was far too young to be getting married. But then, you were married younger. And this girl your son is marrying really is a sweet, beautiful girl. They remind you of you and your husband when you were getting married. (God rest his soul)

Deep breath. Your future daughter –in-law should be here any moment so that the two of you can finish fitting the gown that you made together. And what fun that was! You feel more like you’re helping one of your best friends get ready for her best day…

One last glance in the mirror at the youngish, still quite attractive woman in the mirror and you are off to answer the ringing doorbell. She’s here.

It’s good to see her again. She really looks great this morning, glowing like a bride should in the week of her wedding. She seems much more relaxed than you remember being when you were married, but you did elope.

The usual small talk and catching up over a cup of morning tea, then to work.

As you’re working on the dress you finally hear the question that you’ve been expecting from her for some time now. Is your son anything like his father? You knew that was coming eventually, and the truth is it doesn’t really feel like you thought it might. It feels quite comfortable to talk about actually and you answer her in detail before you realize that you’ve been rambling on happily for a while. She’s smiling sweetly at you and comments that you must have been very much in love. It is true. You were, and you still love him very much. But this morning you realize that you are recovered and able to talk about it.

It’s about time. You spent too many years secluded and grieving…

Of course she has to know how you and your husband met. It’s a cute little story that you actually enjoy telling and you give her all the little details.

“You know,” you say, “my son never really gives me any detail on how you two met.” It’s true. Whenever you ask him he seems to evade the question with a vague description of how the two of them met through a friend.

“He’s told you we met through a friend?” She asks. You reply that’s all he ever really says, and you know that there must be more to the story, it’s just this feeling that you have…call it mothers intuition…

“There is” she replies “but I’m not sure if I should be the one to tell you, it’s a little…um…of an odd story. Not the way people usually meet”

“Now you have to tell me!” you reply. “It sounds Juicy! What better way to bond with your future mother-in-law than a juicy story?”

Her smile at that is a little strained. “Juicy, sure, but a juicy story about your son?”

“I’m still young” you say, “I could use a bit of an exciting story anyway”

“Well alright,” she replies “but you can’t tell him that I told you.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret”

Apparently your son and his future did meet through a friend, but not just friend, it was his ex-girlfriend, who you’re pretty sure he’s still on good terms with.

“Oh they are” she tells you. “We are all still on quite good terms. Which may seem a bit odd because not only was she his ex, but she my ex-girlfriend also” This seems to be accompanied by a bit of a wince on her part.

“Didn’t you just say that you are all still on good terms?” You ask.


Than how can you say that she’s your ex-girlfriend? If you’re on good terms, wouldn’t she still be your friend?”

“Well…” she hesitates. “By ex-girlfriend I mean that she was…Um… My former lover”

You have to admit to a bit of shock on this one. What do you say to that? You stammer out a lame statement anyway. “But you don’t look like a…um…an…uh…lesbian” It actually sounds like a bit of a question. “You’re so …uh… Beautiful, and feminine”!

She laughs a little. “I’m not a lesbian” She tells you. “You don’t have to be a lesbian to like sex. With women. And I like sex, with women and men.” “Besides, many lesbians I do know like their women to be feminine and beautiful. Else why are women attractive?”

“You bahis firmaları still find women sexually attractive?” You ask.

“Of course” she replies “Once you realize that women can be as sexual and as sexually attractive as men, more in some ways, you don’t just stop thinking that. Women have such nice lines. They are soft and more fun to cuddle with than men are. They have a primal sexual energy that is really different and exciting and on top of that, sex can be more satisfying and longer lasting because… Uh…”

She stumbles to a stop seeming to remember who’s it is she’s talking to. “Go on”; you urge “finish the thought.”

“Well,” she continues with a growing blush sex is longer lasting because women take longer to…um…”

“Come?” You interject.

“Yeah” she says with a surprised smile “they take longer to come and they don’t fall asleep after the first, uh… Orgasm. That’s when they’re just getting started”!

“I guess that would be true,” you say with a bit of a laugh. “Wait a minute” A sudden thought enters your mind. “Um…my son… Is he…?”

“No” she says, your son only prefers women she says with a laugh.

“Does he know about you and his ex?” You ask.

“Well… Um… that’s where the story gets a little juicy” She responds.

“What do you mean? It isn’t juicy already?”

“Well, yeah, I guess,” She says “but, um…well… This is a little harder… Your son and his ex weren’t really a couple” you hear her say.

You’re a little shocked. “They weren’t? They seemed very close and happy together”

“Well, they were, she says “they were together, but we were all more of a…uh…trio than they were a couple. It would be more accurate to say that we were all together. They just pretended to be a couple with each other for propriety.”

A little more shock. “A trio?” You ask. “You mean sexually?”

“Well, more than just sexually, really, in all ways really that a conventional couple is a couple, we were all with each other.”

“Wow” you hear yourself say. “How did you divide up …um…spending time with each other?”

“There was no strict division,” she says. “There can’t be. You have to be open minded and understanding with each other. You just spend time with each other as time allows. You can be all together doing something or with one of the others at a time. And yes, that does include sex. It depends, like a regular relationship, on each persons mood, available time, and other factors”

“Good Lord” you smile a little to yourself “Every mans fantasy! Two beautiful women to have sex with! To watch or join in… he must have been happy…

“What made the three of you break up? You and he getting married?”

“Nope” she replies “his, um, ‘ex’ found another woman who she’s very happy with and who, I might add, is quite a bit of fun in bed. We just decided to get married because we love each other and it seems that there aren’t many around that would approve off our unconventional views on relationships.”

“That’s true” you hear yourself say, lost in thought. “Wait, do you mean to say that you would do this again? With another woman?”

“Absolutely” she replies “We’ll definitely be looking for a little adventure for quite while. And if, by some odd chance we run across a perfect mate for us, we’ll try to bring her into our household. We’ve already talked about that.”

You can only sit there in deep thought for a short time, and you are finished what you can do with the dress.

“Okay” you say “take off your dress.”

“Wow”! She says flirtatiously with a little twinkle in her eye “I thought that you might be dis-approving, but here you are telling me to undress”!

You laugh. “Just finished pinning, dear. I need to do the rest of the work with your dress off”

“Darn” she says half jokingly “I thought maybe you making a pass at me. Can’t have it all, I guess”!

You look at her for a moment. “Aren’t I a little old for you?” You ask. “Besides, don’t you think the bride to be sleeping with the mother of the groom is a little…um, kinky or weird?”

“Nah,” she replies “Your aren’t too old at all, besides, you are very, very attractive and sexy. As far as kaçak iddaa being a little weird or kinky, that’s part of the whole idea, I find it quite erotic”

“What would my son think?” You wonder.

“Oh, he thinks it would be great! He approved when I told him that I thought you would be fun to have sex with. He thinks you need to get a little anyway. I think that he wouldn’t mind seeing the whole thing to be honest…he’s pretty kinky”

Your mouth falls open at that one. You have to physically shake yourself out of the reverie you find yourself in, but there are images in your mind that have started that you can’t shake. Images of you and her locked in a passionate embrace, naked, kissing…

You can’t think these things! She will be your daughter-in-law soon! That is SO wrong…

“Take that dress off” your hear your own voice say. “I have to finish the last alterations”

You feel her hand on your shoulder. “You know,” she says tenderly “I haven’t heard you really seriously object to the idea yet, just try and shrug it off…but I think it intrigues you. Better yet, I think you’re a little turned on by the whole idea.

You find yourself speechless… wanting to say something but nothing will come that sounds the least bit like sanity. And before you can even begin to arrange your thoughts, her hand is on the back of your neck, pulling your mouth toward hers, not stopping the pressure even as your lips meet and her tongue forces its way into your mouth. There is only the sound of breathing as you kiss your sons fiancé with passion you have pent up for what seems like ages.

In the next thoughtless moment her dress is off her shoulders and your hands are on her silky skin, in her hair, on her neck and across the mound of her beautiful tits. Your caress them for a moment before taking one of her small, hard nipples between the balls of your fingers. You hear her moan louder as you bend down to take a sweet hard little nipple into your mouth and suck, playing it with your tongue…

God!! Is this you?!?! What in the HELL are you doing?

But you are helpless to stop. A wave has started that must be ridden and you have absolutely no power to stop it.

You are suddenly aware that her hands are in your hair, on your body, pulling at your clothes, that she is moaning “Oh god yes mom, don’t stop… Suck my tits harder.”

And you do. Your hands push further and find her soft skin underneath the wedding dress she will wear to marry your son soon. Down the curve of her luscious ass, tracing down her thighs as the dress finally drops away from her body and she is completely naked.

You fall together on to the couch as she pulls you on top of her, tearing off your shirt and forcing her hand down the front of your pants, with a gasp of surprise you can barely control a scream as you feel one of her fingers slither into your pussy. You hear her whisper “oh Mom, your pussy is so wet” and with that another finger slides into your unused, tight hole. While her other hand forces your pants down to your ankles you feel her nails scratch across your ass, and yet another finger worms it’s way inside you and with a rush you scream as your first orgasm crashes upon you…you are a river rushing…there is a roaring in your ears, her mouth is fastened on your large hard nipple and she is doing things that you can’t ever remember being done to you… “Yes, yes YES” you scream as your body convulses with pleasure. “Fuck me you little whore, fuck me harder”!

Your legs are shaking as you bend to kiss her breasts. You can taste the salt of her sweat. It tastes delicious and you lick it form her body. Following the natural and graceful curves of her until you realize that you are licking the inside of her thigh. In front of you between her widely spread legs is a patch of hair. With a sense of unreality you realize where you are. You look close at the little droplets of moisture that have accumulated there. Your glance wanders over her flat stomach, her tasty breasts and you realize that she’s looking at you right in the eyes.

“What are you waiting for Mom?” You hear her say. “Your first taste of pussy is the one you never forget for the rest of your life, and the one that addicts kaçak bahis you forever to it’s sweet juice. Go ahead, lick my cunt. Lick your new daughters cunt”

For a moment you stop and imagine that in a few days yours son and this girl will be celebrating their union as only newlyweds can. You imagine them naked, together, wrapped around each other, and you imagine your sons cock as it slides into this sweet, sweet cunt. Overcome with desire and lust you shove your face to her and part her clit with your tongue, shoving it into the folds you know await there, looking for what you know turns you on and makes you mindless with passion.

You feel your thumb slide into her waiting hole and your fingers slide up the crack of her ass as you wantonly lick her and suckle her cunt, the folds of her sweet cunt, and that little spot that most men don’t even realize or even care exists… You feel her wetness on your face as her orgasm explodes in your mouth and her hips buck you like a wild horse, but you can’t let go…you can’t let it stop… This is so sweet… So amazing, her heels kicking on your back, her hands in your hair, pulling you away from your new favorite food…her tongue on your face and neck as she licks her own juice off of you…

The feel of her mouth as it travels down your body, across your tits, your stomach…you spread your legs like a two dollar whore as you feel her head dive between your legs, as you feel her fingers spread open your clit and her tongue dancing on you, inside of you… God, the passion, the feeling, like nothing else you’ve ever felt!

Opening your eyes you see that her soaked pussy is dangling inches from your face and wasting no time you pull it to your mouth for another helping. You feel like you could eat this forever.

You slip your fingers inside the lake of her hot, throbbing hole and finger fuck your little whore for all you are worth. You feel her doing the same to you, widening out the passage that delivered your son, and in a brief moment of simpatico with all senses keyed to maximum, you each slide a finger inside the ass of the other.

There is nothing to describe the sudden crash of the orgasm that sweeps you both from any human sense that you might possess and throws you into a state of utter animal, mindless abandon. Your screams are both muffled by mouths full of dripping wet cunt and the electric current that loops through your connected bodies seems to break all barriers of time.

It could be minutes or hours later that you hear her tell you to taste yourself, and your tongue reaches out to lazily lap your own tasty juice form her neck and face. You kiss her like a lover and you nestle together. She asks with lightly disguised mirth if you are sure that this is your first time with a woman. “Of course it is” you respond, “but by no means my last, hopefully.”

“I don’t think that you have to worry about that” She says, but if you can’t find anyone right away I’ll be happy to help you continue your exploration in such things…”

“Even after you’re married to my boy?” You ask.

“Especially then”! She responds eagerly! “That’s half the fun, and don’t worry about him, he’ll just encourage it. Hell, telling him about this will get me hours of great cock tonight”!

“Telling him?” You ask, shocked. “You’re going to tell him about us?”

She reassures you gently. “Don’t you worry about that. He always told me how incredibly sexy his mom was, and I didn’t believe it until I saw you for the first time. After I met you we used to get hours of good hot sex from me telling him stories about what I wanted to do to you. It really turns him on”

“It does?” You ask. “Isn’t that a little deviant? A son finding his mother sexy?” Part of you is repelled by the idea, but there’s another part of you that leaps at the idea… your son is, objectively, a very attractive young man…

“Like I said before,” she says, “that’s where a good portion of the thrill lays. Doing what you ‘aren’t supposed to’. Just thinking about it makes me hot all over again”!

“Really” you say. “Well if I have anything to do with it you won’t have enough energy for my sons cock tonight”

“Promises, Promises” You shut her up with another hot, passionate, lingering kiss… “Stop being smart or Mama’s gonna have to spank your pert little ass” you mumble.

You hear her mumble back… “Promises, promises…”

That dress won’t get finished today…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32