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When my special phone rang I knew better than to ignore it even if I wanted to, which of course I didn’t. Just hearing it ring got my cunt damp with anticipation and started the fire that was seldom completely out burning in my gut. I never knew what my instructions would be or where they would lead me but I knew that it would be exciting and that if I didn’t follow them to the letter immediately that the consequences would be unpleasant and probably quite painful.

“Put on your ho clothes and hang a blindfold around your neck, drive to the turnout on route six, park, climb into the back seat and put on the blind fold. You will be told what to do. Do it.” That was the text message I received and I knew just what to do. I was at home and so I was nude except for the collar around my neck.

I went into the bedroom and put a top on that consisted of some semi sheer fabric that tied at my neck and below my tits, if tied in bow knots it could be removed with two simple tugs, even if my arms were tied. Then I put a garterbelt around my waist and some fishnet hose, a pair of 6″ heels and a skirt that wrapped around and was held together by velcro completed my outfit.

As I pick up my wallet I remembered to ilginç porno go back to get a blindfold, a black one with “eye distressing bulges” which if tied tight enough could make for a very uncomfortable scene.

When I arrived at the indicated spot there were no cars in sight but I wouldn’t even think about disobeying orders, I climbed into the back seat and tied the blindfold on and sat quietly waiting, my gut was churning and my juices were seeping as I tried to imagine what would happen next.

After what seemed a long time I heard a car pull in next to mine and a door opened, feet scrunched in the gravel and my rear door was pulled open. I must have jumped and squeeled a bit because a man’s voice said “Don’t worry slut I am just going to use you not kill you. Now stand up beside the car.”

He obviously knew how to remove my clothes as he did so quickly after tightening my blindfold enough to make it painful. Here I was standing beside a public road in the evening dusk blindfolded and naked in front of a man who I had no idea as to his identity. He squeezed past me and I heard the car springs as he sat down in the rear seat with his feet out the door, he pulled me closer japon porno to him so he could run his hands over my body, when he felt the welts from the previous evening on my ass he turned me around so he could see them and even trace some of them wiht his tounge. “God I wish I had been there to see you getting those” he said, “I bet you sang a very pretty tune as you danced under the lash”. His laugh as he said it sent chills down my spine which somehow added to the fire that was consuming me and made me even wetter. At last he turned me around to face him and ordered me to kneel in the gravel, “I don’t have time this time to enjoy you as you should be enjoyed, so a fairly quick blowjob will have to do”. He pulled my head down to his cock and thrust it deep into my mouth making me gag a bit as I fought down my reflex and accepted him full depth.

After he had fucked my mouth for a bit he handed me a large dildo and ordered me to fuck my cunt as he was doing my mouth. It was a relief to feel the dildo playing around and in my cunt as I was about to burn up with my sexual need. Way too quickly he shot his hot load of cum into my mouth and throat then he shoved me backward so I sprawled latin porno on the ground. He ordered me to stay right where I was with the blindfold on until he had driven away, he didn’t say not to so I kept pumping the dildo into my cunt. When I heard him drive away I removed the blindfold and just then my special phone rang and there was a text message, “leave your clothes in the back seat, leave the dildo in your cunt and drive home as quickly as you can, I will be waiting for you.” Thankfully it had gotten dark while I was blindfolded so I climed behind the wheel after placing a folded towel under my ass so I wouldn’t leave spots on the seat, and drove home. Luckily I wasn’t seen by anyone I knew, though a semi driver nearly wrecked his rig pullin up beside me so he could get a better look. Feeling very wicked I turned on the interior light briefly to reward him.

As I pulled into the driveway I saw that the garage door was open and so I parked the car inside, before I could open the door Mistress opened it for me her brown eyes shining and a sheen of sweat on her brown face, she demanded to know if I had given the brother a good time. “I will know for sure when I see the tape he will send me, and if you didn’t then I will make you pay dearly for it. I will post the tape on the web so everyone can see your white face taking in a large black cock and see how much you enjoyed it, now go wash the man gunk off your face and out of your mouth so I can kiss you and not have to taste it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32