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It had been a hectic day and everything that could go wrong for Amy did, just when things couldn’t feel any worse the phone rang and startled her out of her deep thoughts of Brad, the man she always felt was the one until she came home early and found him in bed with her best friend. She suddenly felt sick in the pit of her stomach as her thoughts went back to that dreaded day and quickly forgot the phone ringing.

She remembered that day like it was yesterday, it was their two year anniversary and she wanted to do something to show Brad how much she loved him so she planned to leave work early and surprise him when he got home wearing nothing but her beautiful smile.

The day passed quickly and she managed to get everything done in time to leave work at noon. She stopped by and purchased new scented candles and fresh roses, this day was going to be perfect and he would know just how much she loved him.

She drove quickly through the roads that lead to home hoping she wouldn’t be stopped for speeding, nothing was going to spoil this perfect evening.

Amy decided she was going to finally let go of her fears and give herself totally and completely to the man she loved, her beloved Brad.

She suddenly remembered as she was about a mile from her house that she better call her best friend Katy and let her know of her plans so that there will be no interruptions during her perfect evening.

After the sixth ring Katy’s voicemail picked up, she remembered thinking that was odd because Katy always has her phone since she’s in sales and always answers her phone. After listening to Katy’s greeting she left a quick message letting her know of her planned evening and telling her she would call her in the morning. She realized after hanging up how silly she sounded and probably sound like a giddy school girl with her first crush, she can’t remember ever feeling like this about anyone before.

She knows without a doubt that Brad is the one and she’s looking forward to finally giving all of herself to him. She know sooner finished that thought as she reached her house and the sick feeling swept over her body as her eyes couldn’t believe what she was seeing, all she wanted to do was throw up.

She suddenly knew why Katy wasn’t answering her phone but why would she be at her house and why is Brads car there as well. Could they be planning a surprise for her, something inside Bycasino her knew this wasn’t the case, something didn’t feel right.

After what felt like hours of sitting there and no sign of anybody coming out of the house she decided to go inside her house. She quietly slipped the key in the door and opened the door slowly closing it quietly behind her.

The first thing she noticed was Katy’s purse and jacket laying over the hallway chair. She could hear sounds coming from the bedroom and suddenly she began to feel sicker. She could hear giggles then suddenly it was quiet, she wondered if they heard her coming down the hall so she stopped. She stood there not moving a single muscle in her body then suddenly she heard moans, there was no mistaking her friends voice.

The bedroom door was opened enough that she was able to see the reflection of Katy and Brad in the dresser mirror. They were both naked and kissing.

She wanted to run, she wanted to scream, she wanted to run in the room and grab her best friend and ask her how could she do this to her, but her feet wouldn’t move, and she found herself not being able to take her eyes off the two naked bodies in her bed.

She watched as Brad ran his large hands down Katy’s slender body gently rolling his finger tips around her hard and aroused nipples. Katy began to moan again as Brad ran his tongue along her neck and coming to a rest on her nipple, he slowly sucked and bit her nipple teasing it gently and arousing Katy even more as his hand slowly parted her lips and he slipped his finger into her wet pussy.

Amy knew by the sound of his finger entering Katy’s pussy that she was very wet. His tongue slowly licked down the length of her body coming to a stop at her wet hole. His tongue slowly licked and sucked her clit, leaving Katy wanting even more of the man Amy loved so much.

Amy soon realized the feeling of nausea was disappearing as she began to feel something very unfamiliar to her, her body felt warm and her legs started to tingle, was it hot in here or was it just her. Her nipples ached, she reached for one and slowly massage her rock hard nipple, it felt good, oh it felt so good.

She then reached up her skirt and slipped a finger in her lace panties feeling her own wetness, her pussy throbbed, a feeling she never felt before.

How could this be happening, her best friend was in bed Bycasino giriş with the love of her life and she suddenly realized she had never been this turned on in her entire life.

Just then Katy sat up in bed and ran to the door and opening it enough that she was suddenly face to face with the woman she once believed would never hurt her and the man she never thought would betray her like this.

Before she could get a word out Katy reached for her hand and walked her towards the bed as she pointed towards a chair for Brad to sit down in.

Amy tried to get a word out just as Katy’s mouth came crashing down on hers hard as she pushed her down on the bed, her hands started tearing Amy’s clothes off starting with her top and then ripping her bra off taking one of her breasts in her hands squeezing her hard nipple and rolling it between her finger tips. She kissed her long and hard gliding her tongue in and out of her mouth while gently biting her lower lip.

She lowered her mouth to Amy’s breast sucking her hard nipple, Amy could feel her wet pussy getting very hot and starting to pulsate, oh she wanted more!

Katy then pulled down her skirt leaving her in just a pair of see through black lace panties. Amy looked over towards Brad, he had a look of confusion, shock and fear on his face at the same time she couldn’t help to notice his hard stiff cock standing up and looking very inviting.

Just then she felt Katy’s hand slip through the crotch of her panties feeling her wetness as she slowly slid her panties completely off. She then lowed her head and slid her warm moist tongue into Amy’s throbbing hole.

Her feelings confused her as she had never felt this way before, her body ached in a way she never knew. Katy began to suck her clit a little harder each time slipping her tongue in and out of her wet hole. Brad walked towards the bed holding his hard cock only to be stopped by Katy’s arm and pointing for him to go sit back down.

Amy was floating on a cloud of pure pleasure, her body had never responded this way to another persons touch and the thought of Brad watching her made it feel even more erotic. Katy slid a finger into her pussy and began fucking her hole while she gently sucked her clit. Just as Amy felt she would explode she felt Katy get on top of her and turn around so that her head was down in her pussy and Amy found her Bycasino deneme bonusu own mouth confronting Katy’s dripping wet pussy.

Amy was nervous but it wasn’t long before her tongue found Katy’s hole and she was soon giving the same hot erotic pleasure she was receiving. The room now smelt of hot nasty sex and Amy thought it was the most wonderful scent she had ever smelled, if only she could bottle that up and keep this moment forever.

She looked towards Brad, he was now stroking his hard cock as he watched every move the girls made, every touch, every kiss, every lick.

Just then he heard Amy scream as she released the biggest orgasm he ever witnessed then Katy released her own orgasm. He could see the juices run down both girls mouths as they savored every sweet drop of cum delivered.

He walked towards the bed once again hoping this time he wouldn’t be pushed away. As he reached the bed he felt Amy reach out and grab a hold of his cock hard and pull him down onto the bed. He positioned himself between the two girls, it wasn’t long before Katy was sucking his hard cock and Amy was riding his face.

Amy tasted so sweet, he couldn’t get enough of her juices as once again she released a huge orgasm.

Waves of pleasure ran through Amy and she wondered why it had taken her so long to discover these feelings.

She climbed off of Brads face and went down taking hold of Brads cock and sticking it in her mouth taking it in deep into her throat sucking long and hard.

Brad found the strength to pull out of her mouth and grab her flipping her over and ramming his dick into her wet pussy thrusting back and forth fast and hard.

Amy squealed in pure pleasure as she began to kiss Katy then suddenly Brad pulled out grabbing Katy and sitting her on his cock lifting her ass up and down fucking her as if it would be his last time. He then lined us both up going back and forth fucking us leaving us wanting more and more until he pulled out grabbing a hold of our hair and pushing our mouths onto his cock. We sucked until he released a hard stream of cum into our mouths and he let out a wild scream.

We spent the rest of that evening repeating our actions over and over until we passed out from exhaustion.

The sound of the phone ringing again brought me back to reality. There are times when remembering that day still hurts only because I realize I never knew the man I once loved and the feeling of betrayal ruined our relationship and the friendship I had with Katy however I have them to thank for opening me up to a wonderful world I wouldn’t now know if it weren’t for them. Its no longer tears that make my days wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32