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Michael called her cell phone and she picked up on the third ring. Since she had taken a position as an English professor nearer to Him, Michael frequented Sara’s company often. Michael and Sara were lovers for the past year and half. When they met, they were both married and while Michael did love Sara, he couldn’t leave His wife, so they remained embroiled in a clandestine love affair.

“Hello, Sir,” she whispered into the receiver.

“What are You doing, My baby?” he asked.

“I was about to go to the library to start my thesis.”

“No,” He ordered simply and a chill ran through Sara as she pulled over to the side of the road.

Licking her ruby lips, she whispered hoarsely, “What are my plans, Master?”

“Go put on a black mini skirt, a sheer silk blouse, black stockings and matching lacy bra with no panties. Meet me at Arnie’s in an hour.”

“Arnie’s is quite popular,” she said dryly.

“Yes,” He said coolly and she gulped.

“Arnie’s, Master, in an hour.”

He laughed His deep devilish laugh and hung up. She pulled her little Subaru into the condo complex and ran up two stairs at a time. Glancing at her watch, she knew she had little time to dress and ready herself as her Master had instructed. Quickly, she stripped naked, jumped into the shower, and shaved her legs and pussy bare, as her Master always wanted. Then she powdered and put on perfume. After blow drying, she applied her makeup to accent her dark blue eyes and heart shaped face. Zipping up her black leather skirt, Sara felt decadent. Looking at her appearance, she looked the slut with her dark hair in a mass of curls down her back, her lacy 36 C bra showing threw her sheer white silk blouse that was tucked into the tight black mini. For 33, she felt young, reckless and sexy. Her voluptuous yet toned figure looked more pronounced in her outfit. Putting her feet into black pumps, she looked taller than her 5 feet 3 stature.

Glancing at her gold watch, she saw she only had 10 minutes to make Arnie’s. If she was late, Michael would surely make her pay. Lingering at the mirror, she noticed her full nipples poking through the silk at the thought of what sensual torture Michael would bestow on her for tardiness but thought better of it as she ran down the stairs. Angering her Master did not please her. He might tease her, even give her such pleasure with His punishment but she hated to see disappointment in His emerald eyes.

He was sitting in His dark Mercedes when she pulled up beside Him. Looking at her watch, she gulped. She was 2 minutes late. Beads of sweat formed on her brow and her heart slammed against her chest as she looked over to His car. He opened her passenger side door and sat down.

Seeing his bemused green eyes, she thought maybe He didn’t notice her slight tardiness but He raised a brow at her and glanced at His watch. Biting on her painted lip, she whispered, “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Later, sara,” he said, putting his hand on her cheek. “I will teach you never to be late for Me.”

She trembled and He broke a devilish smile at her as He leaned in close to her ear. “My sweet baby, I will have You screaming for release I promise. It will hurt but it will also make you so wanting that You will cum harder than You ever have.” He cupped her face as He let his thumb caress Her jaw. She looked deep into His green eyes and felt this tingle that seemed to consume her as she leaned into to kiss His soft wet lips. He held her away slightly and she moaned her frustration.

She put Her hand on his and looked up pleading to Him. Her tongue went to her lips and He whispered, “Not yet, My baby.”

He put her hand to His swollen cock under His dark black pants. She looked up at Him with her wide eyes and He simply nodded His head. She leaned over and unzipped His pants, freeing His thick cock. She put her red manicured nails around His penis and then passionately took Him in her soft wet mouth. He moaned out loud as she hungrily sucked on Him, taking Him deep into her mouth. She sucked hard and fast, swirling her pink tongue all around Him, inhaling the musky mix of man and soap. It was intoxicating as she sucked hard; his member hitting the back of her mouth as she sucked faster. His breathing grew quicker as she looked up shyly at Him. His fingers laced through her hair and pushed her head down hard as she relaxed her throat, taking Him deep as He liked. Sucking Him so solid and then biting as He liked, He shot His hot juice deep into her soft wet mouth. Sucking Him dry, she slurped enthusiastically until every drop was gone as He so liked.

She sat up and looked up into His satisfied gaze. Gently He grazed His knuckle over her cheek and whispered, “My baby.” Pulling her nipples through her gauzy blouse, he said, “My fuck toy.” He kissed her mouth hard to seal His words and then whispered hot against Pendik Anal Escort her mouth, “You belong to Me, sara and now i want to give You something.”

She nodded nervously and He laughed as He looked at her anxious expression. “My little mix of fear and wantonness.”

He kissed her neck softly as His hand slipped under her blouse and pulled her full breast from the restraint of her bra, exposing her erect nipple for His leisure. He pulled it hard between His nibble fingers and she moaned out as He sucked her soft skin between His teeth and then to Her surprise bit down savagely. She put her hand on His shoulder for support and screamed out in a mix of pain of pleasure. A hard surge swept right into her clit as he bit down and she begged. “Please, Master” as He continued to suck on her skin until it turned deep purple.

He pulled away and said, “I’m hungry.”

She was still leaning toward the now empty seat. Nearly falling forward, she blinked and then turned to the opening door. He gave her His hand and she stepped out. “I can smell your juice,” He said to her as she stood up. He pushed her against the car door and lifted her skirt up and over her hips, pressing her naked flesh against the smooth cool metal, exposing her wet pussy to the air. He pressed His palm to her naked mound and dipped His finger into her wetness. She leaned into kiss him to squelch the moan aching in her throat but He simply shook his head. “Cum for me now!”

People walked by them. He nearly obscured any view of her naked lower half when people walked by and saw the salt and peppered haired man with a black suit pressing the petite brunette into a Subaru. He leaned down and bit on her erect nipple through the blouse and bra. She laced her hand into his thick hair and pulled Him closer. She moaned and her legs trembled while He continued to rub her clit. Voluntarily, without any signal from Him, she opened her legs wider for Him and He slipped three thick fingers into her pussy, pumping in and out furiously as she laced her stocking leg around His. After lifting His head, their eyes never parted and He would simply clear His throat if her eyes fluttered close. She whimpered as the first jolt of the hard orgasm hitting her. Not slowing but speeding up His finger fucking, she rocked her hips wantonly against His hand. Her moans grew louder and she pleaded with Him silently to kiss her by licking His lips with her outstretched tongue. Playfully he nipped it and then bit her neck again hard as she arched hard against Him and squeezed his fingers deep inside causing her juice to flow over them. He slid His fingers from her wet pussy and put them into her open mouth. Lapping up the juice on His fingers, their gazes locked again. He spun her around, still naked below the waist and smacked her bottom twice with His open palm.

A few people watched in fascination as He smacked the pearly white ass of the young brunette. Then He pulled down her skirt, laced his arm around her shoulder and whispered, “You’re such a good little slut.” He slipped His hand up her backside, nearly exposing it to the world before He pinched hard and she gasped.

As they entered the restaurant, the host noticed Sara’s flushed cheeks, the bite mark on her neck, hardened nipples and short skirt. He fumbled with his list and then dropped his menus. The pimple faced young man with barely a mustache looked up as Sara opened her legs wider due to her Master whispering to show him a glimpse of lovely wet cunt. He dropped the menus again and looked straight up her skirt. He mumbled his apologies as he stood, showing the couple his rock hard cock jutting straight at attention.

Sara looked at her Master’s amused smile as He pressed His hand on the small of her back. Once they sat down at a booth in the back, He kissed her hard before turning to the nervous host and giving His drink order. He wanted a wine and a glass of water with a lot of ice. Squeezing her leg with His hand, he whispered, “I bet he goes into the men’s room and jerks off as He thinks of fucking that sweet pussy that belongs to Me.”

Sara bit on her lip as a blush spread across her cheeks and down her ample cleavage. Looking at her blush, He laughed.

“Are you embarrassed, Sara?”

Sara knew to always tell Him the truth because He demanded it. Even if she wanted to lie to Him, He knew her too well. He read her like no man could and demanded that she be totally open with Him. She always complied not out of fear of punishment but because He was the Master of her heart.

She nodded and He ran His fingertips over her inner thigh. Immediately she fell open for Him and He lazily just stroked her sensitive skin. “Never be embarrassed, My baby. You are My slut, so be proud.”

She looked at Him and He saw the effect His feather soft caresses were doing on her. With eyes twinkling, Pendik Yaşlı Escort He said, “My little slut, You will come for Me over and over during dinner and when You can’t possibly come again, I will make you do it for Me. I want to watch you stop from screaming and from not showing the world your pleasure. Your face glows when Your cumming. Oh God, how I love to see that look when you sit on my cock.”

He slipped this hand slowly up her thigh, only His calloused fingertips brushing lightly over her sensitive skin. Feeling her tremble, He turned her face toward Him. “Tell me about your classes this week, My baby.”

“My classes?” she squeaked, her voice velvety soft, nearly that sexual purr. She looked at Him and tried to coax His hand up further by sliding her hips upward towards her wet and needy pussy.

He whispered, “Be still, My baby.”

She stopped moving and He said, “Were they keen on the newest project?”

Sara blinked and her voice cracked with a soft guttural purr when He outlined her pussy lips just barely a whisper above touching them. He saw her determined expression and knew she was concentrating on not lifting her hips to His fingers. He then slipped His hand back down her thigh and continued the feather like caress with his fingertips against her thigh. His fingers would slide all the way up that He could feel the building heat from her cunt without actually touching. Finally out of frustration, her hips raised slightly and He slapped her inner thigh so hard that it rang through the restaurant nearly as loud as her groan.

She looked at Him pleadingly and whispered, “I’m sorry Sir.”

“Relax, little one, enjoy the feel.”

“I…” she moaned and closed her eyes.

“Look at Me,” he ordered and her eyes shot open just as the waiter came over with their salads.

She bit hard on her lip when He suddenly shoved two fingers deep into her wetness. She grabbed the table top and wore a concentrated look as He fingered her hard.

His thumb rubbed her clit to the same rhythm as His finger fucking. Her head back fell back and He pinched her nipple with His other hand. Her eyes flew open and she looked at Him. There gazes locked and her voice shook as she vainly tried to explain the short story project. “I….” she gasped and then moaned softly.

He pinched her nipple harder this time and she begged out loud, “Please, Master.”

He whispered, “You called Me Master, little one.”

She wet her lips and then her mouth fell open as He felt it rip through her. She grabbed His shoulder and then He kissed her mouth hungrily as spasm after spasm gripped His fingers deep inside of her. He continued to stroke her clit after she climaxed and she whispered lazily, “I’m going…” Her voice rose and she started to rock slightly.

He pinched her nipple hard and she looked at Him hungrily. He saw that look and knew she was in that place, that secret place where she only felt Him. He slipped His fingers out of her and took her hand. They went to the hall where the bathrooms were and He went into the men’s room, looked around and then pulled her inside. He turned her around and pushed her down so she leaned against the counter, causing her luscious bottom to be in the air. With one quick thrust, He was deep inside of her. She screamed her approval and they started to thrust together. Groaning He fucked her harder and harder; her pussy wet and hot gripped Him deep into her. He started to hit that spot and she bucked against Him violently, squeezing Him. Her breathing grew rapid as He leaned over her and bit her lower back.

“Fuck Me!” he ordered and she complied with increased enthusiasm. “Give it to Me. Give it all to Me,” he whispered, driving her to complete abandon and she pulsed all around Him. He came inside of her and she shuttered.

He turned her toward Him and hugged her fiercely. “I love you,” he whispered to her neck.

She hugged Him back and He heard in her little hoarse voice, “i love You, Master.”

They ate dinner together and He didn’t torture or tease her. They laughed about the latest movie and talked of family, politics, and His work. When dinner was finished, she looked up into His dark green eyes and He whispered, “Go to your apartment and be ready for Me.”

She went home and underdressed, leaving on her stockings, garter, and heels. She placed on the bedside table: rope, blindfold, paddle, nipple clamps, crop, vibrator, and anal plug. She didn’t know what He wanted but knew it was best to give Him many choices. She made the bed with black satin sheets and adorned herself with “Sparkle” perfume, His favorite. She lit the candles by the bed and the assumed a kneeling position on the floor with head bowed and palms up.

He walked inside the room and eyed the room. Looking down at her, He yanked her head back and looked Pendik Zenci Escort deep into dark blue eyes, a mix of fear and excitement. “You were late for Me, slut.”

“Yes, Sir, i was,” she muttered quietly.

He yanked her up to standing position by her hair. Pinching and then twisting her nipple, He whispered, “Sir?”

She gulped and whispered, “i’m sorry Master.”

He pulled her hair backwards and looked deep into her watery blue eyes. Sensing her fear and anguish, He gently kissed her and then whispered, “Relax, sara.”

Sara relaxed against Him immediately and He asked, “Do You trust me?”

“Completely,” she whispered, looking up into His softened green eyes.

He put the blindfold over her eyes and then He pulled a pair of handcuffs out of His briefcase. With a click on each wrist, He had her secured. He grabbed a pillow and then pulled her down on the bed with the pillow strategically placed at her belly. She turned her head and He asked, “Do You really trust Me?”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered and He placed a ball gag in her mouth, making saying the safe word impossible. He felt her tremble and He whispered soothingly in her ear, “i will keep You safe.”

She nodded her head and He lifted the blindfold momentarily. Their gazes locked and He saw her complete trust in Him. He kissed her hungrily and then lowered the blindfold.

He stood up and looked at her, looking completely vulnerable to Him. Her hands cuffed behind her back, her bottom up and quivering slightly, her eyes covered, and a gag in her mouth. She was at His mercy and His will.

He grabbed the crop and sliced it through the air. She could hear the whiz of the crop as it snapped in the air and with every snap shuttered. He commanded, “Be still or else, slut.”

She stopped moving and He snapped the crop loudly. Despite her visibly tensing, she didn’t flinch a partial inch. He raised His hand and smacked the crop across her pearly white ass. She jumped slightly and He scolded, “Five more every time You move My slut.”

He snapped it the air again and then hit her bottom, harder this time. She moaned but did not move. For seven consecutive times, He smacked her with the crop. Seeing the tears run down her face, He knew she wanted Him to stop. He dropped to His knees and then licked all the redness. She moaned and shivered. He felt her tremble and then He parted her thighs. His tongue went to gaping pussy and she moaned loudly.

“Cum!” He ordered and she did over His tongue. He lapped up her juices and then turned her over. He moved the pillow so it was under her reddened bottom.

She trembled in anticipation. He left her bound and gagged for a moment. Lying completely still, she listened intently to hear any sound. Finally she heard Him come into the room again.

Running His knuckles over her jaw, He said, “You have done so well, My slut.”

Turning her face toward Him, she leaned into His soft touch. Rubbing her face against His hand, she sighed softly. He pulled the gag from her mouth and she whispered, “Thank You, Master.”

“For taking out the gag?” He asked.

“No, Master,” she whispered softly. “For being here now with me and for putting the gag in my mouth.”

He kissed her so hard and then touched her face again. “i love You so much, sara. Do You want me to put it back?”

“Master, i’m Your fucktoy; do as You want.”

He wanted to tease her but right then He wanted to make love to her too. He wanted her to know how much she meant to Him. Her trust, her devotion, her gift of complete submission were making Him want to just hold her and touch her. He lifted her up and pulled the blindfold from her eyes. She looked into His soft green eyes and smiled at Him. He kissed her tenderly and then passionately.

Soon all other teasing was put off to later when He undid her cuffs, lied back on the bed, and said, “Show me, how much You love me.”

She kissed Him tenderly and then climbed up on His waist. Leaning down, she touched His face as she said, “i need You Master.”

She kissed His neck, His chest, down His legs and then sucked hungrily on His cock. When He was close to cumming, He told her to ride Him. She guided His hard shaft into her wet pussy and then sat down on Him. She rocked her hips and He held onto her bottom. When she leaned forward, He grabbed her breast and sucked on her nipple.

“Master,” she moaned and He simply nodded. She squeezed Him so hard as the first spasm hit her. Soon she was cumming as spasm after spasm hit her, squeezing Him. He held her face and she looked deep into His loving emerald eyes. Their gazes locked as she squeezed Him with a rolling orgasm that did not quit. His guttural moans grew louder as this hard spasm hit her and squeezed Him so tight that He had to cum. She leaned over and they kissed when He came inside her. She rolled off Him and He pulled her against Him. He kissed her neck and wrapped His massive arms around her. They fell asleep together in late afternoon. But as evening approached, He didn’t leave. He stayed the night to make love to her, tease her, and playfully torture her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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