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— This is my first attempt at writing, and keep in mind that this story has been unedited. I’m really just looking for feedback and suck. Feel free to comment or msg! Part two will hopefully be posted shortly.–


Some friends and I were hanging out at a friend’s hot tub one day after class, getting drunk. It was a rare luxury, since most of us live in shitty university housing surrounding campus and access to a hot tub was almost unheard of. The winter snow falling, the steam rising from the hot tub and the alcohol flowing made it a perfect scene for any hook up, and some of my friends were getting handsy in the tub. My friends and I were joined by my friend’s girlfriend, and a friend of hers who I had never met, named Tiffany. Now, I am a straight girl, but who is really one hundred percent straight? However, my interest in anything to do with other girls had always been via stories or porn; I had yet to meet someone who I was actually attracted to, who also possessed tits. But this girl, man, did she have a great pair of tits, and ass too. About my height, 5″4, with blonde hair and blue eyes, perfect skin, not skinny but not fat either, with a great bouncy ass and perky tits.

Tiffany wasn’t being overly talkative, I guess since this was her first time meeting anyone other than my friend’s girlfriend, and I guess I was hoping she was shy so I could take advantage. Now one of my best friends Wendy, she was full on bisexual and had done loads of shit, but she was busy hooking up with another one of our friends in the tub, and didn’t notice me eyeing Tiffany. I was surprised by my reaction to her, as not only was this the first time I had been attracted to a girl but this girl I wanted so bad, I could barely contain it. But how to make this happen? I was quite confident when dealing with guys, being decently attractive, with long dark brown hair and dark eyes, a perpetual tan thanks to my Mediterranean ancestors and a big ass and decent tits. But being as inexperienced as I was with girls, I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

Eventually, most of my friends got out of the hot tub, either to continue drinking indoors as it had gotten quite cold out, or to find a corner to fuck in. My friend and his girlfriend, Tiffany and myself were eventually the last ones in, and they evidently wanted to go and continue on elsewhere, but my friend’s girlfriend was loathe to leave Tiffany by herself. “It’s totally fine, we can hang out here and talk,” I said, revelling now that I had a chance to have her all alone to myself. They left as soon as they could after that, and Tiffany sat facing me, from the across the hot tub.

Damn she is so fucking hot I thought to myself. Her perfect tits, probably a C I guessed, rising out of the steamy water, barely encased in a red bikini tank top. We managed to find things to talk about, professors and classes, different majors, what we wanted once graduation happened, but my mind was barely on the conversation as I thought of all the nasty things I wanted to do to this girl whose face looked much younger than 20. We kept drinking, and she was obviously not a heavy drinker as it began to affect her. I finally decided to take my chance.

“So have you ever hooked up with another girl?” I asked, trying to feign an innocent nonchalance.

“WHAT? Hell no.” Her blue eyes widened in surprise, and then her brow furrowed as she pouted those big, soft lips. All I could think about was how good she would probably be at using them on my pussy. Her drunkenness güvenilir bahis also seemed to make sure that she didn’t notice my slow migration to the corner of the hot tub where she was sitting.

“Well I have lots of friends who are bi, I just tend to ask everyone because I’m curious. I don’t think anyone can be one hundred percent straight.” She seemed to mull over what I had said carefully.

“Well I’ve never done anything with a girl before. But some of my friends make out with other friends just so they can get guys to take them home.”

“You’ve never done that?” I really, really hoped she hadn’t.

“No. I guess I never wanted to.”

“That’s good.” I wanted to be her first for everything. Because I was going to do everything. With her, to her, against her, apparently whether she wanted it or not because I was slowly becoming obsessed with the prospect of fucking her.

“Why?” She was so drunk she had no idea where I was letting this conversation head, and all it was doing was turning me on more.

“Because I’ve never done anything with a girl either really, and I think we should be each other’s first.” By this time I was sitting beside her to her right, and had a good position to sort of reach over and grab her right arm with my right arm, as she jerked away in shock. I wanted to be able to use my full strength, in case she ran for it.

“I told you, I never wanted to do any of that stuff!” She seemed to realize that this was progressing beyond girl talk, because she was beginning to show some apprehension.

With my hand still in a firm grip on her arm, I continued to ask her questions. “Don’t tell me you’re an actual virgin? You’ve fucked guys, haven’t you?”

“Well yeah, I have a boyfriend.”

“Didn’t he ever want a threesome?” I decided I would let the attempt at rationalisation continue for a few more minutes, before I would just climb on top of her and take over her perfect body.

“Yeah, but he’s a guy, they always want shit like that.”

“But wouldn’t you want to give that to him?” She looked a bit confused at my question, like she agreed but didn’t want to admit it.

“I don’t fucking care! Let go of my fucking arm!” She tried to pull her arm from my grasp and stand up at the same time, but just managed to pull me with her. Thanks to my grip on her arm, she was immobile, standing in the middle of the hot tub with the steam rising around her and droplets of water sliding down her perfect, pale body. Goosebumps broke out over her skin and her nipples stood erect, turning me on even more. With my grip firm on her arm, I moved to stand behind that perfect ass, pressing myself as close as possible and winding my left arm around her, placing my hand low on her stomach and close to her pussy, barely covered in the matching bottoms of her bikini.

“Come on,” I said quietly, half hoping she would give in and half of me hoping she would keep resisting. “Look at your nipples, they’re so hard. I know you’re cold, but maybe a little bit is because you want this too. Nobody is all straight; everyone likes to experiment now and again. I’m just as new to this as you are, but you’re so fucking hot all I can think about is how much I want to make you cum your brains out.” She stood absolutely still, but I could tell that her breathing was a little quicker than it had been.

“Stop this. I don’t want to have sex with you.” I didn’t believe her. She wanted this; she just didn’t know it yet. I moved my left hand from her abdomen, and türkçe bahis slid it around to her lower back, slightly moving my body away so I could see that perfect ass of hers.

“Look at this ass,” I said, trying to make her squirm, “you have one perfect fucking ass. I bet it would look even better without all this red material.” I grabbed the middle of her bikini bottom and pulled up, but the wet material clung to her skin and only moved an inch upwards. “That won’t do, I want to see all that ass,” I was more talking for my own enjoyment, but she seemed to be responding by moving her upper body forward ever so slightly, so that her ass was closer to me, but still with a great view.

She could probably push me and run away if she really wanted to, I thought to myself. But Tiffany stayed absolutely still, her body seemingly trapped by my authoritative voice and grip on her arm. Reaching with my hand, I went under her ass cheeks and grabbed the red material where it was narrowest across her crotch, and bunching it together pulled it upwards so it easily went up her ass crack. Tiffany sucked in a deep breath, but said nothing.

“Much better,” I said to myself, and reached out to grab one perfect asscheek. The red material stayed perfectly in place as it was soaking wet, and gave me a perfect view.

“You have an incredible ass, Tiffany,” I told her, grabbing her asscheek and giving it a couple light slaps to make it jiggle. I noticed the red material started to sag a bit, and so I grabbed it and pulled it up even higher in her ass crack. She sucked in another breath, but said nothing.

“What, Tiffany, do you like that? Do you like having something up your ass crack? Or is your little bikini rubbing against your clit because it’s pulled too tight?” The more I talked quietly in her ear, the more flushed she got and her breathing was turning into a light panting. From my view behind her, I could see her shoulders starting to quiver, and it just made me want her more. I tugged on the bikini bottom a couple more times while watching her face from over her shoulder, and each time I tugged I could see a flicker of pleasure on her face.

With one hand still on the red bikini bottom, I removed my grip from her arm. She attempted to get away again, but I reminded her “Tiffany, where are you going? If you try to get away, then I’ll just keep your bottoms here with me. You wouldn’t want to go in the house without any bottoms, would you? Although I bet all the guys in here would love to see this perfect ass of yours.” She immediately stopped moving, because in her drunk mind, I had assumed all the power. Evidently, she was shy. As I kept tugging on the bikini bottom, I grabbed one of those C cup tits in my small hand, palming it enthusiastically.

“You look like you might be getting cold, Tiffany. Why don’t you come and sit on my lap back in the water?” Tugging her backwards with one hand on the bikini bottoms and the other overflowing with her breast, I pulled her backwards into the darkest corner of the hot tub and on to my lap, or rather right in between my legs.

I couldn’t believe how well this was going; I had her exactly where I wanted her.

Eventually, as she got more into it, I wanted her doing everything I said, wanting to do everything I said, and basically eating out of the palm of my hand. Or other places.

Letting go of her tit, I reached around and undid the ties keeping that bikini top together. With glee, I threw it to the other side of the hot tub, güvenilir bahis siteleri where it landed on the corner seat. Tiffany gave a muffled sound of protest, but that turned into a gasp of pleasure almost instantly as I reached down to the front of her bikini bottoms, and started pulling them up and down, back and forth, alternately rubbing them against her clit and asshole. As her head dropped back and her panting increased, making her tits with their hardened little dark pink nipples rise and fall out of the steaming water of the hot tub, I started to talk quietly in her ear again.

“Do you like that, Tiffany? You said you didn’t want this, but I think you were wrong. You’re a little fucking liar, I can see you panting, you love what I’m doing to your little clit don’t you? Do you want to cum yet, Tiffany? I bet you do, because you’re a nasty little slut. But if you want to cum, you have to tell me you’re a nasty little slut. Otherwise, I won’t make you cum.” And with that, I stopped, simply waited there with both ends of her bikini bottom pulled taut against her ass and cunt. Tiffany’s eyes snapped open and she turned her head towards mine as she realized that the loss of pleasure, and her wanting it to continue, meant that I had won.


“Don’t give me any bullshit. I know you heard me. Either you’re a nasty little slut, my nasty little slut, or you don’t get to cum.”

She closed her eyes, tried to slow her breathing and failed when I slightly moved the front of the bikini bottom just to remind her, and she opened her eyes and said, “I’m your nasty little slut.”

I smiled. “Turn over, we’re switching places.”

“But you said I could cum!” She’s mine now, I thought with glee, and made up in my mind there that this was not an encounter that would stop after one night.

“Shut the fuck up and do as I say.” With that, I nudged her to move, so that now she was sitting in the seat in the hot tub, and I sat on her lap, albeit facing her, with my hands still on her bikini bottom. Up until now, I hadn’t been able to get a look at her pussy, but now with the bikini bottom pulled up so far it was practically all there for me to see under the water, perfectly bald with her tight pussy lips stretched around the thin red material of her bikini bottom, and her hard clit so engorged it was visibly poking out.

I looked her straight in the eye as I said “you must really want to come badly, look at your poor little clit, I bet it’s practically hurting isn’t it?” She flushed some more and nodded, looking down, although all that meant was that she was seeing her body turned on, turned on by a girl, clit being abraded by the red swimsuit, tits visible, nipples hard as rocks, even though they were currently submerged in the steamy water. She looked back up with wide eyes, and I smiled, reading her thoughts. She’s starting to really want it now, the little slut. I’m going to make her beg for this. Then, I dropped both ends of the bikini bottom, and set to untying it, and then tossing it so that it landed with its other half on the other side of the hot tub. Then I set to taking off my own bikini, first the black top and then the black bottoms. Tiffany looked at me in surprise, as if she hadn’t realized that I would also be getting something out of this too.

Placing my knees on her thighs, I hoisted myself up so her eyes were level with my chest. “Lick my nipple.” Hesitantly at first, she slowly extended her small pink tongue and licked one of my extended nipples. As soon as her tongue touched me, I could feel it, the flash of pleasure from my nipple all the way down to my pussy, and I closed my eyes in pleasure.

“Lick it again, Tiffany. Keep licking it. Don’t stop until I tell you to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32